Centralita móvil: Las salas de call center ya no son necesarias

Many new entrepreneurs believe that the virtual PBX is only a program for call center rooms. To tell the truth, every business, no matter how small, requires timely, professional and fully available customer service. Today’s business communication programs go far beyond the call center, making it possible to sell more and provide customer service from the comfort of a smartphone. The proof of this is the mobile switchboard. Today, companies of all types can have telemarketers without having a call center room. There is no need for offices, expensive equipment or complicated installations. To tell the truth, hiring a virtual switchboard service is the only thing necessary to professionalize communication, in an economical and versatile way. Right now we will explain what a mobile PBX is.

What is the mobile switchboard?

mobile pbx

Today’s call center software is characterized by having very useful elements to answer calls professionally and with due formality. For example, there are companies that hire telemarketers who work from home or remotely. Basically, they answer calls to the company from a smartphone, from which they have all the applications of a call center. This is possible thanks to the mobile virtual switchboard. The mobile PBX is a complement to the virtual PBX that allows teleoperators to manage their smartphone as if it were a call center softphone. This means that the worker who has this tool can, for example, mute a call or put it on hold. And this is not a minor issue, since these capabilities let us know that we are being attended by a professional or a company and not someone improvised. In order to have the features of a call center on the smartphone, simple codes are used to incorporate these functions into the smartphone. Mobile PBX can also be understood as using a cell phone as a switchboard.  Of course, having this technological solution is very positive, because it allows to hire freelance teleoperators, without the need to have an office for that.

The advantages of contracting an online switchboard

The mobile PBX is just one of the complements of the virtual PBX software. For those who do not know, this is a program that allows unifying and controlling business communication to get the most out of it. The most important thing that this technological solution offers to any business, even to new entrepreneurs, is that communications are professionalized and with it, entrepreneurship. All entrepreneurs want their businesses to look professional, formal, credible, or to sum it up, trustworthy. This is logical because people do not usually spend money on something that generates risks, but on someone who delivers results. Precisely, the virtual switchboard guarantees aspects of professional communication that give validity and reliability to any company, no matter how new it may be. An online switchboard guarantees any entrepreneur an IVR with a menu of options, so that customers can find formal call center elements without having one. Similarly, this type of program allows calls to be muted or put on hold, something that is very professional when attending to a user. It also has the mobile PBX, which allows you to have all that in a smartphone and programs to make calls in call center and sell more.

Neotel helps you to give your company a professional touch

All the elements shown above indicate to the customer that he is calling a serious and reliable company. The virtual switchboard guarantees a professional image and attention, even to those companies that do not have formal physical offices. In Neotel we also have the best complements so that businessmen can increase the quality of their attention and the amount of sales. The complementary applications of our program are innovative and very effective to develop marketing strategies that increase the income of the companies. Opinions about the virtual PBX in the business sector are increasingly positive. For sure, this type of technology has ceased to be a work complement, to become something indispensable. The largest companies on the planet recognize that this software has a meritorious role to play in business growth. In fact, we are no longer talking about programs to make calls in call centers, but about programs for marketing. If you are interested in this product, please contact us.


Call Recorder: A necessity for today’s businesses

Telephone sales make up a significant percentage of today’s commerce. As such, it is important for both merchants and service companies to be able to document the negotiations that take place over the phone. In fact, recording calls is often the best way to cover yourself legally. For this, the most suitable and professional technological solution is undoubtedly the call recorder. Until recently, small business owners could use recording apps from the Play Store. However, Google has declared war on this type of application to protect the privacy of users. The good news is that the virtual PBX implements a recorder that works automatically and keeps all records in the cloud.

Call Recorder: How does it work?

premium virtual call recorder

Today’s companies work with online virtual PBX software. These allow to unify communication, control it and support it entirely over the Internet, which is much cheaper than working with traditional telephone companies. The truth is that programs such as Neotel’s incorporate other very useful complements such as the call recorder. This implement is part of the software that controls the entire customer service system of a company. By having it available, all incoming and outgoing calls to the company will be recorded and saved in a specialized storage space for this purpose. The other part of this program add-on is a section in which the entrepreneur can review each call received, if needed. The call recorder is an implement that is used very frequently in call center departments. In general, this module is usually used to verify if a teleoperator is doing his job well. Likewise, its recordings are often used to solve a problem reported by the consumer of a company. The important thing for any merchant is that this technological implement allows to keep record of all calls involving a commercial transaction.

Some key aspects when using a call recorder

There are some call recording software that come separately from the virtual PBX. However, these tend to be expensive and involve somewhat complicated installations. It is much better to have this implement associated to the contact center software or virtual PBX. In this way, the company offering the service simply activates it and automatically all conversations are recorded. Something important to take into account are the legislations that protect the data and the consumer. These are very different in each country, so each entrepreneur must be aware of their own regulations. For example, in Spain, customer calls can only be recorded with the consent of each customer. To do this, a message is used to announce to each person that the call is being recorded. Similarly, data laws indicate how the recordings must be stored. Another important aspect to consider has to do with the storage offered by each company. In fact, each call recording and storage service is completely different from one another. This is a fact that companies should verify before contracting a virtual PBX service with call recording.

Neotel: Call recorder service in high demand

At Neotel we offer a call recorder to all those who purchase the virtual PBX service. In principle, we have basic coverage, with recordings kept for up to two months in the cloud. This is usually sufficient for SMEs and up-and-coming businesses, fulfilling the function of keeping a record that covers the company’s back, from a legal perspective. The businesses and small stores that work with our software have done very well. On the other hand, we also offer the premium virtual call recorder for larger and more demanding companies. This offers greater storage capacity and records that are kept longer. In fact, customers who access this special service have up to 1 terabyte for call recording, which can be stored for up to two years. This is ideal for companies in charge of selling services and the service only involves a small additional charge. At Neotel we have the most stable contact center software and one of the most widely used in the European business sector. In addition, we have more than 20 years of experience in business communication technology, with the best add-ons and a luxury technical service. Contact us and have the best tools to serve your customers, sell and take your business to the next level.

Virtual PBX: SMEs sell more by controlling communications

Today’s world is a world of small businesses and this trend has been accentuated over the last two years. According to statistics for the year 2022, 90% of the world’s companies are SMEs and in countries such as the USA they account for 99% of the sector. However, low sales and low cash flow are often the main reasons for business failure, and this is due to communication. A good way to improve this aspect is the adoption of the virtual switchboard.

Let’s imagine the hypothetical situation of a family business or a microenterprise. It aims to offer goods or services, but does not know how to sell them. Some interested parties call to inquire, but find a manager who does not know how to sell, or simply does not answer the phone. Believe it or not, this is precisely how a company seals its fateful end. Of course, all this can be avoided by means of the virtual switchboard. If you don’t know what this is all about… Pay attention!

Virtual PBX What is it and why is it so necessary?

virtual pbx

The quality of communication is everything for a business. For example, it is now known that not everyone trusts social networks to do business, especially not in the case of new ventures. In addition, customers are often ready to make a sale after about five contacts with a certain product offer. All this indicates one thing: Communication processes must be controlled, and that is where the virtual PBX comes in.

A virtual PBX is an environment that allows to control all incoming and outgoing calls received by a company. Through this tool, a company can place a single number to channel all calls from the public, which can be answered on different devices. This has many advantages, but the most useful for a new venture that needs sales is to centralize everything in one number, but that can be attended by more than one person.

Using a virtual switchboard for companies centralizes communication in a single number. At the same time, several people or managers of the company will be able to answer, thus ensuring availability and quality service. This is precisely what increases the probability of closing more sales. Of course, this is only the most obvious benefit of using this type of program, which is often referred to as call center software, although it is much more than that.

Three advantages of the virtual switchboard for SMEs

To tell the truth, betting on a virtual switchboard service for companies has many benefits. Everything will depend on the capabilities of the program itself, understanding that there are a few on the market. However, below, you will learn about three basic advantages that any company obtains by using this tool:

  • IP Telephony: Companies nowadays usually hire virtual PBX services because they allow migrating communication to IP telephony. This means that all calls will be supported by a broadband Internet connection. This means savings in business telephone plans that are usually very expensive.
  • Telephone statistics: The virtual PBX allows us to know how the incoming calls of our business behave. If this data is reviewed with a strategic eye, entrepreneurs will be able to know many things about the behavior of their customers in particular. Undoubtedly, this is an incredible working tool.
  • Add-ons to sell: The best thing about the virtual PBX for businesses is that it has multiple applications that facilitate marketing. The most advanced programs such as Neotel’s have add-ons that go beyond telemarketing.

Neotel has a very complete virtual switchboard

It is important to understand that each virtual PBX is different and this is not a minor detail. The more advanced and updated the software is, the wider the possibilities will be. At Neotel we have one of the most advanced and stable programs on the market. In this, we guarantee you very useful tools to sell, whether for SMEs, for medium-sized companies or for large corporations.

The debate of virtual or physical PBX is over. Any company can operate with call center software hosted in the cloud, but this option is especially convenient for SMEs. No complex installations, no additional equipment, everything works automatically with a simple Internet connection. If you want to know more about this solution for business communication, contact us soon. At Neotel, we have the best virtual PBX.

CRM is much better than traditional databases

Many businesses understand the advantages of having a database system and feeding it on a daily basis. In fact, this tool is just as useful for businesses as it is for companies that offer services. But what if there was a much better tool with features that help you sell more? The truth is that this has already existed for some time and is known as CRM. It is one thing to accumulate information in a system and another to do it in an intelligent and interconnected way.

It is not that traditional databases have a problem. To tell the truth, they have fulfilled their mission and in some business formats this can work. But CRM is a system capable of helping to sell, of reminding employees of important things and with a huge interactive potential. If you have a business and want to know more about it… Keep reading!

Databases are being replaced by CRM


A database is a system in which information useful to a business can be uploaded and queries can be made. Although this sounds very simple, in reality, some systems tend to be very complex in their operation. For example, banking systems often require special staff to add new customer data, or additional applications. This is very impractical, because the flow of information does not occur in real time.

Other databases do allow new information to be added easily, but it just sits there. In other words, many of these applications do not have a way of notifying the rest of the workers or the company that there is something new. In addition, sometimes the record can be somewhat disorganized and the system can be difficult to manage. In any case, CRM is a tool where you can still collect important information for the business, but with many additional advantages.

CRM stands for customer relationship management, which translates into English as “Customer Relationship Management”. As can be seen from its name, this system goes beyond data storage and facilitates the relationship between a business and its customers. For this, forms and ways of interaction are built for the fluid and relevant management of the information stored there. It is an interconnected flow that starts from the customer’s call to the final sale.

What does a CRM look like?

A CRM fulfills the functions of the database and far exceeds it. In this, not only can you see customer information, but you can also obtain much more accurate data. For example, in these systems you can easily check what was the last contact with the customer. In fact, if the customer called, the operator can leave a small note, indicating whether the customer is interested in a product. It is also possible to escalate a user to another department that can make a sale over the phone.

Databases are usually not very dynamic and only serve to verify information. CRM has dynamic sections that allow different managers and departments to share information about a user. That is why this type of system is specially designed to improve the level of sales, whether we are talking about products or services. The best thing is that everything is connected to the telemarketing software, or virtual switchboard.

From the moment a customer calls the business, the telemarketer or manager can see the data provided by the customer through the IVR. This is very positive, because on the one hand it is possible to verify the customer’s data to know how to direct the attention. On the other hand, the system is responsible for collecting such a fundamental piece of information as the telephone number, which is vital when it comes to marketing campaigns of all kinds. If used strategically, CRM will help any business make money.

Neotel: CRM, telemarketing software and more

Neotel’s main product is telemarketing software. However, we want entrepreneurs and companies to have everything they need to be able to offer complete communication. This is one of the factors that differentiates large emporiums from stagnant companies. Having Neotel’s virtual pbx means having access to a set of tools that facilitate customer service, collection tasks and, of course, new sales. If you are interested in our CRM, contact us.

Robot call: sell more by talking less

Telemarketing is still important for selling and, above all, for getting closer to customers and consumers. However, it is no less true that this discipline has changed its approach in recent years. Today, the focus is on developing strategies that make it possible to sell by call, but without disturbing large groups of people. This is precisely where applications such as the robot call come in, which are generally well accepted. In fact, today it is known that the old practice of calling people to sell is not so popular in some countries or commercial niches. Therefore, thanks to technological progress, new and much more effective forms of commercial communication have been created that allow to reach more customers and transform calls into potential sales.

Robot Call: A fresh automated solution

robot call

It is a fact that for some years now we have become accustomed to answering robotic calls. These have crept into the customer base with considerable success for many reasons. In general, we know that communications with recorded messages are important because companies tend to use them to reveal useful information. This is precisely the magic of the robo call, a system through which such contacts are received. The robo call is an application that allows you to make calls with messages voiced by a recorder. Basically, they work by typing a message in the program specialized for this task, which will be voiced by a robotic voice. After the entrepreneur has written his message, the calls are executed by means of a mass call launcher. From here, the message can reach a large number of customers, almost simultaneously. The call robot is a call launcher, only that, instead of delivering the message through a telemarketer, it does it through a recording. The automation is complete and the only human intervention in the process is in the programming of the message and its launch. Like other dialers such as progressive or predictive, calls are triggered by lists of telephone numbers. Of course, using this format for telemarketing and customer care is very profitable.

Advantages of the robot call to communicate

The robot call is part of telemarketing practices that could be considered “soft”. In this case, the most persuasive aspect is not the content of the message, which is usually generic and even short. In fact, persuasion in this type of communication occurs in the call itself. In fact, recorded messages are more listened to because they are short, concise, precise and institutional. This is the first advantage of this complement to the virtual PBX call center. According to statistics, it is known that 50% of the contacts generated in telemarketing are qualified to buy, but not ready to do so. Therefore, it is good to have persuasion mechanisms that do not involve a large investment of time or money, much less extensive talks by telemarketers. To ensure this non-extensive but necessary communication with customers, the robot call is often ideal. Besides, the best sales processes are those in which the customer does not feel that he is being sold something. This is an idea that even sales experts have been using for centuries. The robot call allows you to communicate offers that may interest customers, precisely because they may not perceive or feel that the company is selling them something. This makes it a very effective telemarketing resource.

Neotel’s program is a telemarketing software.

The virtual PBX call center is much more than a customer service oriented program. In fact, programs as up to date as Neotel’s are about telemarketing software, which includes add-ons that go beyond even the telephone action. In other words, this software and its add-ons have the function of helping entrepreneurs to sell more of what they offer to their customers and potential customers. The mobile virtual PBX is a solution even for companies that do not have large call center rooms. It is important to mention that not all virtual PBXs incorporate solutions such as robot call. Many companies are forced to pay for and install different programs, which is often complicated and costly. In contrast, Neotel’s virtual PBX offers add-ons that are fully compatible with the base program and require no installations or equipment. Everything is easy to handle and the results can be really positive. Check our plans and join one of the most useful and profitable business experiences.

Large company? Predictive dialer is the solution

Customer service is often one of the main problems of growing companies. Especially because larger initiatives tend to expect much more. In addition, having a larger number of users means being able to serve them all efficiently. Of course, the virtual PBX provides the business owner with multiple solutions to facilitate business communication. For these cases, the predictive dialer is often the ideal alternative.

predictive dialer

Nowadays call center software has many applications and add-ons. The objective of these programs is to fulfill different functions and guarantee efficiency. It should be noted that achieving a good customer service ensures not only that customers are retained, but also that more of them arrive. The history of today’s large corporations is tied to the guarantee of good service.

Predictive dialer enables efficient care

Medium-sized and large companies have one thing in common, and that is the increase in demand for customer service. Some companies are bottlenecked in their growth process, precisely because they can’t afford to increase their customer service capacity. Unfortunately, hiring too many telemarketers is not always the solution.

In fact, even the largest companies tend to have hiring caps in order for the business to be fully profitable. This implies that, at some point, it will be necessary to find a way to have better customer service with the same number of operators, because the call center is just one of the departments of a company. This is where the predictive dialer can make a difference, even against the competition.

Call launchers are automations that allow a company to improve its efficiency in the outbound calls department. Basically, they allow calls to be launched without relying on telemarketers, boosting work efficiency. In this case, the predictive dialer allows to predict when a telephone agent might be free, to improve response times and the service itself.

What characterizes the predictive marker?

There are businesses in which hundreds or thousands of calls must be made daily to customers. For example, a bank that needs to deliver credit cards to its users illustrates this reality, although there are many other economic activities that require this service. Basically, predictive dialer allows to improve productivity in the call center, when there are very long phone lists or high volume work.

Predictive dialing consists of a system with algorithms that calculate how often a telemarketer will be free to answer a new call. In addition, this system also requires telephone agents to be more efficient, gradually improving the time and number of calls in the outbound department. That is why it is called predictive dialer and its operation is due to artificial intelligence applications.

In the case of a small call center or one that is in its beginnings, it would be best to use a progressive dialer. In other words, progressive dialer and predictive dialer are two dialers alike, but aimed at different purposes or different business realities. The truth is that both will improve the work in the outbound call departments, which is usually aimed at selling, charging or offering. That is why knowing this type of technological solutions is so important, constituting an advantage over the competition.

Neotel: More than call center call software

In order to have solutions such as progressive and predictive dialer, it is best to bet on a virtual PBX that adds them. In this regard, Neotel has a fairly advanced program with built-in add-ons. Many call centers have to install different programs, buy equipment and have a team of computer engineers to make sure everything works perfectly. In contrast, our software has it all in one easy-to-understand interface and requires no installation.

The predictive dialer is just one of the dozens of solutions that our virtual PBX has for business owners. The best thing is that we offer you the cheapest virtual PBX, with the best plans, suitable for the type of investment that each entrepreneur can make. Right now, you can start with the cheapest plan and if you need another complement, you can add it and scale the solutions as the private initiative grows. Those who have questions about the service can contact us directly, through our phone numbers or through our website.

Progressive Dialer: Crucial tool for the call center under construction

At a certain point, business growth implies increasing the number of customer service staff. Precisely, one of the aspects that is most difficult to manage for the managers of an organization is usually the outbound calls department. Controlling effectiveness, maintaining productivity and organizing work can be challenging and inconvenient. However, applications such as the progressive dialer can be of great help.

progressive dialer

Outbound call departments are those used to call customers. In the past, this type of activity depended on telemarketers deciding to do their job consistently and quickly. Today, call center software allows the company to have much more control over this type of work. In this regard, call handlers have a crucial role to play.

What is the progressive dialer?

Call launchers are applications that allow automated calls to be made. That is, instead of operators making the calls, they are dialed by a system. In this way, the productivity and effectiveness of the outbound department no longer depends on the human factor. When automation does this job, there is no way to lower the number of contacts made by the company to customers.

However, these call launchers work on the basis of logarithms and artificial intelligence. In this way, it has been possible to make different types of dialers. The two main ones are progressive and predictive dialers, each one being useful for a different type of work and volume of attention. In the case of new call centers, which are in the process of development, it is appropriate to use the progressive mode.

As its name suggests, the progressive dialer launches calls progressively. It works little by little, because it is oriented to call centers that do not have a very high volume of calls. In fact, for new businesses this is the most suitable option. Similarly, those companies that offer very exclusive services can also opt for this virtual PBX tool for calls. This is the case, for example, of an outbound call department of a very exclusive bank, or of a club.

Advantages of the progressive dialer

The main advantage of using a progressive dialer is that the calls are launched by the system. However, this is not the only thing that this implementation of the webrtc PBX does. In fact, using this call center technology also allows you to filter busy and disconnected numbers. In this way, you can avoid wasting time trying to make contacts that will not be very fruitful.

In addition, the progressive dialer organizes all the work within a small outbound department. This is because the launcher will always take into account how many operators are available. By performing the launch and imposing productivity times, the operators are matched to an appropriate work rhythm, also avoiding lost calls. Of course, all this improves both productivity and the quality of customer service.

It is also estimated that progressive dialers are ideal for improving the conversion of calls into effective customer service or sales. This is so, because the system is made to enhance the longest and most dedicated calls. That is to say, this is the perfect implement to sell or offer via telephone. For example, a company that sells tour packages could benefit from this call center software add-on. It all depends on the type of business and the volume of outbound contacts.

Virtual PBX for calls is necessary

It is important to highlight that tools such as progressive and predictive dialer are part of the call center software, also known as virtual PBX for calls. This is a program that allows to control, unify and technify the telephone communication of companies. Another key function of this program is the migration of the answering service to IP telephony, which is much cheaper. To tell the truth, this is a necessary service in today’s business models.

At Neotel we have one of the most stable, efficient, easy-to-use and cost-effective virtual PBX services on the market. The progressive dialer is just one of the complements offered by this program that professionalizes business communication. Some others are excellent for selling and allow companies to reach the consumer very easily. If you are interested in the benefits of this technology, keep reading our website and contact us.

The benefits of having a WebRTC line for your company

The magic of the Internet has allowed companies of all kinds to effectively reach their customers, fostering relationships that are more direct than ever. However, it is not the same to generate business communication through a social network as it is to do it professionally with their own equipment. To achieve the latter, businesses need only have access to the technology of the WebRTC line.

webrtc line

The WebRTC line is one of those things that we know very little about, but that we use on a daily basis. In fact, when someone uses a social network with chat included, they are enjoying this technology. Any web page that offers communication devices such as chat rooms, chats, real-time interaction or video calls, operates thanks to this resource. The question is, how can a company use it to its advantage and in a professional manner?

Approaching the WebRTC line

The WebRTC line has made it possible to create or improve most of the social networks that exist today. The best thing is that, just as the most prestigious applications in the world are partially supported by this technology, any company can do the same. To do so, what is needed is a digital environment that allows companies to communicate. Although many do not know it, virtual PBX call center services offer precisely this environment.

In fact, virtual PBXs such as Neotel are programs based on the WebRTC line. Through them, teleoperators or company executives can manage different communication tools supported by a broadband connection. In other words, to be able to use these technological solutions, you only need to have Internet access.

For example, from a virtual IP PBX, calls can be made and received with IP telephony. This is in itself part of the advantages of the WebRTC line, because it is much more economical to make calls based on broadband connection, than under the traditional telephone service. The best part is that this can be achieved from a simple web environment that requires no installations. It is basically like logging into a social network that allows us to communicate professionally and more easily.

What are the benefits of the WebRTC Line for the company?

Basically, the WebRTC Line will allow you to call over the Internet like Facebook or WhatsApp. But in this case, it is done from a professional, company environment. Similarly, this technology allows companies to make video calls and videoconferences, but with formality. This is vital, because it generates confidence in the client.

This also professionalizes the work because communication can be done from a computer. In order to make calls, the virtual call center switchboard includes a numeric keypad, similar to that of a smartphone, but housed in the PC. In this way, not only the way of serving customers is professionalized, but also the way of doing business. It doesn’t matter if you want to sell, serve the user, get paid or whatever.

Having a virtual IP PBX is even advisable for the health of people who have their own business. Answering calls and customer orders on a smartphone all day, generates health problems such as, for example, whiplash. The most advisable would be to perform the attention sitting down and in front of a computer. The key word in this type of services is professionalization, at all levels.

In Neotel we have the best IP Virtual PBX

Neotel is a company with more than 20 years of service in the virtual PBX call center market. Although this may seem like a call center system, the truth is that it is useful and necessary for any business, even if you do not have a department of this type. A family business, an up-and-coming writer, or a salesperson can take advantage of the project and the best thing is that the hiring is always adapted to the budget of each entrepreneur.

At Neotel we have several basic plans and complementary services. These can evolve with the passage of time and the needs of the client. That is to say, if an entrepreneur needs only a basic plan at the beginning, he can start with this one, which is more economical. However, if with the passage of time and the expansion of the business, he/she wants to add more complementary tools, he/she can do so. We adapt to the situation and the real growth of each company.

Having a virtual IP PBX with WebRTC line is something that almost all prestigious companies ensure nowadays. At Neotel we provide you with an easy to use, intuitive program, with no difficult installations and no equipment to buy. The only thing you will need is an Internet connection.

Robinson List incorporated into the virtual PBX: a great advantage

European legislation has very severe restrictions on the protection of consumers and their data. In the past, companies were able to promote their products without any restrictions and this sometimes caused annoyance. With the legal change, companies must be very cautious, verify the information and send advertisements only to those people who allow it. Precisely, the Robinson list was created to respect this.

Robinson List

To be sure, the Robinson list allows employers to avoid serious legal violations. So… What is this list all about? And how can it be integrated into the virtual PBX? We will answer these and other questions below.

What is the Robinson list?

The Robinson List is a compendium of directories with information about consumers in Spain. In each directory are citizens who want to escape abusive advertising practices, including telephone numbers and the limits that those listed have when it comes to receiving advertising. The creation of this documentation is not so new, being a well-known resource in the country’s private sector.

In fact, the first Robinson list was drawn up in 1993 by the Federation of Electronic Commerce and Direct Marketing. Basically, these are opt-out lists, where people express their willingness not to receive certain content in detail. It is important to know that these directories are contemplated in the law, specifically in Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and of the Council, created in 2016. Similarly, the Organic Law on Personal Data of 201 also contemplates the legal validity of these listings.

Any citizen can register on the Robinson list and decide how and from whom to receive advertising. At present, it is estimated that almost 600,000 people are included in this exclusion list. If a company communicates with someone on the list in violation of their willingness to receive advertising, they may file a lawsuit against the company, which will be supported by their willingness to opt-out of advertising.

Utility of the Robinson list in companies

It is clear that having the Robinson list information can prevent legal problems with consumers. But beyond having the list, having it associated with the virtual PBX with CRM opens up many opportunities for companies. In other words, it is a source of data that, if managed strategically, can be of great help to sell without generating hassles.

Being able to synchronize the Robinson list with the telemarketing program is very useful. It is a fact that most advertising campaigns are based on customer lists. This being so, the best way to respect data and consumer privacy laws would be to cross-reference the telephone lists used for each campaign with the Robinson list files. Precisely, this can be done with this innovative service offered by Neotel.

Best of all, these files are not only made up of people who do not want to receive any type of advertising. On the contrary, the lists show in detail the preferences of all those registered. For example, these lists include people who do not want to be called to receive offers, but who do see advertising text messages. It is precisely this capability that makes the Robinson list usable for reaching customers in the right way.

Neotel offers the most advanced Robinson List Service

Those who rent Neotel’s teleoperator software can include this service as a complementary service. From here, the company’s supervisors will be able to make queries on the list, validate the queries for 30 days, have access to historical records and all at the lowest prices. In fact, our customers have two ways to check these files: by querying by unit or by voucher.

Those who ask for the Robinson list price should know that it is a very cheap service. At Neotel, querying per unit will only cost 0.015 euros. We also offer vouchers that allow you to consult large groups by packs of people for a stipulated price. In these cases, the company lowers the cost of the unit, for the benefit of the companies that want the service. Undoubtedly, this is a very interesting and necessary complement, which will prevent company owners from avoiding lawsuits and unfortunate moments. Contact us in case you are interested.

call center software

Call center software: the solution for new companies

Cuando se escucha el término software de call center, lo primero que viene a la mente son grandes salas llenas de teleoperadores. Y aunque es cierto que este tipo de aplicaciones sirven para eso, no es necesario tener un departamento con 30 personas para aprovecharlo. De hecho, cualquier empresario puede impulsar su propio negocio con esta herramienta, aunque esté empezando o tenga poco capital. De hecho, cualquiera puede aprovechar esta oportunidad.

call center software

Approximately 75% of the most successful companies have incorporated call center software. Some of them do not even have teleoperators and yet they have found in this technology an unprecedented communication solution. To tell the truth, there are many ways to exploit this service, which is usually very economical and also makes a lot of things cheaper.

Communicate with your customers like a professional

One of the most important issues facing retailers and entrepreneurs is business communication. In the beginning, a person could sell and serve customers even through a social network. However, this can represent a problem of image and even trust. In addition, over time these means are not enough to meet the demand of a thriving business, however small it may be. This is where call center software, also called virtual switchboard, comes in.

What a call center software in Spain or in any other country gives you is a platform for customer service. In fact, with this tool you can control every communication, know who called, at what time customers call and manage everything. What we do not see from a social network or on the cell phone, we will be able to understand through this program. In addition, this application incorporates professional communication mechanisms that are very useful for generating credibility.

For example, the call center software allows you to make video calls with letterhead and a professional space. It is not the same or as serious video calling from a social network, than doing it from an own tool and that customers say “wow, this is a real company”. Another very good tool is the progressive dialer, which launches calls to our customers as its name suggests, progressively. This tool is widely used in call centers, but for a family business that wants to promote and offer something, it will be very useful.

Freeing ourselves from the telephone company

Business communication involves a considerable expense in communications. When there are not yet many sales this is not noticeable, but when there are more customers the telephone bill can be heavy. One of the best ways to reduce costs is to use IP telephony. This technology basically allows telephone calls to be supported by a broadband connection. From this point on, it will be unnecessary to spend money calling, making everything cheaper.

The best thing about hiring a phone call software is that it allows us to learn about such a useful technology as IP telephony. Adapting to this solution from the beginning will allow an excellent adaptation when the company grows and expands, which is the purpose of any initiative. Knowing about this will be a great learning experience for the near future.

But the best thing about the virtual PBX is that it is basically telemarketing software. Beyond its call center solutions, this program has great add-ons that will help anyone to sell. In fact, those who hire this service have automated applications to send advertising via text messaging, special plugins for web pages, robot call and many other solutions. For example, there is the CRM call center, an interactive data system that connects entire companies and promotes sales in real time.

At Neotel we have a telemarketing software with guarantees.

Of course, not all call center software is the same. Some have more features, complements and scope than others, which is a matter of great importance. At Neotel we have one of the most complete programs of its kind, which is possible after 20 years of experience in the market. Our virtual PBX in the cloud is used by hundreds of companies all over Europe and also in Latin America and the United States.

Those who are wondering about the call center software prices, should know that in this company we offer different plans tailored to each client. For this reason, Neotel can be an excellent solution even for new companies. Over time, the entrepreneur can hire those add-ons that he needs or that are attractive to him. With us, you will be able to set up your service in an intelligent, useful and practical way, always thinking about your budget. If you are interested in our virtual switchboard, contact us.