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Sending mass SMS to mobiles still ensures successful campaigns

Sending mass sms to clients’ mobiles is still on the top of the most successful marketing strategies. Users continue to be attentive to the messages sent by their companies through this format. Trust, habit and a good margin of acceptance are some of the advantages provided by campaigns via text messages.   It doesn’t matter […]

Professional voice-over service: personalize your messages

The professional voiceover service is becoming more and more popular in call center services. Many companies have depersonalized services, which impacts the image of their customers. In reality, the possibilities in the recording and automation of messages can be infinite. There are communication companies that offer packages and generic messages. However, expert firms in virtual […]

Mobile rates: looking for the most profitable service

Currently there are multiple offers in mobile rates within the market. In the past there were days when only a few phone companies offered phone service plans. Now there are many options and taking the time to analyze each one carefully has its benefits. Companies with call center departments also need to hire special data […]

Lines 806 and 803: earnings via telephone

The 806 and 803 lines are an excellent way to offer well paid telephone services. Through these codes, you can generate profits that are charged to the customer from their call. From this resource, businesses can be developed without the need to rent an office. Hiring this type of line allows you to generate income […]

Virtual fax: reconciling the before and the now in the office

The virtual fax is an adaptation to the digital world of that device that is still seen in many offices. This machine was the predecessor of all the text communication technology that we enjoy today through the Internet. Today, this service is available from the computer through the call center software. Sending a fax is […]

Signaling: A module to gain customer confidence

Signaling is a primary resource in the most up-to-date call center departments. These are certainly the best-kept secrets of digital communication services. It looks like a simple module, but when well used, it opens the door to an endless number of customers. The signaling modules are used to make outgoing calls. Today it is known […]

Incoming call statistics: the key to good service

Call centers with inbound call statistics modules dominate the service business. The knowledge of these data will allow to adapt the service to achieve greater efficiency. We are talking about the possibility of analyzing the way in which the work is done.     Those who recognize the importance of social network metrics will understand […]

Monitoring: the only guarantee of quality care

The customer service departments have coordinators and strategies to control the quality of their operators. This monitoring work is done in different ways in each company, which will define its success or failure. Just as telephone technologies improve, so does the way performance is evaluated. The advanced modules for monitoring calls and the operators’ participation […]

Telemarketing surveys allow companies to improve

Customer services usually focus on marketing campaigns and support. However, there are alternative communication tools that can be of high value to companies. Telemarketing surveys are precisely one of these.   One premise of today’s world is that information is power. That is why communication with users is so fundamental today. Today’s managers and advertisers […]

Click to call me back: Immediate attention

With the advent of the Internet the options for communicating with the public multiplied. Until recently, the call center was the only means of contact between companies and their users. Today, there are several automated methods that facilitate customer service and that is the case of the click to call me back.   Most of […]