806 and 803 lines

806 and 803 lines: another way to boost your business

There is a lot of talk about the role of the call center and even toll-free calls for business promotion. However, even collect call lines are used to promote business activities and also to execute them. This is precisely what 806 and 803 lines are all about.

This is another business approach that can pay dividends even today. Now that remote assistance is more fashionable than ever, this type of option can be very suitable to offer some products. At the same time, contracting this type of line also has a positive impact on marketing and advertising.

Paylines: What is it all about?

The common telephone service has a basic premise and it is that whoever makes a call pays for it. Of course, rates for calls between ordinary people have been very low for several decades. However, the concept of a pay line is more related to offering a service through the call.


806 Lines & 803 Lines

Paylines are those that allow you to charge for a service through the call itself. When bank transfers were not as fast and did not occur over the Internet, this became a viable payment method for services offered remotely. In fact, this is the raison d’être of 806 and 803 lines. There is also 807, which is more oriented to professional work (telemedicine, lawyers, etc.).

Of course, the 806 and 803 lines are much more popular and are the ones that are still in regular operation today. In fact, there are companies that generate all of their revenue through these paid telephone numbers. It should be noted that each prefix is used for a particular type of service.

806 lines: Aimed at entertainment

806 lines are paid telephone services dedicated to entertainment and leisure activities. To be more precise, these are all those telephone activities that are neither related to adult services nor to the provision of professional services. From here on, this type of telephone number can be used for many things.

Any business that is dedicated to “entertainment” or that wants to offer it, can contract an 806 line. In fact, there are companies that, not necessarily dedicated to this type of service, open a separate department oriented to take advantage of the potential of this type of paid lines.

The most common example of 806 lines are tarot and fortune telling services. These are very popular and are even promoted on television. Understanding how this type of business operates gives us a clue as to how useful this type of phone can be for advertising purposes. Of course, this is not the only service that can be offered when contracting this prefix.

Some examples of 806 lines

Another example of 806 lines were the services to meet people by chat. These were very popular and well paid before the advent of social networks. Of course, when these web spaces were created it became unnecessary to pay to meet people from other places via text messaging. Nevertheless, this is a good example of the potential that an entertainment-oriented line can have.

806 lines can also be used for very specific activities within a company. In fact, this type of telephone service is widely used for sweepstakes and contests. There are companies dedicated to this, but there are also some dedicated to other commercial activities that use this type of numbers sporadically.

The spectrum of this type of lines is very wide and precisely in that lies the advantage of its use. This service is not only useful for companies, but also for self-employed workers. This is due to the fact that contracting 806 lines does not represent practically no expenses or investment, as we will see later on.

803 lines: Exclusive content for adults

803 lines are intended for work related to adult services. Specifically, it has to do with activities related to sexuality. That is why they are reserved exclusively for consumers who are of legal age. The most recurrent are the so-called “hot calls”, but there are those who have found other ways to implement this type of paid line for commercial purposes.

The +18 services have also evolved thanks to the advent of the Internet and social networks. However, 803 lines are still useful and can help to complement and diversify services aimed at adults. It is worth remembering that this type of activity is still very current, especially today.

To tell the truth, hiring an 803 line is ideal for any business related to adult content. This is a way of getting closer to the consumer, which guarantees personal security for the person offering the service and secure payments.

Advantages of contracting an 806 / 803 line

Hiring 806 and 803 lines has many more benefits than disadvantages. Many would believe that having them is complex, costly and complicated. To tell the truth, those companies and freelancers who want to have a paid line do not have to do much. Here are some of the advantages of contracting them:

They cost nothing: With Neotel, 806 and 803 lines are completely free of charge. Companies do not have to pay anything before being able to use them. Basically, the telephone company that provides this telephone tool charges a portion of what comes in for each call. In other words, no monthly investment is required to take advantage of them.
Secure charging: The best thing about the paid lines is that everything is charged automatically. Callers who call these toll free numbers simply pay from their phone bill. Providers of 806 and 803 lines simply receive their money and have to check the amount of what they have earned in the billing.
You can work with several devices: As with a call center, companies that opt to contract 806 and 803 lines can work with several operators. Basically, the single number is associated with different devices to handle a greater flow of calls.

Of course, not all 806 and 803 line providers offer the same service. It is important to read the contract and verify the conditions that each communication company offers to its customers. Of course, contracting an 803 and 806 line with Neotel has its particular benefits.

Benefits of contracting an 806 / 803 line with Neotel

Neotel allows companies and freelancers to contract 803 and 806 lines. Beyond the simple contracting, it is important to highlight the conditions and benefits that we offer to our customers who, beyond contracting the telemarketing software, want to opt for this type of numbering:

Contracting without permanence: Most of the providers of 806 and 803 lines impose a minimum time of permanence. This obliges subscribers to stay with the service even if it does not meet their expectations. With Neotel, it is possible to dispense with the contracting of the paid line at any time.
Adding lines: Those who contract this service may contract or uncontract lines of this type. For this purpose, Neotel offers personalized assistance.
Personalized assistance: Companies or individuals who contract 803 lines can count on Neotel’s technical assistants. In this way, they can manage their lines and request any help related to the service.
Telemarketing software: Those who contract 803 and 806 lines have all the services of our virtual switchboard. This is the one that will allow, for example, to manage all incoming calls in case of working with several devices and telemarketers. Undoubtedly, this program is essential to offer a quality telephone service.

Neotel’s Virtual PBX: everything to serve the client

Neotel’s virtual switchboard allows you to offer quality customer service. This is the type of software used in the largest and most prestigious call centers worldwide. Its use is the basis to guarantee professionalism, efficiency and a really fluid communication. Currently, this type of service is very economical and does not require large installations or large investments.

The price of virtual PBX is very low and adapts to the needs of each client. In fact, Neotel has different plans for each type of contracting company. Some are very economical and can be afforded by virtually any type of entrepreneur, with many facilities. The 806 and 803 lines are a complementary service associated with this software.

Having an IVR, call launchers, telephone statistics and other useful resources to increase sales and customer outreach is possible with our telemarketing software. Added to this, hiring an 806 / 803 line will allow you to generate income remotely and securely. Undoubtedly, an excellent way to generate income and also to advertise your business.