7 useful accessories you can buy at Neotel

Improving the quality of communications is key for any business today. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to achieve this, such as implementing IP telephony. Beyond this, there are also some interesting and inexpensive implements that will also make things easier.

In fact, companies that have IP telephony and virtual PBX complement these systems with some accessories. To tell the truth, having a better audio or a more fluid broadband connection can improve the quality of customer service. That is why, below, we will show you seven useful accessories that are a must in any office.

WiFi adapter

There are technological solutions that are very cheap and economical. It seems obvious, but having a good USB port WiFi adapter can make things much easier in an office. This device, which is similar to a flash drive, allows an ordinary computer to pick up the broadband connection.

This is an excellent way to complement the use of a router without the need for cables. Although this is not an optimal device and there are better technological solutions, it never hurts to have this small device in every computer. In emergency situations, having it can solve many connection problems.

There are many WiFi adapters and in reality this is an implement that does not change much between each model. The Yealink WF50 adapter works very well and according to third party references it lasts a long time. This small accessory costs just 23 € and it is always advisable to buy one for each operating computer in the office.

Expansion Module

The expansion module is an IP telephony system implemented to improve the connection of telephone devices and actions during the call. This is an implement that often simplifies the work of receptionists and secretaries in medium to large offices.

By means of this device, actions such as speed dialing, transferring, forwarding and holding calls can be developed. This device allows call monitoring and call management.

One of the most recommended models for this task is the Yealink EXP20. It has 20 keys, graphic display and supports BLF/BLA. Its cost is only 80 € and it is an implement that allows you to control communications and organize them when they come in.

Wired microphones

The offices of the most prestigious companies have moved from telephone to videoconferencing. For this purpose, desktop telephone devices with screens and Internet connection have been created. Those who hold meetings and conferences from the office must have wired microphones.

Wired microphones are specialized microphones for talking during conferences. They are conveniently designed and allow the audio to be easily closed and opened. This is much more convenient than, for example, holding the phone while the meeting is in progress. This type of device is ideal for managers and senior executives of companies.

The best thing about having this type of equipment is that they use optimal HD audio technology. The voice is heard very clear and filtering some background noises. Those who are managers and are used to make conferences can buy the pack of two Yealink CPE90, for only 74.90 €.

Headsets with microphone: useful for the call center and more

Many times we call a call center and think that behind a person who simply picked up the phone and answered. To tell the truth, headsets with microphones are used in crowded customer service offices, which allow the operator’s voice to be focused above the ambient sound.

Similarly, in a call center, operators need to focus their listening with headphones. Headsets with microphones facilitate listening and transmission during phone calls. But in addition to that, they are necessary for the telephone agent to use the computer keyboard to carry out his management.

There are many models of headsets with microphone on the market for office work. However, Neotel recommends the Yealink YHS36 mono and Yealink UH33 models. Both are inexpensive, with good material and excellent sound quality.

IP DECT base station

The IP DECT base station supplements the work of a Grandstream Gateway in small businesses. This device allows to support and extend IP telephony up to 8 VoIP accounts and phones. When used, it can support up to eight simultaneous calls, even without using a virtual PBX.

Its use not only supports IP telephony in a simple way, but also improves the audio in calls.  This is because it supports Opus codec, which improves the audio with broadband connection in a really optimal way.

The IP DECT base station works without complicated configuration or installation. Its technology is made to simply plug and play. The Yealink RT30 works very well and costs only 54 €. This device has a very elegant design that matches the aesthetics of any office. A cheaper option is the Yealink W60B.

Yealink products are the best on the market

When our customers ask about devices and brands for IP telephony accessories, our automatic recommendation is Yealink. Indeed, this brand is a pioneer in business communication and continues to be number 1 in the market. Its wide dominance has allowed it to manage affordable prices even though they are of high quality.

Yealink stands out for having a feasible technological solution for every type of customer. Any entrepreneur can start in the world of IP telephony when opting for this brand. The fact is that they manufacture products with different prices, always thinking about the investment that each buyer can make. The company has well studied its potential buyers and offers a very rich catalog and adapted to the user.

Getting started in IP telephony with Yealink is very positive, because their products are easy to install and use. In addition, they are often very compatible with other accessories and systems. Added to this, they sell every device or part needed to get a company’s IP communication up and running, with guaranteed quality. That is why at Neotel we have focused on marketing their products.

What will you find in our online store?

Neotel is a company known for its virtual PBX service. However, we have also created a virtual store to sell all those devices and accessories needed to put IP telephony to work. This initiative was born from the demand of customers who contract the call center software.

In our virtual store you can find the main products needed in an office to develop an efficient, economical and practical communication. Basically, Neotel sells three main products: Grandstream gateway, Yealink terminals and IP telephony accessories. This allows the buyer a number of alternatives when considering the connectivity of their communication system.

Those who, for example, have grandstream gateway compatible devices, will prefer to buy this implement. This will save them from spending money on telephone equipment. On the other hand, there will be those who prefer to renew their business by buying VoIP compatible phones. It all depends on what each buyer wants for their work environment and also their budget.

Neotel online store: everything with a single click

Shopping at Neotel’s online store makes the whole purchasing process much easier. In principle, our website is easy to use, the products are categorized and the catalog is organized in a simple way. This allows potential customers to make their choice more accurately, being able to clearly verify the cost-benefit ratio of each product.

The customer adds the selected products in the cart and can make his payment in two ways: Paypal, or card. In the second case, customers can use either their credit or debit card. From here, the process is very simple and the shipment is done quickly.

Purchasing managers can display information to their managers in Spanish and also in English. This is because our site works in both languages. This is quite advantageous for transnational companies. At Neotel we put everything at your disposal to have a business communication at the highest level. We invite you to take a look at our catalog and to contact us in case you have any questions.

Private label PBX: your own technology company

Those who imagine having their own technological enterprise to grow economically, today can achieve it. To do so, it is not necessary to create a new product, to know about engineering, or to make a large monetary investment. Those who want to start a business in this sector can count on Neotel’s private label PBX program.

Through this project, people can offer IP telephony service with a company in their own name, as if this product were their own. It sounds complex, but the matter is simpler than it seems. Neotel’s goal is to expand the service through new technology companies.

Breaking with the franchise

One of the most marked trends in recent decades for business expansion is the creation of franchises. This can be seen with great regularity in fast food chains that start in one location and have managed to open numerous branches around the world. However, Neotel’s white label switchboard does not follow this type of business.

private label pbx

The problem with franchises is that what investors usually buy are the rights to open a business that is the same as the main chain. In other words, even if someone else pays to set up the business, everything will continue under the name, rules and image of the owner of the concept. The white label switchboard is the complete opposite of this business structure.

From this program, those entrepreneurs who wish to have their own white label PBX will be able to offer Neotel’s product, but under their own name. This is very different from what used to happen with the old franchises. Entering this business implies founding a new company, where the name and ownership of the owners is respected. The only difference is that you will offer a guaranteed service, without having to create it.

You will not be a distributor either

Within Neotel there is a program for IP telephony distributors. This consists of working with freelance vendors who can offer our VoIP PBX services to entrepreneurs and businesses. In this case, the interested parties are given all the necessary material to make sales autonomously and they simply sell under the authorization of the company.

Of course, the reseller program is designed for individuals who want to earn a little extra money. In this case, Neotel’s products are sold under their name and the resellers simply receive a commission for each successful contract. The VoIP PBX distributor does not have a company, nor does he invest absolutely nothing. It simply becomes a spokesperson and seller of our technology products.

Understanding that the white label PBX is neither a franchise, nor a plan for Freelance sellers, it is time to explain what it is. Those who wish to have their own company dedicated to the technology industry, should turn their eyes to this proposal.

What is Neotel’s white label PBX?

The white label PBX is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies to enter the technology sector. Under this program, Neotel offers interested companies the opportunity to sell our software with all its add-ons, as if it were their own product. Interested parties have full access to the service and can offer it without limitations.

Let’s imagine that a person has a company. With this program, this entrepreneur will be able to sell the Neotel VoIP PBX as if it were his own. The customer will understand that the service and the product as such, belongs to this new company. Basically, this venture will be the owner of the IP telephony software, as if it had created it.

Neotel provides the company with its turnkey system for entrepreneurs to develop their own business. For a reasonable investment, you will be able to operate with our servers, support and of course, with total freedom. Entrepreneurs who enter this program can set their own prices, offer the virtual software and even present this same business modality to other interested companies.

The ICT business

Right now, one of the most lucrative markets is the communications technology market. Within this, one of the most viable areas is digital software. Nowadays, companies redirect their investment in systems to improve their work and management. In fact, competition between companies depends heavily on technological upgrading, especially in communication.

The advantage of software sales is that buyers or contractors obtain useful functionalities at a moderate cost. They do not buy a material good that requires manufacturing. They simply buy or rent the service provided by a technological application. It should be noted that VoIP PBX is a software related to business communication. In fact, it is closely related to ICT.

The virtual switchboard is a communication solution that allows companies to obtain useful functionalities for customer service and telemarketing. The best thing about this program is that it does not require the purchase or installation of special equipment. In fact, the infrastructure is provided by the contracted company. In the case of the white label PBX, Neotel provides it, although the partner companies will present it as their own.

Advantages of selling virtual PBX

The advantages of the white label PBX for entrepreneurs are clear. They can sell the call center software service as if it were their own, under their own rules and supported by Neotel’s infrastructure. Of course, it is now important to highlight the advantages of selling the virtual PBX:

It is a communication solution: The virtual switchboard is a system that, in principle, allows to unify and reduce the cost of business telephone communication. The most important thing about this program is that it allows migrating all the communication of a company to IP telephony, which is much cheaper than traditional lines
It has efficient functions: Virtual PBX software incorporates modules that facilitate the company’s communicational capacity. Some of its complements improve, for example, the marketing of the companies that contract this service. This application makes massive communication possible.
It allows to increase sales: Being a tool that facilitates marketing at a general level, one of its objectives is to contribute to the increase of sales and clients. Its complementary modules are effective for advertising offers, sweepstakes and new products.
It goes beyond the telephone: The applications of the virtual PBX go beyond telephone answering. In fact, some of its add-ons are useful for other communication systems such as web pages, fax, text messaging, among others.

Neotel’s VoIP PBX is one of the most innovative in the market. It offers very advanced and effective communication and advertising resources. This, through an intuitive, easy to use and modern interface.

What does Neotel guarantee?

Working with Neotel’s white label PBX means selling a proven software. In any case, it is important to understand what this means when starting this business. Basically, Neotel guarantees the following:

Full access to the turnkey system: By entering into this program, Neotel makes available to the company the full use of the system so that it can be offered to the fullest. Not only the software, but also all the complementary modules.
Scalability: By being able to access all the modules of our system, the company that works with this program can offer its clients any of the plans it wishes.
Servers: People working with the white label PBX have the support of Neotel’s servers. This ensures that the software is kept in constant operation for your customers. We have the best data centers, with the most advanced technology.
Technical assistance: Companies that want to undertake through this program will also have all the necessary support and advice. Since everything is based on our servers, the system is kept totally protected by our engineering staff.

Companies willing to work with Neotel in the technology sector are fully supported. All they have to do is pay a certain investment and sell the service as if it were their own. Therefore, they will not need to hire specialized personnel at any time and they will always be able to call the call center in case of any doubt.

Neotel is a company with 20 years of experience in the area of business communication. We have a wide experience and many companies work with our programs. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent opportunity to have your own business dedicated to the technology sector. Without risks, with all the technical support and a high performance product.

Neotel's distributors IP telephony

VoIP distribution: Why is it a potential business?

Some companies like Neotel have programs for people who want to become IP telephony resellers. At first, this may seem quite complex and even technical. However, VoIP distribution only involves selling telephony services to businesses and entrepreneurs. Now, the question is, what will I sell, and of course, is it profitable to do this?

Neotel’s IP telephony reseller program is developed based on new business models. Basically, it is about working with independent people to further promote the VoIP virtual PBX product, its modules and any other product offered by the company.

What do IP telephony resellers do?


IP telephony is basically a very popular technological solution among the most prestigious companies in the world. It consists of various programs, applications, modules and even equipment that improve business performance. Unfortunately, many companies do not know how to approach this type of technology-related issues. In fact, this lack of knowledge causes some firms and businesses to operate in an outdated way.

Precisely, the distributor’s job is to sell this product, which is understood as necessary in the business world at the highest level. Large corporations are well aware of this technology and use it. But in small and medium-sized companies, not all managers and owners are aware of the advantages offered by this technological migration.

IP telephony simplifies and improves a company’s telephone communication. This is because it consists of supporting systems and devices from the broadband Internet. A company that adopts this technological model can make all its calls over the Internet, which is much cheaper than using the old traditional telephone lines. Of course, both types of telephone communication can work simultaneously.

VoIP distribution: selling solutions

IP telephony distributors are like any other type of freelance vendor. They enter the program, are provided with the necessary information and sell the product in the way they see fit. In this case, they are selling Neotel’s service and its VoIP virtual PBX. To do this, they can resort to the sales strategy that best suits them.

The advantage of this business model is that it allows distributors to obtain additional income. There is no need to keep a schedule, or to dedicate oneself exclusively to VoIP distribution. In fact, this can be done in the middle of another job, such as a business venture, or during free hours.

In addition, this program is based on the idea of promoting the practice of “word of mouth” for better earnings. In this sense, Neotel allies with all those people who want to become IP telephony distributors, generating mutual profits. Best of all, people can make money without making any investment, from an innovative product that has been on the market for a long time.

Is VoIP distribution profitable?

Since the beginning of the new millennium, large companies have been gradually adapting to IP telephony. Corporations understand that VoIP virtual PBX is an indispensable technology. At the beginning, it was a bit costly to ensure the migration to this system. However, over time the costs have become cheaper and today it is much cheaper than maintaining the old communication model.

Today, thousands of companies in different sectors invest large amounts of money in their communications. They pay for personnel, servers and telephone lines that are very expensive. In fact, those who switch to IP telephony significantly reduce their communication expenses. Companies that work with customers in other countries benefit a lot from this concept that mixes Internet with telephone communication.

For years now, the use of IP telephony has been steadily increasing. Circumstances such as the COVID 19 pandemic have made Internet communications more popular. Added to this, the popularization of systems such as video calling and videoconferencing augurs more consumption of these technologies by companies. Of course, when working with companies, the well-known social networks are not enough to sustain communication.

What is being sold to companies?

IP telephony distributors sell in principle the virtual PBX software. This is the core of Neotel’s services, as it allows migration, call management and the integration of modules for customer service. However, this is only the core product, since IP telephony can involve several scenarios.

The VoIP virtual PBX also has very attractive add-on modules for companies. For example, an entrepreneur can order this software and add call launchers or other additional functions. Some of these additional tools cost a little extra money to the customer. This is all part of the VoIP distribution business.

First and foremost, the distributor becomes a technology consultant for companies that need an upgrade. Understanding the information is not very difficult, since Neotel has explanatory videos and content designed to facilitate the presentation and sale of its products.

Why is it possible to sell IP telephony?

IP telephony is a service like any other, only that it is usually of business interest. It is a good product, because it generates benefits in those entrepreneurs who adopt it. To be sure, it is a solution to a problem for money-making entities. This makes the sale of VoIP virtual PBX profitable.

All companies are in a constant search for savings and advantages to compete. Precisely, IP telephony generates both and this can be easily observed when you get to know the product. Therefore, it is crucial that IP telephony distributors know very well what they are selling.

The most profitable part of this business is that it is a pre-developed product. In this program, the distributor does not have to invest money. In fact, his biggest investment is his time and work to generate new customers to hire the services of the call center software. Those people who, for example, know many entrepreneurs or companies, can make great profits.

How do distributors generate profits?

Neotel offers a commission system to those who want to join the IP telephony reseller program. Basically, the distributor sells the virtual PBX and when a contract is generated, he earns a commission. The more contracts he/she can get, the more commissions he/she can earn.

However, the IP telephony distributor does not earn commissions only for generating new contracts. At Neotel, distributors earn a monthly commission for as long as the contracting company uses and pays for the service. In other words, if a company uses the service for one year, the reseller will receive a percentage payment for twelve months.

Of course, if the distributor reports 10 hires, it will receive a payment corresponding to all those hires. This is how VoIP distribution works at Neotel. Interested persons can contact the company to detail the value earned by such commission and this will vary according to the plans that each contractor chooses.

Advantages of working with Neotel

Neotel has a very complete, updated and proven VoIP virtual PBX. We have 20 years in the business communication business. Many companies use our software and attest to its efficiency, speed and usefulness. This is a great advantage for software promotion and sales actions.

In addition, Neotel has three types of plans adjusted to each type of customer. To tell the truth, the software can be hired from a very small investment and each company decides what add-ons to add. The good prices and plans are definitely something that brings versatility when it comes to making sales.

In addition to this, Neotel has an arsenal of interesting modules for the contracting companies: call launchers, virtual fax, modules for marketing, for web pages, CRM and many other add-ons. This makes our program a more attractive proposition and also the profits much more profitable. Not to mention that in our store we have devices and accessories that will facilitate the migration to IP telephony.

Neotel offers people an option to generate an extra income. Those who are interested in this opportunity can contact us through our various communication channels. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent solution for those with a vocation and aptitude for sales.

Integrating virtual PBX with third-party software: A great solution

Entrepreneurs who offer a call center service get much closer to their customers. This in turn generates greater opportunities to close sales and generate revenue. However, when using call center systems, what is most desired is that they are fast, efficient and functional. This can be achieved in part by integrating a virtual PBX with third-party software.

A person who sells products or services will probably not understand about software, softphones and the like. However, there are some technical aspects to pay attention to if you want an effective call center. Therefore, today you will learn how important is the integration of the virtual PBX with the rest of the tools that a company manages. This is essential for new companies that offer services.

What is important when it comes to having a call center

Integrate Virtual Switchboard with Third Party Software

Businesses may not require large customer service systems, especially in the beginning. But those companies that are in charge of offering a service must set up at least a small call center department. In these cases it is crucial to understand what the virtual PBX is and what technical aspects operate in it.

Nowadays, the call center switchboard is just another service provided by a telephone company to companies and entrepreneurs. Basically, this means that entrepreneurs who invest in this type of program do not even need engineers to operate it. However, the choice of the program to hire will be vital to provide good customer service.

In this sense, it is important to hire a virtual switchboard that is fast, proven to work and with a simple interface. Of course, a system that adapts to the type of service of the contracting company is also desirable. But in addition to all this, it is very important to have the possibility of integrating the virtual PBX with third-party software.

What does a virtual PBX do?

Before going into technical aspects, it is important to know what a virtual PBX does. This is a program that allows to manage the commercial telephone communication of a company. And that management is based on the following basic functions:

Connecting all the telephone devices: The basic of a switchboard is to be able to connect each of the operators that will serve the clientele of a company. This allows customers to communicate through a single telephone number, but also to control what the telephone agents do.
Improve call handling: The virtual PBX allows you to transfer, mute or put calls on hold. These are functions that make call handling easier because they make it more professional.
Migrate to IP telephony: One of the great advantages of the new virtual PBX is that it allows you to migrate all communication to IP telephony. This means that all calls received or made from the company will be supported by a broadband connection and not by the traditional telephone line.
Cheaper communication: By migrating the communication to IP telephony it becomes cheaper. This is one of the reasons why many entrepreneurs and companies hire a virtual PBX service.

Today’s virtual PBXs have evolved a lot. In fact, these programs now incorporate very advanced modules that go beyond telephone communication. But for the moment, knowing these basic functions is what is important to understand the importance of integrating virtual PBX with third-party software.

What happens in outdated call centers?

One of the problems with call centers at the beginning of the new millennium is that they were very slow. This was due to many factors that were basically related to the high cost of having this type of department in the past. Of course, slow programs in turn lead to lower productivity and complicated work dynamics in customer service centers.

Unfortunately, what should be a problem of the past is still evident in newer call centers. This is because many companies are building their call centers based on outdated software and systems. Precisely one of the problems that this type of department presents is the non-integration of the virtual PBX with the rest of the software managed by the teleoperators.

Many virtual PBX softwares do not have the capacity to integrate with the rest of the applications managed by the telephone agents. The truth is that an operator manages a minimum of five programs to perform his management. In reality, this number can increase considerably, depending on the call center and the systems it incorporates.

What is to be gained by integrating virtual PBX with third-party software?

Basically, the benefit of integrating virtual PBX with third-party software is to gain in speed and simplification. The advantages of having the virtual PBX and management applications in a single digital environment are as follows:

Better operation of the applications: By integrating all the opening of programs do not collide with each other. Computers that implement this type of integration tend to work better during management.
Ease of learning: One of the problems of call center work has to do with the learning of new operators. By having many different programs, they may feel confused. On the other hand, seeing all the applications in a single environment facilitates training.
Organized work: The possibility of having all the programs in the same environment allows the operator to work with greater organization. This is also key to improving response times. Believe it or not, the visual display of the applications on the screen has an impact on the management of telephone agents.
Increased productivity: Having a system that is more organized, easier to learn and faster generates, as a logical result, an improvement in productivity. Service is provided in less time and calls are handled more efficiently.

It seems insignificant, but integrating virtual PBX with third-party software improves call center work. Those who have worked in a call center understand how crucial this can be. In reality, this is a technological solution that came to the market because it addressed a real need in customer service centers.

For which companies is automation necessary?

As mentioned above, the companies that benefit most from integrating virtual PBX with third-party software are those that offer services. This will of course depend on the applications that their operators must use at the time of telephone management.

Companies that use more than three or four applications should use a virtual PBX with third-party software integration capabilities. Similarly, companies that use programs that have very different interfaces and functions could benefit from this. The learning and mastery of the software by your telephone agents occurs more quickly.

The type of activity carried out by the company contracting the virtual PBX must also be considered. In this sense, banks, insurance companies, cable TV companies and basic services are the ones that can benefit the most from integration. This is because they work with several applications and can perform different types of customer management. Beyond this, being able to integrate virtual PBX with third-party software is favorable for any company that works with customer service.

Virtual PBX with integration is innovative

Hiring a virtual PBX that can integrate third-party software is always good news. This only means that the program is innovative and up-to-date, which is positive. Precisely, the problem of many call centers is that they have very archaic and limited systems. This does not allow them to improve their productivity.

An innovative virtual PBX is characterized by a user-friendly interface. In addition, its operation is usually very fast no matter how many employees are connected. In addition, they have the advantage that their data is stored in virtual spaces, supported by the Internet.  In addition to this, the most updated applications have complementary modules that help a lot in both customer service and marketing.

Neotel offers a modern, fast and functional virtual PBX that allows integration with third party software. The cost is one of the most competitive in the market and its performance is endorsed by many companies that use the platform.

In addition, Neotel’s call center software has modules that allow companies to grow. Among them are the predictive dialer, robot call, the platform for sending bulk SMS, the click to call me back button for web pages, virtual fax, among others. As you can see, our tools go beyond the scope of telephone business communication. Undoubtedly, this is an investment that can be made with a lot of flexibility, but useful to attract more customers and serve them in the best possible way.

To contract a 900 line is to have free advertising

Many companies have been enjoying the advantages of contracting a 900 line for some years now. In fact, among those that are usually perceived as the most prestigious, there are many companies that use this telephone resource. To tell the truth, the secret of these companies and their managers is that they understand the advantages of using toll-free lines to serve the public.

The 900 lines are quite attractive due to the free of charge they represent. But beyond this, they bring a very powerful added value to business life. This has become a symbol of good customer service. Of course, any company wants to be well regarded by its customers and by the rest of society. Below, we will explain the secret behind hiring a 900 line.

What are 900 lines?


Service Numbers 900 Companies Lines 900 Numbers Nine hundred, for businesses and companies

900 lines are characterized by the fact that they are free of charge for callers. The traditional logic of telephone communication indicates that the caller pays for the service. This is the case even with the local line at home. In contrast, numbers with the “900” prefix are paid for by those who receive the telephone contact.

For this, the company that contracts the service pays a fee for each minute of call received. It is very similar to what happens with local calls, only in reverse. Generally, there is a fee for calls received from local numbers and a slightly higher one for calls made from cell phones.

Some companies have the budget and the willingness to hire a 900 line. In addition, many telephone companies with this service offer rates and plans that can be very positive. In fact, this can be very bearable and although it implies a certain monetary expense, it also generates very good benefits in terms of attention, perception and the possibility of getting new customers.

Contracting a 900 line generates more interaction

There is no better advertising than what many firms do when contracting a 900 line. Evidently, the first point in favor is the guarantee that the customer will be able to call and it will be completely free. And even if the call is made from a local number and is cheap, free is powerful, it is like a gift that cannot be wasted. Most people simply want to make a profit.

The fact that a call is free allows that:

The customer is encouraged to call the company: this way, it is much easier to solve their problems and also sell them new products. Business communication increases because of the free call.
Non-customers also dare to call: One of the secrets of hiring a 900 line is that non-customers are encouraged to call. If they want to ask about a service, price, or anything else, it is easier to encourage them to call.

But beyond encouraging communication in an objective way, hiring a 900 line is a marketing element. This is so for many reasons and, of course, it will depend on how the entrepreneur uses this element to his advantage.

Projecting a positive business image

Nowadays it is known that companies with toll-free telephone lines are better perceived by customers. It is understood that their use is, from the outset, a manifestation of goodwill on the part of the companies. The 900 line can be perceived in some cases as a kind of social contribution to citizens as consumers.

In addition, historically, the toll-free strategy has been used by large and prestigious companies. Therefore, 900 lines are associated with such successful companies and corporations that treat their customers well. In fact, their hiring is something that impacts the public almost always in a positive way.

In fact, firms that contract 900 lines tend to instantly improve their perception in the eyes of users and customers. This is a phenomenon that has been studied in the field of advertising and it is enough to internalize some particular cases to understand the positive effect of this telephone service.

Contracting a 900 line: Service-oriented companies

900 lines are also associated with help services. For several decades, public administrations in Western countries have been implementing toll-free hotlines to facilitate communication with their citizens in case of emergency. Probably the most emblematic example is the 911 line in the United States.

911 is synonymous with help in the midst of emergencies of any kind and that is a notion that exists, even outside the United States. This idea is so anchored and so powerful that many countries have adopted this telephone number for their own medical and police assistance services. Almost anyone has memorized this number and associated it with the possibility of calling the state in case of an emergency.

This is the most emblematic example of the influence that the toll-free number has on people’s perception, but it is not the only one. If a citizen needs help, he or she understands that the number to call will start with this prefix. This reference is almost universal, so having this type of line positions the company as one that is service-oriented.

Two powerful ways to take advantage of the 900 line

Hiring a 900 line implies making the business service number an advertising piece. The first reason for this is that 900 prefix numbers are easier to learn. Knowing this fact, people only focus on memorizing the last part of the numbering. This represents an advantage over companies that maintain local phones.

When a business owner contracts this type of service, he or she can assign the numbering he or she wants. This is similar to what happens when we buy a cellular line. Some ingenious firms have used this resource to advertise themselves and generate association between the telephone number and the company. The trick is basically to “substitute” numbers for letters.

Have you ever seen on TV commercials where numbers like “900 E-M-P-R-R-E-S-A” appear? As we all know, the keypad also contains a number of words assigned to it. What some companies do is to ask for numbers that, when dialed, form a word associated with the company or its activity. This also ensures that the phone is more easily memorized by consumers.

Complementing advertising

The good thing about the 900 line is that it complements the company’s advertising efforts very well. It is not unusual for some of the companies with free telephone services to invest in television campaigns. This is because the reach of this type of advertising linked to the telephone number is much greater.

An example of this can be seen in many bank and insurance company advertisements. By paying for television spots, people begin to learn the number, even without being regular customers of the company. It is also positive to make these advertisements on the radio, although it will always be much better to have the visual element.

This is how the 900 line ends up becoming one more element of the brand. If the number is easy to learn and has a simple and catchy combination of letters, the commercial spectrum of the company will be amplified without limits. This is a strategy that has served many firms that now dominate their respective markets well.

Looking for good prices

The important thing when contracting a 900 line is to do so with a telephone company that has good rates. The problem with some traditional companies is that they have very high prices. Certainly, working with an experienced company ensures good telephone service. However, there are many other alternatives on the market with more reasonable costs.

For example, at Neotel we have a rate of 0.019 € per minute for incoming calls. In the case of communications made by mobile telephony, the value per minute amounts to only 0.049 €. To tell the truth, our company has extensive experience in the business telephony sector.

In this case, the advice is to look for several options in the market and verify which contract is more convenient for the company. In the case of Neotel, we also offer excellent call center software at a good price. The goal is to help companies to switch to IP telephony, which is much more modern and cheaper. Of course, it is always important to consider whether this type of line is profitable for the type of business.

If you still don’t know what a virtual PBX is, you can check some of our last articles. This is an element that allows to unify the communication of the company, without installations or investments and providing tools to improve business communication. This program also has very effective telemarketing tools and works very well with the 900 line.

physical server VS virtual server

Data center products: Which one is best for your online store?

Creating virtual stores is a business trend that is making waves. The most profitable company in the world is in fact a Marketplace and obeys this business concept. To tell the truth, this formula is very profitable, promising and allows to start an enterprise with few resources. However, creating an online store requires something very important: data center products.

Those who want to sell on the Internet must go beyond the creation of a good website. In fact, every site needs adequate storage space to function. This element is known as web storage and it is important to choose the right service for the online store to work perfectly. Below, we will show you something that will be key to start your ecommerce.

Data center products: What is web hosting?

Data Center Products

The Internet is a virtual space that is made up of a lot of information. Everything we see on it, social networks, web pages, applications and digital stores are nothing more than information stored on servers.  The latter are basically computer components that allow storing and sharing data. That is why you can see so many things with a simple connection.

Anyone who wants to set up an online store must have storage space. In the past, publishing a website meant buying a physical server. Over time, web hosting or storage services were created. Today there are several methods to store information and of course, different companies and plans.

The important question is which is the most convenient hosting method for an online store? Before we can answer this, it is important to know the options we have to choose from.

What types of storage are available?

There are several techniques for storing website data and they all have pros and cons. When a person wants to publish an online store and for this purpose rents web hosting, it is established that he is betting on virtual servers. This is so, because the storage is made possible through the Internet and with equipment that he does not physically own, but rents.

In principle, the virtual storage service is the most viable today. The opposite would be to buy servers and set up a data center, which is quite expensive. That is why companies and individuals often rent the service from firms like Neotel, which have all the equipment and expert staff to provide the hosting.

The most important storage methods are shared and dedicated servers. You’re probably wondering “Which of these two is the one I should rent if I want to set up an online store?” Actually, either of the two could be useful, but everything will depend on the characteristics of your online business.

Shared server: Ideal for starting out

Smaller, unknown online businesses with little information can start with a shared server. This alternative has the great advantage of being very cheap. Those who, for example, start with a simple, small digital store with little information could temporarily opt for this type of service.

However, you have to be very careful with this. To tell the truth, the merchant should always be aware of his business: Is the website heavy and has a lot of elements? Does it sell a lot of products? Could it have a lot of traffic?

The problem is that some businesses that appear at first to be very small, can grow in a very short time. For example, a seller who already has customers and launches an online store will probably have more customers than an inexperienced person. Of course, more customers means more traffic. Therefore, you have to be very objective and analyze how is or can be the commercial flow of your business.

Which digital stores work with shared server?

Those who are just starting to sell and have few products in stock, could start with the shared server. For example, if an entrepreneur sells only 10 different types of products, he could appeal for this service which is more limited and cheaper. A small clothing retailer or a book writer is the best example of this.

Those digital stores that have a minimalist design and without so many plugins, can also be supported with shared hosting. Of course, taking into account the size of the page and the amount of information stored involves projecting into the future. Those entrepreneurs who aspire to sell at a higher volume in the short or medium term, should rent a service that adapts to that possibility.

The shared server works very well for entrepreneurs who still sell few products and at a controllable volume. You can also look at this as an incremental issue. That is, start with cheap storage and start paying for more storage as traffic and sales increase.

Look for a company with a variety of plans

It is worth noting that a technology company can offer a variety of shared hosting plans. The idea behind this is to be able to scale up to a better service when needed. For example, a small digital store that purchases a limited plan will become slower with the arrival of more customers and traffic. When this happens, the entrepreneur will need better storage and the ideal is to be able to get it with the same company.

At Neotel, in addition to offering our virtual PBX for SMBs, we also offer web hosting. In this case, we have three plans to suit the needs and budget of customers. The goal of this is that anyone can get the storage and go up as your digital store brings you better benefits.

The idea is to make web storage something profitable for those who hire it. Now, in the case of an online store, it is best to at least start with a premium shared server. This is a good way to ensure that the web page works properly while the business grows.

Dedicated server: Ideal for established companies

If, on the other hand, an online store reports a considerable volume of sales, it will be necessary to hire a dedicated server. As a matter of fact, fully-established companies require this type of web hosting. This is because the amount of data stored is usually greater, as well as the need for computer security.

As the name suggests, the dedicated server involves allocating a computer that is exclusive to the company that rents the service. This is the opposite of, for example, splitting a hard disk and assigning a part of it to each company. In addition, data center products for dedicated servers tend to be more efficient.

In general, small service companies tend to hire dedicated servers. This is because this type of storage is usually much more secure. Of course, there are stores with such a large volume of products, traffic and sales that they also require a solution of this level. The idea is always to weigh the cost and benefit of web hosting.

What data center products does Neotel offer?

At Neotel we offer the possibility of hiring shared and dedicated servers. In this way, entrepreneurs can choose the most convenient service, also considering their budget. This applies both to the creators of virtual stores, as well as to anyone who wants to publish a website.

For the shared service we use Linux virtual machines, known in the IT world for their efficiency and speed. We have Basic, Business and Premium plans. A customer can get web storage from as little as 10 euros. Of course, you can always upgrade to a much higher capacity service.

We also have a virtual server service for larger companies and online stores. These teams have a 260 GB hard drive, 64 GB RAM and unlimited transfer. We have the best equipment to ensure security, speed, efficiency and a positive experience to grow your business.

We go beyond the virtual PBX for SMBs

Neotel has been known for selling its call center software. However, we also offer ecommerce solutions. In fact, our virtual PBX for SMBs is much more than call center software. In addition to unifying business communication and providing professional telephone functionalities, our product integrates other marketing solutions.

At Neotel we offer a network of tools to improve communication and sales for every type of company, regardless of its economic activity. Call launchers, bulk SMS, click to call me back for web pages and an endless number of tools that will improve the business work from different perspectives. We have prices adaptable to the monetary reality and requirements of each entrepreneur.

Of course, to all this we add our data center products for storing web pages. In Neotel you will find everything you need to serve your customers and achieve more sales. Take a look at all our products and contact us in case you want more information about the services we have available.

The advantages of having a virtual PBX with IVR

Call center software is well known in large companies and with customer services. However, this type of software is very useful in any enterprise and one of the reasons is precisely the IVR. This well-known but effective manager is one of those systems that contribute to business success.

In its beginnings, the IVR only fulfilled the function of guiding the users through the departments when they communicated via telephone with the company. Nowadays, the installation of this system brings many other implicit benefits. Below, we will explain the advantages that businesses acquire by installing an IVR.

What is an IVR?

ivr interactive voice response

The IVR is an interaction system inspired by the first call center menu options. However, while these simply consisted of a recorder that told the customer which number to dial to contact a department, the IVR interacts, requesting data from users and facilitating telephone service.

The IVR is automated and that is why it can interact with all customers who call a company’s telephone numbers. Although it is a system that is a few years old, its results are still very positive so it has maintained its validity.

Those who do not know what IVR stands for, should know that it is Interactive Voice Response. In Spanish it translates as Interactive Voice Response. An example of this system is the operator who asks for our ID when we call a bank and with whom we interact. Of course, this type of system can operate and be useful in any type of company, even without the need for a call center.

What are the advantages of using IVR?

The IVR is more than a call manager for customers contacting a company. Its usefulness in call centers is much more important than many businessmen and traders think. In principle, the most visible task of this interactive system is to guide users who call the company through the menu of options. However, this is only the beginning.

The IVR is a useful telephone manager for the customer and also for companies. But beyond this function that will now be explained, this automated system has been used to perform other functions. Therefore, it is understood that the IVR has many advantages that go beyond the usual.

The scope and use of the IVR is quite broad. The best thing is that this is a very inexpensive module that is usually part of the call center software. Even so, its benefits are several and that is why many companies implement it.

Managing calls: basic function of the IVR

The IVR allows callers to be routed to the appropriate departments according to their requirements. Many believe that this is just a method of assisting users, but its work is much more comprehensive. In fact, interactive voice response helps companies keep their call waiting queue at bay. This tends to be very positive, especially for firms with a high call volume.

IVR gives call center operators time at times when a lot of calls are coming in. In this way, they avoid tedious call waiting, which is not a good reputation for any company. Basically, this automation module improves customer service.

In addition, just helping customers to enter the right phone options is very positive. In fact, this saves the user the inconvenience of having to call several times to find the right department. Undoubtedly, with the IVR system, the user wins and so do the companies. However, this is just the beginning of the advantages of this module.

The IVR is part of the marketing of companies

Companies that configure their IVR using branding elements gain a lot from this system. Interactive voice response welcomes the customer and allows the company’s image to be created and projected at the beginning of calls.

When we call some companies that use this module, we can notice that institutional messages and offers are conveyed in the module. This is because companies use the IVR system as a marketing element. They do it because it is very effective and at the same time cheap.

The IVR also serves as a permanent advertising space that costs nothing and is very effective. Companies pay for it when they purchase call center software. The best thing is that the messages displayed in this module can be changed from time to time. All those customers who call the company will hear the advertisements broadcasted there. This is one of the main reasons why firms of all types acquire the virtual PBX.

Some companies additionally invest in professional voice-over services. This is how they achieve real voices for the IVR, which humanizes the message much more. In some cases, even public personalities are hired for this job.

The IVR provides useful information

The IVR is much more than a menu of options voiced by an operator. Because it is interactive, it prompts customers for information necessary for their service. This, in turn, makes it easier for the operator to serve each individual customer. Once again, the IVR becomes an element that facilitates both the customer and the telephone agents.

In fact, through the IVR, fundamental data are requested to manage the companies’ customer service systems. For example, a cable TV company can request in advance the ID card of each calling customer. Most of the time, this type of information is usually needed to look up the user’s profile in the CRM or database.

Next, the operator receives the customer’s ID from the moment the call comes in. While the customer is talking, the telephone agent can explore the user’s profile in the system and verify the problem, and even solve it. With the IVR system, everything becomes easier, promoting a fluid conversation between the company’s representative and the company’s callers.

Telemarketing survey: another reason to have IVR system

In its common operation, the IVR asks customers for information before passing the call to a telemarketer. However, this is not the only data that companies can collect from this automated system. In fact, there is a great deal of business-relevant information that can be learned from this module.

The IVR allows the introduction of telemarketing surveys for any type of customer inquiries. From here, queries can be made about favorite products, age data and other information that allows the company to generate better offers and products. The customer will simply listen to the question and the options, dialing with the telephone keypad the answer of his preference.

The telephone survey is one of the sources of information used by the most prestigious companies. In general, it yields useful information to create increasingly successful business strategies that generate more revenue. This is a complement to the IVR that some companies are not aware of.

Formalize your business

The problem for many people who have small businesses or are self-employed is that they struggle to build prestige and credibility. Just using only social networks or personal phones to make sales will always generate some doubt in any customer. Having IVR and beyond this, a call center call software allows to give more formality to any economic activity.

IVR allows incoming calls to be initiated with a professional voice and presentation. This type of system is usually associated with large, experienced and prestigious companies. Customers will be greeted by an operator every time they call.

The best thing about call center software is that you no longer need to have an office with tele-operators or expensive facilities. You can have an innovative program with advanced telemarketing and customer service features for a very low cost. At Neotel, there are virtual PBX plans for freelancers and SMEs.

Neotel has the most stable and economical IVR and virtual switchboard.

At Neotel we have several plans that adjust to the size, budget and requirements of each company. In addition, our customers can build their own plans and request the modules they want to use in a customized way. Even a freelancer who is just starting his business could afford the virtual PBX.

Serve your customers in a professional way, with the right tools and the formality that gives prestige. At Neotel you will find a wide range of technological solutions for business communication.

Sending bulk SMS to cell phones is effective marketing

If you think text messaging is obsolete, you might be wrong. The rise of the Internet, apps and social networks has not necessarily meant that this communication tool has been discarded. Statistics only prove one thing: sending bulk SMS to cell phones is an effective marketing strategy and therefore, still valid.

Companies that work with an SMS sending platform do not do so because they are outdated. In fact, the idea that text messaging is an old resource does not exist in marketing. To tell the truth, this is a communication mechanism with immense all-round benefits. Companies gain a lot by sending messages to their customers via text messaging.

Text messaging is old but useful

Send massive SMS to mobile mass SMS for companies SMS sending platform

Certainly, text messaging was the biggest innovation introduced during the second generation of telephony. With the development of smartphones and the popularization of chat apps, it was thought that SMS would come to an end. Although at first, this tool registered a drop in its use, it has not been able to disappear.

Text messages may be considered old, but they are still very useful. They are still an excellent way to communicate when there is no Internet coverage. Many cell phone plans still offer a number of SMS in their plans and rates. Added to this, there are many consumers who still use the messaging service on a regular basis.

SMS usage is still being considered by the smartphone manufacturers themselves. This can be verified in the way it is included in operating systems.

Two key reasons for using SMS marketing

The most innovative phone operating systems do not rule out the use of text messaging. In fact, the SMS we receive always appear within the general notifications of the cell phone. In other words, our Smartphone notifies us in the same way when we receive an interaction on social networks as it does when we receive a text message.

Therefore, people pay the same attention to an SMS as to any other interaction that occurs in any App. This visibility is key to understanding the effectiveness of continuing to use text messages. By sending bulk SMS to customers’ cell phones, companies effectively reach them.

Another not minor fact is that people no longer delete their text messaging inboxes as regularly.  This is because today’s cell phones have a lot of storage capacity. In other words, even if we don’t pay attention to business SMS, we keep them saved and can always view them at another time.

Statistics are in favor of SMS

There is statistical data that supports the effectiveness and validity of text messaging. As of 2018, 389 billion SMS were being sent worldwide. There is no evidence that these numbers will drop too much until today. More than 6,000,000 million smartphones fall into that statistic. In other words, even users with the latest generation of cell phones continue to use this format.

There are also data that demonstrate the potential of SMS marketing. It is known that 86% of consumers worldwide receive business text messages, which is evidence of the impact of this strategy. Added to this, 30% of consumers interact with some of their contracted brands and companies via SMS.

Of course, the most favorable data for SMS marketing is its open ratio. According to some statistics, 98% of text messages received by people are opened. In addition, 64% of people are happy for companies to communicate with them using this format. In plain words, using text messaging as a mechanism for advertising is effective and that is proven.

What is the SMS sending platform like?

Of course, companies do not send their advertising text messages one by one to each customer. They have specially designed tools to send bulk SMS to cell phones. At Neotel, this is a module compatible with our contact center software.

This program can be called an SMS sending platform. The way it operates is very similar to the system of professional call launchers. Basically, the program allows you to enter large lists of customers’ phone numbers. From here the text message is composed and scheduled to be sent to each listed number.

When using this type of program, messages are sent simultaneously. In this way, companies can communicate with hundreds or thousands of customers at the same time. In fact, this makes it possible to reach large groups of people through their Smartphone. It is known that 80% of purchases are planned by consumers from the use of their cell phone.

SMS sending platform add-ons

It should be noted that the bulk SMS program for companies does not only send messages. In fact, this tool also works with other add-ons that allow you to get the most out of text messaging advertising campaigns. These are the following:

Control of SMS sent: The SMS sending platform allows to know which messages were effectively sent. This allows to have a first idea of how effective the campaign was.
Communication statistics: The module for sending bulk SMS to cell phones has its own statistics. In them you can see issues such as the open ratio of each campaign and track the receptivity of the messages sent by the company.
Api for third-party software: This has to do with the compatibility of the SMS sending platform with other software. It is important because companies usually work with different programs such as contact center software. Integration is desirable and sometimes necessary in many cases.

Of course, not all programs to send bulk SMS to cell phones have these features. Hence the importance of exploring the market options and choosing the best SMS Marketing platform. Neotel’s module has all these complements that are very useful when creating advertising campaigns.

Neotel’s SMS Sending Platform: Advantages

Neotel offers one of the best modules for sending bulk SMS to cell phones on the market. In addition to having add-ons such as statistics and the rest of the above mentioned, our program has other advantages:

Fast and fluid system: Each SMS sending platform works differently. Some tend to be a little slow when programming messages, or when working with lists of telephone numbers. Neotel’s module is very fast and proven to work.
Possibility to add links: Nowadays text messages allow you to incorporate links leading to web pages. Unfortunately, not all bulk SMS programs for businesses have this capability. Neotel’s module is up to date and allows you to add links that lead users to other sites on the Internet.
Customizable Templates: Templates are used in this type of program to make it easier to write the text and structure it the way you want it to be. Neotel has the best customizable templates to send unique, aesthetic and effective advertising SMS.
Easy to use interface: Neotel’s module for sending bulk SMS to cell phones is intuitive and easy to use. Scheduling the sending, entering the lists and adding the text is very simple.

Neotel’s SMS sending platform is a complement to our virtual PBX for SMEs and large companies. This program allows you to manage business communication with professionalism, quality and very interesting technological solutions.

Neotel’s contact center software: the best communication solution

Companies depend on their ability to contact customers and potential users. In this sense, Neotel’s contact center software has modules and functions to improve business communication substantially. This tool increases the quality of the call center and also of telemarketing tasks.

Precisely, the module to send bulk SMS to cell phones is a fundamental part of our telemarketing tools. However, this is only one of the solutions that we make available to our customers. In fact, we offer various mechanisms to amplify business communication in different ways. The aim is to increase the scope of action of enterprises.

The virtual switchboard for SMEs will allow the integration of all the telephone communication of a company. From here, the entrepreneur will be able to know how many calls come in, how they are answered, have statistics of his call center room and even monitor his tele-operators. The best thing is that we offer different plans adapted to the budget and needs of each company. There are no more excuses to professionalize customer service and sell more.

Professional voice-over services: Defining the brand

The voice is an element that characterizes every human being and gives him/her personality and presence. Likewise, voices tend to be fundamental elements that distinguish any company no matter where it is located. For decades, the most successful companies have identified how necessary it is to define this element, which ends up being an ingrained element of the corporate brand. Hence the importance of a professional voice-over service.

Defining the voice or voices of an advertising campaign is as central as the advertising content itself. We can verify this with some of the advertisements and commercials we have heard and whose message has become ingrained in our minds. In fact, we have all come into contact with advertising content whose voice is so characteristic that we do not forget it. This is precisely the power of voiceovers when entrepreneurs use them in a calculated way.

What does an announcer do?

A speaker is a person who presents information of any kind with his or her voice. This figure came into force with the appearance and popularization of radio, which was, until a few decades ago, the mass media par excellence. However, this type of professional remained in force in media such as television and even today, there are many broadcasters within social networks.

In fact, current formats such as podcasts or YouTube videos are spaces where broadcasters continue to appear. Many broadcasters are also television presenters and social communicators of various kinds. However, the work of this type of professional goes beyond entertainment.

Over time, professional voiceover professionals have become a fundamental part of corporate advertising work. Then as now, companies used to hire famous or unknown speakers to promote their products. In the last three decades, the practice of using their voice as an element of the brand has become normalized. Due to this trend, the professional voiceover service was created.

What is a professional voice-over service?

The professional voice-over service is a product aimed at companies in need of voice-over artists and speakers. Its main task is to provide skilled and qualified voice talents to produce advertising content. However, some services such as Neotel’s offer some extra work related to advertising and corporate content voiced.

This is the type of service that is requested by companies when they need to work with voiceovers. There are many contents that require voiceovers to be developed: radio and television commercials, advertising on social networks and some company’s own environments in which they interact with the client. This includes, for example, website content and, of course, the call center.

When customers call the call center, they usually hear voices and messages that identify the company. In fact, this is something that is becoming more and more popular and, although it may not seem like it, it has become an element that speaks very well of the growth of companies. Firms that use professional voiceovers in their call center services are seen as large, successful and established.

Call center voice-over: How is it developed?

The call center voice-over is used to create content for companies’ telephone channels. In general, it is usually focused on the IVR, although there are also other spaces in which it is used. In general, it has the purpose of using voice as an element that identifies a company and differentiates it from the rest.

The IVR is the system with which customers interact when they call a company’s call center. From the moment a human or robotic voice welcomes us, what is operating is precisely this module. It is precisely this system that allows us to use the call center locution to humanize the telephone channel.

Of course, there are different ways to use the call center locution in the call center. The call center software and its IVR module allow you to use different messages and place them in different places.

What can be promoted with call center voiceovers?

Basically, any advertising message that is useful for the company can be transmitted in this way. For example, it is very common to repeat the main slogan of the company. Here are some examples of advertisements a company can transmit from its IVR:

Loyalty messages: Companies often use their professional voiceovers to build customer loyalty. To do so, they can give a merry Christmas message, or build a speech oriented to them.
Special promotions: Many companies introduce information about promotions and sweepstakes in their IVR. This is evident, for example, in telephone companies and banking entities.
New product announcements: Just as professional voiceovers are often used for sweepstakes and special activities, it can also be done to promote a new product or service.

The type of message or the intention of the advertisement will always depend on what the company wants to communicate. There are many ways to approach this type of advertising. Professional voice-over services can help to build the advertisements. That is to say, that in some cases, their work goes beyond executing the voice-over.

Where can call center voice-over content go?

The most innovative call center software is usually very versatile when it comes to introducing voiceovers. Of course, each program is different and has its own particular characteristics. Beyond this, call center voice-over content is usually heard in the following areas:

IVR welcome: Professional voiceovers are usually used to extend the welcome message to the company’s callers. As a matter of fact, in this case, very high profile communicators are usually used. These are celebrities or people with a very defined, attractive and elaborated voice.

After the welcome: The IVR usually offers an open system to introduce voiceovers. A widely used resource is to place an advertising message of transcendence right after the greeting. In some cases, advertising pieces that are published on radio and television are placed. This is a very good trick, because the customer identifies the message clearly and the corporate identity is anchored.

During waiting time: While a person is in a waiting line, he/she can listen to advertising messages. Likewise, when a telephone operator places the customer on hold, these can also be transmitted.

Telephone surveys: The IVR also allows queries to be made because it is a system for interaction. Some modules allow changing the robotic voice that the customer hears when listening to the survey and the possible answers.

Other contributions of the professional voice-over service

The professional voice-over service is not only responsible for providing speakers for companies. In fact, its work is much more complex and hence its importance at the advertising level. Some less known tasks are the following:

Dialogue translation: This type of service is also in charge of translating the dialogues that the company wants to use in its IVR. This is necessary to promote the expansion of companies and the inclusion of foreign clients within them.
Voiceovers in other languages: Just as the service helps translate texts through experts in different languages, it can also do voiceovers in other languages.
Revision of scripts: In addition to translations, some professional voice-over services can also make corrections and improve the speech. This is often an additional work requested by clients.

A good professional voice-over service takes care to improve the messages being voiced. It is known that these are contents that should not have any type of error, since they will be listened to by thousands of people.

What does Neotel’s professional voice-over service offer?

Neotel has a professional voice-over service that is quite advanced, complete and oriented to meet the expectations of our clients. This is a task that allows us to adequately complement the work of our call center software.

At Neotel we offer services that go beyond simple voiceovers. Those who want to do their IVR voiceovers in several languages, can do it without any problem with us. Here we have professional translators and speakers who can even speak Mandarin, German, and Russian.

We also have an exclusive service that allows the client to make infinite modifications. In this way, the client can change each speech as many times as he/she wishes. Of course, we also offer a cheap voice-over service, a bit more restricted, but of high quality.

The price of Neotel’s virtual PBX varies depending on the needs and availability of each client. We have a plan suitable for every type of entrepreneur. All our customers can have access to professional voice over services. Our company has a wide range of technological and communication solutions for today’s companies.

mobile rates

Non-traditional business mobile rates: An option for entrepreneurs

The bidding among telephone companies to attract new customers is increasingly fierce. This represents a great opportunity for users because better plans and offers are always appearing. Of course, this competition is useless if people, and especially companies, do not study their purchase decision well. Choosing the best mobile tariffs can save us a lot of money and make us receive a little more, giving a little less.

It is clear that telecommunications are very important in the business world. Basically, all companies require a telephone operator to be able to guarantee the communication flow. Unfortunately, in many companies and enterprises, this factor is not analyzed as much as it should be.

An obsolete model


Mobile Rates

Most companies maintain their internal and external communication system in much the same way. This means setting up an expensive data center, hiring a staff of engineers to maintain it, and agreeing with a telephone firm to guarantee a general service. The companies that offer communication know this reality and have plans to convince entrepreneurs.

Traditional telephone companies in particular have benefited from this commercial formula. Unfortunately, it is difficult to verify exactly whether the amount is fair or cheap, compared to other options. Nor is there an analytical culture around this type of contracting in most companies.

In fact, the first step to reduce operating costs a little is to analyze the different mobile tariffs on the market. Just doing this is a very important step for the finances of any enterprise. To tell the truth, in Europe and Spain there is a wide range of plans adapted to the needs of all customers.

Traditional phone companies are not the only option

Traditional telephone companies seem to be a constant in the thinking of business managers. There is a strange idea that companies with more time and reputation in the market are the best. In truth, experience often has its advantages and it is understandable to play it safe. However, it is much better to take a look at the new business telephony proposals.

However, in the telecommunications area, the premise of “better the devil you know than the good you don’t know” is not always true. It is important to remember that competition in this sector is currently very high. This has motivated countless companies to improve their plans and rates.

One of the big problems of traditional telephone companies is that they tend not to change their business model. Being well known and renowned, they forget a bit about the need to improve their prices and services. They tend not to change because they have a favorable commercial position. On the other hand, many new or non-traditional companies have to make an effort and offer cheaper mobile tariffs in order to grow. This makes them even more attractive.

Study the market rates

The best way to save a little money is to study the mobile tariffs on the market. To do this, you have to pay attention to many variables. Certainly, it will be important to verify how many minutes and data they offer per month and for how much money. However, this analysis involves checking other aspects about the offer of each telephone company.

It is always advisable to compare the cheapest mobile tariffs and weigh up which is the best. However, more than the tariff, there are other aspects to evaluate. For example, reviewing the terms and conditions of the contract is usually fundamental. In this sense, the entrepreneur should emphasize the permanence, which is usually better when it is fixed for fewer months.

Of course, it is also vital to obtain some references regarding the quality of the service. Here it is important to ask questions such as: Does the Internet connection work well? Does the company offer good coverage? Are the calls heard with the right quality? In reality, there are quite inexpensive proposals on the market that offer poor communication.

Tips when choosing mobile tariffs

Entrepreneurs and businessmen should be careful when choosing the cheapest mobile tariffs. Gathering as much information as possible allows you to make the right decisions. Here are some tips when choosing your tariff:

Little permanence: The problem with permanence is that, if you choose a company with bad service, you will not be able to switch to another and you will have to keep paying. Breaking this clause is usually costly, which will turn the matter into a headache. In addition, while this provision lasts, the telephone company can raise prices indiscriminately and the customer can do nothing, as long as the contractual commitment is maintained.
Consultation forums: Sometimes it is very difficult to check the quality of a telephone service without first paying for it and using it. However, understanding that in Spain there is a permanence clause, the best thing to do is to look for as much information as possible. In this sense, it is always feasible to search in Internet forums for opinions of other users about the most profitable companies.
Look for the most innovative ones: There are many telecommunications companies that are oriented differently from the traditional ones. For example, some develop products and services inspired by new technologies such as IP telephony. In fact, this is an excellent solution to reduce costs.

IP telephony: Keeping operating costs as low as possible

Not all telecommunications companies offer only mobile tariffs. In fact, some companies are more oriented towards offering communication solutions to freelancers and companies. This is the case of Neotel, whose main product is telemarketing software and migration to IP telephony. In this case, the service involves offering a cheaper, more modern and functional communications system.

IP telephony is a great option for business communication because communicating over the Internet is cheaper. It also means no longer relying on traditional telephone companies that offer somewhat expensive business plans. The migration to this technology is very simple and does not require many physical installations or high investments.

Any type of company can take advantage of installing a virtual PBX and adapting telephones to work with the Internet. It is much more expensive to buy servers and set up a data center than to pay for software and a few minor items to adapt desk phones to work over broadband. In addition to this, Neotel also offers its mobile tariffs designed for each company’s needs.

Important: choose a tariff that suits your business

The problem when choosing a telephone company is not only what it offers. It is also closely related to what each particular company needs. Business mobile communication plans should always be chosen with this in mind.

By choosing in this perspective, it is possible that some plans that seemed inconvenient may be better than you thought. In the case of large and medium-sized companies, it is very likely that unlimited mobile tariffs will be chosen. This is because the flow of calls and Internet connections is usually demanding in this type of environment. Of course, each phone company has its own prices, benefits and conditions.

As with any tariff, unlimited mobile tariffs should be analyzed on the basis of what has been described so far. Price, quality of service and contractual conditions will have to be evaluated. Similarly, permanence is an issue that should not be overlooked.

Not all companies have the same needs

Just as large companies often opt for unlimited mobile tariffs, smaller companies may choose a less comprehensive plan. For example, a freelancer or a family business will not require an unlimited plan. Similarly, an entrepreneur who is just starting his business activity can start with simple and less expensive plans.

At Neotel we offer three types of mobile tariffs, designed for each type of entrepreneur. The client will choose according to his possibilities, needs and for this, it is important to know the impact of the economic activity performed. Of course, as the business grows, it is always possible to upgrade to a more comprehensive plan.

The advantage of Neotel’s rates is that there is no permanence clause. If the customer does not like the service, he can switch at any time to another operator, without paying anything. In addition, in our three plans the calls are unlimited. In addition, all internal calls between landlines and mobiles are fully covered within each plan.

In addition, you get innovative, high-performance telemarketing software. With this resource, not only will all dedicated telephones for customer service and telemarketing be unified. In fact, this tool also allows you to professionally handle calls made by your customers. The price of the virtual PBX will also depend on the type of plan chosen.