Professional voice-over service: personalize your messages

The professional voiceover service is becoming more and more popular in call center services. Many companies have depersonalized services, which impacts the image of their customers. In reality, the possibilities in the recording and automation of messages can be infinite.

There are communication companies that offer packages and generic messages. However, expert firms in virtual pbx and related services have no limits. It is impressive what can be done with the trinomial of the locutions, the call robot and its integration to the pbx.

Recording professional voiceovers: forging a business image

Professional voiceovers are a vital part of the image formed by the users of their companies. Therefore, it is essential that companies have total control over their production. The messages, voice and everything recorded must be thought of with great care.

It can be said that the voices heard in the customer service are part of the company’s marketing. Their characteristics and the way the message is presented are the living expression of the brand. Of course, these must be well thought out in terms of the structure of the service and the division of departments.

Once the structure of the call robot has been designed, the professional voiceover service will simply humanize it. Both elements can make a company separate from its competitors. It is impressive what can be achieved alone when thinking well this configuration.

It looks for experts in service of professional locution

The professional voiceover that users will hear is as important as the capabilities of the virtual switchboard. Therefore, it must be worked with an expert communications company with experience in the field. The possibilities are endless if you work with the most advanced of these technologies.

When contracting professional voiceover services, we must claim the right over parliaments and recordings. In this way, we ensure the authenticity of the content and that no other business uses it. The best communication companies can make translations of the messages or pass them on to another language.

It is essential to design scripts well in order to improve the business image and avoid system errors. One of the companies that offers this service is Neotel, as a way to complement their call center software. Undoubtedly, this is a task that should not be omitted if you want to feed the customer service.


Mobile rates: looking for the most profitable service

Currently there are multiple offers in mobile rates within the market. In the past there were days when only a few phone companies offered phone service plans. Now there are many options and taking the time to analyze each one carefully has its benefits.

Companies with call center departments also need to hire special data and telephony services. This is in addition to the virtual pbx and is necessary for outbound and inbound call services. It is important to consider not going with the first company that comes to mind. To tell the truth, every day more proposals appear and plans are usually updated.


mobile rates

What are the best proposals in mobile rates?

The best business mobile rates offer some benefits at low cost or even for free. For example, they could include internal calls within the contracting company. This is beyond the fact that it is important to compare the prices and benefits of each plan in relation to those of competing companies.

Rates with unlimited calls are also quite advantageous. Another quite desirable aspect is the non permanence. Some telephone companies offer cheap services but with the guarantee that the customer must stay for a period of time. Much better is to get low rates, with good services and without this requirement.

Some companies like Neotel offer advantageous rates without the condition of permanence. This offers a lot of freedom to companies in case they want to migrate to another service. Added to this is the incorporation of the virtual switchboard, necessary to manage the company’s communication network or call center.

Mobile rates: the ideal is to have alternatives

Companies with a wide range of mobile tariffs are usually recommended. In fact, they offer different plans to suit the needs and resources of their customers. Generally, there is a basic plan, an intermediate plan and a more unlimited plan.

Finally, it is still of vital importance to look for the cheapest call cost. Every benefit that has a mobile rate implies a money saving for companies. That is why it is so important to select the best option and if it offers call center software, so much the better.


Virtual fax: reconciling the before and the now in the office

The virtual fax is an adaptation to the digital world of that device that is still seen in many offices. This machine was the predecessor of all the text communication technology that we enjoy today through the Internet. Today, this service is available from the computer through the call center software.

Sending a fax is basically sending scanned material through a telephone transmission. Many offices still use fax as a means of communication between companies and also internally. In fact, this implementation is still useful for sending documents quickly.

How does the virtual fax work?


virtual fax

The virtual fax is a module that allows you to send and receive faxes from a device with an Internet connection. In this case, e-mail is usually used as a means of sending and receiving. In other words, this mechanism allows communication between a real fax and a computer or a cell phone.

The e-mail form contains the receiver’s e-mail address and the telephone number of the fax machine. The documents to be sent are then attached to the fax. Similarly, a person can send this type of communication through this type of machine and be received in the mail.

The possibility of sending faxes is another alternative to sending a printed or digital document. With the digital fax, totally different technologies are integrated for the benefit of the company. The best thing is that you can scan papers and send or receive them in real time. Having this possibility can make a difference in the midst of some complicated situations.

Virtual Fax: Connecting the call center to the company

The virtual fax is an add-on that operates through the virtual pbx. In this sense, it can be understood as a resource for the call center service and the rest of the company. Customer services of banks and telephone companies can simplify their tasks from this module.

It should be noted that the virtual switchboard is not only used by call center companies. Many companies integrate their internal communications through this type of software. Cutting edge proposals in this service such as Neotel allow you to incorporate such innovative options as virtual fax in your pbx.

Companies that provide services to other companies can take advantage of this module. It is precisely in this type of situation where the traditional fax has not lost its validity. In any case, be given one more option for him to send data. Having a call center program with this add-on is undoubtedly an advantage.


Signaling: A module to gain customer confidence

Signaling is a primary resource in the most up-to-date call center departments. These are certainly the best-kept secrets of digital communication services. It looks like a simple module, but when well used, it opens the door to an endless number of customers.

The signaling modules are used to make outgoing calls. Today it is known that their use significantly improves the rate of effective contacts achieved. The sales, collection and telephone advertising departments are the most benefited.

What is the signaling module in call centers?

Sometimes, outgoing call operators change the number by which they communicate with customers. This happens for example when the same agent calls more than once through different phone numbers. Actually, the worker does not need to change his mobile to do this.

Signaling is a module that allows the operator to make calls by displaying different numbers on the receiving mobile. This is an option that is incorporated into the virtual pbx, so there is no need to change telephone devices.



Neotel offers two types of signaling in its call center software: selective and automatic. The first one allows you to change a phone number manually. The second one is a system programming that changes the numbers and their prefixes depending on the customer to whom the call is made.

What is the purpose of changing phone numbers?

Signaling allows the operator to strategically use your phone number. The customer who manages to recognize the phone from which they are calling is more likely to not answer the call. It is very common for the user to assume business calls with something “formal”, “boring” or “unnecessary”.

For this reason, the collection or credit card approval departments use this module very frequently. The ability to change the number is a formula to be able to inform the customer.

Using this function also allows the operator to gain the user’s trust. This is done by changing prefixes on phone numbers. The idea is to add a prefix number that is from the customer’s location with the intention of making the customer more confident in the call.

Automation has reached the customer service departments to change the face of companies. Effective communication is no longer an end, but a means. Without a doubt, a change of focus in the service.


Incoming call statistics: the key to good service

Call centers with inbound call statistics modules dominate the service business. The knowledge of these data will allow to adapt the service to achieve greater efficiency. We are talking about the possibility of analyzing the way in which the work is done.



incoming call statistics

Those who recognize the importance of social network metrics will understand the importance of call center statistics. They are but a reflection of the focus of a customer service department. Of course, a company’s good reputation and sales will largely depend on this.

Incoming call statistics: What can we know?

Generally, inbound call statistics are modules offered with call center software. They allow us to know in real time how many calls are on hold, which ones have been attended to and also quantifies the failures. This, although quite positive, is just the beginning.

A call statistics module also records the time in call and waiting of each operator. The data of each contact is recorded and the application generates graphs and averages. This information is valuable from various points of view.

On the one hand, the operator has in this data that will allow him to improve his management. On the other hand, the coordinator and other authorities can plan strategies to improve the service. By having all these patterns, it is possible to know, for example, which are the hours with more calls. In those cases, it is possible to avoid breaks and insist on a focused or faster management.

Incoming call statistics are able to

Having data on the flow of calls allows you to organize your work. If customer service can be oriented based on this data, management is more intelligent. Newer call centers can learn a lot and generate their response models and guidelines.

The most advanced inbound call statistics modules also offer management solutions. For example, Neotel offers with its software the CDR queues module. This add-on allows customers to be listed based on incoming calls. In the meantime, they are informed of their position and have an idea of when they will be answered.

This is equivalent to being able to communicate with the customer in an automated way from the beginning of the contact. If we add the statistics to this, what is left is a system dedicated to improving efficiency. Certainly, better service means more business opportunities and satisfied users.