Professional voice-over services: the secret of big business

Advertising is an important part of any company’s business activity. Without advertising strategies and pieces, businesses basically do not exist in the eyes of consumers. Each part of the advertisements must be well thought out, since the idea is that the message arrives with aesthetics, conviction and convincing power. In this sense, the professional voice-over service is in charge of humanizing each marketing campaign.

Behind all the advertisements we see on television, radio or the Internet, there is an important background work. Part of this has to do with professional voice-over services. Behind the marketing there are experts in communicating what entrepreneurs need.

What is a professional voice-over service?

Professional voice-over services are responsible for producing the voice-over part of the advertising material. That is, what companies need professional narrators, or voice-over artists, to narrate. This includes the elaboration of dialogues and dialogues, their refinement and then their recording.

The commercials we see and hear every day are not improvised. In fact, the reach and success of those that stand out can only be explained by their planning, professionalism and the participation of professional voice-over artists, with technique and experience when it comes to voice-overs.

The professional voice-over service is essential to obtain the desired result. Sometimes, we see advertisements that have been recorded by people who have no knowledge in voice-over and recording, and inevitably it is understood that the advertising piece is of poor quality. Of course, consumers and viewers in general will not think that the problem is in the advertising.

The guarantee of a professional voiceover service

Professional voice-over services guarantee companies quality in their advertisements. This can be seen in aspects that not everyone would identify in detail:

Correction of the speech: Before recording the speech of an advertising piece, it is essential to verify how it is written or stated. It is not only about grammatical errors, but also about giving it the appropriate style according to the campaign and the product.
Good diction: Professional speakers know how to prepare voiceovers with outstanding diction. This is not something simple and, in fact, it is usually studied to achieve parliaments that, when recorded, are fully understandable.
Modulation: Speakers work with voice modulation to obtain speeches that are pleasing to the ear. All this involves conscious vocal work, techniques and sustained practice over time.
Professional recording: Recording an advertising piece involves using the appropriate equipment and spaces for recording. Robotized voices can also be used, which imply work at the level of programming and accentuation of the message.

All this cannot be achieved if you do not work with a professional and experienced voice-over service. Of course, this is not the only thing that such an engagement is about.

IVR and Call Center Calling Options

Voiceover services can work for any type of advertising piece. In fact, voiceovers are ubiquitous in a variety of company products and services. For example, voiceovers for call centers are very important, since they represent the company at all times.

When talking about switchboard voiceovers, we are talking about the voiceovers that a customer encounters when calling a company’s call center. These are the telephone options that are presented to the customer and all the advertising content that is introduced in the IVR. It is worth remembering that this is the system with which the client interacts when communicating, for example, with a bank, a clinic, or any other customer service.

The IVR and all the recordings that are transmitted from this automated system are central to forging the company’s image. It could be said that this is the face of the company and the most listened to advertisement by the clientele. Therefore, your voiceovers must be of high quality, well recorded and with excellent pronunciation. In fact, some companies invest money in hiring celebrities to do this type of work, as they understand the importance of these messages.

Voiceovers in other languages: a necessity

Businesses are becoming more and more transnational, so it is important to have IVR voiceovers translated into different languages. In Europe it is extremely necessary due to the close coexistence with customers who speak different languages. Each country is a potential market and approaching it requires adaptation and easy communication with customers.

In the case of service companies, translated voiceovers are often much more important. This has to do with the access to care that all people have as consumers. In Europe, this is an important issue with certain legal connotations. A good professional voice-over service offers to translate and record a company’s speeches in different languages.

Greetings and customer service center phone options are key issues. There are also IVRs that ask the customer what language they want to be addressed in and they simply choose their native language. From there, the user will simply listen to the menu of departmental options in their own language. This is how important it is to hire a voice-over service.

Female voiceovers: the preferred ones

Businesses that provide professional voice-over services are well aware of the preference customers have for female voices. For example, voice-operated cell phone assistants often have female voices. It is scientifically proven that both men and women prefer to listen to female voiceovers.

A good voice-over service has female voice talents to do the recordings. Of course, there is also a science to this type of work and that is why certain voices with particular characteristics are sought after, depending on the type of advertising and business. When it comes to voiceover, many aspects are handled with a great deal of precision to achieve the desired results.

It is important when using female voiceovers to use real voices and not robotized ones. This is precisely because the positive thing about women’s voices is that they are warmer. Robotized voices are very useful for other call center tools, but not for IVR or advertising campaigns.

Neotel’s professional voiceover service

Neotel’s professional voice-over service has everything companies need to get quality voice-over messages. Our experts in the field can correct the messages, record them with translation into other languages and, of course, with female voices. However, we perform additional tasks such as:

Infinite modifications: Many voice-over services do not allow so many modifications to the voice-overs. With Neotel, companies can get as many modifications as necessary, until the client is fully satisfied. For this, only a moderate surcharge is required.
Choose the number of foreign language voiceovers: At Neotel we have more than 12 languages to translate the IVR options. Russian, Mandarin, French, German, Italian and of course English. The contracting company only has to choose how many of these languages it requires for its voice locutions.
Multiple takes: Neotel’s clients can also request a service where certain aspects of the voiceovers, such as intonation and interpretation, are reviewed. In this way, the necessary corrections can be made, until the messages are truly representative of the firm.

Of course, this is in addition to the other innovative call center tools we have. The disadvantages of the virtual PBX simply do not exist, and even less so if you contract our software, which also incorporates a professional voice-over service to personalize the IVR.

How much does our voice over budget cost?

There are some proposals on the market for professional voice-over services. However, it is much better to have a company that offers the virtual switchboard, call center tools and customized voiceovers. Everything will depend on what each client requests for their recordings, although the basic service is very economical.

When contracting our virtual PBX, the basic voice recording service has a base cost of 7.50 euros. Of course, if you want more revisions, translations, languages and any particular request, the price goes up because it is really customized for the company. However, you can get a lot for an affordable surcharge and you have to remember that some of the recorded messages last over time.

At Neotel we offer you everything to improve communication for your client, so that you can listen to them and sell your services or products. Contact us to find out more about our professional voice over services.

mobile rates

Tips for choosing the best mobile tariffs

Choosing the right phone and data plans is crucial for any entrepreneur. Some people don’t know it, but making good decisions on this type of expense can make all the difference in the bottom line. In fact, defining the aspects of telephone communication deserves some attention from the decision-makers of a growing company. Of course, there is a certain methodology for choosing the best mobile tariffs among all those offered on the market.

Some of the following tips may be of great use even to anyone who is thinking of changing telephone companies. The matter requires a bit of analysis, organization and, above all, taking the time to get to know the service and think about it. Here are our tips for choosing the best mobile tariffs.

Don’t choose the first one you are recommended.

Mobile Rates

One of the most common problems when choosing mobile tariffs is that customers often rely on unverified information. As with any regular consumer, entrepreneurs and managers of a new company may rely on the recommendation of a friend or such a reference. In truth, these are nothing more than subjective opinions.

It is important to understand that a tariff oriented for the communication of an entire company is not the same as the monthly plan that a person chooses for his or her personal use. In other words, it is not very smart to trust a company just because we are regular consumers of it. The mobile tariffs of a private initiative should be projected according to the future and the business activity.

So, instead of relying on partial or unverified information, the right thing to do at a business level is to carry out research on what each company offers. This analytical spirit is the beginning of a wise decision when contracting telephone and data services.

Don’t just stick with the big-name companies

In Spain, everyone knows which are the most contracted telephone companies. In general, these companies invest more in advertising and also have more time in the market. For this reason alone, it will seem right to opt for one of the best known options. Of course, this dynamic occurs basically in all countries, since the telephony business is usually covered by only a few companies in other latitudes.

One very good thing that happens in Spain is that there are a large number of companies that offer mobile tariffs. Some are simply extensions of larger firms, but there are also independent companies such as Neotel. For example, our company is dedicated in principle to the service of the virtual PBX, but also developed plans. The fact is that there are many proposals that are not so well known.

The best thing is that you can always get good offers and plans beyond the traditional proposals. Therefore, it is important to be well informed about each plan offered by each telephone company. In addition, it should be remembered that plans change every year and it is always important to check the prices in the telephony market.

Ask yourself what your company needs

Of course, reviewing the phone plans available is not the only important thing when it comes to businesses. In fact, what few entrepreneurs understand is that each company obeys different communication patterns. This is how some companies spend a lot of money on very complete and expensive mobile tariffs, without needing to do so. There is also the case of new ventures that choose cheaper mobile tariffs that do not meet their communication needs.

Before choosing a minutes and data tariff, it is important to plan the business activity, especially if it is a new venture. There are companies that need more data and others that need more telephone conversation, and therefore, they should concentrate on that. When it comes to business plans, it is also important to calculate the cost of communication broken down by each operator or telephone used.

So, to choose the best mobile tariffs it is essential to analyze the consumption of the company, its activity, its number of members, among others. It may seem tedious, but the best companies are characterized by calculating their expenses well, optimizing their resources.

Use a mobile contract rate comparator

In Spain, special programs are used to mathematically compare different mobile tariffs. This may be due to the fact that here, as elsewhere in Europe, there is a wide range of offers. The fact is that this type of program can serve as a reference when choosing a telephone plan for your business or company.

On the Internet there are many proposals and the truth is that it could be very good to use more than one. Some of them ask for data such as the zip code and in this way, they compare the proposals according to the location, which is something important. You can also put in other data such as, for example, whether you are an individual or self-employed.

Of course, using the contract mobile tariff comparator should not be the basis for the selection. This type of application should rather be understood as a type of additional information to be considered. This is because buying prices or the amount of data and minutes is not enough when evaluating the best mobile tariffs for a business.

Find a balance between cost and benefit

Using a contract mobile tariffs comparator is not the only criterion to follow, because there are things that go beyond costs. If you are looking for cheaper mobile tariffs, this can be a good guide, but at a business level this is not the best option. In fact, the cheapest phone plans are not always the best.

Being straightforward, the compass of every entrepreneur should be to find a plan and a company that, being economical, offers a good service. There are companies with really cheap mobile tariffs, but with great reception problems, or even that are a scam because then immediately raise their costs. This is part of the problem of the permanence.

The permanence clause is a stipulation established by many companies, by means of which the contracting clients must maintain the contracting and payment of the service for a certain number of months. This is the type of conditions that should be read very well and that unfortunately sometimes appears in the small print. In any case, balanced choices are the best.

Think about the future

Perhaps at the time when an entrepreneur purchases his mobile tariffs he is just starting out and does not pay much attention to what he is contracting. It is not only important to check the phone plans in the here and now. To tell the truth, it is always advisable to think a little in the future, when the business grows and many customers must be served. Also in the type of service provided.

Therefore, sometimes it is better to pay for a 25 GB data service than a 20 GB one. It is also important to choose a company that has a diversity of mobile telephony plans. This will allow that, when you need a more extensive plan, you can move to this one without any setback, avoiding having to make a new search for a new phone company.

Look for one that offers the virtual PBX at once.

The virtual PBX is a software that allows you to control and manage all communication, allowing you to migrate to IP telephony, cheap and innovative. This is a technology that can be integrated even with some not so up-to-date office devices. This program unifies all communication, which ends up professionalizing it.

Neotel’s main product is the virtual PBX software. However, offering this service also involves developing mobile rates tailored to the needs of different types of businesses. But, in addition, this technological tool has different modules that facilitate and enhance both customer service and marketing tasks.

Our call center software offers useful applications such as call launchers, ideal for collection and telemarketing tasks. We also highlight other complements such as the platform for sending bulk SMS, the call robot for voice calls, the IVR, the CRM, etc. Undoubtedly, it is an advantage to hire the data and minutes service with a company that provides this type of program like Neotel. If you were wondering which is the best virtual PBX, go to our website and check our products, as well as the best mobile rates.

806 and 803 lines

The still profitable business of 806 and 803 lines

When social networks did not yet exist, the closest thing to them were the entertainment hotlines. These could be so entertaining that even some television and radio programs used them to generate more interaction. Although it may seem like something from another era, 806 and 803 lines are still profitable and many companies still use them as an alternative way to offer some services.

With the onset of the pandemic, remote entertainment has been resized. Many people have started businesses of all kinds, implementing smartphones, video calls and telephone services. All this rethinking of business life invites you to understand what 803 and 806 lines are all about. Do you know how they work?

806 and 803 lines: paid telephone services

806 Lines & 803 Lines

The 803 and 806 lines are remunerated telephone services. That is to say, when you call them, they generate money for those businesses that contract them. Basically, the one who receives the call charges something for it and not only the telephone company. In addition, being a special service, usually the minute is a little more expensive.

In reality, these are work oriented telephone lines oriented to offer a service. Their contractors are usually fully incorporated companies or brands. Of course, some personalities have had their own telephone numbers, although these are usually associated with fully incorporated companies.

Beyond that, nowadays anyone can contract an 803 or 806 line. In fact, having this type of service is very simple, depending, of course, on the 806 or 803 line providers with which the contract is made. Of course, each prefix obeys to a different type of business and trade.

803 lines: Oriented to adult services

In Spain, 803 lines have always been implemented for services for people over 18 years of age. For a long time, this telephone prefix was focused on classic hot calls. Likewise, there are intermediary services for chats of a similar nature.

However, this service has been resized and can always be resized. Everything will depend on the creativity of the company or person who hires this type of paid line. To tell the truth, nowadays there are many types of +18 services and these can always be integrated to 803 lines.

With a little creativity, chat services, video calls, photographic material and others can be adapted to 803 lines. For example, a personality dedicated to the world of adult entertainment could use a paid line to attend to his fans. In this way, fans can get closer to their idol and interact much more directly. This is just one of many ideas that could be applied depending on the business activity of the company or person who wants to hire an 803 line.

806 lines: It has many possible uses

806 lines have the function of encompassing all entertainment and leisure activities and services that do not involve +18 content. Of course, at the end of the day, these services can only be used by people of legal age. This is due to the fact that they are paid phones and have a considerable cost.

But basically, 806 lines have a different prefix with the intention of differentiating both types of service. It is likely that this has to do with a kind of protection for children and adolescents. The fact is that this distinction between 803 and 806 lines has its justification.

The 806 lines are widely used for example for business related to fortune telling and tarot. Also, many companies and psychics use them for other services related to personal consultations. This type of work is legally considered as entertainment. However, it is important to know that esotericism is not the only type of service that can be offered when hiring this type of premium line.

What can 806 lines be used for?

806 lines can be used for any type of entertainment and leisure, except those involving adult content. For example, some companies use this type of paid line for contests and sweepstakes. In the past, there were also intermediary services that allowed people to contact each other via text messaging. This was done for the purpose of simply making friends or in a more romantic context.

Today, a lot of innovation is possible thanks to 806 line providers. For example, a person who is a youtuber, influencer, or who is famous can hire 806 lines and offer some service to their followers. It seems that social networks have achieved total proximity with personalities. However, this can be an excellent opportunity to project an intimate relationship with fans.

Likewise, those companies and individuals who want to conduct sweepstakes can use this type of premium line. In this way, this type of activity becomes more widespread and it is easier to raise money when more people can participate. In fact, the use of 806 lines is also often fueled by advertising campaigns.

803 and 806 lines linked to advertising campaigns

The gains from using 803 and 806 lines are not only monetary. In fact, having a paid line at your disposal also strengthens your marketing efforts. This is because having a paid telephone service can become an element of a company’s brand.

This is something that has already been proven. In fact, during the end of the previous decade and the beginning of the current one, the Spanish-speaking world saw the irruption of countless 803 and 806 lines. The phenomenon was obvious because many companies occupied large television slots on national and international channels. Soon, the advertising time slot from 12 p.m. onwards became the epicenter of these companies.

The 803 and 806 lines do not only work better when there is an advertising campaign involved. Over time, the telephone number can become an additional advertising resource for the company. This is how the paid line is a product that in turn generates traffic and advertising in itself. Some telephone numbers of this type even remain in the minds and memories of television viewers and radio listeners. It should be noted that social network advertising campaigns can also be used for these purposes.

Considerations when contracting a premium line

Contracting 806 line providers is like contracting a personal telephone line. Basically, a contract is agreed with a company like Neotel and the number is agreed upon. The best thing about this type of service is that the contract is usually free because the provider’s profits are usually deducted from the company’s profits, i.e. as a portion of the minutes.

Of course, the quality of service and the terms and conditions of the contract vary from one telephony provider to another. For example, some may charge a fee for the contract. There is also the issue of the value of the minutes and the profit share of the telephone company, as well as the permanence. All these elements must be considered by entrepreneurs who want to contract a premium line.

Therefore, it is always essential to consult the service offered by the different providers of 806 and 803 lines in the market. Likewise, it is always important to read the contract and all its conditions before making a decision.

Neotel’s virtual switchboard is innovative and economical

At Neotel we specialize in offering IP telephony and call center software. This is a system that integrates communication, makes it cheaper and allows it to be managed strategically. In this way, entrepreneurs can offer better customer service and also develop effective marketing campaigns.

Our call center software is one of the most innovative, incorporating add-ons such as the predictive dialer, the call robot, the platform for sending bulk SMS, CRM and other applications that are very useful for any type of business initiative. The best of all is that the cost of the virtual PBX is adapted to the budget of each client and for that we offer various plans.

The 803 and 806 lines are an additional service we offer. Some of the conditions of your contracting with Neotel are the following:

The hiring is free and Neotel reserves a part of the profit of the entrepreneur for each call received.
In Neotel we offer this service without permanence conditions. This means that the customer can leave the service at any time.
Each client can enable as many lines as he/she wants without additional costs, as well as extensions so that several devices can answer calls to the same number.
In Neotel only the telephone bill is needed so that the customer can collect the money collected thanks to the 803 and 806 lines.

Virtual fax and other reasons to contract a virtual PBX

Being fully connected is a necessity for any business today. This business maxim goes beyond the use of social networks and other new technologies. In fact, it also means going back to technologies that are not so up-to-date but are used by our potential customers. This is precisely the case of the virtual fax.

Believe it or not, many people still use their old fax machines. In fact, many companies buy this type of equipment and there is still a market and uses for this technological device. Of course, it is not necessary to make such a purchase to be able to send or receive faxes.

Virtual Fax: What is it all about?

virtual fax

Virtual fax is a module of the virtual PBX. Basically, it is a function that allows you to receive or send faxes over the Internet. This basically involves two fundamental tasks:

Send information to physical fax: The virtual fax allows you to use your email to send written information or attachments to a physical fax. The person will receive the communication from their device, regardless of whether it is updated or not. To send the message, you only need to know the recipient’s number.
Receive information sent from a fax: The virtual fax module also allows you to receive material sent from a physical fax. Basically, the sender sends to an assigned number and the faxes are sent to the e-mail.

Doing these operations is as simple as sending or receiving an e-mail today. There is also no need for complex installations or highly technical processes. One of the advantages of contracting a virtual PBX is having a program that is easy to use and can be used immediately, without major complications.

Sending faxes over the Internet

The virtual fax needs few resources to function. In fact, almost all the elements required for receiving and sending are used regularly. These are the following:

E-mail: Few people know this, but e-mail from the beginning allowed interaction with the e-mail format. Basically, the virtual fax allows to put into use this already known capability of email to connect digital media with the usual faxes.
A special fax phone number: Faxes have always worked for sending like telephones. Basically, if you want to send a fax, you dial a number so that the information arrives only and exclusively to that sender. Hiring a virtual switchboard allows you to assign a number of this type to the entrepreneur.
An Internet connection: Of course, as everything works from e-mail, it is essential to have a broadband connection or any other type of connection. From this point on, any device can be used to send and receive a virtual fax, or all the necessary ones.

As you can see, using the virtual fax has no major requirements. The contracting of the virtual PBX is key to the allocation of the telephone number. From here, any business can open a communication channel for its users.

Fax is more alive than ever

Many companies and individuals still use the traditional fax as a method for sending and receiving information. In fact, there are companies that still buy this type of device new package. In countries like Spain its impact since the 80’s has been really notorious. It should be noted that the figure of the burofax has legal significance.

Many traders and businessmen who are technologically outdated still resort to this device. However, this is not the only type of customer who still sends or receives faxes. Many suppliers, merchants and even buyers still use this solution on a regular basis. To be honest, there are a few reasons why this equipment is still quite useful.

Employees of law firms, public institutions and clinics have fax machines on their premises. In developed countries such as the United States, Germany and Japan, the culture of using this tool is also maintained.

The advantages of the fax explain its continued relevance

There are reasons that validate the continued use of the traditional fax by many people and companies. In fact, this can be a very useful artifact, despite the advent of the Internet and smartphones:

Electronic signature: although there are currently devices to make and send signed documents, many people are used to sending this type of document by fax. That is to say, this is seen as an infallible means for sending legal documentation of any kind.
It works without Internet: Let’s imagine that a digital telecommunications catastrophe occurs. If the internet goes down for some reason, faxes will still work because they work through a telephone line. This is one of the main reasons why many companies still implement it. If the broadband connection goes down, the fax still works.
Perception of security: For many people fax is still a secure medium. This is actually relative, as is the accuracy of the transmission report. However, for many people it is a more reliable medium than email.

These are some of the reasons why many people still prefer to do business and send personal information using this device. Likewise, this explains the need for the virtual fax service.

Advantages of a virtual fax application

To tell the truth, those companies that have a virtual fax will not use it all the time. Rather, it is an application that allows you to negotiate with those businesses and people who use faxes. Therefore, it is important to understand this tool as a complement. Some of its advantages are the following:

A fax on your devices: having the virtual fax is equivalent to being able to send or receive faxes on any device with internet. This implies an important immediacy, allowing access to this type of document everywhere.
No need to buy a fax: The best thing about the virtual fax is that from its use, entrepreneurs save the cost of buying physical faxes. On the other hand, companies that use this type of device regularly, will have this digital option in case of breakdowns.
It is economical: Having a virtual fax service is very cheap, especially when hiring a virtual PBX. In the case of Neotel, this add-on costs only 8 euros per month. There are more expensive options, especially with those companies that offer this application separately, as the main product.

The virtual switchboard: Why is it necessary in business?

The virtual switchboard is a software that provides endless solutions for business communication. The proof of its versatility is precisely the virtual fax, although this program solves many other things. Although it is known as a call center program, in reality it can be implemented in any type of business.

By contracting a virtual PBX, the company guarantees the possibility of migrating all its communication to IP telephony. This is a great advantage because this technology reduces costs and also allows to take advantage of office devices. Even its implementation is economical because this software is cheap and does not require expensive installations or equipment.

In addition to this, hiring a virtual PBX is ideal for gathering business-relevant information, creating marketing campaigns and formalizing communication. This is just a taste of all the useful and effective tools that this program has. For this reason and much more, any company, regardless of its size or business activity, should have this technological tool.

What is the price of call center software?

The best thing about hiring a virtual switchboard or call center software is that its cost is cheap. Of course, this will always depend on the company with which the service is contracted. At Neotel, the call center software price is adapted to the possibilities and needs of the contracting companies. In fact, we have different plans designed for different customers.

The most basic plans do not exceed 200 euros and have many features that are really interesting. If the entrepreneur wants to add any additional features later, he can simply pay the cost of these. For example, the virtual fax only costs 8 euros in addition to the basic plan of the virtual PBX. Similarly, there are other add-on modules that have different prices and can be chosen by each customer according to their needs.

At Neotel, you don’t have to pay or take all the modules with you even if you don’t need them. Our business model invites the customer to create their own plan, adapted to their business needs. The possibilities of the virtual PBX are many and from time to time there are updates that make it a very functional, attractive and efficient application for business growth.

Incoming call statistics: Learn more about your business with them

A company’s telephone communications are more important than they seem. They hold fundamental keys to the business and customers. For this reason, many companies migrate to IP telephony and buy a virtual PBX. This is a program that allows to control all communication and this happens mainly thanks to the statistics of incoming calls.

The virtual PBX unifies the call flow and makes it analyzable. Where one trader sees a simple count of incoming calls, others see strategies, work organization and greater availability for sales. Of course, it is essential to translate the statistics in favor of the business and turn the information into benefits.

The potential of inbound call statistics


incoming call statistics

The inbound call statistics module is a set of data on the behavior of telephone communication in the company. In general, these are focused on incoming calls, although the system allows you to see the behavior of contacts leaving the company, i.e. telemarketing.

In fact, the analysis of the flow of incoming calls is the one that can give us the most clues when it comes to improving a business. This is so, because it is in the call center or in this type of contacts where some customer patterns can be verified, which are, after all, the consumers. Of course, having information about those who consume is probably the most important thing for any company.

Perhaps the data from inbound call statistics cannot be used to develop fancy commercial strategies. However, it is possible to know a lot of things that allow to give some technical touches to the management of the enterprise. It does not matter if it is large or small.

Knowing the call flow

Broadly speaking, what can be seen in the inbound call statistics is how the call flow occurs. In fact, this can be observed in detail. For example, this module allows you to see how many telephone conversations occur per hour. But, in addition, you can also see how many calls are not answered.

Better yet, you can look at the data for one month and compare it with another. Also, an entrepreneur could know at what time and on what days of the week there are more calls from potential customers. Having this data is important, because it tells the entrepreneur when to be more attentive to his phone. If he is much more detailed and strategic, he could contrast this with the number of sales he registers.

The fact is that knowing the flow of calls says a lot about one’s business and also about the customers around him. By not knowing this information, it is natural to make mistakes such as not being available at certain times when the most customers call. With a simple telephone line, it is not possible to know how many people are contacting the company while another call is in progress. But with call center software, you can know exactly how many customers are calling.

Know the real reach of your company

Knowing the statistics of incoming calls allows you to have some idea of how many customers are interested in your product. For example, if you know the number of people calling in a month, you can establish what impact your business is having. It also gives an idea of how well Internet marketing campaigns and other marketing efforts are working.

In general, these are aspects in which entrepreneurs are often lost. We could understand these statistics as something similar to social media metrics, but related to phone calls. This is a great data, because in a social network there may be many people who only enter out of curiosity. But when we talk about the phone, who contacts are people who at least have interest in the product being offered.

If you compare the statistics of one month with respect to the other, it is feasible to analyze whether the marketing campaigns are working properly. Having information when selling something is fundamental and this is an invaluable source of data. The best thing is that it allows you to organize your work to obtain more revenue.

Inbound call statistics: organizing your work

One of the greatest benefits of inbound call statistics is that they allow you to make necessary changes in customer service. For example, if a company receives more calls in the midday hours, when the managers take their break, it is possible to make some change to attend all the flow that occurs at that time. This can only be understood when this module is verified.

Knowing when and how calls occur makes it possible to adapt the work to improve service. It should be noted that improving the telephone service of any type of business results in better perception and, of course, more sales. This is the best way to turn customers into brand multipliers.

In fact, this is the way the call centers of the largest companies in the world work. Knowing the inbound call statistics of a growing business could also indicate the need to hire someone to handle orders or customers. The idea is to be able to meet demand to maximize profits.

Missed calls: A valuable piece of information

The inbound call statistics module of the virtual PBX not only lets you know how many actual inbound calls are recorded. Probably, some of the most important data of this tool are those that account for the number of unsuccessful calls. We are referring to missed calls.

Missed calls are those that the customer abandons before contacting the company. When these are many, a structural problem of customer service is evident. It doesn’t matter if they occur because the lines are busy, or for any other reason: they are always a bad reference for any commercial activity.

If a company registers a lot of missed calls, there is something wrong with telephone communication. This is tantamount to being unavailable, which is one of the things business owners should avoid projecting. It’s not just with service providers and should also be considered by online businesses. The good news is that knowing this information allows you to make the necessary adjustments.

Queued calls: they count too

Queued calls are those that come in through the IVR but are not yet answered. These usually occur because all call center agents are busy serving other customers. The problem with these is that they tend to become lost contacts.

Likewise, knowing this information allows the company to adapt its work to provide better customer service. The virtual PBX has the ability to display this information in real time, which is a great advantage. If a business has a queue of calls, the right thing to do is to adapt their work to prevent this from happening. One way to do this is to have more telemarketers on call during “peak hours”, i.e. when customers call the most.

The best thing about hiring a call center software is that it allows companies to have an IVR. This automated system that greets customers, asks them for data and leads them through the menu of options saves time. In this way, the customer has an incentive to stay on the call, while the operators attend to previous calls. In other words, a business can improve its customer service just by purchasing a virtual PBX.

Other features of the virtual PBX

Incoming call statistics allow you to explore details about the service you offer from your business. However, this module is just one of the most basic of the virtual PBX. In reality, this program has countless telephone solutions for businessmen and entrepreneurs, such as:

Call Launchers: these are ideal for increasing productivity in outbound calling departments. If a business needs to be provided in a more direct way, these systems allow for automated options.
IVR: Interactive Voice Response is the system we usually interact with when calling any call center. It fulfills many functions and also guarantees spaces for the dissemination of advertising and telemarketing surveys to each customer who calls the company.
Call recorder: The call recorder allows to keep a record of all commercial conversations that occur in the company. This is useful to know the quality of the attention offered by the telephone operators. At the same time, this tool guarantees compliance with certain legal requirements regarding data and consumer protection.

At Neotel we have one of the most innovative virtual switchboards in Spain and Latin America. Its cost is very cheap, it does not involve complicated installations or the purchase of additional equipment. We have the most competitive prices in the market and the most updated features to make your company, the one that best communicates with its customers.

Spy and whisper for companies: What is it and what does it work for?

The most successful companies are not those with the most capital, but those that make the best use of resources. In this sense, technological tools, including those related to communication, are key to making a business take off. In a world in which communicating is key to negotiate, virtual switchboard modules such as spy and whisper make the difference.

Developing business communication goes beyond publishing a phone number and attending to potential customers. Attention is an art that requires practice, education and, above all, follow-up. This is precisely what differentiates call centers of large companies from call centers that do not have a good reputation.

Contact center software: controlling communication



Before understanding what spy and whisper is, it is important to understand what a virtual PBX or contact center software is all about. This is basically a program that allows to unify, manage and control all the communication that occurs within a business environment. The concept comes from traditional call centers, but nowadays it is used in companies even for internal communications.

From the so-called contact center software, any company can know how incoming and outgoing communication occurs. This is so, because this program provides statistics that account for everything that happens at the telephony level. No matter how many telephones are connected to the PBX, it can be three or 50. All the information of the calls can be known and studied: incoming, outgoing, lost, on hold, answered, etc.

But in addition to the statistics, which is made up of quantitative data, the virtual PBX also has elements that allow you to verify what is happening in the calls. For example, one of them is the call recorder, which collects all the conversations of a commercial nature that occur in the company. Similarly, there is a module that allows you to intervene in these at the same time they occur. This is precisely what the spy and whisper system is all about.

The spy and whisper module improves the quality of customer service.

The spy and whisper module allows a call center coordinator to listen in real time as his telephone operators answer a customer’s call. At the same time, this application allows to give some tips or advice to the agent to solve difficult situations.

For example, let’s imagine that a novice telemarketer starts working in a call center. As he is new to his job, he may not know how to solve a customer’s request. In these cases, the coordinator can enter the call, listen to what is happening and guide the worker to successfully complete the call. To be able to do this, he must have the spy and whisper.

Due to its characteristics, the spy and whisper module allows to perform various tasks related to customer service. It should be noted that this tool is not only useful for companies with fully constituted call centers.

What can be done with the Spy and whisper?

The spy and whisper allows you to verify and improve any customer service task over the phone. Some of the activities that can be done with this module are the following:

Listen to how telephone agents attend to customers.
Perform performance evaluations based on real time listening.
Monitor how workers perform their duties.
Help telephone operators solve customer problems.
Perform real-time training to improve individual performance.

All these tasks are usually performed on a regular basis in call centers. However, as you can see, they would be very useful in any type of business. For example, the owner of a physical or virtual store that has two customer service representatives can always verify the treatment they offer to regular buyers and potential customers.

The importance of using Spy and Whisper in virtual stores

According to several opinion studies, including the Accenture Global Report, the number one reason for customer churn is poor customer service. If customers feel that they are not adequately attended, with empathy, that their questions are not answered, they simply look for other options in the market. This is valid for any type of business, whether it is a product or service business.

In virtual businesses or those that also have Internet sales services, this is much more important. Every day there are more alternatives, with competitive prices and products. In this sense, customer service could even be what makes the difference when it comes to retaining customers.

The probability of selling to regular customers is usually between 60 and 70%. Therefore, avoiding customer churn is a vital factor for any company, and this can only be achieved with a willingness to serve. When this task is delegated to managers, it is necessary to ensure that the work is done correctly. Precisely, this monitoring task can only be carried out with the Spy and Whisper.

It is important to note that the Spy and Whisper is one of three monitoring functions that Neotel’s contact center software has.

Monitoring: a compendium of functions for maintaining quality

We already know that the Spy and Whisper is a function that allows you to listen to calls in real time and communicate to the operator during the call, any tip or key to improve your attention. But in addition to this important feature, there are two more that make up the monitoring package of Neotel’s virtual PBX:

Third party verification: This is a specialized service to close contracts with customers via telephone. It facilitates and demonstrates verbal consent to avoid any legal problems when a customer requests a product or service. Companies that offer services tend to use it a lot.
Voice recorder: This is a system incorporated to the virtual PBX. Its main function is to record all the calls that occur in the telephones associated to the software. In addition to keeping a record, which is always necessary even for legal issues, it also allows you to review the calls, but unlike Spy and Whisper, these are verified once recorded and not in real time.

Together with Spy and Whisper, these functions allow you to verify the quality of business telephone service in different ways. They also make it possible to make purchases and contracts via telephone, with the relevant legal support.

Disadvantages of the virtual PBX – are there any?

Many entrepreneurs and managers often wonder about the disadvantages of the virtual PBX. In reality, it is very difficult to find a negative point in the hiring of this type of service. This type of software allows, among other things, the following:

Migrate all the communication of a company to IP telephony, which is cheaper.
Unify all telephone communication and manage it.
Perform remote work controlled by the company’s supervisors.
Know data about the flow of calls coming into the company.
Design friendly telemarketing campaigns that do not bother the customer.
Guarantee the entrepreneur tools that allow connecting with the customer in different ways, such as virtual fax.
Integrate related tools such as CRM, data systems and others.
Increase productivity in outbound telemarketing through automated dialers.
Back up inbound calls to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.
Facilitate job training for telemarketers and business managers.

And this is just the beginning of the world of advantages that the virtual PBX has for any type of business, regardless of its activity. In fact, this is an application that has many modules and more and more updates and functions are coming out all the time. The only disadvantages of the virtual PBX occur when the client acquires an outdated, unstable or outdated service.

Neotel’s contact center software: Within everyone’s reach

The best thing about Neotel’s virtual switchboard is that we have a plan designed for every type of entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter if the company is small, large, or has a small budget. Our offer is designed so that any entrepreneur can count on the program.

The plans include Spy and Whisper, voice recorder and third party verification. For those companies that want to back up calls much more extensively, we have the premium call recorder, with 1 terabyte of space and the availability of recording for two years. Undoubtedly, the virtual PBX improves the growth prospects of your business.

Telemarketing surveys: an option for making business decisions

All businesses, regardless of their service, require something very important to function: information. In fact, the moment of creation of an enterprise occurs when we find problems that we can solve for a clientele and that can only be known by obtaining data. Unfortunately, many companies do not have reliable sources of information and that is one of the factors that motivate their decline. Fortunately, the telemarketing surveys of the virtual switchboard make it possible to obtain it.

Information is power, but obtaining it when running a business is not so easy. This happens because of multiple problems such as lack of communication with the outside world, advertising difficulties and, most importantly, the lack of reliable data sources. In truth, surveys are probably the best way to obtain these necessary inputs for business growth.

Theory: Why is information so important?


telemarketing surveys

The problem with many merchants is that they believe that, just because they have a product, they will sell and make a good profit. Unfortunately, offering something is not enough to have a prosperous business of your own. A child can go to the beach, fill his bucket with many grains of sand and sell it without success. That is so, even understanding that sand is the second most demanded natural resource.

An enterprise has the mission of solving a problem for a set of customers. For the same reason, first you must know what are the problems of the niche to which the entrepreneur directs his product or service. But this is not the only thing that an entrepreneur must know: in fact, here only begins a long chain of research on how to solve those problems that the consumer has, in what form, with what aesthetics, at what price, how often, etc.

All this requires information, and as needs change, this information must flow constantly. That is why knowing preferences is one of the biggest headaches for all companies. It is in this data where commercial strategies are found, which are, at the end of the day, the most important within a company.

Telemarketing Surveys Why are they so important?

In principle, surveys have long been the best way for companies to obtain information. In the past, it was very common to go to shopping malls and stores to consult consumers directly. In fact, free food samples are often not only a product presentation, but also a way to get feedback from customers.

In fact, the survey is one of the most methodical, effective and legitimate ways to obtain information. Indeed, much academic research in the social sciences is based on the development of survey forms. In other words, surveys are the correct method for collecting important data.

Of course, telemarketing surveys can fulfill this function with effectiveness and validity. Basically, they are constructed in the same way as an academic survey or any other type of survey. Unfortunately, even many companies that have call center software do not take advantage of this useful module. In some cases, because their programs are outdated and do not have it. In other cases, because even if they do have it, their managers are unaware of the magnitude of making inquiries in this way.

Telemarketing surveys: How do they work?

Telemarketing surveys are a functionality of the virtual PBX. That is to say, in order to be able to be executed as they are, automated and systematic, the company or entrepreneur must have this type of program. In almost all these call center software, the questions are usually programmed as part of the IVR, or Interactive Voice Response.

The IVR is the system that greets us when we call a call center. It is also the one that asks for our personal data and leads us through the menu of options when we call. In addition to these basic functions, this system can also incorporate recordings and, of course, interactive recordings, which are telemarketing surveys.

Remember that the IVR is made to interact on the basis of a menu of options that are dialed on the numeric keypad. Similarly, this system allows to place recorded questions for customers to answer from the keys of the local or cell phone. This is how a company can make quick queries to its clientele.

Ask any question with telemarketing surveys

Through telemarketing surveys, customers can be asked practically anything. This is because there are many types of surveys and because the numeric keypad is large enough to provide several possible options for answering. The best part is that the answers are always reduced to simple choices and can still provide the kind of information that start-ups and established companies require.

A scenario in which companies require elaborate or lengthy responses from customers is highly unlikely. In reality, the information that a company values is that which accounts for preferences and inclinations. Companies need quality, relevant information and not just any information, or one that is very difficult to systematize.

Beyond this, telemarketing surveys can tell us which are the products most preferred or purchased by users, or what kind of new proposal they would prefer. It is also possible to consult how the customer’s experience with the company has been, to evaluate the customer service or simply to consult about what the company needs to be better. The good thing about this module is that you can achieve a very broad universe of respondents in each company and that is always desirable.

Telemarketing surveys ensure good quality of information

The information necessary for a company to make good business decisions has particular characteristics. The good news is that the telemarketing survey module ensures exactly the type of data that is required by the enterprises:

Relevant information: Not just any type of information is important to businesses. In fact, one of the business problems is that a lot of data can be perceived, but not all of it will be useful. Telemarketing surveys allow entrepreneurs to ask customers precise questions to find out just what they want to know.
Speed of delivery: Businesses require a lot of up-to-date information that arrives quickly. This is the only way to compete and stay ahead of competitors. By having telemarketing surveys activated, companies ensure a constant and fast flow of information. Surveys can always be set up instantly.
Cost-effective collection: For companies, information collection must be cost-effective in order to be profitable. Precisely, telemarketing surveys are economical and are part of the call center software. In Neotel’s case, they do not have an additional cost and are included in the virtual PBX package.

It should be noted that the surveys made by phone call have a positive degree of reliability. This is because they are done by the company itself, in an environment in which the interested parties participate. Above all, in the case of services, this is a point in favor.

What is the best virtual PBX?

Since telemarketing surveys are part of the virtual PBX, it is important to understand what this program is all about. The virtual PBX is a service that allows to manage and unify business telephone communications, as well as the migration to the economic IP telephony. In addition to this, nowadays this application is more than a call center software, it is an assistant for marketing and customer service.

Of course, it is important to hire a service that provides quality and functionality to the enterprise. Not all virtual switchboards are the same, as some are more innovative, advanced or functional than others. At Neotel we have optimized, guaranteed and updated software. Our product is inspired by the successful functionalities of always, but also incorporates some new features that are to the liking of our contractors.

When choosing the best virtual PBX, it is important to consider many elements. The most important are the stable operation of the program, the company’s experience, its capacity for innovation and also the fact that it has a simple, easy-to-use interface and intuitive processes.

Virtual PBX brings advantages for any type of enterprise

Telemarketing surveys are just a very useful module of the virtual switchboard. In fact, this program has many other applications and functions that can help businesses to grow. Both start-ups and large companies benefit from all the solutions provided by this communication tool.

The best thing is that at Neotel we offer different plans and costs so that all entrepreneurs, businessmen and traders can access the application. Undoubtedly, this is an investment that will improve customer relations, marketing effectiveness and obtaining quality information through telemarketing surveys.

IVR: Why do entrepreneurs need it in their start-ups?

Generating credibility is one of the most difficult tasks for entrepreneurs in their beginnings. Of course, getting started is important beyond fame, clientele or available resources. However, there are quite inexpensive technological solutions that allow any type of business to be professional. Precisely, the IVR is one of those tools that provide the business with a formal and convincing image.

Nowadays, many people start small businesses from scratch. Some even at a very young age, using only social networks and a smartphone as the only means of business communication. This is not bad, but you can always use telemarketing software to project more professionalism. At this point you may be wondering, what is an IVR?


ivr interactive voice response

IVR: A tool we all know

Talking about IVR phone system seems very complicated, technical or little seen. However, this is a system that almost all of us have encountered in one way or another. Those who have called a bank’s call center or telephone company have come across this type of tool. Truth be told, few people in today’s world have not interacted with telephone customer service.

When a customer calls and encounters an operator who asks for their information and leads them through the departments of a call center, they are interacting with the IVR. This system is also known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

The main function of the IVR is to interact with the customer, collect data and lead him through the menu of options. In this way, the customer will be able to communicate with the correct department when establishing communication with a call center. In the meantime, this automated system can perform other very important tasks for the call center.

However, the IVR telephone system also fulfills a dual institutional and advertising role. In principle, this application allows the introduction of institutional messages, slogans and recordings that identify the company and humanize it. This is the most interesting part for those who have a very recent venture.

IVR as an institutional element

Many entrepreneurs lack elements that evoke institutionalism when starting their initiatives. This reduces reliability among users in principle, which is always synonymous with fewer sales. Precisely, the IVR makes it possible to incorporate institutional messages and advertisements in a business phone. This can be verified when calling any company or institution with a call center. The first thing you hear is a welcome, some advertising, and then the customer service process begins.

Basically, the IVR has several spaces where recordings with institutional messages can be placed: the name of the company, mission and vision and other dialogues that serve to project the enterprise as a serious, responsible and formal company.

In fact, having an IVR when a client calls evokes seriousness. If a customer communicates with a business and hears messages from this interactive system, he will quickly understand that he is communicating with a serious, respectable and real company. This is much better than calling a personal phone, for example.

The IVR as part of the brand

But beyond being an element that evokes institutionalism, the IVR is nowadays used as a branding element. For sure, business advertisers try to unify IVR messages with other advertising elements of the companies. For example, if a business advertises with a featured advertiser or voice, they often try to incorporate this element into the interactive response system as well.

This is something that can also be seen in the call centers of clinics, banks, insurance companies and telephone companies. This is how a system that was intended to interact with people to facilitate their entry into the call system, has become a really effective advertising space.

The IVR’s effectiveness in creating a company’s image is truly astounding. This is so because every time a customer calls the message is repeated, remaining in the subconscious. Companies create an identity and characteristics that identify them, becoming a brand. Evidently, going from being an initiative with a future to becoming one is what every entrepreneur wants for their venture.

Space for promotions

The spaces to insert recordings in the IVR are quite usable and, since customers are the ones who call, there is usually enough time to transmit promotions. In fact, this interactive system usually greets users with an institutional welcome. But, in addition, you can always use a few extra seconds to announce an offer, sweepstakes or promotion.

That is to say, after the greeting, a promotional recording can be placed. Likewise, you can take advantage of the time the customer is left on hold while a request is being processed. Currently, the IVR offers a very broad structure for adding advertisements. Best of all, you can always change the advertising pieces, giving some variety to the content and allowing for different promotions.

Customers are totally accustomed to hearing promotions right at the beginning of their calls to a company. In other words, it is very difficult to cause any kind of annoyance with this service.

Three technical functions of the IVR

Next, the IVR solves problems that are important for consolidated companies with a large volume of calls. To tell the truth, this module revolutionized the logic of corporate customer service in multiple ways. This is because its functionality has made it possible to address many customer service issues. Far from attending to customers and greeting them, the IVR fulfills the following functions:

It incorporates self-management systems: the development of automation has made it possible to incorporate self-management systems that allow customers to solve their problems by themselves. For example, nowadays it is not necessary to use a telephone operator to reset bank passwords. The IVR makes it possible to incorporate these automated applications and improve the quality of service.
Redistributes call queues: When companies begin to have call volume, the IVR gives companies time to attend to the calls in queue. In other words, the time used for greetings and promotions is useful for people to wait a little longer without feeling that they are waiting. In addition, by directing people to the appropriate departments, it avoids inconveniences.
It allows surveys to be conducted: If there is something that companies value nowadays, it is being able to have information from their customers and users. Precisely, with the IVR it is possible to incorporate telephone surveys to make all kinds of queries to the people who communicate with the business. This is a very useful function that not all companies with telemarketing software can offer.

In reality, the IVR also fulfills other functions that are of interest to those companies that have call centers. This is just a taste of what this application solves. It could be said that it is one of the most important parts of any virtual PBX.

How to have a business line?

At the beginning of the article we indicated that the IVR is an automated application used when contracting business lines. Perhaps this may sound strange or complex, but in reality all entrepreneurs can have a business communication system with a very low investment. To do so, you only need to hire a virtual PBX.

The virtual switchboard is a software that allows entrepreneurs to have functions and modules that are used in the call center. However, it does not matter if we do not yet have a call center or a staff of telephone operators. In principle, this tool will provide any entrepreneur with professional, formal communication and tools as useful as IVR. In fact, this is just the beginning of all the modules offered by this service.

The best thing is that hiring a virtual switchboard is not something extremely expensive or impossible to afford. In fact, at Neotel we have quite cheap plans, designed for entrepreneurs and merchants who are just starting their business. It is possible to contract this software for a basic monthly fee of 100 euros and have basic functions and, of course, the IVR telephone system. From this point on, no one will doubt that your company is real, integrated and formal.

Neotel also has advanced modules, ideal for marketing, data collection and customer service. Our company offers everything you need to professionalize your business. Check our rates and contact us if you have any questions.

5 businesses that can be done with video calling in the cloud

Video calling in the cloud has gone from being an entertainment function to become a source of revenue for many companies. In the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic, real-time video calls have become the solution to replace face-to-face calls. Everything that used to be done face-to-face is now handled by this function.

Of course, this has also revitalized the demand for communication systems such as the virtual PBX. Although there are platforms that offer professional videoconferencing services in the cloud, there is nothing better than having your own video call system that is fast, efficient and available to entrepreneurs.

Even those who are unemployed or who want to generate extra income can use our cloud video conferencing service to work.

The validity of video calling in the cloud

video calling and videoconferencing in the cloud

The year 2020 saw a dizzying rise in the use of cloud-based video calling and videoconferencing. It is believed that 96% of people in the 16-30 age range in Spain have used this type of technological solutions in the wake of the pandemic. But, in addition, the consumption of video calls has also been increasing in much older segments of the population.

Video calling in the cloud has gone from being a tool for talking to people far away to a business tool. This trend continues to increase even today, even though some pandemic restrictions have been eased. It appears that video calling will continue to be used and will serve to maintain some business activities.

It is worth noting that video calling is a safe medium in the midst of a situation of latent danger due to the pandemic. In addition, it has enormous versatility, allowing communication to occur at any time of the day. The latter is a timeless advantage that will keep this medium relevant even in the post-pandemic world. Here are seven business activities that can be carried out via video call in the cloud.

5.- Language classes

Remote language classes is a business that has been around even years before the pandemic. Since 2015, some companies have been known to offer this educational service with native teachers of the languages you want to learn. Basically, this business model foretold what would start in 2020 with the onset of the pandemic by COVID 19.

Language classes have been proving for years that learning via video call in the cloud is practical and effective. This was one of the first businesses to adapt to the new dynamics and takes advantage of the versatility of video calls to adapt to customers’ schedules. In this sense, we are talking about fully customized services.

4.- Primary and secondary schools

In the wake of the pandemic, classes for primary and secondary school students became the norm. Most of the world’s governments adapted their educational systems to videoconferencing classes in the cloud. At first it was a bit difficult for both students and teachers to adapt, but over time everything has leveled out.

To be sure, schools have been saved as businesses by technology inherent in WebRTC Line and IP telephony. Although classrooms are beginning to open up again, there is still a possibility that during pandemic peaks there will be a return to this modality. On the other hand, educational businesses that are based on educating children, young people and adults using videoconferencing in the cloud are beginning to emerge.

3.- Psychological counseling

Psychological counseling is probably one of the practices that allowed more professionals to emerge during the pandemic. If few psychologists could report a low volume of patients, during the pandemic the income of this type of professional was quite affected. Cloud-based video calling not only saved many, but also signaled the beginning of a new approach that made this type of consultation cheaper.

Many psychologists and also other types of professionals such as coaches were able to survive in this way. Moreover, consultants working at a distance have the advantage of offering two modalities of attention: personalized and courses. Many simply took advantage of the crisis and transformed it into an opportunity.

2.- Medical consultations

Medical services have been very active during the pandemic and their professionals have behaved at the height of the circumstances. Amidst the overcrowding of clinics and the saturation of health systems, medical consultation by video call in the cloud has become a solution for minor cases.

In fact, many patients with non-aggravated COVID 19 were able to be examined by their physicians from this tool. Similarly, other diseases have been addressed from the telemedicine approach. Undoubtedly, technological solutions in communication have made it possible to continue with life in the midst of restrictions.

1.- Courses in different disciplines

Practically anyone can take an online course in the specialty or trade they master. Education has become the main source of income in the second decade of the new millennium. A guitarist, a motivational leader, a writer, a mathematician: all have in common the possibility of sharing their knowledge and solving problems with others.

Even the entertainment market has benefited from video calling in the cloud. A large number of people have found income thanks to this type of technological solutions. The problem is that many use internet platforms that offer the service incompletely, slowly and with many failures.

Virtual PBX has the best video calls in the cloud

Since the pandemic, social networks that offer professional video calling services have become popular. To tell the truth, these platforms made it possible to solve in the midst of the crisis. However, it is important to note that these sites are not the most ideal solution when it comes to business video calls.

First of all, these most popular platforms work with limits and slowness because they are actually paid services. That is, what people use are free versions, but in reality the best of their service is offered through the paid version. On the other hand, some of them are so widely used that even if they pay, they can work in a limited way.

In addition, the paid versions of video calling platforms can be very expensive. For example, a monthly room can cost more than $40 per month, just for the cloud-based video conferencing service. This is very expensive compared to the cost of call center software, which fulfills this and more functions.

The cloud-based video call advantage of the virtual PBX

Virtual PBX is a communications manager that works with IP telephony. Thanks to cloud storage technology, this type of program is no longer oriented only to large call center rooms. It allows to obtain statistics of incoming calls, to have a business customer service number and marketing modules.

Of course, one of the great advantages of buying virtual PBX is that this program brings an environment to make video calls in the cloud and video conferencing. Basically, this is equivalent to having your own business platform to establish this type of communication with customers. Everything works in a simple way, making invitations by link.

In the case of Neotel, the interface is very simple to use even compared to more commercial platforms. Clients will enter the calls and will see the system as if it were the contracting company’s own. This gives professionalism and formality to the video calls, as well as credibility to the entrepreneur who hires and uses the service.

Neotel has the most complete virtual switchboard

The cloud videoconferencing and video call modules are part of the basic service of Neotel’s virtual switchboard. This means that in order to use this function you do not have to pay any additional cost. No installations or hassles because the program is used over the Internet.

Neotel has monthly plans that start at 100 € and in exchange offers a number of useful functions and modules for the entrepreneur. Contracting this service means having at your disposal the best advances in business communication at a low cost. Any type of entrepreneur can enjoy the virtual PBX for a reasonable investment. If you want to have the best video conferencing interface in the cloud and work with it, buying virtual PBX is the best option.

Mobile PBX: Your employees can work from anywhere

If there is one thing that characterizes our times, it is the ability to work without having to be in an office. Remote work, more than a solution, is nowadays a preference and a necessary adaptation of the business sector. To be able to do it, we only need to have tools such as call center software. Among the modules of this type of software, the mobile PBX stands out.

VoIP PBXs are applications that go beyond customer service work. All companies and enterprises can take advantage of this system, which can easily become a formula for managing remote work, among other things.

Year 2021: the advent of remote work

mobile pbx

The second decade of the 21st century has been characterized by a total change in the way we look at life. Situations posed by the COVID 19 pandemic and economic crises have brought about the need to rethink work. Many circumstances have led people to focus on the Internet as a way to produce money.

If we used to talk about waves of layoffs, we are now in a kind of crisis of face-to-face employment. The current generation of workers simply do not want to go back to their jobs, because they find it boring, complicated, or worse, unnecessary. Technology has changed people’s perspective and it is up to companies to adapt.

The average professional does not want to leave home and companies that are not prepared for remote work could perish. In this universe of ideas, call center software appears as a unique solution for employers. Through this tool, it is possible to know if a person who performs telework, or work from home, is performing his duties. No matter what kind of work he/she does: the system lets you know that the person is fulfilling his/her role even if he/she is in the comfort of his/her home.

Mobile switchboard: working from a smartphone

The only thing people need to work today is a device with an Internet connection. We might imagine that this implies at least having a computer at home, to perform various intellectual tasks. Nowadays, however, a person could even work from a smartphone. Precisely, the mobile PBX is a complement to the call center software that allows to work using this type of devices.

For those who do not know it, the mobile PBX allows to open and manage the virtual PBX program from a smartphone. This is, in fact, the main utility of this tool. By having it, the employee has all the software’s own resources on his smartphone. This gives him the possibility to perform his work no matter where he is.

The mobile PBX allows, among other things, to have a softphone similar to the one used on the computer. In addition, it allows you to use such necessary functions as call transfer, or put the call on hold. These are functionalities that are present in customer service work, but are also useful in any business work.

Some functions of the mobile PBX

Having employees with a mobile PBX on their devices implies, in principle, being able to work with the virtual PBX system. It should be noted that this is a system that works as if it were an Internet platform and workers enter and log in, being able to be controlled in its management. This is so, because this software is made to unify work profiles through the Internet connection. Some of its functions are:

Transfer calls: The mobile PBX allows you to recreate a business desk phone on any smartphone. One of its most important functions is to allow people to transfer calls from simple codes. This can be essential in some office jobs.
Putting the call on hold: This is another feature unique to the virtual PBX that can now be done from a cell phone. In fact, this is what call center operators do when they tell us to “stay on the line” and play music while they do something.
Mute calls: This is similar to placing the call on hold, only that the customer remains on the call while not listening to us. The purpose of this feature is to allow us to make inquiries without the customer on the line noticing us.

These are all telephone solutions that we usually find in office devices: computers with softphones or business desk phones. Now the mobile PBX puts the best of IP voice PBXs on the cell phone.

Virtual PBX for mobiles: keeping an eye on the job

The mobile PBX is, broadly speaking, an add-on that allows us to access the virtual PBX from the Smartphone. This makes it a useful complement to encourage remote work. From the call center software, employers can hire staff to work from home and control that they are connected and performing their work.

In fact, a company can hire from Spain people from Colombia, Venezuela, India or any other country to do call center work. From the use of the mobile PBX, they will be able to enter the company’s virtual PBX and perform their work from the comfort of their cell phone. Even if they did not have a computer, they could work with peace of mind.

In the same way, an executive who is on the road doing business can operate the virtual PBX from another country. Basically, all they need is an Internet connection. This add-on works without installations or special SIM cards. The best thing is that everything that is done on a device with a user will be registered.

In other words, this add-on has many utilities nowadays. What was originally a program for call center activities, nowadays allows to monitor remote work, or to ensure quality tools for top executives.

Advantages of Neotel’s virtual PBX for mobiles

Neotel’s virtual switchboard for mobiles is one of the most complete in the market. This is a complementary service of our software designed to bring all the properties of the call center software to the workers’ cell phones. Some of its advantages are the following:

There are no limits: Neotel provides its contracting companies with the possibility of installing the mobile PBX on as many smartphones as necessary. In this way, each person linked to the company will be able to access the software from their personal or business smartphone.
No additional cost: All companies that contract Neotel’s call center software have the mobile PBX service at no additional cost. We guarantee greater connectivity for work without requesting extra payments.
No installations: The mobile PBX is part of Neotel’s software service. Therefore, no additional installation or program is needed for it to work in the smartphones that the contracting company has.

The mobile PBX allows to have all the advantages of the virtual PBX, but in mobile devices. In this way, it is not necessary for an employee to be in the office to access the professional functions of Neotel’s communications manager.

Call center software: managing business communication

The virtual switchboard is a program that unifies the communication of an entire company. From here, the contracting companies have the advantage of communicating through IP telephony, which is more practical and economical. In addition, this software provides entrepreneurs with multiple useful tools to enhance marketing and customer service in a professional manner. Most large companies work with these systems.

Although it is often called call center software, it is not necessary to have a customer service center to take advantage of this program. Even those companies that have few telemarketers can organize their work and make it more efficient with this application and its innovative modules. Of course, it is important to have a warranty manager, something that not all VoIP PBXs on the market can ensure.

At Neotel we have one of the most innovative programs in the business communication sector. Our system is easy to use and does not require additional installations and costs.  The best thing is that we have designed different plans so that no entrepreneur is left without enjoying this technology.