Sending bulk SMS to cell phones is effective advertising

Much is said about social networks, Internet advertising and even telemarketing. However, there are other means of effectively publicizing a company’s image and services. One of them, which seemed to have gone out of fashion, is once again on the rise: sending bulk SMS to cell phones. With the arrival of the smartphone, it seemed that this option would be forgotten, but in the second decade of the 21st century, it has returned to the forefront.

There are technological solutions that, although old, work. And if something is effective and useful, why not take advantage of it? This is precisely the shift that several companies are experiencing with SMS marketing. Right now, the SMS sending platform has a second wind and that has its reasons demonstrated by statistics.

Sending bulk SMS to mobiles does work

Send massive SMS to mobile mass SMS for companies SMS sending platform

Texting is already older than many entrepreneurs, businessmen and advertisers. However, even in today’s times there is a statistic in favor of sending bulk SMS to mobiles as an advertising strategy. It is known that SMS has an average message opening rate of 90%. To be more precise, it is known that if 100 advertising messages are sent at the same time, about 90 people will read it within three minutes of receiving it. In the marketing world, this is simply pure gold.

However, the statistic gets even better with a little patience. In fact, sending bulk SMS to cell phones can achieve 99% message open rate, if you take into account an estimated time span of 20 minutes. What this means is that companies that incorporate this type of marketing will have a truly effective way to reach customers and users.

This does not mean that sending bulk SMS to mobiles from a VoIP PBX will sell everything. Of course, it is still necessary to study strategies to ensure that these messages can be persuasive and achieve more sales, or whatever needs to be achieved. But apart from this, it is known that advertising via text messaging is effective, has an impact and advertisements will be read more than with virtually any other means of communication.

Other advantages of bulk SMS for companies

In addition to the sufficiently decisive fact of having an open ratio of almost 100%, text messaging has other advantages. For example, sending bulk SMS to cell phones is a mechanism that is not perceived as invasive advertising by customers. In fact, this is a type of marketing that is better regarded than some direct telemarketing and email marketing practices. Most people will not feel invaded by a company sending them offers or advertisements via SMS.

One of the current benefits of bulk SMS for business has to do with today’s smartphone systems. Basically, an Internet app notification looks the same on the screen as a text message notification. On the cell phone it will look the same, which is why most people ignore this type of notification. But it could be argued that text messaging notifications might even have an advantage over the rest.

To tell the truth, the bulk of the notifications we get on our phones are usually from social networks and other apps. Therefore, when most people receive a text messaging notification, they tend to pay some attention to it, as it is usually important. People already associate this communication format with business messages or messages from their loved ones. In short, it is hard for almost everyone to ignore an SMS.

Neotel is much more than an IP voice switchboard

The SMS sending platform is usually a program that is sold separately. However, at Neotel we have incorporated it into the VoIP PBX to have everything in one place. It should be noted that this is just one of the add-ons that we have successfully added to our telephone software. In it we also incorporate progressive dialer, robot call, CRM, call recorder and other core technology solutions for business service and sales.

Neotel has one of the most advanced and inexpensive platforms for the professionalization of business communication on the market. Undoubtedly, this program is no longer only for companies with call centers and can be useful and viable for any enterprise. It doesn’t matter if it’s a store, a company, a family business or a freelance activity: Having this resource at your disposal will help your company to grow. Contact us at any time.

Professional voice-over services: Why hire a professional voice-over artist?

There are many elements that, even if minimal, contribute to the growth of a company. In fact, when a venture is approached seriously and goes to the next level, it is necessary to develop elements that identify it and differentiate it from the rest. It is there, and especially when a company grows, that professional voice-over services can play a more important role than anyone would think. It’s easy to wonder why do you need professional voiceovers in a shoe store, or in a bank, or in any other business? In reality, every business initiative needs voice talent at some point in its operation as a company. Professional voice-over services give voice and therefore life to any business venture, and they are cheaper than you might think.

Professional voice-over services are indispensable

Sometime in the 20th century, companies began to hire well-known or professional announcers to promote their products. At that time, only radio and television were allowed to broadcast advertising of this type. However, as time went by, the companies’ advertisers understood that many of the voices they used to market themselves became part of the brand. People came to identify a certain company with the voice of the announcer who made their commercial. In this way, the professional voice-over service became part of the brands. In addition, the media in which professional voiceovers could appear multiplied. For example, they began to appear on the Internet and also on the telephone, thanks, among other things, to the VoIP PBX. The more possibilities there are to place a voice recording representing a company on any medium, the more important the automatic or recorded voice-over will be. In short, the voices used by companies to deliver their messages, slogans and advertisements end up being part of the brand. Therefore, it is a marketing element that should not be lost sight of and that in many occasions marks a company forever. Now, how can you use the professional voice-over service with the VoIP PBX? The answer is simple.

Humanizing the company’s telephone line

Professional voice-over services bring the call center to life. It doesn’t matter if an entrepreneur has an entire call center, or if he or she attends to people through their cell phones. Of course, automated voice-over is ideal when the business contracts a virtual switchboard service, with IVR, which is the interactive response system. This is what we hear when we call basically any company and an operator asks us for data. Precisely, that voice that appears when calling a call center can be humanized thanks to the professional voice-over service. In fact, in an IVR like Neotel’s, robotic voices can be replaced by human voices, with good intonation, placid for human hatred and adapted to the message to be transmitted. From this point on, companies now have a new advertising and image element and, therefore, are closer to creating a brand. Hiring a famous speaker can be very expensive. However, companies that hire our VoIP PBX service can get high quality recordings, from a very small investment. There is much that can be achieved with professional voiceover services and any enterprise acquires professionalism, good image and formality with this resource.

What is Neotel’s professional voice-over service like?

At Neotel we offer a professional voice-over service quite complete and adapted to the budget of each businessman. With us you can count on voiceovers starting at 7,50 euros for the most basic service. Those who want multiple takes, that is, different takes of each phrase, can get a more personalized service for only 30 euros. This way, you can get a very authentic product. We also have female voice-over service, infinite modifications and translation of the texts. The latter is ideal to have advertisements and menu options in the call center in different languages. We also offer foreign voices, with up to 16 languages, including German, Portuguese, Mandarin, Russian, Hindi and many more. In our team we have voice talents who speak different languages. The budget of the voice-over will vary depending on what each entrepreneur requests. In addition to this, our virtual switchboard is one of the most advanced in the market. Neotel’s software has several additional add-ons that are very useful to serve and sell to customers. Here you can incorporate to your plan automatic call launchers, bulk SMS platform, CRM and other tools that will help you stand out.  Contact us for more information.

mobile rates

Virtual PBX with mobile rates: a good solution

The virtual PBX has almost always been perceived as an isolated program. This is due to the dynamics of the traditional call center, in which the software is managed on the one hand, the rest of the programs on the other and the telephone service also as something separate. Innovation now makes it possible to have everything in one place, including mobile rates with the same company, in a practical, simple way and at a very low cost. A characteristic of Neotel’s service is that it perceives all the business communication implements as parts of a whole. That is, the virtual PBX, its complements and even the telephone service can be found in one place. Therefore, in the company we have everything we need to serve customers and sell more, including cell phone services.

Mobile tariffs: Get out of the traditional

Mobile Rates

One of the problems when starting a business is the investment in communication. In general, entrepreneurs and owners tend to look to traditional telephone companies. The problem with these companies is that they have extensive experience working with businesses and know that they can charge large sums of money without the entrepreneurs knowing about it. The larger the firm, the more likely it is to offer a high-cost contract. To this must be added the permanence conditions that traditional telephone companies usually ask for. It does not matter if the contracting of mobile tariffs is with one for many terminals, or with a family company and few lines, because this type of conditions are usually very annoying. If the customer is not satisfied with the service, he may not be able to do anything or it will cost him a penalty. In addition, these companies tend to increase the amount of the tariffs suddenly, on the understanding that their contractors must simply stick to the stipulations. For all these reasons, it is always advisable for the client to find out and analyze very well the proposal, cost, benefits and conditions of each telephone service. In addition to this, it is also important to review the proposals of new companies, which may offer cheaper mobile rates, good service packages or other facilities to be considered.

All in one invoice and one software

Another positive aspect of contracting mobile tariffs with a company that also offers virtual PBX, as is the case with Neotel, is that everything is broken down into a single invoice. In this way, customers do not have to keep track of different bills, or make payments to different companies for different services. Paying can be a headache, either at the box office or electronically, so this can be a positive for many entrepreneurs. In addition, with unified services, companies can integrate the VoIP virtual PBX service with mobile tariffs. In this way, the same company should take care of everything related to the contracted services. Of course, this is feasible when the company offers cheaper or reasonable costs. That is why it will always be important to check the proposals on the market, such as, for example, Neotel. A good way to explore and choose a telephone service is to use a cell phone rate comparator. As the name suggests, these digital tools are basically tabulators that allow you to compare the proposals of each company, in relation to others that exist in the market. Several of them can be found on the Internet and this can be very illustrative. Of course, it is also recommended to try several comparators, until you find the best or most attractive one.

Neotel offers you a global service

In Neotel we know how complicated it can be to completely control the communication of a company, to enhance their profits. That is why, in addition to offering the VoIP virtual PBX, we have also unified a host of complementary tools for call center marketing at different levels, very useful for the growth of any enterprise. But, in addition, we also offer a mobile rate service, for those who want to get out of the traditional telephone proposals. At Neotel we have data and minutes service at the best prices and the best thing is that we do not impose permanence conditions. In fact, anyone who contracts our telephone service can try it and if they are not satisfied, they can simply cancel it. However, our telephone services offer the same quality as any reputable phone company in Europe. You can visit our official website and check the VoIP virtual PBX plans we have and everything we offer for today’s businessman.

Virtual fax: an inexpensive and necessary anticipation

Communication is power because it makes things easier and makes it possible to generate business and money. But this principle does not only apply when it comes to upgrading and accessing new technologies. In fact, businesses that implement some old communication devices can be very profitable. This is the case of the virtual fax, which allows to make provisions, mixing the new with the not so new.

Some technology market statistics indicate that the fax is far from extinct. Not even the Internet or smartphones have been able to completely take this device out of circulation. It is commonly believed that this technology was left behind in the eighties and nineties. However, in countries such as Japan, the United States and Spain itself it is still widely used. Below, you will see why it is important to be able to use this device and an innovative way to take advantage of its benefits.

What is fax and how can it be virtual?

virtual fax

The fax machine was the device that came closest to what smartphones do today in the early 1980s, when the Internet was just being born. Basically, this device is a combination of a scanner, a modem and a printer. In this way, images can be copied and sent using the telephone line and, in fact, a receiver number is needed to be able to send the reproduced image.

To tell the truth, there are still many people, businesses and companies that keep their old fax machine, or invest in a new one. Understanding this, it is important to be able to send and receive faxes to be able to exchange documentation and negotiate with those who still use these devices. The question is, do you have to buy one of these huge devices to be able to do this? The answer is of course a definite no.

There is now a way to send and receive faxes without a fax machine. To do this, you only need a telephone number that is usually used to have this type of equipment and any email. This service is known as virtual fax and links the technology of the past with that of the future. From here on, you only need to have an Internet device to send and receive faxes. Without a doubt, this is a very useful solution and gives customers more options.

Why is it important to have the virtual fax?

In principle, the virtual fax allows to establish one more way of communication for those who prefer to use this old technology. In this way, a person located anywhere can send his documents in case of any negotiation or contract signing. For example, the buyer of a telephone equipment could send his ID card to buy a telephone line. Similarly, companies can send information.

In Spain the figure of the burofax continues to have a transcendence in the citizens. In fact, many requests to government or public entities must be made by fax. In other words, in some countries it is even a requirement to be able to send and receive faxes. This, of course, is something that any business owner or freelancer should take into consideration.

With this service it is not necessary to buy more devices that generate expenses and take up space in the office. The technological adaptation can be done by simply having a broadband connection. By having the service and entering the fax number of the person to whom a document is to be sent, it can be sent to his or her own device. Better yet, to receive a message by this means, you only need to open the email. If you were wondering, how does virtual fax work? It is as explained above.

Neotel: More than a call center software program

If you are wondering what a virtual PBX is, it is basically a program that allows you to connect the company’s communication, professionalize it and be able to control it in its entirety. At the same time, this software provides small, medium and large companies with marketing tools in order to motivate higher income. For sure, this is a technological solution that is present in the most successful companies worldwide.

The best thing about Neotel’s virtual PBX is that some of its add-ons are very inexpensive. With us, the virtual fax service costs only 8 euros per month. This is just one of the advantages that far outweighs traditional software call center programs. Contact us in case you have any questions.

Inbound call statistics give you clues about your business

Hiring a virtual PBX has several positive aspects unknown to the average entrepreneur. One of them is the ability to know how the telephone communication of customers who make contact with your company or business occurs. To tell the truth, this is valuable information that could define business growth and like any source of data, it is usually quite usable. For those who are already wondering how to obtain it, the answer is simple: Incoming call statistics.

The virtual PBX is a software that allows you to professionalize communication, migrate to IP telephony and control all incoming and outgoing calls, among other tasks. Part of this control is possible thanks to the fact that this program can know how each contact occurs, save the information and process it so that any businessman or manager can use it.

incoming call statistics

Incoming call statistics: Know how the communication occurs

Most people associate the virtual PBX only with the call center. Certainly, this is its origin, but today, this is a program that can be used for any business. And as any business activity involves a communication flow, it can be quantified to address it more comprehensively and strategically. This is precisely what is known as inbound call statistics.

Inbound call statistics chart everything that happens in a company’s daily communication. For example, this module of the virtual PBX allows you to know how many calls enter the company’s telephone, regardless of whether it is a single call or several devices. This makes it possible to know how many people are calling and at what times. This is not only useful for companies with call centers, but also for small companies with one or a few managers.

Inbound call statistics also let you know how many calls are missed, put on hold or hung up. All this data sounds very technical, but it is incredibly useful. It is enough to analyze the numbers a little to generate better solutions, increase attention and seek a greater flow of sales from these actions. We must remember that communication is key to generate business opportunities and, therefore, we must think about it.

How can I use incoming call statistics to my advantage?

There are many examples of how inbound call statistics can be used to improve a business. For example, if the data suggests that more people are calling at a certain time, the right thing to do is for the entrepreneur to focus on answering calls during those time slots. In fact, being more available when there is a greater flow of customers is a strategy that works both in a call center and in a physical store, so it is functional for any type of enterprise.

Another advantage of inbound call statistics is that it records and presents data on the performance of individual telemarketers. Suppose a company has three people in charge of handling customer orders. With the virtual PBX, a business owner can know for sure if these people are doing their job properly… Are they hanging up? Are they not answering? All of this is verifiable.

Telephone statistics can also be used to find out if digital marketing strategies are working. When an entrepreneur manages an official website and social networks of the business, he does it with the objective that these generate more calls and closed business. Precisely, inbound call data can give an idea about whether advertising strategies are generating more leads, or if, on the contrary, they are not well targeted.

At Neotel we have the best virtual PBX for SMEs.

The idea that business communication software is only for large companies with call centers is a thing of the past. At Neotel we have a virtual PBX for SMEs, because we know that even the newest and smallest companies can take advantage of this technology. This program not only allows you to control communications and, in fact, it is a very powerful tool for marketing and organization of commercial activities.

In addition to inbound call statistics, the call recorder is another element for customer service control. However, our innovative software has other useful tools, such as the dialer, the platform for sending bulk SMS, the call robot, the CRM, the IVR and many other solutions. At Neotel we help you build your company with the prestige, reliability and technology needed to make the leap in quality from the beginning.

Call Recorder: Keep track of everything and cover your company’s backs

Business tends to generate empathy, prosperity and exchange. However, it is also possible that some problems may arise when closing a deal. In sales of both products and services there are always failures and conflicting situations, so that in some cases the word alone does not mean anything. That is why today’s companies resort to technological solutions such as call recorders. A good part of the negotiations that take place today occur through a phone call. Likewise, selling often involves offering a service to customers that goes beyond the simple sale. For all this, having the ability to monitor every interaction between customers and company representatives is really necessary. Fortunately, the virtual PBX for SMEs has what it takes to do so.

Problems with a customer? The call recorder is the solution

premium virtual call recorder

How many times do companies not encounter difficult customers? To tell the truth, negotiating also involves dealing with users who could complicate things, for different reasons. Now, having a conflict with a customer is a delicate matter, understanding that almost all countries have consumer protection laws. Therefore, the attitude of every company must adhere to legal standards, if a major problem is to be avoided. Situations such as service failures or unauthorized telephone purchases by customers can be complex. Similarly, there are always the unprocessed reports that generate annoyance in users and an inconvenient reputation for the company. Another case may be that of an unsent product, errors in shipping, billing or any other problem. In all these situations, or when some other misunderstanding is generated, the call recorder can be crucial. If a customer insists that he has reported something and has not, the call recorder will allow you to verify that. Similarly, if someone wants to take advantage of the company, you can always resort to reviewing phone conversations. In fact, what the recorders do is create a record of all the business contacts made by the company, both incoming and outgoing. In this way, a backup is generated that is often very useful in the event of any misunderstanding.

Resolving conflicts

The call recorder allows to know if the mistake was made by the customer or by the company. This type of solution is ideal to corroborate if a customer authorized a telephone sale, or if on the contrary it was a telemarketer who made a mistake. Likewise, it is possible to know if a company representative has caused inconvenience when dealing with a complaint, or if it has been the user who has made a mistake. For this type of situation, third-party verification is often ideal, as it allows you to corroborate closed agreements. This is an additional application related to the monitoring system of our virtual PBX. If a customer decides to file a complaint with the consumer protection agency, the call recorder can prove that this person is not in the right. This is ideal in companies where the owner of the company cannot take care of everything and needs to verify how the managers are behaving. You can know for sure if the employees are doing their job correctly. Call recording allows to cover employers from a lot of problems. That is why the largest companies record their calls and keep a record, respecting of course the data protection and privacy laws of the country where they are located. To tell the truth, this is a recommendable resource for any type of enterprise.

Neotel has the best virtual PBX for SMEs

Neotel’s virtual switchboard allows you to professionalize communication for all types of companies, including new entrepreneurs. With the basic program, we offer call center tools that can be useful even if you do not have a huge room of teleoperators. The program unifies all the business communication, allows to control it and also allows its control through the call recorder. At Neotel we have a monitoring system for business communication. This consists of the call recorder, the spy and whisper and third party verification, all very practical systems. This is how you can have total control of the communication, even if we entrust third parties to carry out negotiations and customer service. The best thing is that this is just one of the technological solutions we offer to entrepreneurs. Explore our website and get in touch with us.

Telemarketing surveys: Involve your customers!

If there is one thing that has become fashionable thanks to the Internet, it is consulting people about basically anything. Consumer opinion now counts more than ever and ensuring channels for this is very positive. On the one hand, customers give their opinions and on the other, companies take note to improve their products and offers. To do this, telemarketing surveys are excellent. Certainly, social networks offer some effective mechanisms to achieve fluid communication with customers and users. Some of them even allow you to conduct surveys, although in a very limited way. In contrast, call center tools offer much more flexibility, freedom and a source of useful information to carry out efficient commercial strategies and thus increase sales.

Telemarketing surveys What are they?

telemarketing surveys

Companies that use a virtual PBX have the advantage of having an IVR. This is basically the interactive system that we all hear when we call a bank. This automation asks us for data that we usually enter using the numeric keypad and leads us through the different departments. Precisely, this system also allows companies to place some content. When a person calls a service company, he/she usually hears advertisements and promotions. This is because the IVR allows to place voice messages of all kinds. And just as a promotion can be incorporated, telemarketing surveys can also be placed. Likewise, just as a customer can provide data at the beginning of a call, they can also answer questions via the keypad. Telemarketing surveys are voicemail messages that can be incorporated into the IVR. When the customer calls a company, he will listen to them and answer them in less than 5 seconds, using his keypad. All the information is stored so that it can later be reviewed by the business owners. This is important, considering that customer information is often vital to create better products, services and offers.

What can be asked in telemarketing surveys?

Virtual PBX telemarketing surveys allow you to ask customers about anything. A good way to find out what users think is to ask if they like the attention they get when they call the company. This is just the beginning of what can be achieved with call center tools. From here, you can make any type of opinion inquiry that may be considered necessary by a company. For example, it is feasible to ask which is the product that customers consume the most. In this way, offers or similar products can be created to increase the consumption of the most frequent users. It is also possible to ask about aspects that can be improved in the services or in the company itself. In this way, it is possible to find out what weaknesses the company has that consumers perceive and that could be improved in some way. The most successful companies take into account the opinions of their customers because there is information in them. In turn, this type of data holds the key to improving business strategies that will enable them to stand up to the competition. It could be said that telemarketing surveys is where the strategic plans of companies begin to achieve their rise. At Neotel we guarantee a practical, effective and innovative way to get to know your customers better.

Neotel: We have different prices for virtual PBXs

Having call center tools, an IVR and the rest of options for business communication is very simple nowadays. To do so, you only need to hire the virtual switchboard service, which we offer at Neotel. This does not require large installations or equipment, since the entire system works through the Internet and is as easy as managing a social network. The best thing is that any entrepreneur can have this type of technology with a modest investment. At Neotel we have different prices for virtual PBX. In fact, we organize the service in plans and each customer can choose the one that suits him best in terms of money. Each entrepreneur can choose the level of services he needs according to his possibilities and needs. It should be noted that we have many add-ons to improve marketing and customer service. All services are scalable and there are plans for all types of businesses. Telemarketing surveys are just one of the add-ons we have for today’s businesses. When it comes to selling more, at Neotel we have a wide range of tools that will help any company, regardless of their product or experience. Those who are interested in the virtual switchboard can contact us.

click to call me back Neotel

Because any entrepreneur must have something called Click to call me back

Having a presence on the Internet is vital for any type of business. However, publishing a website and managing social networks is not enough to achieve commercial success. Meanwhile, buying and selling websites can help to sell, but they charge exorbitant commissions, not to mention the voracious competition. It is at this point that tools such as click to call me back are very helpful.

One of the big problems of many business websites is that they tend to have few means for the customer to establish communication with the companies. Even ecommerce sites can present this inconvenience, forgetting that the customer usually asks a lot of questions before buying. Fortunately, the virtual switchboard also has a solution to improve this.

click to call me back

Click to call me back: bringing you closer to the customer

Click to call me back is a plugin for web pages. It consists of a button that is displayed on the website and that when pressed by the customer, opens a box. In this box, any user can leave their telephone data so that a telephone operator or person in charge of the company can contact them. Companies that incorporate this application have the opportunity to establish a more direct relationship with an Internet user and convert him/her into a customer.

The click to call me back button guarantees a quick communication channel to users who may be interested in a product. Its work responds to the lack of many web page templates that do not offer easy to find and use communication channels. Likewise, this is a solution that allows the user-company conversation, which always increases sales.

Business owners who have the click to call me back plugin usually have an advantage over their competitors. To tell the truth, many companies with websites do not have mechanisms to engage in conversation with customers and their data on the website is often outdated. Even if you have social networks, it is always good to have a direct communication channel on the company’s website.

Some realities of business websites

It is known that 89% of users will buy from competitors if they had a negative experience as Internet users. Some experiences of this type are, for example, the fact of not guaranteeing a good navigation on the site, or not finding means for timely communication. Any element can not only keep you away from a good sale, but also strengthen the competition.

34% of consumers can increase their probabilities of buying by receiving personalized content. In other words, having the ability to communicate and attend to the customer, in a personal way, can improve the amount of sales a business achieves. Precisely, the click to call me back button generates opportunities to contact potential customers, in order to send them personalized information.

It is also known that 44% of online shoppers abandon a website when there is no contact information available. What often happens in many companies is that their phone numbers become outdated after a while and user emails are not always answered. In contrast, with the click to call me back button it is even possible to go in search of a customer who wants more information. Salespeople, new entrepreneurs, professionals and freelancers can benefit a lot from this tool.

How to get the click to call me back?

The click to call me back plugin is an add-on to Neotel’s virtual switchboard software. Those who purchase our service have access to this tool that allows to connect the web page attention with the telephone management. It is worth noting that our service is very economical and, in fact, we have different plans for each type of customer. The best thing is that our program also offers other useful add-ons for customer service and marketing, such as call launchers, CRM, platform for sending bulk SMS, robot call, among many others.

The price of the virtual PBX will depend on the client’s budget and the implements requested. At Neotel, we allow our users to take control of the service they want, building plans based on their specific needs and requests. Even an entrepreneur who is just starting out can obtain and take advantage of our software and its tools. Professionalize your company’s communication and increase sales by networking even more, thanks to our solutions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

IVR: The secret of reliable companies

In the business world, professionalism is synonymous with trust and credibility. Fortunately, entrepreneurs have some tools that allow them to be and look professional, especially in the area of communication. Certainly, one of the most effective elements to achieve this are IVR systems. Almost all the best rated companies have this telephony call center implement. It sounds complicated, but IVR is a system that almost everyone is unconsciously familiar with. When someone calls a company and is answered by an operator who asks for personal information and leads them through the menu of departmental options, they are interacting with this tool. Today, any entrepreneur can enjoy this tool, thanks to the virtual PBX.

How does an IVR work?

ivr interactive voice response

IVR is an interactive response system applied to business telephone systems. When a customer calls, it obtains data from the customer, through a direct interaction that is usually a recorded voice recording. Those who wonder how an IVR works should know that it is a structured and automated system. It is simply set up by default to work when customers call. Of course, to have an IVR you must have a PBX that enables its installation and operation. In the past, physical PBXs were used to unify different telephone devices under which customers were served. However, nowadays neither a call center room nor expensive equipment is needed to have these technologies available. Programs such as Neotel make everything easier for the entrepreneur. The PBX virtual PBX allows any company to have an IVR regardless of its size or whether it has physical offices. Even new entrepreneurs and family businesses can gain many advantages from having this type of system. Companies in the service industry tend to get the most benefits from this add-on. Of course, it is important to have an advanced, functional system so that it can be transformed into positive feedback.

Why does the IVR generate customer confidence?

Humans do a lot of comparing when in our role as consumers. Truth be told, the IVR is something that most interact with quite a bit when communicating with a large and prestigious company. Banks, telephone services, insurance and other institutions operate with this system. This means that anyone who communicates with a company that has this, will understand at first that they are communicating with a company, at least a professional one. There are large companies that have forged their name and popularity based on having communication elements such as a good IVR. If the customer service is fast, quality and well conducted, the experience will be largely positive. In fact, having these systems in place is one of the things that enables timely and effective customer service. A company might not have physical offices or business premises, but if it has a good IVR, it will look like a fully constituted business. This is because the customer associates these systems with business communication, business emporiums, among others. In particular, projecting a professional communication generates the idea of professionalism. In turn, the latter generates trust in consumers. Finally, he who trusts buys.

Neotel has the most complete PBX virtual switchboard

Neotel’s main product is the PBX virtual PBX, which provides any company with the best customer service tools. With it, any entrepreneur can enhance customer service and marketing, two key elements for commercial success. In fact, the IVR is just one of the add-ons of our software, which guarantees very efficient technological solutions at an attractive cost. Anyone with a business can enjoy the service and choose the plan that best suits their needs. Our IVR is one of the reasons why companies hire the service more, however, the complements we offer are varied. To improve marketing, we have call launchers such as predictive dialer, bulk SMS sending platform, plugins for enterprise website, CRM and many other tools more. With Neotel, getting closer to your customers and selling more is much easier. No matter the type of business, its size or monetary availability, here we adapt to the client. Those who want to get more information about the service, can continue exploring our website, or contact us through the website or by phone.

Video calling in the cloud: Do it professionally

Videocalling friends and family is very common nowadays. After the pandemic, it became clear that both work and studies can continue thanks to this communication mechanism and, of course, the Internet. However, video calling through a social network is not the same as making a video call in the cloud in a professional, formal way and with the right tools. This is precisely one of the functions offered by the virtual PBX. Today’s companies need to become more integrated with new technologies, but with due formality. Using communication solutions such as the virtual switchboard makes it possible to integrate new technologies into business, but with the necessary professionalism. The result: better image, reliability and increased sales.

Video calling in the cloud through the virtual PBX

video calling and videoconferencing in the cloud

The concept of video calling in the cloud is understood today, but that of the virtual PBX, perhaps not so much. Virtual PBXs are programs that allow a company’s telephone communication to be controlled by migrating it to IP telephony technology. Basically, this allows companies to channel all their customers’ calls through a single number, being able to be answered by different devices and supporting the whole system through the Internet, which is more economical. In simple terms, the virtual PBX allows to connect and professionalize all communication. Precisely, one of the advantages of this type of program is that it incorporates some modules and complements that facilitate both customer service and sales. In the case of Neotel’s software, we offer the ability to make video calls in the cloud without limitations, without additional charges and with a business interface. Similarly, this complement to the virtual PBX also allows video conferencing in the cloud, something widely used today. The difference between video calling through the already known platforms or through this type of program is that the company has its own platform. This is how any company, no matter how new it may be, is endowed with professionalism, formality and trust. Even if the company does not yet have physical offices, this gives a very convincing image.

Video call in the professional cloud How do I get it?

In order to have the video call service in the cloud the company must purchase the virtual PBX service. This is very economical in the case of Neotel and in fact we have different plans. Those who have the service have video conferencing in the cloud and video calls at no additional cost, among other add-ons. In fact, video calling services that are sold separately, usually cost almost half of the basic plan offered by us. From there, entrepreneurs and companies have unlimited access to cloud-based video calling and video conferencing. Regardless of the plan chosen by the client, with Neotel this complement is always on the agenda. This is useful for any type of business, from a person who teaches from home, through a psychologist and up to a medium or large company. Not to mention all the additional advantages that the virtual PBX offers. The good news is that this type of software adds add-ons of all kinds to improve sales. In fact, video calling in the cloud is just one of several add-ons that are added to the virtual PBX. Call launchers, bulk SMS sending and some other add-ons for the business website are just part of the whole package of technological solutions that will be available to entrepreneurs through this service.

What is the price of the call center software?

The price of call center software is not as high as many entrepreneurs might think. In fact, even a person who is just starting his business can opt for Neotel’s basic plan in a sustainable way. The benefits are multiple, but in principle the fact of being able to guarantee a professional and economical service through IP telephony is quite good. Our program is also a virtual PBX for freelancers. The best thing about Neotel’s service is that each client can create a plan according to their needs and budget. Over time, the service can be scaled and thus get better add-ons, according to the company’s situation. The virtual switchboard has a universe of solutions for customer service and marketing. Contact us to learn more about our technological solutions for your company.