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Progressive Dialer: Crucial tool for the call center under construction

At a certain point, business growth implies increasing the number of customer service staff. Precisely, one of the aspects that is most difficult to manage for the managers of an organization is usually the outbound calls department. Controlling effectiveness, maintaining productivity and organizing work can be challenging and inconvenient. However, applications such as the progressive […]

The benefits of having a WebRTC line for your company

The magic of the Internet has allowed companies of all kinds to effectively reach their customers, fostering relationships that are more direct than ever. However, it is not the same to generate business communication through a social network as it is to do it professionally with their own equipment. To achieve the latter, businesses need […]

Robinson List incorporated into the virtual PBX: a great advantage

European legislation has very severe restrictions on the protection of consumers and their data. In the past, companies were able to promote their products without any restrictions and this sometimes caused annoyance. With the legal change, companies must be very cautious, verify the information and send advertisements only to those people who allow it. Precisely, […]

Call center software: the solution for new companies

Cuando se escucha el término software de call center, lo primero que viene a la mente son grandes salas llenas de teleoperadores. Y aunque es cierto que este tipo de aplicaciones sirven para eso, no es necesario tener un departamento con 30 personas para aprovecharlo. De hecho, cualquier empresario puede impulsar su propio negocio con […]

Having a virtual PBX for companies is a guarantee of sales

There is a lot of talk about the return of the call center to the corporate arena. In reality, the best companies have never stopped having customer service departments. What is regaining importance is the figure of the virtual switchboard. After the Internet and social network fever, which seemed to be enough to sell, the […]

Is your company’s call center software of high quality?

Today’s best companies manage their communications through call center software. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about new ventures, medium-sized companies or large corporations, they all follow this trend equally. To tell the truth, having this type of program is a vital issue for the growth and success of any initiative. This is due […]

Virtual fax: As useful as its ancestor

In countries such as Spain, many businesses, companies and public institutions still maintain their fax machines. What was an innovation at the time is now a showcase of the past and also a tradition. To tell the truth, right now there is the option of the virtual fax, which allows you to fulfill your functions […]

Mobile PBX: Carry the company on your Smartphone

The virtual PBX is much more than a program for call center rooms. If you think about it, this IP telephony system allows you to manage many tasks within companies. One of its complements, the mobile PBX, also allows many of the formal resources of this program to be available on the smartphone. From here, […]

Call Recorder: A resource of business wisdom

In companies there are many positions, processes and also tools used on a daily basis. Some resources are used as a priority to accomplish a specific task. Others, on the other hand, only work for certain situations that do not occur very often. However, there are some implements or systems that turn out to be […]

Telemarketing surveys: improve your offer with data

The virtual PBX has several solutions up its sleeve for business development. In fact, its modules facilitate multiple tasks that are decisive at the commercial level. One of these is the identification of customer demands and the creation or sale of new products that can in turn solve needs and generate good dividends. In fact, […]