CRM: How to sell more from information?

It is impossible to imagine large companies that do not use software to facilitate their work nowadays. Virtual switchboards, data systems, programs for making claims and telemarketing are part of today’s business world.  Among these, one stands out for its versatility, organization and multifunctionality: CRM.

Many businessmen and traders probably have no idea what a CRM is. Some companies even implement it without having any idea of the potential of this type of program. Well oriented, this software can be an ideal ally to achieve sales and below, you will understand why.

What is a database?



Database programs are intended to store information about a company’s customers. In fact, they are so simple that they are often built on the basis of Excel spreadsheets, although it may not seem so. In general, these applications are static, standardized and offer few additional functions other than storing data of interest.

An example of databases are the programs used in banking institutions. In fact, almost all companies that sell services have this type of software with information about their customers. That is why, when a person calls the bank, a telephone agent can tell him his balance and similar information.

CRM can be thought of as a state-of-the-art database that not only stores information. In fact, this type of program breaks the mold in many ways.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This could be translated as customer relationship management system, for those of you who were wondering what CRM stands for. Its name alone indicates that it is more than a database with useful customer information for the company. It is rather a software that allows a better relationship with users.

When we talk about a commercial activity, relating only implies two things: customer service and sales. However, CRM is specially designed to help increase sales. In fact, its entire structure is designed to make it easier for customer service agents to make sales to customers over the phone.

A database is a closed system that contains and allows you to review customer data. In contrast, a CRM has resources that facilitate communication between departments. In this way, all those who come into contact with it can leave information about potential customers interested in the product.

Explaining the CRM from the inbound call

CRM starts working from the moment a customer makes a call to the company. By containing the database of users, this system is able to recognize their phone numbers if they have been previously registered.

Then when the teleoperator receives the call, he will be able to see a module that tells him who is the person who is calling the call center. This is a great advantage when reviewing the customer’s data and allows the telephone agent to gain a few seconds to better address the conversation.

It is also possible that the user communicating with the company is not registered in the CRM. In this case, the system offers the possibility to update the records or start a new one. In other words, the database can always be modified or enriched to guarantee the company updated information.

Basically, the CRM is also connected to the virtual PBX for calls. That is why everything works in an integrated way from the moment a customer calls.

CRM makes it possible to integrate all the information in an orderly fashion.

Traditional programs are limited even for storing or sorting information. Some even have templates where only a certain amount of data can be stored. To tell the truth, CRM also represents a technological breakthrough compared to many outdated software that many companies are still using.

On the contrary, CRM allows you to have different types of information stored in an orderly fashion. This is how this system can have a space for contracts or invoices, another for physical or photocopied documents, added to the base with the basic data of the clientele.

This is much more complete than having figures, dates and names of a client in a template. CRM is more like a system that integrates all the information that is important within a company. The positive thing about this software is that the information can be more easily linked and better utilized by agents and employees.

Three luxury functions of CRM

CRM not only organizes information, but also enables interaction within the system. Therefore, it not only integrates data but also the company’s departments and employees. Here are three features that make CRM much more complete than a traditional database.

Dynamic customer history: CRM customer profiles are very complete, allowing almost any type of information to be grouped together in various formats. It is not just a matter of filling out a personal file, because, in fact, the system allows you to group the entire record of interactions that occur with each user.
Recordings: The CRM not only allows you to save written data but also recordings. From recorded calls to a reminder made by a telephone agent who has served a user. Everything is easily found in the system that stores the information with organization.
Inter-departmental communication modules: CRM allows you to create notes and send them to the managers of other departments. Therefore, information flows are created around this software that allow to follow up with users. Everything is very expeditious, fast and there are many ways to communicate with other offices.

Precisely, the communication modules between departments is the biggest commercial secret of CRM. This function can be key to generate more sales. That is why this system is understood to have a commercial focus.

CRM: Selling from information

Companies that sell products and services understand that sales are a social process. To achieve them, interaction is needed at the right time. One of the biggest problems facing the business world is the lack of customer and user data.

There are times when a customer may express interest in a product to a telemarketer. But since there is usually no follow-up with users or internal communication, this is left up in the air. This is how companies lose out on potential sales that could easily be made. This is where CRM comes in as a revenue multiplier.

CRM makes it possible, for example, to pass on the data of a person interested in a product to the telemarketing department. In fact, everything in this software has been designed to provide follow-up and information to close sales. This system allows the integration of all parts of a company to generate greater dividends.

A priority part of the function of a CRM is to feed the telemarketing department. Through its implementation, agents can obtain updated numbers, commercial opportunities and potential sales that need little work to be closed. Of course, this will depend on the agents making proper use of all the resources of this system.

Neotel: CRM and virtual PBX for calls

Both CRM and virtual PBX are call center tools. However, to use them it is not necessary to have a large department with teleoperators. Any company or business can take advantage of both communication and customer interaction systems.

Neotel’s virtual switchboard has a simple interface, is innovative and offers excellent complementary modules such as automatic call launchers and sending bulk SMS. These and other tools are ideal for developing effective telemarketing strategies.

Both the CRM and the virtual PBX have similar interfaces and synchronize seamlessly. Both programs work from an internet connection and their data is hosted in the cloud. As a result, companies that contract the service do not have to invest in expensive equipment or make complicated installations. The entire service is provided by Neotel, including maintenance.

Neotel offers its CRM for free with the virtual switchboard contract.

Those entrepreneurs and companies that purchase the virtual switchboard service with Neotel get the CRM for free. In this way, they acquire two fully integrated systems to manage their communication and migrate to IP telephony.

It does not matter which call center software plan is contracted with the client. All those who pay for this service can also have access to an innovative CRM, easy to use and with state-of-the-art functionalities. This is an excellent way to start a business, managing communication in a professional way.

Uses of the robot call in the business world

The virtual switchboard has evolved to offer companies and businesses innovative marketing tools. Today it is known that telephone contact with customers is still very much alive and has not been replaced by social networks. In this order of ideas, one of the most used callcenter tools nowadays is the robot call.

The use of the robot call is very common in the largest service companies worldwide. Perhaps it is in the medium and small companies where it is less known and used. However, there are a lot of applications that can be given to this technological module. Of course, the first thing to do is to know what this tool is all about.

Robot call: more than a telephone dialer

robot call

Dialers are systems that allow several calls to be made simultaneously. This is a resource generally used for commercial purposes. In their traditional version, they process lists of telephone numbers and launch calls which, when answered by customers, are handled by a company teleoperator.

Up to this point, the telephone dialer did not replace the work of the human telephone operator. In the end, they were the ones who necessarily had to dialogue and negotiate with the customer. This is not an obsolete technology, as many companies use intelligent telephone dialers such as predictive and progressive dialers.

However, telephone dialers have advanced to offer a more advanced technological solution. That is precisely what Robot call is, a call launcher that does not require human telephone agents to deliver a message to customers. It is an entirely automated advertising tool.

How does the robot call do its job?

The robot call is a call launcher with messages voiced by a “robotic” operator.  That is to say, when answering the call, the customer will not hear a person, but a recorded message. Therefore, it should be understood as a fully automated application.

It could be said that the call robot is a call launcher in two parts. In this case, not only the list of telephone numbers to be called is programmed. In addition to this, the message to be conveyed by the call is also entered into the system.

After programming the list of telephone numbers and the message to be transmitted, the calls are launched simultaneously. When customers answer, they basically listen to an operator who repeats the message that was written and programmed in the robot call. In this way, an advertising message can be delivered without the need to use telephone agents.

The great thing about the robot call is that it can be used for many types of advertising messages. Companies can set many objectives around this ideal tool for telemarketing.

Use the robo call to inform about new plans and offers.

The robot call is understood as an excellent way to inform and build loyalty. If the company or business has a new product or service, an excellent way to announce it is through voice calls. In this way, the clientele can know that there is a new plan that could favor him or her, be cheaper or more convenient for him or her.

Above all, in the case of offers, the robot call is usually very effective and generates interaction. Discounts and gifts are not only well received and capture the interest of users. In addition to that, this type of message can mobilize them to the company’s website. In fact, in these cases it is recommended to end the message with a phrase such as “see more on our website”.

Informing offers through the robot call has the advantage of predisposing the customer to attend this type of calls. From then on, many customers will be more open to receive this type of business messages to get information and look for offers that are convenient for them.

An excellent way to inform about billing

One of the problems that some service companies have is informing their customers about their billing. Nowadays there are self-management systems available on the Internet. However, it is always a good strategy to remind customers about their debt and cut-off date.

The robot call is a very useful tool to remind customers about their service billing. In fact, it can be much more effective to listen to this than to check it on the computer. Users tend to remember more accurately both the amounts and the billing dates.

Many cell phone companies, banks and insurance brokers use this method. This is because they know that it is an ideal strategy to avoid payment delays and outages that complicate the company-user relationship. Doing this work is important to avoid a bad impression of the customer and allows companies to keep in touch.

Robot calls are perfect for building customer loyalty

Not all advertising messages are aimed at selling or collecting payment. In fact, companies must also communicate empathetically with customers and potential users. For this, the robot call can be a viable alternative.

For example, Christmas messages and special day greetings are an excellent way to build customer loyalty. If it is a service company, it is also feasible to celebrate the anniversary of the user’s stay with the company. Caution messages can also be sent during the vacations.

There are many loyalty messages that companies can use to keep in touch with customers. These are more important than they seem, being key in creating an emotional connection with the company and its products.

Can businesses use the robot call?

Experience shows that the companies that make the most use of the robo-call are those that offer services and not products. This is because this telephone dialer is very useful for mass communications. However, even a retailer or a virtual store can take advantage of this module of the virtual switchboard.

For example, a virtual store can use the robot call to notify its most trusted customers about the arrival of new merchandise. It can also inform about a new offer, promotion and also send loyalty messages.

Similarly, it is feasible to use the robot call to invite customers to a special event. If, for example, a shopping fair or exhibition is held, this is a good way to promote the activity to encourage attendance. It all depends on the creativity of the business owner or marketing manager.

Advantages of the robot call

The robot call has several advantages when compared to other similar telemarketing systems, such as the telephone dialer. Of course, each of the callcenter tools has its own function, and all of them are good for something. However, it is important to mention the good things that this particular module has:

Greater control of the advertising message: when a telemarketer makes a sale or offers a promotion, many factors can come into play. In addition, there are people who develop selling skills and others who do not. With the robot call, the advertising message is designed and programmed in advance.
Everything is automated: This call launcher is ideal to perform tasks without employing telephone operators. This is because the robot call is fully automated. Its operation only requires the elaboration of the message and the programming of the telemarketing campaign.
It is a mass telemarketing module: Telemarketing campaigns with human operators are limited. They depend on the number of agents available and usually require more time covering a small number of customers. In contrast, the robot call can reach many people quickly and simultaneously.
It is less annoying: Many customers perceive calls with recorded voiceovers as less annoying. This is because their informative message is usually short and precise. This is an advantage compared to telemarketing calls.

Neotel has the cheapest and newest virtual pbx

The robot call is one of the additional modules offered by Neotel’s virtual switchboard. Our system is state-of-the-art, easy to understand and with an intuitive interface. Anyone can program messages to be broadcast by voice call.

The message can be written or recorded and then simply broadcast through simultaneous calls. Neotel offers different cost packages for the use of the robot call. This is intended so that every company can enjoy this automated system, depending on their budget. For example, a small company can opt for the 10-channel plan for as little as 25 euros per month.

Robot call is just one of the callcenter tools that Neotel offers to amplify business communication. Our program offers a series of technological solutions for customer service and telemarketing. We have the cheapest and most innovative virtual switchboard on the market.

Predictive dialer: Ideal for companies with high volume of work

The telephone dialer is a tool that enhances communication between companies and their customers. Its mission is to make phone calls more efficient regardless of their purpose or origin. In this sense, those companies that are at the peak of their commercial activity will be able to better serve their clientele thanks to the predictive dialer.

This type of system is one of the best applications of artificial intelligence at work. Although it is complex to operate, it is quite simple to use. Companies with large call centers will be able to improve their productivity more and more.

The dialer and its variants

Dialers are simultaneous call launchers. They can work both to improve telephone work and outgoing calls. An outgoing call is a call that originates in the company and is received by a customer. On the other hand, the incoming call is the one made by the customer to a certain product or service company.

predictive dialer

Now, there are many different telephone dialers. Each one differs according to its function, system and objectives to be fulfilled within a company. For example, the progressive dialer is ideal for rooms with few operators and small campaigns with long talk times.

Of course, call center rooms of large companies with many customers need something more. The progressive dialer works by occupying each operator when he or she is free of calls. However, a busy call center would not be able to function that way. It is in these scenarios that the predictive dialer becomes indispensable.

What does the predictive dialer do?

As its name suggests, the predictive dialer is a call launcher that works by making predictions. Therefore, its operation is much more complex than having a free operator take a call. It is a specialized tool for large coverage.

The predictive dialer is probably the most complex of all dialers so far invented. Its effectiveness is due to the type of artificial intelligence it implements. To make its predictions, this phone dialer performs complex calculations of several variables.

This is easier to understand when looking at call center statistics. Usually, the metrics that a call center coordinator sees have multiple statistical data.

Precisely, the predictive dialer takes all these statistics and predicts how the calls should be handled. This is not easy to understand, and in fact, these are calculations that a person could not do with such accuracy all the time.

What does the predictive dialer analyze?

The statistical data that the predictive dialer continuously reviews from a call center are six: Available and active agents, number of calls and average talk, answer and dialing times.

All these data are analyzed and related to each other in order to put the department to work efficiently. This is how the predictive dialer begins its work by assigning effectively attended calls to the available operators and discarding failed contacts that generate wasted time.

To be sure, the predictive dialer goes beyond putting a call center to work properly. In fact, it is always looking for ways to improve talk times and reduce idle time. Over time, the system finds ways to generate higher productivity thanks to its unmatched logarithm.

Efficiency-driven operation

When a company implements the predictive dialer in its telemarketing campaigns, all work is planned. This system calculates the right pace of work to make more calls, contacts and sales in less time. From here, it will work with the intention of meeting those objectives.

However, this process of calculating and automating calls is not static. In fact, the predictions of this phone dialer are constantly occurring. Over time, the system continues to improve call center performance by understanding how operators should behave.

This predictive capability and constant improvement clearly differentiates it from other callcenter tools, such as the progressive dialer. Of course, in its work it achieves other functions that generate greater effectiveness in the work of making outgoing calls.

Other things the predictive dialer does

The predictive dialer does not only launch outgoing calls when operators are free. This is the most important function of any dialer, but these systems also do other things. To be sure, it is more about ensuring intelligent dialing:

This dialer discards making calls to numbers that usually don’t answer. For example, after trying a couple of times with a disconnected phone or fax tone, the system learns that it won’t get anything by calling that phone number.
It also discards phone numbers of people who have blocked telemarketing calls. This is a good way to avoid wasting time with consumers who will not be interested in either the product or the call.
The system also analyzes the performance of each agent. Its operation not only affects the statistics, but also generates its own. This tool in fact allows to organize the work in call center.

The predictive dialer and call center statistics

The predictive dialer is an excellent tool for outbound call departments. However, its effectiveness is much higher when someone inside the company analyzes the call center metrics. This is a task that is almost always performed by a room coordinator. In the case of a small business, it may be the owner who performs this task.

The increase in productivity generated by this dialer will always be reflected in the statistics of the virtual PBX for calls. But if these data are well analyzed, strategies can be implemented to further optimize the work in the call center. It is also important to focus on the performance of individual operators.

In addition, it will always be possible to verify data such as, for example, the hours in which most calls are answered. All this will allow you to organize the work of the department to get the best out of it. But beyond speeding up the volume of outbound telemarketing calls, the predictive dialer is an important tool for the telemarketing department.

Predictive dialer generates more sales

The predictive dialer launches more calls and ensures that they are handled by the company’s telemarketers. This fact alone allows to improve sales or closed business from telemarketing campaigns: The more calls, the greater the opportunity to sell.

The best thing is that this system makes several calls to potential prospects interested in a product, offer or service. In this way, users are followed up and telemarketing statistics indicate that this is the way to increase the probabilities of selling. In fact, according to statistical studies, after the fifth call to the same customer, the probability of closing the sale begins to increase by 66%.

The predictive dialer launches several calls to numbers and potential customers automatically. As indicated above, it also discards numbers that are unlikely to generate an effective call. In addition, with this system, the calls handled are always handled by an agent, as that is what this tool takes care of.

The predictive dialer is an additional virtual PBX module for calls. In Neotel we have one of the most innovative dialers, updated and with artificial intelligence of the highest level.

Neotel has an updated virtual PBX

Neotel is a technology solutions company with more than 20 years in the communications market. Some of the most powerful companies in Spain and other European countries use our call center software and modules. We also provide our products to SMEs, virtual stores and small businesses.

One of the most useful and interesting modules of our virtual PBX for calls are the telephone dialers. At Neotel we have a high performance progressive dialer and also a predictive dialer. The latter is one of the most requested by customers who have busy call center departments, with extensive telemarketing campaigns.

These technological add-ons allow for improved sales and customer service. Another of our most requested launchers is the call robot, which allows to extend messages voiced by an operator to a large number of customers. This is also a telephone dialer, because it makes mass calls in an automated way.

The Neotel call center software interface is one of the most intuitive in the market, being easy to use by anyone. Similarly, the additional modules such as the predictive dialer are easy to implement, despite having state-of-the-art technology. In conclusion, a great communication solution for the businessman of the present and also of the future.

The progressive dialer and its commercial importance

The IP virtual PBX is set to become the center of business communication in the coming years. This is possible because its technological evolution has allowed it to become something much more complex than call center software. In fact, some of its complementary functions will also be the talk of the town and among them is the progressive dialer.

The progressive dialer is an automation feature widely used in certain telemarketing departments. However, it may be necessary to first explain what dialers are and what this particular one is for.

Dialers What are they?


progressive dialer

Phone dialers are systems that allow a large number of calls to be made automatically. For this purpose, lists or batches of telephone numbers are used, which are processed by the program. In addition, they analyze the dynamics of a call center.

In fact, the intelligent analysis of call dynamics in a call center is the automated part of the dialer. The first dialers did everything mechanically, which only brought negative results. Today, these programs work with very advanced algorithms.

This is an excellent way to increase productivity in call center or telemarketing campaigns. Launchers make sure that operators answer a call whenever they are not busy. It doesn’t matter if they are outgoing or incoming calls. Their job is to ensure that production at the customer service level does not depend on human beings.

This is how the progressive dialer works

As its name suggests, the progressive dialer launches calls progressively. It is important to understand that its function makes it an unaggressive call launcher. This differentiates it from the predictive dialer, which is designed to improve customer service call center times.

The purpose of the progressive dialer is to dial outbound calls when operators are available. In other words, the system makes the call when it perceives that a telemarketer in the department is free. In this way, it ensures that productivity is maintained, but in a secure manner.

Of course, this telephone dialer is useful for one type of work or one type of department. In fact, each of the phone dialers can be useful depending on how it is used. This is what many call center coordinators and managers do not know, being one of the secrets to offer a better customer service.

Progressive dialer: ideal for small call centers

Those who have a company with a small call center department can use the progressive dialer. In fact, this is an excellent tool to get started in the world of corporate customer service. When you have a room with few operators, the progressive dialer speeds up the work, but in a controllable way.

This is because the dialing will be done progressively, distributing the calls among the operators who are free. Its use is not complicated and allows to control incoming or outgoing calls in a simple way.

For example, a chain of three stores selling household appliances that wants to have a customer service center can use this call center software tool.  Companies that do not have experience with telephone answering can learn how to manage these departments with progressive dialing.

Do you want to do telemarketing? Use the progressive dialer

Those businesses and service companies that want to do telemarketing have in the progressive dialer a great ally. Those who have an outbound calls department or a group of people for these tasks, can obtain great results with its use.

The progressive dialer is one of the most used in outbound departments. The most successful companies that understand the impact of telemarketing use it. One of the mistakes made in telemarketing offices is to let telemarketers make the calls on their own.

Progressive dialer allows you to maintain a good level of outbound call rate by letting the system make the calls. This means a higher number of sales and effective contacts, which is always desirable. In telemarketing it is known that the more calls made, the greater the chance of making a sale.

Improving the work of the outbound operator

Truth be told, telemarketers get tired or can sometimes lose some time. Human productivity is always conditioned by the personal situations the worker faces on a daily basis. This means that if an agent comes to the office tired or with a family problem, he or she is likely to be less productive.

With the progressive dialer, the impulse to make outgoing calls is not left in the hands of the teleoperator. On the contrary, the system is only in charge of launching the calls and he must answer them when the customer answers. Everything is automated and does not depend on human labor.

The productivity of telemarketing campaigns is completely assured with this system. Of course, telemarketing goes beyond making sales. Outbound calls are used to collect payment, to grant offers or bank cards. Basically, these are useful mechanisms for any type of outbound calling campaign.

Other functions of the progressive dialer

The main task of the progressive dialer is to dial calls when the agent is available. But at the same time, this intelligent tool performs other important tasks for managing a business’ outbound calls.

One of the additional functions offered by the dialer is the discarding of phones that are not working. When the system dials disconnected phones, no dial tone or numbers assigned to fax, it discards repeating the call.

This allows the system to concentrate on the telephone numbers that are operational. In case they are busy, switched off or no answer is found, the dialer can always redial. This increases the chances of having even more successful campaigns.

The best thing is that the system learns the right rhythm of operation of calls in the room. This happens because the dialer works with algorithms and analyzes the dynamics of communication. This is an artificial intelligence application.

Three scenarios where the progressive dialer is ideal

Long calls: If the telemarketing department requires long conversation times with customers, this call launcher is ideal. Unlike the predictive dialer, this one is not intended to improve response times.

Offering calls: Many times telemarketing campaigns are not to sell, but to offer something. It could be a discount coupon, a credit card or a contest. In these cases, the progressive dialer works very well because it goes through the list of telephone numbers to achieve the highest number of effective contacts.

Call center or inexperienced operators: When the call center is very new or has inexperienced operators, this system allows to maintain a standard productivity. In fact, its operation still reduces operator downtime, but without reaching a dizzying pace. This also differentiates it from the predictive dialer, which is for call centers with higher call volume.

Of course, a good dialer performs advanced calculations and is easily programmed. It is important that the IP PBX has a simple interface so that entrepreneurs who use it can get the most out of it.

Neotel has a high-performance progressive dialer

The progressive dialer is one of the modules integrated into Neotel’s call center software. Like the rest of the program, it is operated from a simple, easy to program and very functional interface. It is one of the most advanced systems of its kind in the market.

With this digital ally, agents will never be idle, generating good productivity for the company. No matter the objective of the telemarketing campaign, this system will increase the number of contacts and effective business. This, in turn, is fundamental to organize the work within a call center.

It does not matter if it is two telemarketing operators or an entire call center room. The progressive dialer adapts to all types of customers and at Neotel its cost will depend on how many operators are going to implement this system. For example, if the company will only use it with three agents, the contracting party will only pay the additional cost for them.

Cheap and advanced IP Virtual PBX

This and other Neotel modules can be purchased when acquiring the IP virtual PBX, which is the basic program. This will allow business communications to be managed in a professional manner. In this way, entrepreneurs and traders can offer excellent customer service and grow with various telemarketing tasks.

The best thing is that the service is inexpensive, innovative and requires no installation. Neotel is in charge of the entire technical process and the contracting party only needs an Internet connection to use the program. Undoubtedly, the technological solution for the communication of the future.

What is an enterprise WebRTC line service?

IP telephony is the present and future of business communication. This technology has allowed many companies to dispense with telephone companies and have much cheaper and innovative services. Hence, the importance of establishing communication within companies through resources such as the WebRTC line.

Many businessmen and traders still do not know what the WebRTC line is and what it means. Certainly, this name seems very technical, but in reality it is something that has been with us for a long time. In the last few years, the global consumption of this technology has increased to unimaginable levels and almost anyone has access to it.

What is the WebRTC line?

webrtc line

In 2011 the prestigious company Google started its WebRTC online project. Basically, this is a system that allows web browsers, digital pages and applications audio and video communications. From this, any company or developer can create communication applications within Internet environments.

This is the explanation of the origin and real meaning of the WebRTC line. Then, this technology is used when a person chats on social networks or when making a video call. No matter which website, social network or application comes to mind, they are all based on this Internet communication system.

When a person uses apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Zoom to communicate in real time with other people, he or she is using the WebRTC line. It is therefore a technological solution with which we are all familiar. Of course, businesses can get a lot out of this resource.

Business WebRTC line service What is it for?

Certainly, companies can also use apps and social networks for business communication. However, not every customer trusts a merchant or entrepreneur who serves his customers only via Facebook or WhatsApp. Moreover, professional programs of this type are often costly and problematic in terms of operation.

The truth is that the WebRTC line allows companies to have their own systems for communicating via IP telephony. A company can have its own web environment for making calls and video calls. This is basically what it means to contract a business WebRTC line.

The company will have its number as with a traditional telephone line. That is to say, a numbering is assigned with country prefix, province prefix and the rest of the numbers. The only difference is that it works with an Internet connection and allows you to do more than just make an audio call.

What is the WebRTC line service like?

As the name implies the WebRTC line from Neotel or any other company is a service. The company or merchant simply requests it from the communications company and pays a monthly fee for its use. To enjoy the service, a password is generated, a user and everything happens as if the businessman or operator were surfing a social network.

The big difference is that whoever enjoys the service will enter a professional environment with a softphone, dedicated to the company. For this, he/she will not have to install or purchase an IP server. Everything is handled over the Internet and to make calls and video calls, all that is required is a device with a broadband connection.

The contracting party simply logs in, enters the software and makes the communications. From that moment on, he/she will be able to receive or make calls supported by IP telephony. Of course, each system is totally different and it is precisely the challenge for companies to find innovative and easy-to-use software.

The WebRTC line allows you to make phone calls without needing a telephone. There is no need to pay expensive fees as traditional companies have. In addition, being a business product, an entire staff of employees can be equipped with this technological resource.

The virtual switchboard: The program that allows to take advantage of WebRTC

The program with which a company’s employees can communicate with IP telephony is the virtual PBX. It is also often referred to as an IP PBX because its operation depends on an Internet connection. This interface is basically the evolution of the traditional call center software used in many companies.

Many call centers work with a physical PBX that allows all the teleoperators’ devices to be connected and communication to be monitored. However, this structure required an investment of almost millions of dollars by the companies. With the emergence of the WebRTC line and cloud storage, it was possible to create a similar program hosted on the Internet.

Virtual PBX allows to manage communication and also contains the softphone for company employees to communicate via IP telephony, which is much cheaper. Of course, this program has many useful features for any type of business. If a person wants to serve his customers with formality and strategy, he should have this type of program.

Another advantage of the WebRTC line for businesses is that when working with call center software, it is possible to manage calls based on its functions. This means that those who use it will be able to transfer and mute calls, listen to employees’ business conversations and have statistics on communication.

Advantages of the WebRTC line service

The first advantage of this service is that it is to carry out all communications from the Internet. In fact, when this type of support is available, the company’s telephones can be adapted to work with broadband connection. In this way, businessmen can save up to 80% in this type of expenses.

Secondly, by adopting IP telephony, companies can set up their own call center. In fact, this type of service is not only for companies with large telephone contact centers. Even an independent salesperson can take advantage of the virtual PBX tools.

The third advantage is that the IP PBX now has marketing functions. To be sure, this tool does not only serve to simplify communication and make it cheaper. Those who request the service will be able to use or request interesting applications such as sending bulk SMS to customers, dialer, or telephone surveys.

In addition to this, having a call center software allows to organize the work of customer service and telemarketing. It is important to remember that this is first and foremost a tool that provides information to the user. Those who are starting a business can also project an image of formality and organization that can be advantageous.

In addition, IP telephony goes beyond traditional voice calls. With the WebRTC line, it is much easier to make video conferences and video calls in a professional manner. This is positive because both are communication formats that build trust and prestige with customers. Over time, most calls will be made in this way.

Free technical assistance

The best thing about paying for a technological service is that maintenance is not the responsibility of the customer. As the virtual PBX is hosted on servers of companies such as Neotel and must work properly, the technical part is handled by the contracted communications company.

With this technology, it is not necessary to hire specialized engineering or computer personnel. This is one of the many reasons why the virtual PBX is so cheap for companies. If the system or the applications present any failure, it is enough to report it to the technical service.

Likewise, if any important information is lost, the company offering the service is responsible for it. This is one of the key points that explain the massive migration of companies to the virtual PBX. Neotel has one of the most innovative and functional programs in the market.

Efficient and modern WebRTC line and virtual switchboard

Neotel offers companies of all types its virtual switchboard service with CRM. With these systems you can take full advantage of the new and economical IP telephony. It is not necessary to make changes in the office or complicated installations.

These systems not only make it possible to migrate telephone communication to a cheaper format. In fact, it also provides the entrepreneur and retailer with a number of tools to grow sales and improve customer perception. The best thing is that the costs of the service are adapted to the needs of the contracting party.

Our interface is one of the most advanced, complete and easy to use. Anyone can use it very easily, being one of the most intuitive programs on the market. Undoubtedly, a technological solution that can generate great dividends.

call center software

Why should any business use call center software?

Call center software is projected as an indispensable business tool for the future. This goes beyond companies that have customer service centers. Basically, any type of business can take advantage of this type of software.

Call center software is not just for call centers. Nowadays they are called by this name because in the past they were oriented to this type of departments. But these programs have become business communication managers. In fact, they are useful for customer service, telemarketing and even internal communications.

What is call center software?


call center software

A call center software unifies and manages a company’s communications. To do so, it offers a series of functionalities that go beyond telephone communication. In fact, this program offers modules for text messaging, email, virtual fax, video calls, among others.

The important thing about this software is that it allows you to know everything about the company’s communication. To this end, it generates statistics, keeps a record of conversations and also offers automated tools. It is a program that has evolved a lot in recent years.

The best thing is that you no longer need expensive servers and data centers to use it. Today’s programs can be used from a smartphone, or even remotely. Everything is hosted in the cloud and works with an internet connection. That’s why they are now called virtual PBX or VoIP PBX.

Why should any business have callcenter tools?

Nowadays it is known that communication is everything in the business world. Whether you offer a service, a physical product or anything else, communication is vital to sell. If there is no customer relationship and avenues for interaction, business simply perishes.

This is something many marketers and entrepreneurs have learned from social media. Unfortunately, using these digital meeting spaces is not enough to build business relationships and sell. It is believed that 60% of people prefer phone calls as a means of business communication.

The issue is not about whether it is better to carry social networks than to take calls. In reality, businesses should offer as many avenues of communication as possible. This equates to greater sales opportunities and better customer and user perception. In addition, to obtain better results, it is not only necessary to communicate, it is necessary to control the interaction.

Why hire a virtual switchboard if you have an online store?

Opening virtual stores is one of the most successful commercial modalities of the moment. Its potential lies in the possibility of selling without having to rent a physical space. However, one of the main problems of this type of business is to generate trust and security in the customer.

To tell the truth, social networks are spaces where scams abound. An excellent way to make customers trust at the beginning is to maintain a more direct and formal communication. For all of this, call center software features are great. Being able to have an IVR at the beginning, transferring and muting calls are signs of formality.

The best thing is that acquiring virtual PBX for calls is not very expensive if done with the right company. A self-employed person with no employees and a virtual store can pay for this program. For example, in Neotel the basic plan does not cost more than 100 €. With some useful modules and functionalities, the total sum would not be more than 200 € per month.

You don’t need a contact center to buy this software

Some business owners would not pay for a call center software because they do not have one. To tell the truth, the virtual PBX is a program that allows you to provide good service without having a contact center. Everything is stored in the cloud and works from a simple Internet connection.

A person who has three employees serving their customers should hire a call center software. For a very low cost, he will be able to check how they serve the public and enjoy some useful modules to sell. It is for things like this that the virtual PBX is useful.

Many companies nowadays work with tele-operators or professionals via remote. This is possible thanks to the virtual switchboard, which allows to control that the worker fulfills his work despite being out of the office. There are companies that have a call center working with operators located in different parts of the world thanks to this program.

How do you sell more with call center software?

One of the most overlooked objectives of today’s call center software is that they are geared to sell more. Arguably, this is a marketing tool that will be around for years to come. The best part is that its contribution and modules surpass traditional telemarketing.

Callcenter tools for selling are basically automated applications. That is, they are programs that use artificial intelligence to operate. Despite this, anyone can make them work. Dialers are the best example of this. These are modules that launch outgoing calls automatically. This way, companies do not rely on salespeople to make the calls.

Another useful module for advertising is the call robot. This is one of the most requested callcenter tools by Neotel customers. Basically, this is a call launcher with voicemail messages. The company composes a text, adds it to the system and automatically launches hundreds of calls instantly. Users receive the call and listen to the recorded information.

Sending bulk SMS is quite similar to the robot call. Thanks to it, companies can send advertising text messages to all their customers on a massive scale. All these means make it easier to perform marketing tasks, mobilize customers and keep them informed of offers, changes, new rates, among other things.

The virtual switchboard allows you to know your customers to sell more

Call center software allows companies and businesses to obtain information about their customers. One of the current problems in the business world is that many of the commercial strategies are being carried out without accurate information. In fact, only 5% of the current information ends up being used by companies to offer products and services.

The call center software has modules to know the opinion of customers. Perhaps the most notorious is the telephone survey. This allows questions to be asked to customers at the beginning or end of calls. The question is spoken through the IVR and the company’s callers have options to choose from using the numeric keypad.

From telephone surveys, customers can be asked for example “What is your favorite product?”. The public can also be asked what type of product they would like in the future. All this and much more can be known thanks to call center software.

It is possible to use the call center software from the smartphone

Call center software can be used from virtually any device with Internet access. It can be a computer with a microphone, or even from the smartphone. A person who has a small business and manages everything from his cell phone can resort to this technology.

One of the most striking callcenter tools is the mobile PBX. Thanks to this, operators can have all the functions of call center software on their smartphone. Furthermore, traders and entrepreneurs can always check metrics and access the program from any Internet-enabled device.

All the functions and modules described so far are part of Neotel’s virtual call center. These are just some of the tools offered by this multifunctional program. Any business can expand its market presence by implementing it.

Neotel’s call center software is the most innovative one

Neotel has 20 years of experience offering technological solutions to companies. Our main product is the virtual switchboard and nowadays it has countless innovative modules. Its purpose is to control communication in favor of the business, generating more sales and a better user perception.

At Neotel we have created three packages that adapt to the needs of each client. These are the standard, premium and Neomax packs. For example, small entrepreneurs can purchase the first one and from there, get a service adapted to the size of their business. Everyone can benefit from the call center software with an investment according to the size of their business.

This program allows to manage all communications via the Internet, which makes them cheaper. It is no longer necessary to sign large contracts with traditional telephone companies. At Neotel we have the most competitive data and minutes rates in the market. Now you know why any business should and can use call center software.virtu

yealink and grandstream gateway

Neotel 2000: everything you need for IP Telephony

IP telephony is the present and future of internal and external business communication. Companies that base all their telephone communication on this technology save a lot of money. However, some minor purchases and changes will always be required to adapt the devices. Neotel has everything you need to make this upgrade.

IP telephony does not depend on large and complex installations. In fact, getting it up and running does not require the purchase of large servers and data centers. This is a great advantage, since its adaptation requires very simple and inexpensive equipment. Of course, everything will depend on the needs of each company.

Migrating to IP telephony

Migrating to IP telephony means that companies have to choose which programs are best suited to their business activities. For example, it is possible to combine the virtual PBX with CRM, or to incorporate extra modules such as call launchers. Likewise, companies that want to upgrade their communications must verify the physical format in which they want to do so.

There are several ways to approach IP telephony, the objective being to do it as well and as cheaply as possible. One of the advantages of this technology is that it allows companies to work based on the resources they have at their disposal. In other words, the first step is to verify how the Internet connections are and what kind of devices the office has.

In this sense, it is essential to contrast the space and Wi-Fi devices to ensure the Internet signal. Another aspect to consider is the type of telephone devices available in the office. This is valid for a call center, as well as for a traditional office format with different departments.

What do you have in the office?

Most companies are not fully aware of the potential and functions of their communication devices. It is therefore essential to check, above all, what types of terminals are in the office. The good news is that IP telephony is very adaptive and can work with different technologies. There are different ways to migrate and enjoy the benefits of IP voice protocol.

Generally, within companies there are two options. The first is that the company has very outdated telephones that do not accept IP connections. These are devices that do not have broadband input, because at the time they were created this technology was not developed.

Secondly, there are the companies that have much more up-to-date office telephone devices. It is quite possible that some companies have this type of equipment and are not even aware of it. In this case, the migration is much simpler and only depends on establishing a few connections.

Another of the cases that are most often seen in reality are companies that have both technologies. That is, one part of their devices is outdated and the other has terminals compatible with IP connection. However, in all these scenarios it is feasible to migrate to VoIP services.

Grandstream Gateways: when phones are out of date

When telephone devices are outdated and you want to use VoIP telephony, the solution is to buy Grandstream Gateways. In fact, it can be much more cost-effective to buy a small batch of these devices than to buy twenty or thirty state-of-the-art terminals.

This device is very useful when the budget is too limited to replace all the phones. Grandstream Gateways allow telephone calls to be converted to a hybrid format. In this way, analog telephones can be used whose communication is supported by Internet connections.

One of its advantages is that it allows calls to be made using a VoIP service provider such as Neotel. Basically, this equipment routes calls over a broadband connection. A single device can be used to connect different devices. In fact, there are VoIP gateways for working with two telephones and larger ones that allow up to 24 handsets to be connected.

The models on the market are analog or digital, depending on the function for which they are required. Neotel has a catalog of at least five models with different capacity and cost. Undoubtedly, an excellent option in case you do not want to make a complete restructuring. The results and the quality of communication are positive.

What is needed if the phones allow IP telephony?

Many companies have existing equipment with IP telephony capability. They will have the most important part of the equipment covered, but may need other equipment. In these cases, issues such as the range of the Internet connection within the company should be checked.

It is possible that some areas of the office may have less connectivity and this will affect communication. Fortunately, there are many accessories that can improve connectivity and extend IP telephony.

In these cases, routers or repeaters could be purchased to extend the broadband connection. It is also important to check if the office equipment is complete, as it is very common to find devices that do not have their adapters and the like.

Neotel offers a wide range of accessories for telephone communication. Those companies that are setting up a physical call center, should check this online store. There they can find many of the implements that are commonly used in this type of department, such as headset with built-in microphone. On the website you can find other useful implements for conventional offices as well.

What if the devices are too old?

There is also the case of companies that still use equipment from the early 2000s, or even from the 1990s. These are small companies that have not taken many steps to update their technology. It is likely that this type of venture will require an investment in Yealink terminals.

At Neotel, there is also a large list of telephone models available, aimed primarily at business work. The best thing is that they are available at different costs so that the businessman can upgrade his telephony based on availability.

Neotel has IP telephony terminals ranging from 70 € to more complex devices that reach 499 €. It is important to make the investment thinking about the needs of the business. Some are much better for management positions and others for other functions such as secretarial or small offices.

If you make a smart investment you can buy several phones without facing a total amount too high. There are several alternatives in the catalog and this is not such an expensive technology. In any case, it is important to make this technological upgrade, which is much less costly than maintaining the old telephone communication schemes.

An intermediate solution

Each company is a totally unique and different reality. Likewise, a different type of option is always available. In many cases, IP telephony involves the creation of a hybrid telephone communication system. For this, Grandstream Gateways and Yealink terminals can be combined.

Each office can be adapted to the resources and infrastructure. The great advantage of IP telephony is that it is very versatile, allowing solutions for connectivity. The next step is to contract Neotel’s virtual PBX and other communication management software. In any case, the important thing is to think about how to make the technological adaptation. Fortunately, Neotel is involved in the whole process.

Neotel: more than a digital store

Neotel’s online store is fully in line with the company’s services and objectives. Buying our products goes beyond a commercial exchange and we understand that most customers require a personalized assistance.

People who buy their VoIP telephony products at Neotel are provided with all the advice and technical assistance they need. Likewise, our team of technicians offers support for configuration tasks. In this way, the customer after making his purchase can put the devices operational as quickly as possible.

There is no additional charge for technical assistance and consulting. This service is a benefit for buyers and is included in the price of the equipment. Our interest is that consumers can use our equipment and buy again in our store if necessary.

In addition to this, we have the best call center software, CRM and functionalities for customer service and telemarketing. At Neotel we offer everything necessary to modernize the communication of companies, with the objective of amplifying their field of action. Our devices and programs are the most advanced and are fully compatible. Check our online store and contact us in case you want to make an inquiry or want to make a purchase.

Private label PBX: set up your own IP telephony business

Neotel offers its IP telephony services to companies of all types. However, our company also gives new entrepreneurs the option to sell and earn money with our services under their own brand. This is precisely what the private label PBX is all about.

Services related to IP telephony are increasingly in demand. The projections of ICT studies reveal that communication tools such as call center software are the future in the business sector. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for those who want to have their own business.

What is the white label PBX?

The white label PBX is a business line designed for those entrepreneurs who want to offer IP telephony services. In this case, Neotel offers everything necessary to entrepreneurs who want to invest in this technology to sell it to other companies.


Neotel does not ask entrepreneurs to sell the service as under its name. It simply provides the software, servers and all the necessary technological support for the interested parties to sell the service as if it were their own. The entrepreneur can open his company and sell the call center software on his own account.

In this way, the entrepreneurs can offer the service in their locality, or country and make a name for themselves in the technology market. They will generate their own profits, giving Neotel a commission. In the meantime, they will have the technical assistance, the servers and the software, which is ultimately what they will sell. In short, it is about having your own company from a successful and finished product.

What is IP telephony?

Today, anyone can make calls anywhere in the world from an Internet connection. In the same way, companies can base all their internal and external communication on this type of connection. This is made possible by IP telephony.

Business telephones can now work over the Internet. Today, a secretary can receive a call over a broadband connection. This is very positive because it lowers costs.

IP telephony makes telephone billing cheaper and eliminates the need to rely on in-house servers. Today all communications are done over the Internet and all information is stored in the cloud. It is not only about the calls, but also about the systems to manage them and to serve customers.

Why is IP telephony so cost-effective?

In principle, IP telephony is profitable for companies because it is very economical. In the case of companies with customer service departments, the savings are up to 80%. In fact, this technology makes it possible to replace the old virtual PBXs and servers.

However, IP telephony is not only convenient for companies because of its low cost. In addition, this technology is compatible with state-of-the-art software that provides the entrepreneur with very effective and creative tools for customer service and marketing. In short, its implementation means having better functions at a lower price.

IP telephony makes it possible to set up entire customer service departments with very little investment. To use it, you just pay for the service to a company that offers this technology and everything works instantly. Those interested in the white label PBX, what they will do is to set up a company that offers this option to companies.

White label PBX: how to offer IP telephony

IP telephony has multiple business uses and knowing them is important to be able to offer it. The most innovative and powerful companies in the world base all their communication on this technology. In many cases, the telephone line is usually understood as a secondary emergency resource. Below, you will see which are the uses that companies can give to this technology:

Create a customer service center: Many companies use IP telephony to create their call center rooms inexpensively. The best thing is that no installations, maintenance costs or specialized personnel are required.
Internal communications: Although there is a lot of talk about IP telephony for customer service, it is useful to support internal communications. The best thing is that programs with the virtual PBX allow call transfers, muting and other functions used in offices.
Small entrepreneurs: One of the big problems of SMEs are the costs of communication. An excellent way to start customer service when there are not many resources is to hire IP telephony services and programs. The plans are usually adjusted to the budget and needs of each entrepreneur.
Telemarketing and marketing in general: Today’s virtual PBXs have a myriad of modules that facilitate advertising, expanding the reach of companies. The robot call, the telephone dialers and the massive sending of SMS are just some of these effective functionalities to sell.
Remote business work: Today’s call center software is designed to help companies operate remotely. In fact, all that is needed to use IP telephony is the Internet. A salesperson or telemarketer can serve customers without having to be in the office. Workers can be in another part of the world and do their business.

In fact, almost every company could use the IP virtual PBX service. It doesn’t matter what business they are in, whether they sell services or products. That is why the white label PBX represents an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurship.

The opportunity to undertake with a white label IP PBX

Undoubtedly, IP telephony is a business that looks very good in the present and in the future. Since the events that occurred during the COVID 19 pandemic, companies have placed greater value on technological advances in communications.

In addition, according to multiple consultations and surveys, companies are looking favorably on IP telephony. For example, there are currently high expectations regarding video calls and video conferencing. All these products are offered via the PBX in the cloud. This is precisely what entrepreneurs working with white label PBXs are selling.

In recent years, new call center software has been booming. It is expected that the use of this type of service will increase over the next decade. Many companies are replacing the old virtual PBX with this technological solution due to its cost and features.

Turnkey system

The white label PBX is a plan for entrepreneurs who want to sell their own virtual PBX. The system was designed by Neotel, but the entrepreneur will sell it under his own name. This will allow interested parties to become wholesalers of IP voice services. Neotel provides the training, servers and information for the business to operate.

Neotel ensures that the entrepreneur has full control over its virtual PBX platform. This is done through the turnkey system, which will allow you to offer IP telephony services with total independence. This implies having an own VoIP telephony business.

In fact, the entrepreneur can also allow other resellers or companies to do the same. There is no limitation to offer the product and generate own profits. Neotel only charges part of the initial investment to set up the new business.

What does Neotel provide for you to start your business?

Those who want to opt for the white label PBX program for entrepreneurs have full access to the product. Neotel provides the PBX in the cloud for the new business to sell. This software is complete, stable and has very advanced modules.

Neotel also provides the platform for the company to manage its sales. In addition, the entire service is supported on our servers. The new entrepreneur does not even have to invest in expensive installations. Basically, we provide all the infrastructure that supports the product.

In addition, Neotel offers full cooperation and training for the management of the service. Entrepreneurs who purchase the white label PBX will have technical support whenever they wish. Likewise, we perform all the necessary installations.

Neotel offers a correct operation

Neotel has all the necessary infrastructure to ensure a quality product. Our support is a guarantee of success for the company that wants to offer our products on its own. We guarantee connectivity, security, maintenance and technical assistance.

Our services operate uninterruptedly and our data centers have high technology equipment. We also have modern power supply and air conditioning systems, as well as an expert maintenance staff. We have two data centers: one in Madrid and one in Seville.

Interested companies should only sell the virtual IP PBX and the rest of the technological solutions available at Neotel. If you are interested in investing and setting up your own IP telephony business, contact us.

Neotel's distributors IP telephony

IP telephony resellers: earning extra money

Neotel is a company with 20 years of experience in technology and communications. The company is developing new ways to create greater business opportunities through the collaborative economy. One of the most promising business programs is that of IP telephony distributors.

This format makes it possible to generate income without being part of the workforce or keeping schedules. Basically, interested parties can publicize IP telephony and virtual PBX as options for supporting business communication. All those who want to work with Neotel and generate an extra income can become distributors.

What are IP telephony distributors?

Many companies today are looking for alternative ways to put more products on the market. To do this, in addition to selling in digital store and receive customers directly, accredits independent distributors to promote sales.


IP telephony distributors are people who sell the products, as is the case with other types of freelance salespeople. These people are responsible for presenting the product and the company to various entrepreneurs with the intention of selling it. In this case, the product is the virtual PBX with Neotel CRM or even others that are part of the company.

It is important to understand that the main job is to make known the advantages of IP telephony. By being able to explain what this technology consists of and the importance of companies migrating to it, the sales process begins. Basically, the distributor preaches the existence of this technological solution.

Why is it important to talk about IP telephony?

Neotel’s technology is new, but its principles and applications have been in the market for years. However, despite the fact that these tools are not so new, many entrepreneurs are not aware of their existence. That is why many companies maintain antiquated and costly schemes.

Products such as the virtual PBX are not being implemented due to the lack of knowledge of many entrepreneurs. These are much more economical, innovative and have better tools than those offered by physical PBXs. Therefore, one of Neotel’s main objectives is to promote the product in multiple ways.

In fact, many companies are unaware of the option of migrating all their communication to IP telephony. This is basically to stop relying on expensive telephone line services and to base everything on a broadband connection. Leading-edge companies have moved to this communications model because their executives understand that it is more cost-effective.

What does it take to migrate to IP telephony?

This will depend on the model that each particular entrepreneur wants to take on. Another key aspect has to do with the type of equipment that the company uses regularly. For example, some companies have telephones that are a bit outdated. In these cases, there are devices that allow these devices to start working from IP telephony.

Other companies have much more up-to-date equipment with the capacity to host IP telephony. In these cases, migration is much simpler and what must be done is to unify the entire communications network. To do this, some inexpensive equipment, cabling and simple accessories are used.

For this reason, it is essential that the distributor investigates the situation of each company to which it offers the product. Each case is unique and this will have an impact on the initial investment to be made by the entrepreneur. For example, another solution is to acquire a mobile switchboard service and connect smartphones to a Wi-Fi network. Neotel offers multiple technological solutions to reduce the cost of communication.

How does VoIP distribution work?

An IP telephony distributor is an ordinary person who is allowed to sell Neotel products. Despite not being part of the staff, he/she can promote IP telephony services. If he gets any customers, he earns a commission for his sale.

A person who has a formal job and has working hours can be an IP telephony distributor. This type of job can be seen as a way to earn extra income. Basically, he can offer Neotel’s services and products during his free time. This person could be directed towards a company as a visitor, but he could also close sales from his Smartphone.

Neotel provides IP telephony distributors with commercial material and information so that they can make sales. In this way, interested parties can verify the situation of potential customers and offer them technological solutions. The work is done without ties or schedules because the distributor earns according to their productivity.

What should IP telephony distributors do?

This type of freelance worker distributes Neotel products to contacts who may need them. To do so, the distributor identifies potential entrepreneurs or companies to which he/she could sell the product. In this sense, interaction with potential customers is fundamental.

Once the potential customers have been identified, a regular sales process begins. To tell the truth, people with vocation and aptitude for sales are highly recommended to be IP telephony distributors. Of course, knowing about Neotel’s products is essential to offer the right technological solutions.

Subsequently, the distributor contacts Neotel to close the sale. When the sale is closed, the distributors earn a commission based on the amount of revenue received by the company. Each distributor can carry out this task at his own pace and progressively acquire new customers.

What products can distributors offer?

VoIP distribution consists of selling any of Neotel’s products. These are basically three: the virtual PBX, the call center software and the CRM. The PBX allows calls to be made with just an internet connection. In this case, the customer may require the purchase of an IP phone and accessories related to this form of communication, which can also be sold by Neotel.

On the other hand, the call center software allows to manage and monitor all external communications of the company. This is a service for which a monthly fee is paid and works with an Internet connection. It should be noted that this program offers very attractive modules for telemarketing and business marketing. The latter go beyond telephone communication.

Another product offered by Neotel is its CRM, a data system that is also designed to facilitate telemarketing. New companies that do not yet have a customer information base can opt for this program. In addition, physical terminals and accessories are sold in our virtual store.

Advantages of IP telephony

The main advantage of migrating all communication to IP telephony is its cost. The cost of using traditional telephone lines is extremely high. With the Internet protocol, all communications are based on broadband connections. This generates considerable savings in the budget allocated for communications.

In the case of companies that have a call center department, the savings are much greater. Those who replace the physical PBX with the virtual one can save almost 80% in communication costs. The best thing is that Neotel’s virtual PBX with CRM is one of the most advanced.

Added to this, Neotel’s call center tools have innovative and comprehensive functionalities. Some of these even allow to improve the advertising and reach of the companies as it happens with the sending of bulk SMS or the dialer. In reality, these are programs that are used to generate more sales.

All of Neotel’s solutions are cost-effective and can be adapted to the customer’s budget and needs. Users can contract digital storage, CRM, virtual and mobile PBX and the best rates with unlimited calls and cheap data plans. Basically, entrepreneurs can support all their internal and external communications from our products.

You could be one of our IP telephony distributors.

At Neotel we have a great team of freelance distributors that have contributed to position our products. This has been a successful formula to publicize the benefits of virtual PBX and IP telephony. It should be noted that the market for these technological solutions is growing every day.

IP telephony distributors do not have time restrictions or a minimum sales limit. With each customer Neotel gives them a commission for the sales generated. The reseller earns a monthly commission for as long as the customer contracts our platform.

If you are interested in generating extra money or having a freelance job this is an excellent opportunity. Simply contact us by phone and be part of the team. At Neotel we will provide you with all the necessary information so that you know the product and can sell it to your contacts.

The benefits of integrating virtual PBX with third party software

The ability to integrate all work tools into one is a shared desire of many call centers. To tell the truth, integrating PBX with third-party software is nowadays possible and can be done very easily. This is a technological achievement that responds to a business demand.

It doesn’t matter if a company uses four applications from different developers. Today there are ways to integrate them all in a single intuitive and easy-to-use space. Some entrepreneurs may not understand the magnitude or functionality of integration. For sure, it has direct benefits on productivity and employee work.

The problem of not having integrated applications

Those work environments where repetitive tasks are performed quickly, the need for integration is clearly understood. The best example of this is customer call centers. In these cases, it is easy to identify how problematic it is to use different programs.

In the case of the call center, having to use several different tools implies notorious time losses and increased efforts. This is only a general rule, but the effects of this order of things generate multiple affectations. Evidently, this is a factor that has a notorious impact on business productivity.


This is equivalent to having a planned system that cannot be fulfilled because something is wrong. Companies have expectations, response times, objectives and many times they cannot meet them due to the disintegration between the various applications for the job.

What is an API?

With the creation of the API protocol and environments, it was possible to unify tools from different companies. An API is a digital environment or interface that allows two different programs to be grouped together, regardless of whether they are from different brands or creators. These tools are called APIs because of their English translation: Application Programming Interface.

In Spanish this translates as Application Programming Interface. Basically, this digital environment allows the communication and congregation of programs. It seems something of little importance, but in reality the use of this type of tool simplifies the life of workers.

In addition, the API allows to do this in a secure way to avoid data mining. It could be said, that this tool has some secondary functions that favor companies. The best thing is that the worker does not have to know that everything has been integrated, he simply works with a single tool that contains several.

Integrating programs is better for computers

One of the biggest problems with computers in some offices is their slowness. It can take time for the operator to turn on the CPU, open each system and get them working. This sometimes happens even though the computers are properly maintained and have antivirus software.

To be sure, this does not always happen because of a failure but because of multiple heavy programs running. Having to open them one by one, while the worker starts working, can slow down the system. If the computers are low on memory, the matter simply becomes more complicated.

It is worth noting that many call centers incorporate computers with limited memory. This is a way to reduce the operating costs of the rooms and many companies work in this way. It is precisely these types of companies with large call rooms that are best served by integrating virtual PBX with third-party software.

In fact, integrating virtual PBX with third-party software is a very positive thing for this type of offices. The computer is able to work better and the operator loses less time doing his job.

Easier and faster for the operator

It is not the same to have to open several applications and navigate through them, than to have them all organized within the same program. The integration of all the applications that are used when working provides the worker with an organization. This is so because the API organizes and allows to organize the elements it integrates.

In the case of the call center, integrating virtual PBX with third-party software greatly simplifies management. This is because in this case the operators can manage the softphone and the database in the same environment as the rest of the programs.

This represents a notorious time saving for an operator that has an impact on the final productivity. The seconds saved while switching from one application to another in a simple way, improves individual performance. It may not seem like a lot of time, but when this happens throughout the day, the result is reflected in the statistics. However, this is not the only reason why a call center room improves its management through integration.

Facilitating learning in the call center

One of the most common problems in almost all call centers is the training of new staff. Incorporating new employees involves training them to handle applications and calls. This is much more complex and time-consuming when the staff must handle different applications to perform different tasks.

For example, a bank’s call center uses a database, callcenter tools for claims, another one for withdrawals and another one to manage failures in the web page. Understanding the type of business and the possibility of many different types of customer requests, learning for new staff can be complicated.

When these tools are separated from each other, learning is more complicated. Add to this the slowness in the system, and the operator tends to collapse and call time increases. This in turn generates call queues, something that customer service centers want to avoid.

In this sense, integrating virtual PBX with third-party software simplifies the learning process for new entries. This is because the management application is understood as a single, unified application. The operator does not need to know that they are different callcenter tools. From the integration, he could understand each application as functions or sections of the same digital environment.

Improving call center productivity

The integration of the virtual PBX with third-party software improves response time. Firstly, it does so because fewer seconds are lost during call center operations. Secondly, it also does so by facilitating the training of new entries.

Integrating all applications simplifies the management of any call center. From this point on, operators will be able to improve their response time. This is because the applications are easier to open, they are all connected and the management system becomes more intuitive.

As a result, the overall productivity of the call center will improve substantially. This will be reflected in the overall statistics of the call center and the individual statistics of each operator. Of course, having better response times implies an overall improvement in customer service.

When response times per operator decrease, less waiting queues are created. In turn, the number of hung up calls is reduced because people wait less to be answered by a teleoperator. Even the work dynamic is facilitated by being able to achieve free time between calls. Basically, this integration achieves a “cascade effect”, especially when combined with strategies to organize work.

Neotel allows the integration of virtual PBX with third party software.

Neotel uses the best technological resources to integrate the virtual PBX with all the applications used in the company. It does not matter if they are many or if they are heavy, our digital environment is innovative, functional and quite fluid.

At Neotel we use the best of websocket technology to have a tool with the best features. Our virtual PBX has an easy to use interface, fast and configured in a very visual way. This will facilitate the management of telemarketers, regardless of the type of business the company is engaged in.

Neotel provides a stable, functional and smoothly operating digital environment. All the applications needed to perform the management will be in the same place. Those customer service centers that do not yet enjoy the benefits of the virtual PBX, can easily migrate through our program. The technological change is simple, without complex installations and with the support of our expert staff.

Virtual PBX for innovative companies

Neotel has the most innovative and stable virtual switchboard for companies in the market. This product has been successfully implemented by multiple companies and entrepreneurs. Our company has 20 years of experience in the business technology market.

The best thing about our PBX is that it also has modules that allow entrepreneurs to generate more sales. You create the business strategies and Neotel provides you with the call center tools and other features to connect with your audience.