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VoIP distribution: Why is it a potential business?

Some companies like Neotel have programs for people who want to become IP telephony resellers. At first, this may seem quite complex and even technical. However, VoIP distribution only involves selling telephony services to businesses and entrepreneurs. Now, the question is, what will I sell, and of course, is it profitable to do this? Neotel’s […]

Integrating virtual PBX with third-party software: A great solution

Entrepreneurs who offer a call center service get much closer to their customers. This in turn generates greater opportunities to close sales and generate revenue. However, when using call center systems, what is most desired is that they are fast, efficient and functional. This can be achieved in part by integrating a virtual PBX with […]

To contract a 900 line is to have free advertising

Many companies have been enjoying the advantages of contracting a 900 line for some years now. In fact, among those that are usually perceived as the most prestigious, there are many companies that use this telephone resource. To tell the truth, the secret of these companies and their managers is that they understand the advantages […]

Data center products: Which one is best for your online store?

Creating virtual stores is a business trend that is making waves. The most profitable company in the world is in fact a Marketplace and obeys this business concept. To tell the truth, this formula is very profitable, promising and allows to start an enterprise with few resources. However, creating an online store requires something very […]

The advantages of having a virtual PBX with IVR

Call center software is well known in large companies and with customer services. However, this type of software is very useful in any enterprise and one of the reasons is precisely the IVR. This well-known but effective manager is one of those systems that contribute to business success. In its beginnings, the IVR only fulfilled […]

Sending bulk SMS to cell phones is effective marketing

If you think text messaging is obsolete, you might be wrong. The rise of the Internet, apps and social networks has not necessarily meant that this communication tool has been discarded. Statistics only prove one thing: sending bulk SMS to cell phones is an effective marketing strategy and therefore, still valid. Companies that work with […]

Professional voice-over services: Defining the brand

The voice is an element that characterizes every human being and gives him/her personality and presence. Likewise, voices tend to be fundamental elements that distinguish any company no matter where it is located. For decades, the most successful companies have identified how necessary it is to define this element, which ends up being an ingrained […]

Non-traditional business mobile rates: An option for entrepreneurs

The bidding among telephone companies to attract new customers is increasingly fierce. This represents a great opportunity for users because better plans and offers are always appearing. Of course, this competition is useless if people, and especially companies, do not study their purchase decision well. Choosing the best mobile tariffs can save us a lot […]

806 and 803 lines: another way to boost your business

There is a lot of talk about the role of the call center and even toll-free calls for business promotion. However, even collect call lines are used to promote business activities and also to execute them. This is precisely what 806 and 803 lines are all about. This is another business approach that can pay […]

How and what is the virtual fax still used for?

In the late eighties the fax revolutionized the communication of the most prestigious companies worldwide. Four decades have passed and it is still a functional tool for some businesses and individuals. Technology has evolved and today we have the opportunity to use the virtual fax. It seems that nowadays there are too many ways to […]