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Private Label pbx: Have your own brand

  From Neotel offer the possibility of having your Virtual pbx platform under your own brand, you can operate in the field of telecommunications using your trade name in a simple, autonomous and with minimal investment, the procedure is simple, you do not need technical knowledge. How do I get a private label switchboard? Neotel […]

Distributors: Be part of our team

  Taking advantage of all the benefits that Neotel offers as a company from its virtual pbx to customized solutions in your business Api we now offer the service of distributors of the most advanced technology in telephony, do not hesitate to read on to learn more. Why be a Neotel supplier? Be a distributor […]

HIRE 900 LINE: Nine hundred toll-free numbers, for businesses and companies

Transmit solvency and orientation to your clients with a single number for all your locations, improving the image of your company, with better evaluation by the consumers. Offering a quality telephone service is a way of building customer loyalty and projecting an image of commitment and professionalism to the outside world. What is a 900 […]

Data Center Products: Reliable Solutions

Neotel’s solutions for data center products will transform your company thanks to reliable and expert products developed to help keep the activity minute by minute, we offer you a small but deep service review   What are data center products for? Basically it offers a dedicated server that allows handling large volumes of information, application […]

Professional voiceover service: Your text transformed into voice

Every day is more important the professional communication of your company, that’s why from Neotel we offer you the possibility of the professional voice over service so that all the audios, answering machines and communication you do stand out for their quality, professionalism and ease of diction.   How is the professional voice-over service processed? […]

Mobile Rates: All your services unified

Nowadays it is important to have your communications connected to avoid ordering any call, message or mail that is important for your company, that is why Neotel offers the best unification with its mobile rates that adapts to the needs of your company allowing you to have the virtual pbx in any of your devices. […]

Lines 806 and 803: Increase Your Revenue with Paid Numbers

  806 lines and 803 lines allow the company to offer special services to customers that include erotic content services for adults and leisure services for customers. 806 and 803 lines are virtual lines that require always being routed to fixed lines, the operation is remote and does not require installation. WHAT ARE PAID NUMBERS? […]

Customer Relationship Management

  The Customer Relationship Management or CRM database platform focused on collecting companies’ relationships with their customers, this database will be an important source of information for the company, the more customers are known, the easier it is to plan, adapt and structure marketing strategies. What is Neotel’s Customer Relationship Management application? Neotel’s CRM application […]