How and what is the virtual fax still used for?

In the late eighties the fax revolutionized the communication of the most prestigious companies worldwide. Four decades have passed and it is still a functional tool for some businesses and individuals. Technology has evolved and today we have the opportunity to use the virtual fax.

It seems that nowadays there are too many ways to communicate to have to resort to this technology. However, fax can be much more useful than many imagine. That is why there are services that allow you to adapt this office device to today’s systems.

First of all: What is a fax machine?

It could be said that the fax machine is the starting point of all communication we have today. This device integrated the modem, the printer and a scanner, allowing images to be sent via a traditional telephone line connection. In fact, the transmissions are made to a special number.

virtual fax

Today, part of what the smartphone does is basically this, but in a much more advanced way and from digital systems. Of course, the development of the internet and various software has allowed greater possibilities in terms of communication and sending documents. However, it is understood that the fax was the beginning of this concept.

This does not mean that the fax has lost all its relevance. In fact, many people of interest to companies still use this type of technology. Undoubtedly, having the ability to at least be able to receive and send information with this device has its benefits, especially for companies.

Virtual fax: What is it all about?

Precisely, nowadays there are ways to communicate with fax machines without having to buy one and plug it into the office. This is what the virtual fax is all about, which is nothing more than a module that allows documentation to be sent to this type of device. Likewise, companies can receive notifications or documents sent via fax, thanks to this system.

The virtual fax is a system that can be used basically on any device. It only requires a computer, a tablet or a cell phone with an internet connection to use it. Nor is it required to buy any equipment, or perform any kind of installation.

It is a simple, expeditious system that is not very expensive either. In other words, its great usefulness and low cost means that it is better to have it than not, especially at a business level. Nowadays, it has become a service and many companies hire it for several reasons.

A fax to email

Few people know this, but some email applications are configured to allow sending and receiving faxes. In fact, Gmail which is one of the largest email companies has this option. This is because, in the early days of the Internet, many companies used both means of communication.

Over time, these systems were relegated to the background due to the new Internet tools. And although the custom of sending or receiving faxes by e-mail became somewhat obsolete, many companies kept their fax machines in their offices for unforeseen circumstances. In fact, many people still use it today more than you might think.

Basically, e-mail is the medium that allows you to send and receive faxes. Of course, it’s not as simple as just sending an email and having it appear on a fax sheet. This is where the virtual PBX comes in and companies like Neotel offer this service in a complementary way.

How is virtual fax used?

As in the past, in order to send faxes, it is essential to have a specialized telephone number for this type of device. In this way, the person sending the fax indicates where the information will go. Providing this number and the telephone line is an essential part of offering a virtual fax service.

Once the company has its line and phone number assigned, it can receive messages sent from a real fax machine. Having this capability is what is sought after at the enterprise level, because it opens the door to more business and allows for more complete and integrated communication.

Likewise, from this moment on, the company that pays for the virtual fax service can send faxes. To do so, it will simply use the business email, which is adapted to establish this type of communication. Basically, the process is similar to the one used to send e-mails, except that, instead of entering an e-mail address, the fax number to which the documentation is to be sent is added. The process is very simple.

Why use a virtual fax service?

The ability to be able to send and receive faxes is an important and inexpensive provision. A current maxim in the business world is to achieve the widest possible connectivity and communication capacity. Precisely, the virtual fax is another way to be able to negotiate with people who still use this device.

In fact, there are countries where having a virtual fax is much more than just a forecast. Two examples of this are Spain and the United States, where many companies are reluctant to dispense with this device altogether. According to some figures from companies producing fax machines, more than 380,000 such devices were sold in Spanish territory in 2019. By 2020, this number amounted to 430,000 copies sold.

In other words, in countries such as Spain, the production and marketing of the fax is still going on. Companies continue to buy these products and use them as a means of sending communications and documentation. Having the ability to negotiate and communicate with people using this type of technology is the objective pursued by companies when contracting this service.

How useful is the virtual fax?

Of course, not all companies should be obliged to buy a device of this type. To tell the truth, the virtual fax has the mission of being able to guarantee connectivity to those who do not want to invest in these devices that certainly are somewhat discontinued.

The fax is still used for sending and receiving sales and purchase documents, invoices and other sensitive data. In fact, many companies see this device as a secure and expeditious way to establish communication. For example, many supply chain firms still work this way and not with e-mail. This is still the case even worldwide.

Having the virtual fax allows you to integrate different technologies. This is certainly the usefulness of this module, and it allows the company’s commercial range to be expanded. It sounds simple, but every sale counts.

Why is virtual fax so necessary in Spain?

Many companies in Spain continue to send and receive documents by fax. Some businesses and jobs work exclusively this way. Suppliers are one type of company that still operates this way. However, there are many others that work with this device.

For example, in Spain many of the public institutions still work with burofax. It should be noted that the sending of this type of document with legal weight in Spanish territory began with the sending of faxes. Therefore, many law firms and public institutions still have faxes in their facilities.

Likewise, many clinics and hospitals are used to working with traditional faxes. This is because this device is often very effective as a means of sending examinations and diagnoses. The best thing is that it does not require the Internet for its operation, which makes it a fail-safe communication system.

Fax never fails

Beyond the three examples of companies that use fax, many companies of all types still have this device. This is because its sending system is practically infallible. In fact, in a scenario where the Internet fails across the board, fax machines would be the best alternative for sending and receiving notification. This is because these devices only rely on telephone lines for sending.

It is precisely for this reason that many companies still buy and even use fax machines. Then, it is important to note that there are still many businessmen and entrepreneurs who use their fax machines as a priority. For example, there are elderly private individuals who have not wanted to migrate to new technologies and remain with the reliable.

That is why any company that intends to have validity in the market should hire the virtual fax service. This will allow you to negotiate, send and receive documents with a wider range of people, without excluding them due to the technology they use. The next question is: How do I get the virtual fax? If you hire our virtual PBX for SMEs you will be able to count on this integrating tool.

At Neotel we have the virtual fax service at low prices.

Many communication companies sell the virtual fax service as their main service at very high prices. At Neotel, virtual fax is a complement to our call center software. For this reason, we offer the service for a monthly fee of 8 € per month.

The virtual fax is an add-on to our advanced virtual PBX for SMEs. This is a program that will be very useful to manage the commercial communication of your business. Your customers will never feel better served and your company will project responsibility and reliability.

Inbound call statistics: Luxury data for businesses

Hiring a virtual switchboard service allows you to understand how all the commercial communication of a company takes place in order to improve it. Aspects such as the flow of calls, the times they occur, their duration and the management of those who answer them, can be visualized thanks to this software. All this data is reflected in the inbound call statistics.

Of course, this data is very useful both for customer service and for understanding the commercial impact of companies. In fact, nowadays, entrepreneurs and merchants give much more value to this type of data than in the past.

What are inbound call statistics?

incoming call statistics

The virtual switchboard or contact center software is basically a program that allows to unify all the communication of the companies. It does not matter if a company has only one person in charge of answering calls, or a large call center room. This application allows to professionalize the telephone communication.

One of its particular advantages is that it allows us to visualize the flow of incoming calls to the company. To do this, the program organizes all the information in easy-to-analyze graphs and this is the incoming call statistics module.

As all communication is unified, it can be easily quantified. In addition, the mere fact of working with the mobile PBX and having IP telephony makes the data collection process easier. This is like having an x-ray of all the commercial calls that come into a company.

What is the inbound call statistics module like?

The inbound call statistics module is a dashboard that shows the entire communications development. The quantifiable data is displayed clearly, broken down and separated for analysis. This is equivalent to having an x-ray of how the flow of contacts made by customers and users occurs.

This dashboard is also interactive, allowing the entrepreneur to verify specific data, separated and organized in different ways. The idea of having all these statistics and being able to interact with them is to analyze how business communication is going at the telephone level, in order to improve it.

From the analysis and monitoring of statistics, companies can generate mechanisms to promote more fluid telephone communication. But going further, this module could even provide valuable commercial information for entrepreneurs.

What data do the IP PBX statistics show?

Basically, all those related to call flow. That is, the number of incoming calls received, their distribution during working hours, and the like. Perhaps the most relevant are those related to the productivity of a company in terms of the service offered to its customers.

From this module it is possible to know, for example, how many calls come into the company during each day, how many of these are answered and it also counts those that are hung up. In other words, you can even obtain data on contacts that are not answered.

Having the ability to count on this constant flow of data in real time generates all kinds of advantages. But in addition to knowing the general statistics of the business telephone line, it is possible to know much more specific data.

Call center: analyzing each operator

Inbound call statistics do not only record the general data of a call center department. In fact, this module also provides a basic idea of how each of a company’s telephone agents works. Let’s remember that the work of the virtual PBX for SMEs unifies the communication under a single software, allowing to have a control of it.

Thus, it is possible to know, for example, how many calls are handled by each operator in particular. Similarly, this module indicates the number of conversations hung up, or the time the telephone agent spends on each call. This is important to draw objective conclusions about the performance of each employee.

An operator who has a lot of hang-ups or who leaves conversations on hold may not be doing his job well. On the other hand, a telephone agent who has a high talk time per call perhaps serves customers well, but does not contribute to productivity.

Inbound call statistics: Establishing averages

Inbound call statistics are key to defining whether a call center’s work is being performed correctly. But to do so, the company must first study and track its own management. In the numbers of this module, there are the possibilities, correctives and objectives that a company can establish with respect to its customer service.

In short, the actual numbers reflected in the statistics also serve to make projections and set goals. If you want to improve customer service, managers will know where they are starting from and what productivity they want. Thus, more than just looking at the averages obtained, it is also feasible to project possible improvements in that average.

The statistics of incoming calls allow to establish strategies to improve the efficiency of the attention. The important thing is that the entrepreneur has the necessary information to change and improve. From this module, a change can be made in the organization of the call center to increase productivity.

Three key statistics to know if you offer good customer service

To tell the truth, all the data provided by the inbound call statistics module are important. But the following ones present a straightforward picture of the service offered by the company:

Missed calls: missed calls are those that have entered the virtual PBX for SMEs, but were not answered. This can happen due to delays in the tele-operator, in the system or similar issues. A call center that misses a lot of calls is not generating a smooth service or a good customer experience.
Queues on hold: Companies can know the number of customers who are calling and are on hold while all operators are busy. This is key, because companies that always have queues on hold do not enjoy the good perception of their users. Instead of solving a problem, they become a problem for their users.
Conversation times: this information is key to get an idea of the quality of service. Very short conversations are not necessarily synonymous with productivity. Likewise, although it is always good to provide good customer service, it is not good to have very long calls. The best thing is to have adequate attention times for each type of service or problem attended.

These are data that should be reviewed on a daily basis. The good news is that inbound call statistics allow you to check all these numbers per day, per week, per month or even per year.

Call center statistics contribute to the work of the business

Knowing how a call center operates through its metrics allows to improve the business activity in several ways. Once a review of call center statistics is done, it is possible to do the following:

Work organization: call center statistics allow the entrepreneur to organize the work in the call center to improve its efficiency. Thanks to this module, it is possible to know if it is necessary to hire more staff, change the schedules or try other strategies to improve the service.
Operator evaluation: Checking the statistics of each agent makes it easier to carry out individual correction and training work. It will also be feasible to evaluate the continuity of some teleoperators if they do not comply with the work required.
Knowing the flow of customers: Hiring a contact center software will allow us to have an idea of how many customers communicate with the company. This data is useful to know the impact that the company is generating in the market since its inception. That is why hiring a virtual switchboard is positive even for those companies that do not have a call center department.

Neotel offers its virtual PBX for SMEs

At Neotel we offer our contact center software, a multifunctional tool that adapts to companies of all types. In fact, our program is useful for companies with large call center rooms, as well as for small businesses or even individual entrepreneurs. In it you will find a very complete, fast and easy to use incoming call statistics module.

Neotel’s virtual PBX offers important modules such as call recorder and incoming call statistics for free. The best thing is that we have plans that adapt to the economic possibilities of each entrepreneur. Our customers can choose the plan they prefer and request additional modules that they need for their management.

The Neotel contact center software interface is easy to use, fast and intuitive. This distinguishes it from many programs of the same type that are complex, unintelligible and for which it is necessary to hire additional IT experts. Using our virtual PBX is as easy as logging into a social network, yet it has tools that will forever change the way your company communicates.

Call recorder: training the telephone operator

The call recorder is one of the call center software tools that allows maintaining a quality and prestigious call center department. Many companies use this module as a way to verify the quality of service provided to users. Others, on the other hand, implement it as a practical way to keep a record of business conversations. To tell the truth, this is a very useful system at the professional level.

Large companies with customer service centers take advantage of the call recorder as an educational resource. In addition, it is important to clarify that its work is not limited to the call center, being equally necessary for any business. This is so because the attention to users is neuralgic in any company. Now, do you know what this technological solution is all about?

What is a call recorder?

premium virtual call recorder

The call recorder of the call center software is an application that allows recording all incoming and outgoing phone calls in a company. From its use, companies store large amounts of conversations related to their business activity. This type of data is considered commercially important, subject to protection by law, and its recording allows various internal tasks to be carried out.

In addition to the application that records each telephone call, companies must have appropriate storage space to store such digital information. In the past, firms that had a call center had to invest in expensive data centers and servers to be able to maintain this type of backup. Today, thanks to cloud storage technology, companies do not need to redirect funds into such facilities.

Nowadays, renting a virtual PBX service is more than enough to be able to make this record. This is one of the advantages brought by the Internet and new digital storage techniques. The call recorder is just a part of the monitoring module.

Why is the call recorder useful at the enterprise level?

There are many compelling reasons why companies use the call recorder. Broadly speaking, what the call recorder allows is to be able to review internal work. Thanks to this application, it is possible to review the attention that the company is offering to its customers, how telemarketers are attending and even to review a problem or specific case that occurs with a user.

This review capability can be used in many ways by companies, regardless of the economic activity in which they are engaged. The call recorder can improve many aspects of customer service, both at the institutional level and in terms of direct communication with users.

In fact, the call recorder allows to review the processes and responses of the company. Listening and analyzing the records will help to identify problems generated by the company to its customers, to seek their solution and offer a better service. Being able to correct or facilitate procedures always improves the users’ perception of the company. That is why it is so important to increase the level of service at all times.

Call Recorder: Improving company processes

Stored calls are a reflection of the problems presented by the customer with regard to the work of a company. This is critical, especially for companies that sell services of all kinds. Call center firms can reinvent themselves and improve by reviewing recorded call backup.

Being able to listen to recorded calls makes it possible to identify problems presented by groups of customers. If, for example, a particular failure occurs in a bank’s system, the number of incoming customer reports will alert managers. This, in turn, will allow them to have input and generate both solutions to the problem and responses to reassure customers.

Sometimes, analyzing the recordings helps to improve the solutions, reports or procedures in place. To be sure, many of the procedures that are still in place in customer service centers have been developed thanks to this module. This gives us an idea of the impact of using the call recorder at the enterprise level.

Call Recorder: training the operator

One of the biggest problems faced by companies is the management of teleoperators. Those who are new entrants are unfamiliar with the applications and are often inexperienced. On the other hand, some simply do not perform their job with empathy and in the right way. In both cases, the call recorder allows the teleoperator to be educated.

Although companies usually educate their new recruits with training courses, nowadays it is understood that education within companies must be continuous. Precisely, one of the ways to educate personnel is to invite them to listen to their own calls. In this way, the operator can internalize what he does correctly and where he makes mistakes.

Recorded calls are an example for the telephone agent of what to do and what not to do. In fact, each call is an example of what the service should be and what mistakes to avoid. In fact, there are many educational activities that can be done within the call center, based on the call recorder records.

Call recorder: three training activities

In prestigious companies, different types of activities are carried out to improve the training of telephone operators. Probably the ones that have the most impact are those reinforced by the call recorder records. Here are three activities that you can implement in your call center or company:

Training courses: Companies conduct courses to reinforce the knowledge of their workers. This is very common in call center rooms and other customer service jobs. In these training activities, call recordings are used as an example to indicate what is correct and what is not, when attending to users.
Personalized training: A very effective way to train telephone agents is to give them a personalized talk. In this case, the coordinator or supervisor can review the calls handled by the specific teleoperator and let him/her hear what he/she is doing right and what is not.
Staff evaluation: Many companies go beyond training and create evaluations. From this formula, the operator can correct his faults, motivating himself through the ratings. In many call centers this dynamic is used to distribute special bonuses and make promotions with objectivity.

The call recorder is not only for the call center.

The aforementioned examples are situations that are commonly seen in a call center. However, any type of company or business that has telephone communication with customers should implement the call recorder.

For example, an online store that has two people in charge of handling orders and inquiries via telephone, can implement this module to verify if they provide adequate attention. Similarly, if a company has a telemarketing department, this module allows to verify how the telemarketers are performing.

This module is also very useful for third party verification. This is a practice that is usually done when a customer needs to change a service plan or buy something over the phone. Of course, this is another of the functions that are part of Neotel’s advanced monitoring module.

Neotel monitoring module: What functions does it have?

The call recorder and cloud storage space are the most important part of the monitoring module. Added to this is the spy and whisper module, which allows call center coordinators to listen in on the calls of their telephone operators. Similarly, the owner of an online store can listen to the managers of his accounts and telephone lines.

In addition to these functions, there is the third-party verification function mentioned above. This has been designed to verify purchases of products or services over the phone. In this way, companies have their backs covered in the event of any errors. One of the great advantages of the monitoring module is that it is an excellent resource for complying with consumer and data protection laws.

The monitoring module with call recorder, spy and whisper and third party verification comes with the Neotel call center software contract. No matter the plan chosen by our client, these are benefits of contracting our call center and telemarketing software service. In addition, we have the most competitive virtual PBX plans and prices in the market.

In addition to this, we also offer the premium call recorder that allows you to increase the space available for call backup by up to one terabyte. In this way, the equivalent of two years of continuous recording can be saved. Neotel offers you what you need to record your business calls, review them and improve the quality of service you offer to your users.

Telemarketing surveys: Important for business success?

Today’s entrepreneurs understand how critical it is to know their consumers’ preferences. Marketing trends right now indicate that it is vital to obtain this type of information in order to create new products and strategies. Precisely, a tool that allows companies to obtain this data is telemarketing surveys.

At the business level, information is power, and in fact, the success of many companies is related to their ability to know their consumers. The good news is that any marketer or entrepreneur can have a reliable source of information on their own business phone line thanks to telemarketing software.

What are telemarketing surveys?

telemarketing surveys

For several decades, companies have made the survey a reliable resource to know the opinion of their potential consumers. This is because it has been proven that the best way to know their preferences is to ask them directly. Of course, having good information implies surveying large groups of people.

There are many ways to conduct these surveys for data collection. The most classic is to go out on the street and make inquiries with handout sheets. In the case of food companies, free samples are often given out and questions are asked of respondents. Of course, this is not so simple when it comes to companies that sell other types of products, or services.

Another way to conduct surveys is to call lists of people and ask them questions. However, this type of calling is often considered annoying and is one of the least recommended telemarketing practices. Therefore, companies like Neotel offer companies a better way to learn how to obtain this information: Telemarketing surveys through IVR. So what is this all about?

IVR Telemarketing Surveys: The Right Way to Query

Telemarketing software has an interactive module called IVR. This is used by companies that have customer service phone lines and basically performs at least three basic functions. These are to welcome the caller by means of an automated locution, to lead people through the menu of options and to request some information necessary for the service during the call, such as, for example, the ID card.

However, the IVR can also add an additional module to ask a voiced question to callers. This is what is known as IVR or automated telemarketing surveys. These allow to take advantage of the time the user spends before or after talking to an operator to make the survey.

In order to have this module, the text of the question is entered so that it can be voiced in the IVR. From that moment on, all customers who communicate with the companies will hear the survey and will be invited to answer it. In this way, opinion polls are conducted in a more friendly and natural way, without disturbing the clientele.

How does the client conduct telemarketing surveys?

Telemarketing surveys are listened to by customers when they communicate with the company. They can be placed at different points in the IVR interaction. After listening to the voiced question, the customer is prompted with the options they have to answer using their numeric keypad.

Questions can have several possible answers, as many as the keypad allows. Of course, the usual practice is to give four or five options for customers to answer. From this menu of answers, the user simply marks the number corresponding to the answer that seems correct.

The best thing about this tool is the simplicity with which the surveys are executed. They usually take no more than a minute of the caller’s time. Of course, answering is very simple and only requires the customer to listen to the options and then press a number.

Telemarketing surveys are versatile

IVR telemarketing surveys allow you to work with a fairly wide range of actions. From this module, almost any type of survey can be carried out. The important thing is to adapt the numerical options to the possible answers.

For example, this system allows you to conduct market research surveys, which will be the most important for designing commercial strategies. These are the ones that allow to know what type of product the customer prefers. But at the same time, this module also gives the possibility to make inquiries about customer satisfaction with the service or products.

In addition to this, telemarketing software allows the surveys to be placed in different parts of the call. Some companies prefer to launch the question when the customer has just started contact with the company. On the contrary, others usually ask the question after the customer has been served by the operator.

What is the contribution of surveys to companies?

The ability to survey large groups of people is vital for the survival and success of companies. Growing, competing and creating new solutions often depends on the amount of information handled:

Business Strategies – The core of business growth and actions lies in business strategies. Today, most companies approach their entire strategy with 5% reliable data. Telemarketing surveys make it possible to handle better quality data.
Creation of offers and products: In order to offer impactful offers and products, companies must know consumer preferences. This is what allows them to innovate and compete effectively. If this information is unknown, companies run the risk of making risky investments and losing market positioning.
Change of business approach: Companies can survive and adapt to market changes thanks to the two aspects mentioned above. Having data and analyzing it correctly is a neuralgic step to stay on its feet.

The reinvention of companies and even their victory over the competition is largely defined by the information obtained. Those who rely on telemarketing surveys ensure a reliable source of usable data.

Three types of telemarketing surveys that every company should do

There are many types of surveys and many ways to survey for business purposes. In fact, in marketing, the most desirable thing is to have as much information as possible. However, the following queries are the most important and any company should do them:

Product surveys: One of the best utilities that telemarketing surveys have, are those that invite the customer to measure the products. It is always good to consult which product they prefer, which one they select the most and what they would like in the future.
Shopping experience surveys: This is ideal for both digital and physical stores. Companies that focus on selling products can query how the customer experience was to try to improve it.
Satisfaction survey: These are the most common in companies that have call centers. They are very useful to know if the communication is being handled in the right way. Although they may seem inconsequential, this type of information says a lot about people’s perceptions of a company and that is why it is so important to provide good customer service.

There are also some surveys that are a little more complex, such as brand evaluation, perception of the competition, or of the company’s advertising. In fact, you can ask consumers almost anything if you find the right way to do it. Of course, telemarketing surveys allow you to ask almost any type of question.

Virtual switchboard: IVR and telemarketing surveys

The virtual switchboard is no longer a call center program but a telemarketing software. In fact, this tool goes beyond telemarketing and encompasses other means of communication. Precisely, one of the advantages of its use is the incorporation of IVR and automated surveys.

By having an IVR (interactive voice response), companies can improve their image automatically. For sure, incorporating this system in the business line gives a lot of professionalism and formality to a business initiative. This is just as suitable for experienced companies as it is for new ventures.

Of course, with IVR, companies can also conduct telemarketing surveys. In this way, you can take much more advantage of the interactive voice response module to obtain useful business information.

Neotel Telemarketing Software: Proven Effectiveness

At Neotel we have the best virtual PBX pricing and one of the most innovative and functional programs on the market. Our plans are designed so that any type of businessman or trader can enjoy the service with costs according to their activity, budget and requirements.

The best thing is that with the acquisition of our telemarketing software the IVR and the telemarketing survey module are completely free. Customers simply pay their usual monthly fee for the type of service requested and can count on both tools that complement the virtual PBX. At Neotel, we think about the progress of your communications.

Click to call me back: what every business website should have

Currently, there is a tendency to separate call center tools from ecommerce tools. However, both systems can increase sales and interaction with potential customers if they are integrated. In fact, the new virtual PBX has an innovative module to improve the impact of the business or commercial website: click to call me back.

Those who have websites will understand that the world of plugins is vast, although it is often difficult to know how and what they are used for. This is one that is also part of the virtual PBX service in the case of Neotel. The virtual PBX is no longer a call center program and has now become a complete and integral telemarketing software.

The secret to sell more

click to call me back

The best marketers and entrepreneurs in the world understand that the right thing to do is to open as many channels as possible for communication with users. Most marketing theories and strategies indicate that part of business success lies in availability. The most successful ventures are those that are most available and everywhere.

Therefore, the use of telephone and Internet tools should never be understood as opposites. It is not that by having a web page, the right thing to do is to eliminate the call center or the means of communication via telephone. The more effective and operational communication channels a company has, the more likely it is to generate sales.

Some customers come to a company from one social network or another. Similarly, some prefer to write a private message, contact through the website or rather, communicate directly by phone. Precisely, click to call me back is a tool that integrates telephony and website, to facilitate customer service and of course, sales. But… What is this innovative system all about?

What is click to call me back?

Those who have experience with commercial websites know that the platforms have add-ons that allow to improve the reach and management of the same.  The click to call me back is precisely an add-on designed to improve communication with the customer from the website.

The click to call me back is a button that is installed on the business website or virtual store. When pressed, customers who want to receive some information can see a box and enter their phone number. In this way, an agent of the company will contact them to answer any questions or in case they want to place an order.

This module of the virtual switchboard allows instant communication with users who discover the commercial website. With its installation and use, communication ceases to be in the hands of the user, and is arranged by the company at the user’s will. The impact of this tool is important, because it solves a major problem that all of us as consumers have experienced at some time.

The problem of most websites

Nowadays it is very common to look for products and solutions to our problems through Internet search engines. It has happened to almost all of us that we suddenly find the website of a company of interest and when we are ready to ask and make contact, it simply becomes impossible.

Websites are tools to increase the visibility of companies and in marketing strategies, they are placed as an essential element. The problem is that many of them publish telephone numbers that over time have become outdated. Similarly, sometimes the consumer finds an e-mail, writes to the company and gets no response. There is also the box that allows to leave messages, which is usually inoperative almost always.

Precisely, the click to call me back button gives the entrepreneur the possibility to contact users who might be really interested in the product or service offered. On the other hand, the customer will be sure that, by entering his or her number, an agent of the company will contact him or her. This is how this simple button allows our company to stand out from others in the eyes of consumers.

What do companies gain from the click to call me back button?

Convertibility: Companies that install and properly use the click to call me back button can convert Internet users into customers more easily. This is because they migrate people interested in the product to a much more direct conversation with a company representative or salesperson.
Immediacy: Thanks to this button, commercial communication occurs immediately. Instead of relying on the customer to communicate, the burden of communication falls on the company. Of course, this increases the opportunity to generate new sales.
Differentiate yourself from other companies: Something fundamental in business is to stand out from the competition. This must be done with the products and the brand, but also with the attention offered to the clientele. By offering click to call me back as a communication alternative, companies put themselves in a better position against others with outdated websites.
More avenues of communication: This button is basically another system by which customers can contact and receive personalized information. This implies projecting greater availability which also improves the perception that users have about the company.

Click to call me back: useful for any type of business.

The click to call me back button can be used by any type of business. Businesses that offer services can take advantage of it due to its immediacy. For example, a law firm can receive the numbers of potential clients and call back immediately, projecting its vocation to serve and help those in need. In fact, this plugin allows to show interest in the user, regardless of the hiring.

However, this PBX plug-in can also be included in virtual stores. In this case, the click to call me back can be oriented to answer customers’ questions, or as a mechanism for dealing with complaints. There is always a way to include it even in this type of website designed for direct online sales.

On the other hand, merchants who sell products but do not have an online store, can manage orders from this module.

How to obtain and install click to call me back?

Click to call me back is one of the modules of Neotel’s virtual switchboard. Therefore, it is a service provided to entrepreneurs and companies that contract this service. The inclusion of this module in the monthly plan is very economical, costing only 25 euros per month for its installation and use.

For those who do not know what a virtual switchboard is, it is a telemarketing and customer service software, which allows to manage business communication. It has the basic features of call center software, but includes many other functions and add-ons. Basically, it allows the implementation of IP telephony, databases and other necessary implements for a formal, professional and intelligent business communication.

On the other hand, the installation of the click to call me back button is done by Neotel’s IT experts. This is done in a very simple way and does not affect the design of the business website. Everything is done in an expeditious manner and the client can request to place it in the section of their digital portal that seems most convenient.

Neotel: quality telemarketing software

Neotel offers entrepreneurs and traders its innovative telemarketing software. This virtual PBX goes beyond the applications and functions for answering phone calls. Our program also has complementary modules to work with other communication channels and generate more sales, as well as the best attention to your customers.

Some of the modules most used by our customers are the call launchers, the call robot, the virtual fax, the signaling, the sending of massive SMS, the CRM and many more. These as well as the click to call me back button are effective to connect with the public and achieve better communication and increased sales flow.

Our virtual PBX has a long history of good performance, stability and speed. Neotel is a company that has been in the business telecommunications market for more than twenty years. Our virtual PBX is used by some of the most important companies in Spain and the rest of Europe and Latin America. Contact us to learn more about our products, special modules and prices. We have all the necessary tools for the development of professional communication and business marketing.

Why are companies using cloud video conferencing more?

Until recently, cloud-based videoconferencing was understood as a resource for informal family communication. However, the use of this technology has increased dramatically in the business world. The most recent studies and surveys agree that video calling has become a truly influential human practice.

However, in the case of companies, it is not enough to make video calls through a social network. When the purpose of the communication is commercial, the appropriate resources must be used. The objective is to generate trust and formality. To achieve this, companies can resort to the virtual switchboard, which has a special module for this activity. Now, do you know what videoconferencing and video calls in the cloud are useful for?

Business video calls: require other types of programs


video calling and videoconferencing in the cloud

Anyone who thinks of a video call will think of social networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp. However, these websites are far from offering a suitable environment for the work of a company. In fact, making a video call in the cloud from an entertainment platform is uphill, due to the limitations of these services.

Certainly, there are platforms designed specifically for business video calls. However, these also have certain limitations that are only improved by fairly expensive monthly fees. Some cost the same as a basic virtual PBX plan, which even offers telemarketing features and is much more versatile.

Modern call center software offers cloud-based video calling and video conferencing modules. This type of feature is just one of several that this type of program offers. In fact, this option is much more advantageous for companies and businesses for several reasons.

What is video calling in the virtual PBX cloud like?

Virtual PBX programs such as Neotel’s provide a web environment for their customers. This is usually done from the WebRTC line, the basis of all platforms with chat and video call modules, among others. However, the best thing about this is that each company has its own system for using this format for real-time conversations.

In addition, this virtual environment is designed to work with IP telephony. In fact, this is ideal for a business environment because in this environment special telephone devices are usually used for videoconferencing. An example of these are business desk phones with display and IP connection.

Of course, the virtual PBX and its cloud-based video conferencing module can be used from a computer or smartphone. In truth, all the employee needs to communicate with other colleagues or customers is a device with a broadband connection and digital camera. Of course, the application of video calls has various utilities within companies.

Working in times of emergency

The occurrence of the COVID 19 pandemic posed a very complicated work scenario. Faced with the quarantine, video calls and videoconferences became viable solutions to maintain study, work communication and commercial activity. This is how this tool gained prominence for companies and businesses.

Video calls have allowed many companies to continue their work without the need to be in person. Better yet, many professionals and freelancers have been able to generate income from the comfort of their homes thanks to video calling in the cloud. This has given greater validity to the use of the virtual switchboard in small businesses or those that do not have a call center.

Cloud-based video calling is now a tool that allows work to continue in times of emergency. However, the advantages that have been found in the use of this technology already place it as a frequent means of conducting meetings.

Easier and more productive business meetings

Many companies have found that using cloud-based videoconferencing has advantages over face-to-face meetings. Group video calls make it possible to bring people together who are not in the same location. In fact, this module is used by the most prestigious companies to make decisions involving a certain number of managers. This despite the fact that they are not all in the same city or country.

Another advantage of videoconferencing in the cloud is that meetings are more organized. The sole use of this tool implies establishing an order to give an opinion and avoids the problem of murmuring, typical of face-to-face events. This facilitates the dynamics and makes it possible to better organize work-related activities. According to some statistics, 94% of companies believe that video calls increase productivity.

Similarly, video calls make it possible to work better with non-contracted personnel. Today’s companies can work with specialists without offering permanent contracts. This makes it possible to reduce some hiring costs and to carry out collaborations or special jobs. From the cloud video call, instructions can be given and assignments can be properly tracked.

Cloud-based video calling: Improving customer relationships

Videoconferencing generates guarantees of trust in the clientele. This is because audio calls allow you to get to know the entrepreneur or agent in charge much better. The fact of being able to see the people with whom we are negotiating makes it much easier to close deals.

Nowadays there are companies that provide customer service through video calls. This medium is very positive in those tasks that involve self-management on the part of the customer. For example, the telephone agent of a cable TV company can give much clearer guidance to a user in the event of having to check a fault.

Even some retailers are using such tools to present their product catalogs. Of course, using the video call module of the virtual PBX gives more formality and credibility to the entrepreneur. Very positive feedback can be generated about the virtual PBX from the clientele.

It is a source of income

Those companies or entrepreneurs who are involved in education can take full advantage of video conferencing in the cloud. It does not matter what subject matter the entrepreneur masters, because there is always an audience for every learning experience.

In fact, many people generate extra income by teaching others their trade. For example, there are very successful salespeople who, in addition to marketing, teach other people about sales techniques. There is a whole market of consumers willing to pay for learning, or attention.

There are no limits to using video calling in the cloud as a source of income production. From tarotists, to sexologists, to psychologists can turn this module of call center software into a business in its own right. Even schools and other educational institutions are acquiring the virtual switchboard to operate during the pandemic.

Replacing other means of communication

Estimates suggest that video calling will replace the traditional voice call in the next few years. This trend will not only be adopted by companies, but will also be driven by them when offering their services. According to recent studies, 89% of people believe that video calling and video conferencing in the cloud allows them to feel more connected.

In addition, the rate of people preferring to make video calls has risen to 87%, up from about three years ago. Video calling enables feelings that are no longer possible through a traditional phone call. Some of these are emotional connection, engagement, trust, transparency and concentration.

It should be noted that all these sensations are fundamental both in the commercial area and in work environments. In other words, they facilitate the internal work of companies and the action of offering and selling products or services. For this reason, projections are clearly in favor of video calls, understanding that the Internet is becoming more and more widespread worldwide.

Neotel’s cloud-based videoconferencing module

Neotel’s virtual PBX is one of the most practical, functional and fastest on the market. This service goes far beyond simply having the ability to make video calls and video conferencing in the cloud.

Neotel’s module allows recording video calls made with customers or employees. In this way, the company keeps a record of incoming and outgoing video calls. Video calls can even be transferred to facilitate effective communication.

The cloud-based video call module is completely free for entrepreneurs who purchase our virtual PBX. It doesn’t matter if the customer purchases the most basic plan, they will still have this innovative tool. There are excellent opinions on the Internet about Neotel’s virtual pbx and its operation. Those who contract the service can count on the support, quality and assistance of our work team.

What is the mobile PBX and why does it facilitate remote work?

Call center software is no longer just for companies that have a call center. And likewise, they no longer work only within the fixed space of an office or company. Now, employees can have all the features of a communications manager on their own smartphone. For this, what is typically used is the mobile PBX.

Current realities have forced companies to break away from the traditional face-to-face work scheme. In fact, today’s largest companies do not depend on their physical facilities, supervisors and schedules to function. Their workers can perform their work from the comfort of their homes, or even be located in other countries. Of course, doing this is economical, efficient and possible thanks to the mobile PBX.

The online virtual PBX: more than just call center software

mobile pbx

Many would think that hiring an online virtual switchboard is only useful for companies that have a call center. To tell the truth, this type of service is rather the improvement of the old call center system for companies. In fact, its functionalities and modes of operation go much further.

What is fundamental in the virtual PBX is precisely its virtuality. First of all, this is a communications manager that only requires an Internet connection to be used. In fact, it stands out for not requiring installations or expenses within the companies that hire it. Added to this, it is virtual because its data is also stored in the cloud service.

Firstly, the online virtual PBX offers companies functions to formally manage their calls. Secondly, it now incorporates much more varied and useful modules, which allow to improve communication beyond the traditional telephone communication. From here, it is much easier to explain what the mobile PBX is.

What is the mobile PBX?

The mobile PBX is a module of the generalized virtual PBX used by today’s companies. It allows you to use the functions of such a system, but on the iPhone. This is due to the fact that the configuration of a computer with a softphone is very different from the software and operation of a cell phone.

In plain words, the mobile PBX is the main program used to manage telephone calls. It is usually used by telephone agents from a computer, with a headset and the softphone that simulates the numeric keypad of a telephone. This is how the teleoperator receives the calls that come in to the business number, can transfer them, mute them, cancel them, etc.

But a cell phone already has a numeric keypad that obeys the device’s own system, as well as an assigned number. In other words, the online virtual switchboard, although it can be opened from a smartphone, cannot work in the same way as on a computer or laptop. If the company wants its employees to answer from cell phones, it installs the mobile PBX and in this way they can work within this software.

What is the purpose of the mobile PBX?

As explained above, the mobile PBX is an application that allows the virtual PBX to work on cell phones. In this way, both the teleoperator and the company can maintain control and management of the communication. Its use allows the following functions:

Smartphone associated to the company number: operators who have the mobile PBX on their devices can receive calls made to the company number. Likewise, they can make telemarketing calls without disclosing their personal phone number.
Call functions: Having the mobile PBX allows to perform from a smartphone all the basic functions that are made from a call center. This would be to transfer, mute, put on hold and cancel the entry of a call. This is important because they are elements that allow formalizing conversations of a commercial nature.
Operator control: For many companies it is essential that their telephone agents have a mobile switchboard. This allows them to log in, register their management, keep call records and participate in statistics.

Why is a mobile PBX necessary?

Many companies allow or need their phone agents to do their jobs from their smartphone. However, doing so can mean many problems. The first of them, is in the line that is going to be used to make or answer business calls. Obviously, the operator’s personal line cannot be used for this type of communication.

In the past, companies used to buy packages of lines from traditional companies. However, maintaining this type of service was quite costly. From the mobile PBX, it is possible to work with more economical costs. The best thing is that by using this module, calls coming in on the company’s number will be forwarded to cell phones.

Another problem with the use of cellular telephony at the enterprise level has to do with management control. The virtual switchboard makes it possible to check the connection time of telephone agents, record calls and provide statistics on customer service or telemarketing. But this software works mainly on computers and laptops.

The mobile PBX becomes a practical way for the employee to use the call center system from his smartphone. In fact, this add-on module can be a great solution for certain companies.

Three scenarios where the mobile PBX is ideal

The mobile PBX is not only a solution but an opportunity. Nowadays, remote work is a trend that is very fashionable due to its multiple advantages. Also, this formula is usually much more economical because the maintenance of an office can be costly. In this sense, this module is ideal in the following scenarios:

International hiring: Many companies prefer to hire personnel in other countries for various reasons. The most common reason is that they find good workers in other places at slightly lower salaries. In many of these cases, the mobile switchboard is ideal for hiring and controlling the work of this type of worker, especially for customer service tasks.
Special situations: Situations such as the COVID 19 pandemic demonstrated that it is sometimes important to be able to work remotely. In such cases, having a mobile switchboard can facilitate the continuation of operations even when away from the office.
Virtual store: Many virtual stores are managed by very small groups of people. In these cases, a basic call center software service and the virtual switchboard module can be contracted. In this way, calls and orders can be handled formally, from a single business number and all from cell phones.

The best thing is that there are many situations in which companies can take advantage of this tool. Of course, everything will depend on the type of activity and also on the function performed by each employee.

How is the mobile PBX installed?

The mobile PBX is purchased when paying for the call center system service. Some companies in the market offer it at an additional cost. In the case of Neotel, we offer this complement free of charge to those customers who purchase our virtual PBX.

To work with the mobile PBX, operators do not need to make any special installation. In other words, no additional software is required, nor is portability. It does not matter if the agents have a telephone line with another company, as this module does not interfere with their usual call service.

To perform basic operations such as transferring calls, canceling or muting, the agent uses short numeric codes that are easy to dial and remember. In this way, the smartphone will work in the same way as the online virtual PBX works on a computer or laptop. Everything is very easy to understand and operate.

Neotel offers the most innovative IP telephony services

Neotel’s mobile PBX comes bundled with the call center software for free and is innovative and functional. Its interface is one of the simplest in the market, being implemented by countless domestic and foreign companies. Our products are of proven quality and are supported by the best technicians in communication and information technology.

Neotel’s online virtual PBX and all its modules work properly and offer companies a range of technological solutions. The aim of our products is to facilitate the interaction between the company and its customers in order to obtain business opportunities.

The mobile PBX is just one of the functionalities that brings versatility, communication and efficiency to business communication. At Neotel we offer the best and cheapest plans, designed so that every entrepreneur can enjoy a service according to their budget and expectations.

Why should companies have a premium virtual call recorder?

Data storage is an important part of business today. Calls made by customers are undoubtedly information that needs to be backed up by companies. The same goes for outbound telemarketing calls. This is where a module that every entrepreneur should have at his disposal comes in: the premium virtual call recorder.


premium virtual call recorder

Technology has evolved for the benefit of entrepreneurs. In the past, recording calls and storing information in general was very costly for companies. Only those businesses that reached a certain size could afford to have detailed records of their interaction with customers. Today, you can have all the data with a minimal investment. Now, do you know what a call recorder is and how it works?

Business Call Recorder: What is it?

The call recorder is a call center software module that allows recording business conversations in companies. In previous decades, companies invested in servers, software and data centers in order to store this type of data. Thanks to new web storage techniques, these expenses are unnecessary and companies can have ample backup.

This technological resource is called a virtual call recorder. It is “virtual” because all recorded conversation data is stored in virtual spaces. To be more precise, what is currently used to perform these backups of useful information is cloud storage.

Through this module, companies can store a large amount of data on the Internet. For this, there is no need to spend storage space on equipment, or spend money on physical facilities of any kind. Basically, this is a service offered by companies such as Neotel when acquiring the virtual PBX.

Now, why is it important to have a business call recorder? What functions can this module fulfill? Do you know how this call recording system works?

The recorder allows you to maintain the quality of customer service.

When working with customer service or telemarketing it is very difficult to measure the agent’s work. Certainly, statistics reflect data such as conversation time or the number of calls handled. However, it is only from the recorder that the performance of each telemarketer in front of the clientele is really known: his treatment, his ability to resolve or to sell.

This is one of the reasons why even companies that do not have a call center department hire the virtual PBX. Even the smallest businesses come into telephone contact with their customers, and it is necessary to verify the treatment offered by the managers. The premium virtual call recorder facilitates internal control in any type of enterprise.

The recorded records make it possible to know if the telemarketers are performing according to the company’s values. But better yet, the study of the calls can push call centers and companies to improve their processes, responses and detect some problems that can only be verified in the middle of the interaction with the clientele.

Detecting customer service problems

Most companies find many of their faults through direct interaction with their customers. Of course, this can only be studied thanks to call recording. Simply put, recorded data can drive procedural changes and better responses to customer issues.

The premium virtual call recorder is a widely used resource for improving customer service manuals. By detecting problems and finding more efficient solutions, companies have a positive impact on customer perception. The call centers of the most prestigious companies work in this way.

Small retailers can also make excellent use of this module. In fact, by replaying calls, many retailers gather information about the preferences and needs of their clientele. In this way, they can study what merchandise to sell and adapt to the demands of their users. That is why the virtual PBX cannot be seen only as a program for call center operators.

The premium virtual call recorder allows staff education

An important part of the virtual recorder is customer service monitoring. However, this goes far beyond penalizing those telephone agents who do not handle calls well, or who simply do not comply with protocols. On the contrary, reviewing calls by operator allows you to educate your staff in order to improve the quality of their work.

This is very useful, especially for training new employees entering the company. Coordinators or managers rely on the recorded audios to make suggestions and corrections. On the other hand, telemarketers can listen to themselves and verify on their own the mistakes they make during conversations.

In call centers, continuous evaluations are carried out in which the call recorder plays a central role.  However, this system can also be useful in an online store to check the way in which managers deal with potential customers.

The recorder helps to clear up misunderstandings

Many companies develop a bad relationship with customers due to the failures of some telemarketers. For example, small or medium-sized companies that open a call center without having experience in customer service often suffer from this problem. A poorly done procedure, an ignored complaint or even a rude customer service, are things that can always happen.

It is important to emphasize that companies have a consumer protection role. In this sense, the premium virtual call recorder allows you to verify what happens when a customer makes a complaint. This is often crucial when a conflictive situation arises between a customer and a telemarketer. In fact, the ability to record conversations is as favorable for the user as it is for the telephone agent.

In banking companies, the call recorder serves as a means of resolving many conflicts. From the recordings, it is possible to understand what generated the conflict, whether it was a fault of the telephone operator and whether the customer has a bad attitude. In this way, the company can take a position and generate an appropriate response.

Premium Virtual Call Recorder: Legal Protection

Companies today must comply with a number of legal regulations related to customer protection. Two are very important to the fate of firms: data protection laws and consumer protection laws. Fortunately, recording calls allows almost any company to cover its back on both.

On data protection, it is obvious that companies must safeguard sensitive information about their users. Hiring a large and secure storage is part of the legal requirements that firms must comply with. The best thing about hiring a virtual PBX with its respective recorder is that the information security is the responsibility of the company that provides this service.

As for consumer protection, the recorder covers companies and telemarketers in the event of a conflict or misunderstanding. For example, if a company is accused by a consumer before the regulatory body, the recorded calls can always be used as evidence that the complainant has not been violated. For this reason, many companies try to keep extensive records of calls made by their clientele.

Some common questions about the call recorder

Those entrepreneurs who wonder how to record calls should know that this system works automatically. In fact, the virtual or physical PBX is configured to record all calls without special settings.

Another aspect that many entrepreneurs do not know is how to review recorded calls. To tell the truth, some virtual recorders tend to have a complicated interface. However, the module offered by Neotel is very simple to use, allowing you to download the audios, rewind them, forward them and review them completely.

For those who need to know how to get a virtual call recorder, these are basically part of the PBX software. So, in order to have this module you must purchase this service which is not so expensive and in fact at Neotel, we offer plans tailored to the budget and size of each company.

What is the premium virtual call recorder like?

The program for telemarketers usually comes with a call recording module. The fact is that most of the software of this type has a basic storage limit when the service is purchased. Most companies can work with these resources.

However, there are companies that need a storage capacity that goes beyond what the virtual PBX offers in its basic plan. For this type of customer, the premium virtual call recorder service is offered. Basically, this is a quite considerable expansion of the space for backups.

At Neotel, we offer a premium virtual call recorder of 1 terabyte for companies that request it. This is equivalent to recording two full years of telephone conversations. This is an additional service available to those who purchase our virtual PBX software. The cost is only 45€ per month.