Private Label PBX

Private Label PBX: selling what companies need

Call center software sales are rising to levels never seen before. The incorporation of cloud hosting technology is making these management programs more profitable. This makes it very profitable for entrepreneurs to access programs such as private label PBX.

It is believed that in the next nine years the virtual PBX hosted in the cloud will have a revolutionary development. The new features make it possible to address business communication and marketing in a very comprehensive way. In fact, some consulting firms believe that the size of the breakthrough will be similar to what happened with social networking.

Call center software in the cloud changed everything

The last decade was characterized by the implementation of social media into marketing strategies. However, by now, almost all possible exploration in this field has been done. On the other hand, means of communication such as calling have not lost their relevance despite the existence of new options.


private label pbx

All these factors have made companies set their eyes on call center software again. The rise of video calling between 2019 and 2021 also offered an upgrade to telephone contact. Added to this is also the possibility for people today to make calls via an Internet connection.

Telephone contact has been revived, especially at the business level, and the call center is being revitalized as a result. Therefore, it is believed that one of the businesses of the future will be the offering of call center software hosted in the cloud. Companies such as Neotel offer programs such as white label PBX for those who want to sell this type of service.

What is white label PBX?

Neotel offers companies and entrepreneurs its call center software and related modules. However, it also presents a program for new companies to sell this type of service in their countries or locations. In doing so, the entrepreneur offers the virtual PBX under his company name. This is a way to generate own profits from third party systems.

Neotel provides servers, software and the necessary advice to start the business. From here, the entrepreneur becomes a wholesaler and operator of IP telephony. It is like opening a franchise only with your own company name. This is basically creating a brand in the communications industry.

The opportunities to grow in the market are many due to the validity of this type of services. The projections point to the call center software in the cloud as a product with a great future. From here, the entrepreneur can offer his product to different companies.

The advantages that Neotel offers to entrepreneurs are advice, an advanced system to operate and quality communications. Everything is very secure, practical and low cost to obtain profits and to be able to sell the product better. The white label PBX is a way to build your own business.

Neotel's distributors IP telephony

The advantages of being an IP telephony distributor

Companies and businesses are adapting to new human realities. Today there are much more open approaches that allow even people who are not officially part of a company to earn money with it. This is precisely what is happening with IP telephony distributors.

There is a way to be distributors selling products and services without the need to make an initial investment. This is a line of business typical of the collaborative economy and some companies have opened up to its benefits. The objective is to promote the expansion and sale of products with greater ease and fluidity.

IP telephony distributors: generating easy income


distributors of IP telephony

IP telephony is booming and although it is not a new product, many do not know about it. To tell the truth, this is a technology that generates savings and efficiency in the business environment. Paying the phone bill to a large telephone company is not the same as calling using the Internet connection.

IP resellers are basically the broadcasters of an innovative technology. Their job is to show business owners and companies that there is a better way to communicate. If, for example, a friend is starting a new business, the reseller can offer newer and cheaper equipment to do so.

This is a booming market because not all businesses have upgraded. In fact, there are many companies with old call centers or communication systems. This is because there is no concrete knowledge of the advantages of migrating to VoIP telephony.

The commission scheme

The distribution of products has always involved an initial investment for those who get into these businesses. Since the collaborative economy, the plans have changed to guarantee profits to all participants. Thus, some companies offer the possibility for salespeople outside the company to look for new customers.

The concept is practical and is based on having people who can make new sales. In exchange for this service, the company pays commissions for each closed deal. The best thing about this scheme is that people can generate extra income without spending money.

This can be a great opportunity for people who have many contacts and know how to sell. Those who work with consulting or with a portfolio of companies can also benefit from VoIP distribution. The company can also gain a lot because it increases the possibility of selling the call center software service.

Neotel resellers

Neotel offers commissions for each customer that generates revenue from its IP telephony resellers. As long as these users maintain the virtual PBX service, the reseller will keep an income. The company provides all the necessary equipment and technical support.

Resellers simply interact with potential customers and close sales. The more contracts that are closed, the higher the profits. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent opportunity to generate an extra income.

Integrate virtual PBX with third-party software

The ability to integrate virtual PBX with third-party software is still unknown in many call centers. Most departments manage different applications totally disconnected from each other. Nowadays, some communications companies offer mechanisms for software integration, which makes things easier.

This capability involves developing digital work tools that are easier and faster to use. In the contact centers of the past, everything used to be very disconnected. Having a single space in which to make calls, process claims and manage business is now possible.

The web socket: a solution that few exploit


integrate a virtual pbx in third party softwares

Using a web socket makes it possible to create a space where the applications used for work are integrated. For example, a small company may have a management tool, an accounting tool and also one for making calls. With integration, what is achieved is to be able to use the functions of all of them from a common space.

One of the biggest problems that many call centers have is that their applications are not integrated. This can be a problem when the company moves from physical applications to a virtual PBX. For this reason, many companies do not make the leap to this technology that allows everything to be stored on the Internet securely and without complicated installations.

The web stocket is a connector for virtual PBX. From its use, the customer service department can advance technologically while continuing to use its usual applications. Neither the workers nor the work undergoes major changes and the company can make way for the facilities offered by storage and services hosted in the cloud.

Integrating virtual PBX with third-party software is vital

Adapting companies to the advent of the virtual PBX is necessary. Thanks to this system, data can be stored in the cloud, instead of using physical servers. The latter, constitutes a great monetary saving for companies.

On the other hand, this type of call center software allows business communication beyond the boundaries of the call center department. Nowadays, a company’s telemarketers can attend from the comfort of their own home and with their own devices. Therefore, since the upgrade from the virtual PBX is essential, the important thing is to make the process as atraumatic as possible.

Precisely, integrating virtual PBX with third-party software allows a migration that does not affect the service. Many communication companies offer the virtual PBX, but not all of them allow integration with the programs regularly used by each company. For example, one of the companies that do guarantee the integration of applications is Neotel.

For all these reasons, it is essential to migrate to a virtual PBX with a company that knows how to integrate applications. The modernization of the call center and customer service is guaranteed when it is well thought out.

Service Numbers 900 Companies Lines 900 Numbers Nine hundred, for businesses and companies

Getting a 900 phone line is advantageous for medium and large companies

Some banks, clinics, industries and insurance companies have toll-free lines for public attention. The reason for this is that hiring a 900 line can generate commercial and advertising benefits. Another aspect that improves from its hiring is the way in which customers see the company.

The 900 lines are part of the intelligent network numbers. These are different from the rest because they have special rates fixed according to the activities and functions of those who contract them. The 900 line is characterized for being free for the user who makes the call to one of its telephone numbers.

What do companies gain by contracting a 900 line?

Many will wonder what leads a company to assume the costs of incoming calls. To tell the truth, contracting a 900 line is more than an expense, it is an investment. Companies that contract toll-free hotlines ensure greater communication with their customers.


getting a free phone line for customers for companies

But its appeal goes far beyond understanding that when we call a 900 line it is free. Nowadays it is known that companies with this type of numbers have a better corporate image and are better remembered. The use of this prefix and its repetition in advertisements allows even non-customers to memorize it.

Contracting a 900 line also allows the integration of all incoming calls from a single number. The whole system is integrated through the call center software, from which the communication is managed and quantified. The best thing is that it makes little difference whether the customer is calling from another region or country. The latter also favors the company’s image and makes it look like a very receptive entity.

How to contract a 900 line?

If you are wondering how to contract a 900 line, the answer is very simple. Companies like Neotel offer this service at a very low cost. Of course, it is important to analyze the rates established by each company when contracting.

In Neotel, the basic contracting of the service costs only 5€ and from this point on, costs per minute of call are established. The rates paid by the contracting party are very competitive and are oriented to the profitability of the companies.

Contracting a 900 line does not require additional investments in facilities or equipment. Everything is managed from the virtual pbx or software, with the equipment that the customer usually has. The telephone company takes care of the rest.

Who can contract a 900 line?

Any company or freelancer can request a 900 line to serve their users. Of course, it is usually a much more optimal solution for medium and large companies. This is because their volume of revenue makes it very profitable to contract this type of service. This is an investment that will bring new customers and expand the opportunities to capture better revenues. Undoubtedly, a service that should be considered by expanding entrepreneurs.

Productos Data Center

Data center products: Shared or dedicated server?

The most cost-effective for businesses today are virtual servers. However, entrepreneurs still have one last dilemma to solve when it comes to contracting storage services. The key question is which data center product is right for you: shared or dedicated server?

If you are still wondering what a server is, it is basically computers for data storage. All this is important when working with an online store or if you are setting up an information bank. Now, if it is a matter of choice, both shared and dedicated servers are efficient. Everything will depend on what they are going to be used for.

The shared server: A good start


which data center product is the most interesting?

When talking about data center products, it is impossible to forget the effectiveness of the dedicated server. However, it should also be taken into account that its hiring is usually a little higher in terms of price. To tell the truth, not all businesses need this type of virtual storage.

For example, start-up companies can rely on a shared server first. If the website or online store is not very large or complex, it can also work well with this type of server. Even a small call center service can operate this way.

The shared server can offer enough storage space at a reasonable cost and without the need to set up a datacenter. Of course, there are companies that, due to their volume of work or type of service, require dedicated storage. As the name implies, this format involves the use of the computer and all the space by a single company or contracting person.

Who needs a dedicated server?

Virtually any company with a massive volume of attention, sales or users requires a dedicated server. Stores with a large stock of products or with complex and heavy web pages should also contract this type of storage. This option is the most optimal among today’s data center products.

Dedicated cloud software allows everything to be stored in the cloud and this is how Neotel offers its virtual PBX. This type of service guarantees space, high performance and data security, a very important issue nowadays. The value of the dedicated server is perfectly profitable for a high-volume business.

The data center products to choose will depend on the business activity developed, the volume of work and the characteristics of the website. Neotel offers different plans oriented to the different needs of each client.

Neotel’s data center products

In addition to its call center software, Neotel offers storage services at very low costs. Linux virtual machine storage can start at a base price of 10 euros, for small websites. The transfer rate is unlimited and backups are offered at low cost.

A dedicated server is also available at a cost of 280 euros with everything you need for any type of business activity. Maintenance is provided by Neotel, as well as the repair of possible failures. The customer simply relies on the service, without having to set up an expensive data center.

Send massive SMS to mobile mass SMS for companies SMS sending platform

Sending mass sms to cell phones as a marketing strategy

The use of text messaging as a marketing medium is making waves. Projections indicate that this technology is effective in reaching more customers. Sending mass SMS to cell phones is positioning itself as the perfect strategy for sales and user loyalty.

The use of text messages is paying good dividends in times of email marketing. The popularity of the Smartphone among users allows this format to remain in use. Its immediacy and simplicity are advantageous attributes to develop advertising techniques. Companies with an SMS sending platform have a great advantage over their competitors.

SMS marketing: an old concept with new strategies


send sms to phones massively

The impact of text messages in advertising has generated a new trend: SMS marketing. Numerous researches made by consulting firms confirm the effectiveness of this resource for advertising. Sending bulk SMS allows reaching customers and users for many reasons.

Today it is known that the opening and retention rates of SMS advertisements are around 98%. In addition, the message is read quickly by users, just three minutes after being sent. Another important fact is that this medium guarantees a significant percentage of visits to the company’s website. This is guaranteed by the placement of links that lead to these sites.

It is worth noting that smartphone use is central to consumers’ purchasing decisions. According to several consulting firms, more than 55% of purchases are made after the buyer used their cell phone to research or finalize their decision. That is why bulk SMS for companies is a marketing advantage.

Send bulk SMS to cell phones with Neotel

Neotel offers an advanced module for sending bulk SMS. The system works in an automated way with the customer data that the company has. Simply write the text message and send it to the selected phone numbers.

Through this module you can send bulk SMS to cell phones with embedded links. In this way, the customer can be taken to the web page or any other desired site. In addition, the system allows to have a control of the SMS that have been sent. Likewise, this complement to the virtual PBX also generates communication analysis statistics.

Sending mass SMS to cell phones and knowing the results of the campaigns is possible thanks to this advanced module. Companies can acquire this automated system and incorporate it into third-party call center software. It is not necessary to contract the entire Neotel service to have this innovative application. The integration is seamless.

Entering the world of sms marketing to boost your business opportunities is now possible. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent alternative to reach the user. Today’s call center software goes far beyond telephone management.


Personalize the ivr with a professional voice-over service

A company’s call center is a fundamental part of its advertising image. When a customer calls, he/she is met with sounds, messages and voices that eventually identify the company. Firms that manage to turn these elements into a brand usually resort to a professional voice-over service.

The IVR is the system that interacts with the customer when calling a company. This is the voice we all hear when we call a bank and ask for our ID. This automated module is the same one that leads the user through the options they have to channel their call. The fact is that this can be enhanced to build the company’s image.

The ivr as a brand element

The ivr is what all customers come in contact with when they call the call center. Many companies make sure to set it up well so that the customer can easily handle their requests and complaints. However, many times they forget to customize the voice over of this system.

It is important to note that ivr is an automated customer interaction system. In other words, its function is not only to indicate which numbers a user should press to communicate with each department. In fact, the nature of this system is to get in touch with the clientele.

The most prestigious companies customize their ivr by using a professional voice mail service. In this way, they make their interactive voice response system part of their branding and advertising efforts. In this way, the message can be much warmer, friendlier and have characteristics that the company wishes to project.

Professional voice-over services

One of the most effective strategies is to use an operator with a female voice. The aim is to project to the customer the willingness to be served with kindness, affection and companionship. The way in which the speech is configured is fundamental to generate a good impression on users.

Another important contribution of the professional voice-over service is that it allows recordings to be made in other languages. This is essential for companies all over the world. In every country there are always users who only speak languages other than the local one. The service is facilitated and the image projected by the company to the outside world is strengthened.

Professional voice-over services can become a differentiating element in the long run. It is important to personalize the voiceover voice of the ivr in order to make a difference with respect to the competition. Hence, this element of the call center software can be understood as an advertising tool.

Ivr and professional voice-over services

Neotel offers both the installation of the ivr and the professional voice-over service to customize it. Both services can complement the virtual PBX contract. Companies can also order these modules separately. The voices are 100% human and each phrase is recorded in detail to be heard as desired by the contracting company.

Mobile Rates

Mobile rates: the advantage of no permanence

The offer of mobile rates is quite wide and that makes it much more difficult to make a decision. Some plans are expensive and others are very cheap, but most of them are related. In many cases, the difference must be established by cents.

That is why to get the best phone plans it is essential to analyze much more than just the rates. One of the fundamental aspects to obtain a profitable agreement is to consider the permanence. This is related to the contract conditions of each telephone company.

Mobile tariffs without permanence are better


mobile rates

Many telephone companies plan contractual stipulations that are convenient for them. One such condition used by a few traditional companies is that of permanence. This obliges the customer to remain for a period of time with the telephone company, once they sign up for a plan.

The permanence usually has different lengths of time. Some companies only stipulate it for about three months, which is usually the minimum time. However, in other cases the customer is obliged to maintain the service and payments with the company for six months or even a year.

The permanence is usually signed even before starting to enjoy the telephone and data service. The problem comes when the customer starts using his plan and notices service failures. There is also the case of companies that raise the cost of their plans without even warning. In these cases, the contracting party must hold out until the stipulation that obliges him to remain in the plan expires.

At Neotel we work without permanence

The problem with many mobile tariffs with permanence is that they can be abusive and even misleading. In case the customer wants to be released from the service, he must pay some kind of penalty. At Neotel we are confident in the quality of our service and protect the customer’s freedom of choice.

In addition to having cheap mobile tariffs, all of them can be contracted without any permanence stipulation. In this way, the customer can cancel the service whenever he/she wants without any kind of penalty. Likewise, it is feasible for the business contracting party to eliminate some numbers if they wish to reduce their expenses when acquiring the call center software.

The best mobile rates are economical, of high quality and allow the customer to decide on their contracting. In this way, even a person with a small business can enjoy the benefits of the virtual PBX. The goal is to make customers feel comfortable and adapt their budget comfortably.

Unlimited calls

Another important factor when purchasing mobile tariffs is to choose those that allow unlimited plans. There are offers on the market that seem very profitable, but limit the minutes for telephone communication.

In conclusion, it is essential to verify each proposal on the market. To tell the truth, analyzing only the cost does not allow the customer to find the best service. Every aspect of mobile tariff contracts can have an impact on the user’s experience, which is why it is necessary to read even the small print.

call center software

Call center software: A marketing tool

It is clear that email marketing is one of the most used advertising resources today. As is well known, more than 3930 million people use email. In addition, 64% of those who trust a brand or company will simply open it.

Email marketing is a strategy that beyond the final purchase results, is always beneficial. The best thing is that it costs practically nothing and can be done without bothering customers or potential users. It is about proposals, offers and information that, finally, stays in the inboxes reminding the customer that your company exists.

However, this does not imply that a company should rely on email as the only advertising medium. There are other methods and tools that can be used to expand the entrepreneur’s range of action. One of them is call center software, which contains multiple useful functions for marketing.

What is call center software?



Call center software is a business communication manager. Previously, it was only responsible for managing the company’s outgoing and incoming telephone contacts. Many large companies have similar programs in their contact centers and with these they can perform various tasks to improve the quality of service.

A call center software is what allows a call center operator to transfer calls, put them on hold and so on. These are its basic tasks and are aimed at improving the customer experience in the middle of a call. At the coordination level, this type of program allows recording and monitoring contacts to verify the quality of service.

Now, this is what traditional programs installed in customer service departments used to do. What today’s call center software does goes far beyond phone calls. Applications such as Neotel’s open up a number of avenues for both marketing and customer service to the entrepreneur. Below, you’ll see some of the most useful modules in these programs.

Send bulk SMS: Reaching the customer’s Smartphone.

As with emailing, SMS marketing is all about sending advertising text messages. Statistics show that this can be a powerful medium. According to some consulting firms, 80% of Internet users have a smartphone and 45% of purchase inquiries start on these devices.

The best thing about SMS is that it appears in mobile notifications and is confused with others coming from social networks. In fact, today’s call center software offers a module that allows you to compose text messages and send them en masse.

This function allows us to create the advertising message, configure the sending to a list of customers and the system sends them. This automated function is an excellent way to take advantage of any company’s database. In this way, you can notify an offer, a new product, or motivate the customer to enter through a link that redirects to your website.

Robot call: Massive voice-activated calls

The robot call works in a similar way to emailing tools and sending bulk SMS. In this case, the messages are voicemailed by an operator and sent through a call. This is what happens when a utility company calls us and we hear the operator say the amount of our bill.

The point is that you can also use this automated system for marketing. Massive voice calls can be made to customer lists to offer a new product, offers, sweepstakes and messages on holidays. This is an effective mechanism to deliver short business messages.

This tool is extremely useful within a telemarketing department. SMEs and family businesses can use this module to perform loyalty and product proposal tasks if they do not have a call center.

Why is it important to maintain a customer service hotline?

Nowadays, metrics are everything in marketing. In fact, the rise of social networks has made us aware of the value of statistics. The problem is that not all customers buy online or through apps. There are still many potential customers who do not fully trust the Internet.

In addition, telephone customer service is internalized and well regarded by users. According to some consulting firms, 69% of customers say that they can resolve their concerns and questions over the phone. 79% want to contact their customers over the phone. Seventy-nine percent want to contact their companies by calling the call center and not by other means.

Social media metrics are great, but they don’t tell the whole story. The good thing about having a call center software is that we can access new metrics. Having a hotline means opening another channel for purchases that is very attractive for many people. Likewise, it will be feasible to get to know customers better and obtain data such as phone number, email, among others.

The “click to call me back” button

The innovative virtual PBX goes far beyond phone calls. One of the modules that allows to reconcile the web page with the telephone communication is the so-called “click to call me back”.

Click to call me back is a button that is added to the company’s website. When the user presses it, a box appears where he can leave his number so that a company operator can call him back. In this way, companies open up another means of online communication.

This module is very interesting because it breaks the usual barrier between the web page and the user. Many sites are very well organized, but do not have fast ways to communicate with the user. The important thing is for the entrepreneur to offer the relevant attention to Internet users who express their intention to communicate in this way.

How to obtain customer emails through call center software?

All of the above indicates that call center software is useful for collecting customer and user data. In fact, one of the data that can be obtained thanks to this tool is the emails of those interested in our products. This can be achieved through several of the tools mentioned above.

For example, by using the module for sending bulk SMS, you can invite the customer to provide us with his e-mail address.  The implementation of a CRM allows us to create a database with emails of our clientele. All these tools can be contracted with a company that offers a virtual switchboard service.

The call center software simplifies the advertising work through various tools and ways. Nowadays, it is very simple and cheap to obtain this type of services. Entrepreneurs can put together packages tailored to their needs, budgets and strategy. The best thing is that everything can be managed from a smartphone and it works very well. The only thing needed to operate this type of system is an internet connection. Undoubtedly, a tool to consider if we want to promote a venture.

call center software

Neotel’s call center software aims at automation

Automation is already a key factor for the company and the development of business activities. The implementation of artificial intelligence is being targeted in business models. If there is one application that is currently compatible with this logic, it is call center software.

One of the most up-to-date software in this area is Neotel’s virtual switchboard. This system offers interesting modules for telemarketing and customer service. It is not necessary to install a large call center room with 40 operators to enjoy the benefits of this application.

What are the automation modules offered by Neotel?

Neotel has developed automated tools that are very useful for companies. Probably the call launchers are the greatest evidence of this. The call launcher is a module that after analyzing some data controls the flow of incoming or outgoing calls.


call center software

The progressive dialer launches outgoing calls when an operator is available. In this way, productivity is no longer dependent on the employee. The predictive dialer, on the other hand, allows you to organize your work by analyzing the entire service system.

The predictive dialer analyzes data such as call flow or response and service time. From there, it designs the possible work and quality standards. Basically, the module ensures that the pace of contact is appropriate to guarantee efficiency.

CRM: key to data collection

Automation and business strategy require quality data to work. It is known that 90% of companies’ strategy is being built from 10% of the information. This affects their effectiveness and business opportunities due to the lack of reliable data.

CRM is a module that allows updating the customer database. It can be said that it is like any other company’s system, only that it can be easily edited. In this way, important data such as customer telephone numbers can be updated and used in telemarketing.

Neotel offers CRM to those who contract its virtual PBX. The system is quite innovative, complete and easy to use. This tool is in addition to the statistical module that allows to know the flow of calls and the productivity of telemarketers.

Call center software hosted in the cloud

The virtual PBX aims to manage communication like the call center software. However, this program is hosted in the cloud and operates over the Internet. That is why these services are now contracted for a fairly low cost. Another advantage is that the application can be used from any device, as long as the worker has a broadband connection.

The best thing about Neotel’s call center software is that it allows the use of several ways of communication. From this application, the employer can use video calls, text messages, fax, e-mail and other mechanisms to contact customers. It is worth taking a look at this technological bet.