806 Lines & 803 Lines
806 Lines & 803 Lines
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Paid Call: a unique number for your customers to contact you by paying an extra amount of the call for the service received.

Service 803/806

These phones can be diverted to landlines, mobiles and VOIP.

Paid phone numbers (803 lines and 806 lines) are phone lines from which a service is provided that is paid for through the cost of the call charged to the caller. The service providers are the contractors who put their added value for which they charge their services.

Lines 803 and 806

Paid phone numbers

The operation of a call of this type is simple: every time a customer calls an 800 number, it will ring on the fixed or mobile phone that has been prefixed in our system, keeping their phone numbers always anonymous.

The 803 and 806 lines, also called premium or special tariff lines, are virtual lines, that is, they do not exist, so they always need to be supported (routed) to conventional fixed or mobile phone lines. This means that they operate remotely and do not require any physical installation.

Premium Rate Lines

Advantages of numbers 806 and 803

No permanence or commitment

Increase your company’s profits through communications.

Increase Your Revenue with Paid Numbers

Lines 803 and 806 are used to provide information or services to customers over the phone. Thus, providers charge a previously established and duly informed fee for the calls they receive.

What are paid numbers?

Telephones 803 and 806

Remunerated Numbers

With Neotel you can contract 806 and 803 with total guarantee of collection and transparency

With a Line 806 and 803 you will be able to establish your own service or telephone cabinet.

LINES 806 AND 803

Your 803 Line allows you to provide adult telephone services: erotic lines, adult contact and chat services, etc.


With Neotel you can contract 806 with the maximum guarantees of collection and transparency. We specialize in comprehensive services for 806 Videncia and Tarot phone lines

Remember that the 806 Lines offer you the possibility of also offering telephone leisure services, such as contests or telephone chats.


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