806 and 803 lines

806 lines: start your telephone business without investment

The service market is booming and nowadays almost anyone can provide their services. Presence is no longer the most important thing and many people are earning money from their homes, using their Smartphone. In this order of ideas, having paid phone lines can be an excellent alternative to generate extra money and spread the business. For most entrepreneurs today, hiring 806 lines can be really beneficial.

806 Lines & 803 Lines

Premium rate lines are remembered for the many commercials that circulated on television during the middle of the night. Tarot, dating and sweepstakes services flooded the early morning hours during the 90’s and at the beginning of the new millennium. The truth is that this service model is still in force and 806 line providers continue to welcome users and companies that operate based on this modality.

806 and 803 lines: increase your revenues

Many entrepreneurs are complementing their businesses thanks to 806 and 803 lines. It would be crazy to limit themselves to only offering services through the additional telephone rate, which is how this mechanism for generating income is known. However, many professionals, especially freelancers, have been able to take advantage of this business model. Some activities simply combine very well with this format.

The example of this are the people who manage to hire 806 tarot line. This is one of those services that combines very well with the logic of this type of lines. That is why it has been maintained over time and in fact some famous personalities continue to generate income in this way. However, the consulting business has taken on new dimensions today and that is precisely where the opportunity lies for many.

As long as the service is not considered “professional”, it can be provided through telephone calls. The best thing about this system is that the client pays automatically when calling and consuming minutes. In the end, this is charged in the invoicing and the contracting entrepreneur only has to present his invoice to charge his 806 line providers. Everything is very expeditious and the same happens when contracting an 803 line, destined to adult services.

How much do you earn with an 806 line?

One of the most recurrent questions asked by entrepreneurs is “How much can you earn with an 806 line? To tell the truth, this will depend on many factors, among them the advertising capacity of the business and the amount of clientele it handles. For this reason, 806 lines tend to be very useful for entrepreneurs who have been in the market for some time. Having followers or clients previously is a great way to guarantee income in this way.

However, even entrepreneurs who are just starting out can contract 806 lines. Service providers such as Neotel allow the free contracting of not one, but several lines of this type. In other words, there is no cost to have this resource and, therefore, anyone could have it. Basically, the income comes from the incoming calls and the provider charges a part of the profits to maintain the line. That is why this solution is so feasible.

Let’s imagine that a well-known tarotist hires this type of premium rate line. Having many followers and well-developed social networks, it will be very easy for him/her to motivate them to use the service. The same would be true, for example, for a company that already has customers. As a business grows, it will be much easier and even necessary to resort to this modality of attention. There are 806 lines that are currently reporting very good profits.

Neotel: virtual switchboard with 806 lines included

The main service offered by Neotel is the IP PBX, ideal for carrying out business communications in a professional, planned and economical way. Those who wonder about the cost of virtual PBX, should know that this program can be obtained for a very low investment. Even an entrepreneur who is just starting out can have the basic service for very little money.

In addition, the 806 tarot line, or for any other business, is totally free at Neotel. Users who hire our software can also request their 806 lines without having to pay an additional cost. The profits of both the company and the entrepreneur are derived from the income generated. This is a unique opportunity to generate income without generating expenses.

Virtual fax: As useful as its ancestor

In countries such as Spain, many businesses, companies and public institutions still maintain their fax machines. What was an innovation at the time is now a showcase of the past and also a tradition. To tell the truth, right now there is the option of the virtual fax, which allows you to fulfill your functions via the Internet. This is a very useful tool and the best thing is that it does not take up office space.

virtual pbx

Having the ability to send and receive faxes is still a good thing. Many businesses and companies use their old machine to send some documents. Copies of invoices, identity documents, attachments of all kinds and other information with graphic content can be sent securely using this procedure. Of course, technological advances have made this easier and that is what virtual faxing is all about.

The fax has evolved from a piece of equipment to a service

The virtual fax is a much more portable update than its predecessor. Basically, it consists of an application that allows sending and receiving faxes via e-mail. For this purpose, companies contract services such as Neotel’s, being a complementary module of the virtual switchboard. Its use is very simple and, in fact, it is quite similar to what we do when we send an email.

To send a virtual fax you need a special telephone number provided by the company. In this way, other people can send information from their own fax machine. Similarly, companies that have this service have the ability to send documents to other people with faxes, as long as they have the recipient’s number. This is a very simple procedure and it never hurts to have this capability.

To be sure, having the ability to send and receive faxes is to send and receive faxes is to open another means of communication. It should be noted that the most prestigious companies have the habit of integrating with every technology and every existing communication mechanism. By doing this, any enterprise sees its business opportunities expand because they are not limited to a single method. In addition, many suppliers, entrepreneurs, customers and traders still use this type of technology when closing deals.

Virtual fax: two options

The virtual fax for companies can be seen as an emergency tool, or as a complement. Those companies that do not want to buy this type of equipment can get in this type of service, an ideal ally. In fact, having this module is very economical and fulfills all the facets of the traditional device. Nowadays, any smartphone can be used to take a photo. Similarly, the scanner can reproduce images and documents digitally for later sending.

In turn, companies that have a physical fax can rent this service in case of emergencies. For example, if at some point this device is damaged, you can always count on its virtual version. In any case, the important thing is to have solutions for all kinds of circumstances. The good news is that hiring a virtual switchboard means accessing a world of technological solutions for companies.

In fact, the virtual fax is just a complementary tool to the virtual PBX. All this software offers are solutions for communication, marketing and customer service. The best thing is that at Neotel it is possible to access an excellent service for a very low investment, because we are the number one company in the creation and sale of IP PBXs.

Contract virtual PBX: expand your range of solutions

Hiring a virtual PBX is much more than having a call center software. In fact, it is more a matter of using a compendium of solutions to problems shared by almost all companies. The best thing is that both this software and its complementary modules are usually very cheap. For example, obtaining the virtual fax service for companies only costs eight euros per month, at least at Neotel.

Similarly, paying for the virtual switchboard is something that any entrepreneur can do. At Neotel we have three basic plans and a variety of options so that each user can choose the solutions they need the most. In addition, some very interesting modules to increase sales are free. If you still don’t know about it, you will find a lot of information on our website. Of course, you can also contact us to clarify any questions about our product.