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The positive psychological impact of IVR on customers

The virtual switchboard is much more than a tool for the call center. And definitely, this type of department has a very important impact on the company’s image. Having customer service tools has, above all, the intention of promoting the good image of a company, as well as the approaches with the users. In this […]

Cloud-based video calling for enterprises: Better than the phone

2020 was the definitive year to internalize the use of cloud-based video calling by the world’s population. The pandemic meant a shift away from the family and work environment that could only be balanced by video calling implements. Today, the impact of this technology is no longer perceived as an emergency solution, but as part […]

Mobile PBX: useful for telemarketers and executives

The cloud PBX is no longer a call center implement. Today, it is more of a support for business communication that should not be dispensed with. In fact, this type of system can now also be used on devices outside the office, such as smartphones, for example. This is precisely the function of the mobile […]

The benefits of using a call recorder in the enterprise

The call recorder has become an essential part of every fully-fledged company. Today, there are not many professional call centers that do not use this function. Beyond its legality, which is a fact if done correctly, this practice is an excellent means of resolving conflicts with customers. The call recorder has become a great problem […]

Telemarketing surveys: A better way to obtain information for companies

There is currently a whole debate about how companies obtain customer information. There is a lot of talk about the sale of data, big data, social networks and consumer protection laws. It should be noted that there are economical, legal and very effective ways of knowing what the consumer needs and that can be managed […]

What does IVR do for your business?

Some entrepreneurs still do not internalize the real scope of hiring a virtual PBX VoIP service. To be sure, this is a software with many solutions to multiple business problems. The most successful companies offer excellent communication to their users thanks to the use of this tool. Precisely, one of its most interesting and useful […]

Video call in the cloud: a new way to serve customers

A new type of customer service is emerging within the world’s most prestigious companies. It is video calling in the cloud and it is revolutionizing the way in which people perceive their companies. This type of communication is more direct, functional, economical and generates consumer confidence, something that companies see as the perfect breeding ground […]

Mobile pbx: Why have one?

The virtual switchboard allows to control the communications of an entire company and to develop very effective marketing campaigns. This program has developed so much that it has left the call center salts, to become an absolute business reference, in all the tasks to be performed. An example of this is the mobile switchboard, a […]

Reasons why companies use a call recorder

Having a contact center software is vital to adopt IP telephony and develop effective marketing campaigns. However, there is another compelling reason why many companies are hiring this type of service: the call recorder. The current business climate has made visible the business need to record at least all calls of a commercial nature. To […]

Robot call: Use “robots” to communicate with your customers

There is a great debate about the use of robotics in the different tasks that have been performed by human beings up to now. Talking about robots seems to be an expensive, futuristic and, moreover, harmful to people’s work. To tell the truth, this is far from reality and an example of this is the […]