Companies gain a lot by contracting 900 lines

Large global corporations have toll-free numbers to receive calls. Although it may seem that this does not make sense, as it is an additional expense, it does have an explanation. In fact, it could be said that you gain much more by contracting 900 lines than you lose, or rather, invest. Historically, many companies see this as an investment, and rightly so. Everything that generates a return or a profit is an investment and that is what having this type of telephone number in a company is all about. Of course, you have to have some secrets in advertising and business communication to take good advantage of this tool that PBXs bring you. Next, we will explain one of the best kept resources of the great entrepreneurs.

What are 900 lines?

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Before explaining the advantages of contracting 900 lines, it is important to know what they consist of. A line with this prefix is a special rate telephone, as it is called in Spain. They are also known as intelligent network numbers in other countries. This is because they operate differently from any other telephone number. Any traditional telephone number works by charging the caller for the call. In contrast, the virtual 900 number allows the person receiving the call to be completely responsible for the cost of the call. Many will probably ask themselves, “Why do I want to pay for my customers’ calls if I want them to spend on my products? In reality, having this type of telephone service has several benefits. By all accounts, contracting 900 lines is synonymous with greater business opportunities. That is to say, those companies that have a virtual 900 phone number in their customer service, usually generate more revenue than those that do not. For sure, by allowing users to pay nothing when calling, more advertising, commercial opportunities, data and, of course, new customers are generated.

Contracting 900 Lines allows you to obtain useful information

It is enough to say that free attracts more people to explain why 900 lines are profitable. However, it is much better to explain some ways that entrepreneurs can take advantage of the premium rate phone. One of them is to obtain valuable data from users, and what is more valuable than their telephone number? In order to do this, it is important to rely on two other call center system tools: the IVR and the CRM. The first ensures that the user interacts with a robotic operator and provides some important personal data. The second allows the telephone number from which the call arrives to be seen by the teleoperator and recorded in the interactive database, which is basically the CRM. From here, companies can collect phone numbers with basic user data and promote telemarketing as well as sales. Of course, doing this will also depend on the legislation of each country. For example, in Spain the laws are usually very strict with the use and protection of customer data. In any case, there is always a way to take advantage of caller information and if the call is free, they always call more.

Contracting 900 lines: Good advertising

Another advantage of contracting 900 lines is that they become in themselves a powerful advertising tool. Many companies play with numbers and replace them with letters. To give an illustrative example, an insurance marketing company may request the number 900-SEGUROS or something similar. In reality, using this type of resource is powerful, because of all that it means to have telephone numbers like that. Companies that have a toll-free number, well targeted for marketing, are instant advertisers. It’s powerful to have a number like 900 “BANK”, or “CLINIC”, because people will remember it very quickly. And when they require this type of service, they will be more likely to call those companies because they remember it. Added to this is the fact that calling there is free, which is another advantage that few people pass up. For all these reasons, contracting 900 lines is more than positive, especially for companies that already report profits. Here at Neotel, we offer this service, also as part of our main product which is the virtual switchboard. Those entrepreneurs who are interested in this type of number, can contact us to ask the price of hiring a 900 line …. Contact us now!

physical server VS virtual server

At Neotel we have data center products for your company.

Today, a company’s entire storage can be supported via the Internet. Just like the virtual IP PBX, programs and stored information are managed remotely, thanks to the Internet. This is a great solution for small and medium-sized companies that cannot afford to buy processors. Renting data center products is positive and allows companies to continue to have their own equipment. However, it is important to know what equipment each company needs and which ones are the best. This is important when making the investment, because you do not want it to be excessive or insufficient. A little technical knowledge, easy to understand, will be enough for new entrepreneurs.

Is physical storage necessary in principle?

Data Center Products

Many new entrepreneurs wonder whether all their data must necessarily be kept in physical storage. This involves buying their own processors and installing a data center. It is worth noting that the investment required for this can start at around 13,000 euros for the lowest measure. Fortunately, the answer is that buying data center products is not the only way to back up information. The most advisable thing to do, especially for start-ups, is to hire hosting services. These are very useful to offer support to the usual demand of a business that is in its beginnings. In addition, nowadays a service of this type can even sustain the demand of a large company. The speed of today’s Internet, as well as the techniques and equipment allow this without major inconvenience. Of course, what is desirable for very large companies is that they should not have to rely on digital storage services. However, this premise is handled at the level of business emporiums, with a very broad economic independence and needs. Otherwise, any small, medium, even a growing one, can store all its information from a service, also connected via the Internet. The rental of data center products is viable and positive, depending also on the company that is hired.

Data Center Products: What is the best option?

Between shared, physical and dedicated servers, many people who have databases and web pages can’t decide which option to choose. Added to this is the emergence of cloud hosting, which is now a sustainable solution. To be sure, it is not a question of there being incorrect digital storage techniques. In reality, everything will depend on both the needs of the entrepreneur and the quality of the company’s service. For example, right now a dedicated server is arguably one of the best online storage options. However, its cost can be somewhat high for a person starting out with their first website. Therefore, it is likely that for some entrepreneurs this may not be the most viable decision. In other words, call center product services must be adapted to the reality of each individual. Fortunately, there are digital storage options for all types of entrepreneurship. In addition to this, users must be able to scale their services in case of growth. Therefore, it is essential to look for a company that offers flexibility and different options for those who need data center products. At Neotel, in addition to offering the virtual IP voice PBX, which professionalizes communication, we also provide storage for our customers.

Neotel has everything for business communication

The service offered by Neotel to entrepreneurs and large businessmen goes beyond being a program for telemarketers. In fact, our virtual IP voice PBX also comes with add-ons that turn it into a marketing software. Likewise, we also cover other needs of entrepreneurs, such as digital storage, and for that we have data center products available. In the case of Neotel, we have two data center product options: Linux virtual machines and dedicated servers. The former are aimed at new and small companies. On the other hand, the second ones allow to store the data of large companies, being able to cover larger capacities in a more targeted way. The equipment of both products is of the highest quality. The service of data center products goes beyond computers to back up information. In fact, at Neotel we have the best facilities and the best team of engineers so that your website and systems are operational 24 hours a day. If you are interested in virtual PBX, or storage services, please contact us directly.