Two ways to adapt your office to IP telephony

The virtual PBX makes it possible to manage all business communication and make it cheaper. This system is very easy to use and all that is required to use it are devices with an Internet connection. However, for this technology to permeate an entire office it is important to make a small investment in equipment. To be more specific, some Yealink terminals or a device called Grandstream Gateway are commonly used.

These seem like complex names, but you will learn more about this type of equipment right here. Actually, one of the challenges that all companies have when migrating to IP telephony is the fact of not mastering it. Fortunately, this is a very noble and easy to implement technology. Below, you will learn the two ways that entrepreneurs have to adapt an office, or an entire company, to this efficient communication solution… Keep reading!

Why is IP telephony necessary?

The adoption of IP telephony basically involves supporting business communications over broadband Internet. Nowadays, it is very easy to understand this concept because many of the apps we use allow us to converse with third parties through this type of connection. Chats, video calls, voice memos and the rest of the communication we do every day on smartphones happen thanks to this technology.

In the case of an office, what is guaranteed is that all telephone equipment works with IP telephony. Right now, this is seen as a necessity in business and commercial environments. Upgrading to this technology allows you to stop relying on traditional telephone companies, which tend to charge very expensive contracts. In fact, making calls over the Internet allows the cost to be reduced considerably.

Another positive aspect of IP telephony software is that it allows you to control all communication. In the past, call center departments used physical PBXs to coordinate and manage everything their tele-operators did. Now, a company’s managers can do this with all the telephones in their facilities. For security, consumer rights and legal protection, this has become a necessity. Now then… What are the two ways to adapt a workspace to this technology… You’ll see!

Two options: Grandstream Gateway or Yealink Terminals

As explained above, virtual PBX software, or at least Neotel’s, works with a simple Internet connection. Of course, those who want to migrate all their company’s communications to IP telephony will need equipment compatible with this technology. Basically, there are two strategies for making this adaptation.

The first is to buy a device called Grandstream Gateway. This allows you to connect your office telephones to a broadband connection. These devices come with a certain number of ports and can be complemented with other equipment to make the Internet connection flow better. This is the most economical solution, although its application will depend on the terminals in the company. If they have the type of input required, there will be no problem. Many telephone equipment made from the nineties onwards have this advantage.

The second formula is to buy Yealink terminals, which are designed to work with IP telephony. Although it may seem very expensive, most of these devices are inexpensive and the truth is that not all departments require very complex telephones. At most, the investment will have to go up a bit in telephone equipment intended for management positions. In any case, a lot can be done on a limited budget.

Analyzing the best option

Planning and calculation in advance can save some money when migrating to IP telephony. Those who have an office or company should verify in principle the size and characteristics of the place. Likewise, it is very important to know if the phone models they have in the company have the broadband cable input. Then, reviewing the inventory will be crucial.

From here you can study what is the best and more profitable: whether to buy Yealink terminals or a Grandstream Gateway device. The good news is that both solutions can be purchased from Neotel’s digital store. A small investment can be the beginning of a substantial money saving. Contact us to rent our innovative virtual PBX and visit our store for the equipment you need… Contact us now!

Technologies to invest in: Private label PBX

The post-pandemic era is characterized by a generalized tendency to work on one’s own business. To do this, it is essential to find a window of opportunity, which usually comes with a good product to sell. The technological area has no waste and much more if it is oriented to companies. This is where the profitable and resolute private label PBX comes in.

Technology in general terms is usually a profitable business beyond the category. However, you have to pay close attention and look hard to find the products that generate the most profit and the least cost. While the market for cell phones, video games and entertainment devices is crowded, technology solutions for businesses are still largely unknown and in demand.

private label pbx

White label switchboard: have your business and help entrepreneurs

The best business opportunities are not the most obvious. Most of the time, they are driven by needs that are not easy to detect. For example, it would seem that investing in sought-after gadgets such as smartphones is a sure thing. However… What if someone told you that there is something that is cheaper and can sell more and generate income in the long run? That’s exactly what the white label PBX is all about.

The virtual PBX in the cloud is more than a product, it is a technological solution. It is a system that allows to control business communication and facilitates sales for companies. Today, almost all large companies have incorporated this software to lower the cost of their communications and develop effective telemarketing.

Nowadays, many companies are looking for providers that guarantee this type of service. On the other hand, the margin of companies that have not yet upgraded their communications to IP telephony is large. In other words, there is a group of potential customers who do not know they are customers, because they do not understand what they need. For all of them, white label PBX investors will be the ideal solution. The opportunities are vast.

Have your own company with the white label switchboard

The white label PBX is a plan that Neotel has launched for entrepreneurs. Those who want to open their own business and offer our virtual PBX, can do it with us. Basically, the associated entrepreneur will be able to offer our service as if it were created by himself. He will create his own brand, with his own name and will open his own way in the business of business technology solutions.

For a reasonable investment many entrepreneurs will be able to have their own business. As the virtual PBX in the cloud is not a product, but a service, its sale will generate sustained income in months and years. It is not a question of creating a franchise: the entrepreneur will offer this service as if he had created it, but with the full support of Neotel.

Entrepreneurs working with the white label PBX will only have to sell the software. To activate the service, they will have the “Turnkey” system, which will facilitate distribution. Everything will work perfectly, the program will continue to be supported by Neotel’s state-of-the-art servers and the profit, as well as the recognition, will be for the new company. It’s about starting your own business, but with the support of an already consolidated product.

Neotel is the market leader in the call center software market.

Neotel has more than 20 years of experience in the business communication business. We have offered IP telephony and countless applications to companies of all types and sizes. Even so, we believe that it is important to expand the reach of our virtual PBX in the cloud, even if it is sold by other strong companies. It is a win-win business, in which our company, the new entrepreneurs and the rest of the companies benefit.

It is not necessary to have extensive knowledge to sell the virtual PBX. Our system is very intuitive and does not require installations or large investments in technological equipment. Everything is handled over the Internet, as if it were any other communication platform, only this one is professional. At all times, entrepreneurs working with us can communicate with our technical staff in case of doubts.

Neotel wants to work with new entrepreneurs focused on new technologies. Those who have in mind to manage their own business and generate dividends have in this program, a window of opportunity… Do you want to generate money by offering services even at an international level? Obtain sustained income over time? The next step is to contact us for more information.