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Businesses use video calling and video conferencing in the cloud

The times when face-to-face office meetings were necessary have come to an end. Video calling and video conferencing in the cloud have become common forms of communication. Realities such as the COVID 19 pandemic and the rise of telecommuting have expanded the use of online media. Certainly, the advantages of these systems over telephone or […]

Mobile PBX: the ally of independent distributors

It is currently fashionable to work as a freelance distributor and marketer to generate extra income. This trend is part of the collaborative economy and it works for many. However, one of the drawbacks faced by those who venture into the world of “independent sales” is informality. Fortunately, there are resources such as the mobile […]

WebRTC line: goodbye to telephone companies

Companies spend vast sums of money to large telephone emporiums to ensure communication. Business plans are expensive and quality is not always assured. The truth is that communications have changed and that old scheme is being overcome. The WebRTC line is here to stay and several entrepreneurs are already migrating. The WebRTC line concept seems […]

Virtual PBX: quality call center supported by third parties

One of the most costly expenses faced by large companies is the opening of a call center. For many managers, it is an obligation that arises as a result of commercial success. The biggest problem lies in the investment that must be made in terms of facilities, equipment, software and personnel. Fortunately, serving customers is […]

Practical uses of the robot call in a company

Automated modules are covering almost every area of today’s business. Every day a new tool appears that does certain jobs with just a single programming. Customer service is no exception, and there are entire processes that can be completed without the involvement of a telephone operator. Precisely, the robot call allows to communicate with the […]

Predictive Dialer: Ideal for telesales and telemarketing

The tools of the new virtual PBX allow you to improve every area of a call center’s work. There is useful automation to optimize customer service per inbound call and also to increase outbound productivity. To contact users successfully the predictive dialer is of vital importance. In the contact center there are always departments that […]

Progressive dialer: ideal for mass customer service

Large service providers often have a problem with their success.  This is the need to ensure efficient means of servicing the large flow of customers. Of course, doing so requires a good investment, hiring of personnel and planning for the management of this work. Precisely, the predictive dialer is a tool that allows to plan […]