Having a virtual PBX for companies is a guarantee of sales

There is a lot of talk about the return of the call center to the corporate arena. In reality, the best companies have never stopped having customer service departments. What is regaining importance is the figure of the virtual switchboard. After the Internet and social network fever, which seemed to be enough to sell, the usefulness of call centers to increase revenue has been confirmed.


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Since 2019, companies have resumed investing in virtual PBX services. However, it was during 2020 that the demand for these tools skyrocketed to unsuspected levels. So much so, that opinion polls conducted with executives indicate that within companies call center software is understood as a necessity. This would be so even in those places where there is no formal customer service office. Why? Basically, they help to increase sales.

How can a telephone switchboard help you sell?

First of all, it is important to know that the virtual PBX for companies is a program that allows unifying all the communications of a company through IP telephony. In other words, with this software, business calls are now supported by an Internet connection. But, in addition, this software also provides a series of very useful and professional communication applications for customer service and, of course, sales.

The fact is that most of the add-ons offered by the virtual switchboard for companies allow to increase sales. Applications such as the platform for sending bulk SMS, or the robot call allow you to present offers to customers quickly and easily. Some are even adapted to new realities, such as, for example, web pages. To be more precise, we could say that today’s virtual PBXs are marketing software, or at least the best of them are.

In addition to this, they also have applications that are ideal for telemarketing. For example, the Neotel PBX offers call launchers, which facilitate the functions of outgoing call offices. This is useful for selling, for charging or for offering offers to individual customers, a resource widely used nowadays to encourage consumption.

Getting to know some virtual PBX applications useful for sales

Almost all the add-ons that the virtual PBX has for companies have the objective of selling. Here are some examples:

  • CRM: This implementation is much like any company’s database, only interactive. The objective of this interactivity is that workers from different departments can promote new sales, or escalate higher value services to certain customers who may have this need.
    Bulk SMS platform: Not all telemarketing consists of making calls to customers to position products or services. There are also other much more effective mechanisms such as text messaging. This is widely used by service companies, but can be adapted to any type of business.
    Click to call me back: This is a button that is placed on the company’s website and allows the company to communicate with customers who want information. Its incorporation provides a huge advantage over so many business sites that do not have good communication channels with their potential users. Neotel’s virtual switchboard service offers this plugin as a complement.
    Videoconferencing application: Nowadays telemarketing is becoming more oriented towards video calls, both individual and group. Of course, it is not the same to make this type of communication with free applications, than to have a professional application only for the company. This is also useful for those who offer teaching services, therapies or similar practices.

What is the best virtual PBX?

The best virtual PBX is one that has proven functionality and offers a variety of solutions for customer communication. There are many programs of this type, but few that are well oriented for effective marketing. At Neotel we have a product with 20 years of experience and customers in different parts of the world. Over time we have incorporated several additional applications that facilitate the realization of effective sales.

Our virtual PBX is stable, easy to manage, secure and has the best add-ons on the market. In addition, we offer different plans so that each company or entrepreneur can start from scratch, with the best communication tools adapted to their budget. Contact us and discover the advantages of having this program.

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Is your company’s call center software of high quality?

Today’s best companies manage their communications through call center software. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about new ventures, medium-sized companies or large corporations, they all follow this trend equally. To tell the truth, having this type of program is a vital issue for the growth and success of any initiative. This is due to the applications and all the control they offer.

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However, in the call center solutions market there is a wide range of programs available. That is to say, it is not only important to have a software of this type, but to have one whose scope and functions are really efficient. Unfortunately, there are many products that fall by the wayside and the lack of knowledge of executives in the technological area can lead to a bad acquisition. For this reason, here are some of the features that a quality call center software should have… Keep reading!

Find a call center software with proven warranties

When purchasing a call center software service, it is important to make sure that you are hiring an experienced company. In fact, there are some companies from different parts of the world entering this market all the time. Some of them are very new, therefore, they might offer programs that are still in a testing period, or that have an incomplete development. In fact, there are cases of technology companies that go into business for a few years and then simply disappear, leaving their customers in the air.

The best call center solutions have more than years, decades in operation. To tell the truth, in the technology business, experience is an important factor, since only in it you can get really proven quality products. In fact, in the companies with more seniority in the field, you can get very good programs at really interesting costs.

For example, Neotel has been offering its service for more than 20 years and this is what has allowed it to develop a program that gets better with time. Of course, seniority is just one of the aspects that should be studied when contracting a call center software in Spain or in any other country.

Do you offer CRM call center? Try it and see

The best virtual PBX software includes the CRM call center module. CRM is a program that contains databases and options for communication between the different departments of the company. In other words, it is a step beyond the typical system that service companies usually have. In fact, this complement in itself is often central to boosting sales and the day-to-day growth of any business. In fact, you could call this telemarketing software.

Unfortunately, many call center software only offer the virtual PBX without this application. This will mean that, over time, the owner of the contracting company will have to look for this type of program separately. In addition to this, it is always essential to test this and other call center tools, which are vital for customer service, marketing and sales management. In general, CRM should be easy to use and interactive.

The best call center software has many features

The best virtual PBXs also offer entrepreneurs various useful applications for communication. In other words, apart from communication control and the possibility of using IP telephony, the best programs of this type provide a large number of call center solutions. The more tools and automation, the better things can work.

Call robot, call launchers, bulk SMS sending platform are some of these add-ons. All of them represent a great advantage when it comes to serving, selling or even charging our customers. The more callcenter tools the company offers as add-ons, the better the proposal will be. The goal is to have the greatest number of technological solutions for simplification and work efficiency.

Do you know the definition of virtual PBX?

If you still do not know what a call center software or virtual switchboard is, it is basically a program that allows you to manage all the communications of a company. To do this, they are migrated to IP telephony, which allows to support both telephone calls and all communication through a broadband connection. By having this type of program, you can control the work of telemarketers and have at your disposal an endless number of tools for the job.

At Neotel we have one of the best call center software prices, with proven experience and a good package of complementary applications. Once you try it you will see how necessary and functional it is. And you… Do you have an enterprise? Do you want to make the leap in business quality? Contact us.