predictive dialer

Predictive Dialer: Ideal for telesales and telemarketing

The tools of the new virtual PBX allow you to improve every area of a call center’s work. There is useful automation to optimize customer service per inbound call and also to increase outbound productivity. To contact users successfully the predictive dialer is of vital importance.

In the contact center there are always departments that are in charge of making outbound calls. These can have many utilities such as sales, service offerings, extensions or debt collection. Increasing efficiency in this type of management is possible with the help of the right technology.

How the predictive dialer works

The job of the predictive dialer is to launch calls to customers automatically. To do this, the module has a list of telephone numbers to be contacted. It will do this by knowing the call duration patterns and times between which the agent is free. In addition, the tool is updated according to the volume of work and the results that arise.

This telephone dialer controls the time in which the agent contacts users. From the moment it is used, the process of making calls no longer depends on the operator, and is completely controlled by the system. In this way, coordinators can ensure high productivity within the department.


predictive dialer

In turn, the call center predictive dialer generates statistics on data and phone numbers. This makes it possible to perform useful tasks such as cleaning the database and measuring the effectiveness of the lists and the department. With this module you basically control the management in a very comprehensive way. To be precise, there are two fundamental tasks for companies that can be developed much better with this technology: telesales and remote collection.

Increased sales and better collection management

The predictive dialer is one of the most useful digital tools an outbound calling department can have. Any office that uses lists of phone numbers will benefit. Sales tend to increase because the productivity of the operator is increased. It is important to remember that with this module the amount of calls made by agents will not depend on them.

Telecollections management benefits even more, since it is a department where it is necessary to be incisive. Customer lists can be classified according to importance, degree of debt or taking into account previous communications. Those who work in this type of office know how important it is to know the customers and target the message in a more personalized way.

The virtual PBX has the possibility to integrate this and other modalities very easily. The more innovative the software, the better management tools it offers. Therefore, it is important to choose updated companies such as Neotel. The upgrade has advantages such as IP telephony, data backup in the cloud and automated solutions such as predictive dialer and other call launchers.

progressive dialer how it works?

Progressive dialer: ideal for mass customer service

Large service providers often have a problem with their success.  This is the need to ensure efficient means of servicing the large flow of customers. Of course, doing so requires a good investment, hiring of personnel and planning for the management of this work. Precisely, the predictive dialer is a tool that allows to plan the work.

Managing a call center, especially at the beginning, is a titanic task. This is more complex if the business is large and many customers and users must be served. Many companies think they have the service covered, but they do so without having a clear idea of its efficiency. A good way to start getting things right is by using call dialers.

How does the progressive dialer work?

The progressive dialer is an automatic inbound call management system. Its job initially involves knowing how work is being done in the room and also the flow of calls. It does this on the basis of an analysis of the data concerning the contacts: call duration, number of incoming calls, answering time, etc.


progressive dialer how it works?

From the data, the progressive dialer launches calls to the operators that become free. Callers are simply placed on a waiting list and are answered. It is important to know that this type of system is also capable of indicating an approximate idea of how long each call should take.

The system basically designs the correct way in which the contact room should operate. The predictive dialer is usually a module compatible with the call center software. The data will always be changing until the best possible idea of customer service is obtained. Coordinators and managers can use this tool to guide the work of their operators and design strategies.

Banks, telephone companies and large businesses need it.

There comes a point when a business becomes so successful that it needs to open a large customer service department.  It will not be enough to have five or so operators, because the larger the company, the more management it will have to do. The progressive dialer works but it requires a good number of available operators.

The important thing is to have a virtual PBX with excellent features, modules and a faultless service. The progressive dialer is just one of many tools in favor of the entrepreneur. There is also the robot call and predictive dialer for other types of management and contact center. Banks, telephone companies, specialized stores and other mass service companies will work better with these technological solutions. Neotel, for example, offers all these alternatives.

Having a successful, influential and high-selling company always implies more investment and strategy. Not taking on the natural and justified demands of the clientele always has negative effects. The prices of an insufficient or poorly planned management are the loss of customers, the strengthening of the competition and with it, the decrease of profits. A good call center that offers an efficient service will solve many problems.


WebRTC line and the change of the call center

In the past, not all companies had large call centers. The reason is that in order to set up large call center departments it was necessary to bill well. Establishing such an office used to be costly. Fortunately, the advent of the WebRTC line lowered communications costs considerably.

That same structure is still in place in many companies today. To be sure, not upgrading the call center goes far beyond useful, modern modules. Maintaining an old-fashioned call center is just as costly as before. Even if it is a planned expense in the budget, it could be reduced considerably.

The WebRTC line: Why is it cheaper?

The traditional call center consisted of a rather complex installation. This included servers, connection accessories and specialized software. At the same time, installing a physical server generated maintenance costs, the payment of system engineers and a lot of space that had to be adapted.


Neotel's webrtc line

To this must be added the telephone fees charged by the usual telephone companies. Of course, this business model required a large investment. With the introduction of the WebRTC line, everything became simpler, since communications are made via the Internet. This system is the one that allows opening chats and videoconference rooms through web pages and social networks.

Companies such as Neotel have adapted this new technology to support the entire service through call center software. Once hired, the company no longer needs a physical server because all the data is stored virtually. This, in turn, reduces the cost of paying for specialized personnel or installations.

The cost of calls also goes down

Another advantage of the WebRTC line is that communication costs also go down. It is not the same to pay for telephone line services as it is to pay a company that offers a virtual PBX. Telephone communications migrate to the Internet and this makes them much cheaper.

The whole system through an interface that does not even require complex installations. The operators have users from which they enter and carry out their management.  The only thing needed to answer or make calls is a device connected to the Internet. This means that the call center could normally operate from outside its own premises, further reducing costs thanks to IP telephony.

The best part is that the company can more easily access such modern communication modalities as videoconferencing. In addition to the savings, modern, useful and easy-to-use modules and functionalities have been added. Among these are the predictive and progressive dialer, robot call, signaling and other elements that will facilitate customer service.

All teleoperator management is subject to monitoring and the system provides managers and coordinators with statistics to improve their work. Undoubtedly, incorporating the WebRTC line into the call center is a priority.


What you gain by having innovative call center software

There are companies that do not have large customer support rooms and still look for a novel call center software. The reason is simple: this is a tool that provides the basis for countless useful tasks and functions. It’s not just about managing telephone communication because in fact this program provides companies with a world of possibilities.

Contact center companies sometimes spend a lot of time to update their communication managers. The worst thing is that when they manage to do so, there are often already new tools, modules or mechanisms that are easier to use.

Today’s call center software


call center software

The call center software of the past allowed to connect several operators under the management of a coordination. All the data was stored on large and unmanageable servers. This implied the hiring of IT engineers and an enormous expense.                              This structure, which is not the most economical, is still in place in many customer service centers.

These obsolete systems are less able to incorporate automated modules. Today, the virtual PBX does the same thing, with less maintenance costs, less staff, less weight on the system and with greater advantages. All data is backed up on dedicated or shared servers that are not even within the companies.

When there is no update it is normal to see digital marketing departments exhausting outdated lists of customer phone numbers. All that is nowadays much simpler, more productive and the best thing is that it generates savings. All that is needed is to use IP telephony and an innovative software that operates in the cloud such as Neotel’s.

Current call center software modules

Automated call launchers are a tool that few companies use to their advantage. These allow to automate both inbound and outbound call handling. One of these is the predictive dialer that allows mapping all customer behavior and ensures a planned service. Coordinators will have statistics that will allow them to plan all the work.

With the progressive dialer, outbound call campaigns can be planned. Another of today’s major modules is the call robot. With this, a recorded message is programmed to reach large lists of customers with the message you want to broadcast. All this means that having an innovative call center software means having a tool that brings users closer to the company.

It is also important to know the other services that the company offering the call center service in the cloud has. Some simply install software and offer an expensive call service. In the case of the most advanced companies, the services compatible with the virtual PBX are really efficient. IVR, signaling, bulk SMS, among others. Undoubtedly, adapting generates greater productivity and management facilities.


Neotel has the best Yealink terminals

Many call centers continue to work with old terminals connected to expensive telephone services. The large telephone companies generate large dividends and the managers of the companies that contract these services are often unaware of the technological change. Working with VoIP telephony can reduce many costs, but for this it is important to acquire Yealink terminals.

Yealink terminals are communication devices that can work with Internet technology. In this way, communications do not depend on traditional telephony plans, but the entire communication system of the company is based on digital connection. Those companies that already have a virtual PBX or wish to upgrade to it, will find it positive to buy IP phones.

Neotel has Yealink terminals for every need.


The best thing about Yealink terminals is that there are many models with different prices adapted to the availability of each customer. The most advanced would be the CP920, 30 and 60 models, ideal for audio conferences from the office. At Neotel prices range from 299 € to 499 €. Some of these devices can be connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

In this online store there are also IP phones from 47,95 €. These are basically traditional devices with a speaker, like those found in any office. The difference is that they allow calls to be made from an Internet connection. Neotel offers the Yealink T30 and T31 models.

It should be noted that all these devices have the necessary functions in the office or call center. That is, they allow transferring calls, putting the user on hold, muting and other similar operations. All communication can be made cheaper and coordinated from a virtual PBX while all data is hosted in the cloud.

Neotel: everything in business communications

At Neotel, you don’t just get telephone devices for the office. In fact, there you can also find important accessories to establish the necessary connections for the communication system. There you can also buy Grandsteam gateways, with which you can integrate the telephone line and the new IP telephony services.

All these devices and accessories are also compatible with Neotel’s cloud storage call center software services. It is a compendium of technological solutions that can be unified to get the most out of them. Communication will be covered, data will be stored and the cost will be lower. The initial investment in this type of technology usually pays dividends very quickly.


virtual pbx

Based on this technology and the installation of a virtual PBX, a wide range of modules can be installed. There is an automated solution for every business need. Conferences, telephone marketing, customer service and call transfers… everything is simplified. In any case, the important thing is to know that the necessary implements to make the technological adaptation of the office are in the Neotel store.


Private label PBX and other businesses you can do with Neotel

Communications companies that offer virtual PBX work with commercial companies, call center departments, banks and similar businesses. However, some companies have promotions and services that allow others to sell VoIP telephony services, as is the case of Neotel. This can be a great opportunity for many, because it enables the creation of private initiative.

Nowadays it is possible to start one’s own business with small investments. The figure of the intermediary has become popular and is often of benefit to large companies and also to private individuals. The goal: to generate more customers and for everyone involved to gain something.

White label PBX: create your own VoIP telephony company

The white label PBX is a commercial line created by Neotel for people who want to make their own VoIP telephony company. Entrepreneurs simply create their company and offices to offer the services offered by the communication company. In short, they acquire all the equipment, facilities and programs they need to extend the call center software services to others.


private label pbx

The entrepreneur basically extends Neotel’s services to his clients but under his own company name. He simply acquires facilities to negotiate with other companies, generating economic gains. The new company becomes a wholesaler easily, quickly and with a fairly moderate investment. It does not matter where in the world the person who hires this service is located.

The entrepreneur also acquires a White Label PBX Software with which he can operate. This not only allows to offer VoIP telephony services to other companies, but also to generate other businesses. For example, it is feasible to help other companies to create their customer services or even offer this type of service as an outsourced company.

Another option is the IP telephony distributors

If, on the other hand, the person does not want to create a company and does not have capital, he/she can also be an IP telephony distributor. The only thing to do in this case is to contact Neotel and request a permit to work as an intermediary. The person becomes a salesperson who offers IP telephony and VoIP PBX service to other companies. This is very similar to what catalog vendors do, but with more profitable returns.

IP telephony resellers can offer the service to any company and make money by basically being a middleman. Those who have worked in this way with other products usually have many contacts, which is usually an advantage. Individuals do not need to make an investment and simply become multipliers of the service. For each new customer a profit is established and Neotel takes care of the installations and equipment.

With the white label PBX and IP telephony distributors can generate a stable income. Entrepreneurs and freelancers have an excellent option in these two lines of business offered by Neotel.


What is the IP telephony reseller business like?

Selling never goes out of fashion and there is a market for every product offered. One business that is booming is that of IP telephony distributors. The role of those who are oriented to this commercial activity goes beyond selling products and services. In fact, the existence of this occupation allows companies to update their communication skills.


VoIP distributors

There are many companies that are still anchored to obsolete technologies and this really affects their operations. Today’s solutions save money, resources, space, personnel and tend to be much more efficient. It only takes one person to offer the new features and that some business owner or entrepreneur understands the world of possibilities available to them. This is the job of the VoIP distributor

IP Telephony Resellers: Selling products and services

The most advanced communication companies are responding to new business structures to expand their market. By contracting IP telephony distributors they are able to expand their business in a profitable way for the company and the consultant. The horizontality allows both parties to generate money and customers without much investment or effort. The VoIP reseller is basically an intermediary, between firms interested and offering the virtual PBX service.

The IP telephony distributor usually offers two things to potential customers: products and services. IP telephony requires call center software and a whole digital platform to establish the communication system based on Internet connections. Companies offer modules, WebRTC line and a set of applications that can be very useful for companies beyond their field.

But at the same time, it also becomes a potential promoter of necessary products for the client when entering this new technology. For example, a company interested in getting into this technology for communication may need VoIP phones. Distributors have the task of making the potential buyer understand the benefits of each of the functions and equipment related to IP telephony.

Any company is a potential customer

IP telephony is beneficial for any type of business or enterprise. Everything that a private initiative spends on calls, servers and communication devices can be saved with these solutions. No matter if it is a store, a call center department or a clinic: everyone needs communication at a lower cost.

An IP telephony distributor develops a profile similar to that of a health visitor. Their job is to present a new solution to business owners and retailers that will lower their cost structure and benefit their customer service. There are many ways to get appointments and expand the customer base. This type of service can even be promoted through the social networks we all know.

This line of business can be very beneficial for individuals depending on the company with which you decide to start the distribution. The Neotel distributor for example has the support provided by an innovative and prestigious company on the Internet and in the market. Everything is very simplified and basically the company is in charge of installing the call center software and its modules once the business is completed.


Why is it important to integrate virtual PBX with third-party software?

Call center software has evolved a lot even though many contact rooms remain technologically static.  Today’s customer service department is much faster, simplified and the operator has tools that streamline the work.  For example, integrating virtual PBX with third-party software is one of those advances that cannot be ignored. The advantages of integration are noticeable in performance.


One of the problems that many call center departments have is that they need several tools to function. The operator must learn to use different programs that will be indispensable in their management.  The result of this is slower learning and management and this always tends to affect the overall performance of the room.

Integrating virtual PBX with third-party software: What is it?

In the past, an operator had to open up to five different applications on his computer. For example, a bank customer service agent will need to open his softphone, the banking system, one or more claims software and so the list grows. This seems normal and in the long run employees get used to it, but things are much simpler nowadays.

Imagine if this employee could open all his applications in a single integrated program.  This is precisely what integrating a virtual PBX with third-party software is all about. Basically, it is to have a virtual PBX in which you can integrate all the digital tools needed to work in the call center or office. All the answers and solutions would be available in a single program that brings them together.

With the integration, the operator only learns to use a macro program perfectly coupled, easy to use and part of the same logic. Of course, specialized software and virtual PBXs adapted for this type of unification are often available for this purpose. The simplification involved in this system seems minimal, but it improves work productivity.

Some advantages of integrating virtual PBX with third-party software

The first is that this allows having more useful tools within a single one. Thus, an operator can have more modules and tools designed for customer service or telephone marketing. For example, in addition to their softphone, they can integrate a videoconferencing application, which is currently very popular in the business world.

Secondly, the training of new operators is simplified. One of the challenges that exist in every call center is for its most novice workers to master each tool they use in their work. This usually takes time, especially when each application is diametrically different. Integrating everything into a single platform is didactic and the operator integrates faster.

Nowadays it is possible to integrate virtual PBX with third-party software that are traditionally used in the company. Having this capability means gaining versatility and technological changes will not be so traumatic for the staff. This allows us, for example, to update the call center system without having to stop using other applications due to a compatibility problem.  Companies like Neotel offer this adaptation without too many problems and at a beneficial cost.


Contracting a 900 line: unifying the company’s numbers

Publicizing a company involves organizing various aspects related to its products and services. Advertising goes beyond commercials or the management of social networks. For example, telephone numbers can be more than a means to serve customers, they can be a significant part of the company’s image. Hiring a 900 line allows you to simplify commercial communication and give greater diffusion to the company without much effort.


contracting a 900 landline

Having a unique contact number and keeping it over time ends up becoming a network to catch new customers. Brands that have characteristic elements that are easy to remember have better opportunities than their competitors. The ability to attract new customers increases because you have a presence that is internalized even by people who are not familiar with the product.

Companies with many phone numbers sell less

Before social networks, it was normal to see companies that had good advertising but were inaccessible to the public. People suddenly managed to remember the brand and when trying to locate the contacts it was simply impossible to access them. It was very common to call the telephone operator to look for information and get up to four different numbers. In the end, this generated a great distance between the company and the customer, who ended up looking for another alternative.

Even today there are companies with several registered numbers and when a person calls, they are simply suspended. This represents a big problem not only in terms of customer service, but also in terms of image. Trying to make contact with a company and not finding it is discouraging sales. The company loses visibility and if the competition is easy to access, it simply has the upper hand.

On the contrary, hiring a 900 line is to give the potential customer a key that allows him to get in touch with the products offered. The mere fact of having this telephone prefix can help people learn the number, even without realizing it.

The advantages of contracting a 900 line

Many firms make advertising audiovisuals where the center of the publicity is their customer service number. Their managers know that this will allow more people to get in touch with the product offered. The 900 prefix has the particularity that it makes people learn the number faster. Everything is controlled by the call center software and calls will be forwarded to all operators.

Another positive aspect of hiring 900 lines is that they are free for callers. This implies an extra motivation and unconsciously the customer will prefer to call companies that offer this possibility. What the company pays is repaid with the large number of new sales and business that will be closed as a result of this adjustment. The important thing is to find telephone companies that have a low cost per minute as is the case with Neotel.

The minutes of a 900 line are cheap and in the end the companies do not invest too much. Unifying the numbers into one will allow that single number to become a powerful advertisement in itself. The best companies that offer virtual pbx usually have this service for businessmen. It is not an expense but a good investment.


Data center products: What is the best way to store data?

In the past, having an equipped office meant acquiring many different technological implements. In addition to the necessary computer and its screen, telephones, faxes, printers, scanners and other gadgets for formal work were purchased. Today, technology makes it possible to have everything in just a few devices and communication is much more simplified.


dedicated servers

Similarly, it was necessary to occupy an entire room and install a large physical server. This type of installation is delicate, difficult to maintain and involves very high costs. Data storage is more efficiently performed on dedicated servers. Understanding this type of backup format in companies can generate enormous progress in many ways.

What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are computer services that are rented to host data over the Internet. Unlike shared servers, in these the hosting service of an entire machine is guaranteed to the contracting party. That is to say, the company that offers the dedicated services orients a complete equipment for each company.

When a person has a particular web page, he/she can hire a shared server because it will be enough. Shared servers are those hosting services that use one machine for several contractors. However, in the case of companies, the safest and most recommendable is the dedicated service. This is more expensive but offers the necessary functionality for a business or company.

Companies that handle sensitive data should purchase dedicated services to ensure the security of the information. In addition, this type of storage does not usually have errors of any kind, providing a much more reliable support. Although its price is a little higher, a company can afford this type of expense without major problems. Another excellent solution is partitioning, with Linux virtual machines being the most recommended option.

Physical server vs. virtual server

Many traditional companies maintain the old scheme of having physical servers in their own facilities. It would seem that this is better because all the data and equipment is kept within the office. However, renting virtual servers is much more advantageous from virtually any perspective you look at it. Just considering the cost, the space it takes up and the complexity of its maintenance is reason enough to choose the other option.

Virtual storage services are much better because they are also usually monitored by expert companies. Failures occur very infrequently even compared to shared servers. In case there are any imperfections, the management and response times are much faster. It is not the same to hire a team of computer engineers than to be supported by a company of this type, such as Neotel.

The virtual server is used by the busiest companies in the countries. In fact, this is an excellent way to cover their backs against new data protection laws. Today’s data center products are not purchased, they are rented, and this in turn allows you to start up businesses with low budgets.