Inbound call statistics: Commercial and communicational success

Call center departments are much more than telemarketing and customer service. Some of them have high payrolls, state-of-the-art equipment and call center software and are only dedicated to customer service. To tell the truth, in the interaction with users lies a good part of the success if managers and coordinators know how to read between the lines. All the information can be found in the statistics of incoming calls.


incoming call statistics virtual pbx

Any commercial activity is basically an interaction between the one who offers and the one who demands something. Therefore, the communication that takes place between the company’s agent and the customer defines a good part of the commercial activity. All this only means that the efforts cannot be directed only to offer attention, but to attend well.

Call center: establishing effective communication

Any service company can open a customer service office with equipment and employees. However, this is only the beginning of strengthening the company’s image or gaining new customers. Many people pay for services to companies with inefficient contact centers and ultimately it drives them away.

Having a call center that provides inefficient and unempathetic service is synonymous with financial loss. Many managers don’t appreciate it, but there is a link between poor service and customer defection. To be honest, the strategy of many companies that position themselves as the competition of another is usually focused on customer service. Where there is a healthy discourse and communication, there is a greater chance of closing an affiliation.

There are two ways to know if the company is serving its customers well over the phone: monitoring and inbound call statistics. The first one allows to verify directly how the operators talk to the users. The second indicates how the flow of calls is and whether they are being handled effectively. In fact, the data on contacts can even help to improve customer service.

Advantages of verifying inbound call statistics

The first thing that can be checked with an inbound call statistics system is the margin of answered and missed calls. Having a high margin of missed communications implies that customers are waiting a long time to speak to an agent. Of course, this represents a very bad image for the company.  Something similar happens with people who are kept on hold.

This is another important factor, which is the operator’s call time. In any call center, the correct thing to do is to manage certain time averages for the effective attention of a request. There are specific cases that can always lengthen the call, but part of the efficiency has to do with the speed of resolution. Let’s think for a moment that the longer it takes an operator to finish with a customer, the higher the call queue traffic will be.

The main advantage of verifying and knowing how to interpret inbound call statistics is the organization of the work.  A call center can verify this type of data and redistribute the attention to the user. There are multiple strategies and all that is needed is to take a look at the dynamics of the calls. Fortunately, the advanced virtual PBX such as the one offered by Neotel allows to use this and other really useful work tools.


Monitoring: the key to efficient customer service

Having a customer service department goes beyond installing telephones and computers. Nor is it about following protocols and educating operators in an introductory course. In fact, training and job monitoring must be constant in this type of work. Monitoring is precisely the technological and educational tool that call center coordinators have at their disposal.


monitoring virtual pbx

To monitor a call or a telemarketer is to control the attention with the objective of improving it. Of course, it is impossible to be present on each call, evaluating each worker in real time. But the features of the virtual PBX, together with the call recorder, make it possible to know what each operator in the company is doing.

Monitoring makes it possible to establish a quality call center.

Many companies do not pay much attention to what their operators do during the working day. This may be because they focus on offering a massive service, or because they are unaware of the value of monitoring. For sure, operator attention is a fundamental part of the company’s image. Poor customer service generates a bad reputation, and once it becomes generalized, the losses are considerable.

This whole process of degeneration of the company’s image can be halted with a little control. Monitoring makes it possible to listen to what operators say and do. It does not matter whether this is done in real time or by recording, because it is always possible to know what the worker’s strengths and weaknesses are. Once the problems are identified, each individual is evaluated and helped to do his or her job better.

Monitoring is different depending on the call center software or plan offered by each company. It is important to have a virtual call recorder with sufficient storage space. This way, the records that are monitored and evaluated are much more abundant. Companies should contract services with versatile modules such as the spy and whisper, offered by Neotel.

Virtual PBX: monitoring wherever you are

The best thing about combining the monitoring module with the telework PBX is that monitoring goes beyond the office. As long as everything runs on the same call center software and is hosted in the cloud, the call center will work from anywhere in the world. Management control is also a fact of life even over long distances.

There are many solutions that allow work and its monitoring to continue at home or remotely. For example, there is the possibility of having a WebRTC line or mobile softphone. All operators will need is a device with an Internet connection to work. This is one of the great advantages of adopting new technologies in business communication.

Management control is still possible because everything is stored on the Internet. In other words, it is no longer necessary to have operators in an office to monitor them. Coordinators can continue to evaluate their progress and improve the quality of service.


Telemarketing Surveys: another way to learn about customer trends

Information is power and this is something that has become very clear in recent years. There is a whole debate generated by the way in which social networks collect data on the preferences of their users. To tell the truth, there are much more honest ways of getting to know customers and one of them is telemarketing surveys.


telemarketing surveys

Knowing what large groups of consumers want can be key to a company’s growth. Regardless of the service or product offered, meeting the customer’s expectations as far as possible is fundamental. It is not only about what is offered, but how it is done and the image the company radiates.

Telemarketing surveys are efficient

In previous decades it could be annoying or boring for many to answer a questionnaire of questions. An example of this is the political telephone surveys of yesteryear that made many people uncomfortable. However, the nature of consumption and communication has changed a lot. Today, people want to participate and in fact giving opinions is an everyday occurrence.

Telemarketing surveys allow the customer to express opinions that can be turned into strategies. Nowadays, there are call center software modules that incorporate the possibility of surveying a large number of users. Companies can use lists of telephone numbers to make inquiries.

Automated telemarketing surveys can ask basically anything. A company can evaluate its products, the quality of service or the level of attention of a call center. But in addition, questions can also be asked to guide campaigns and the creation of new products.

Two ways to conduct surveys

Companies that offer virtual pbx services such as Neotel also offer the telemarketing survey module. This service is quite versatile because it has two options for conducting the survey. The first one is the usual system of launching calls with surveys in an automated way.

The second allows you to conduct surveys after the customer has made a call to the call center. This method is very innovative and effective because we already have the customer’s attention. It is difficult for the person to distrust because the survey is done naturally, through official channels. The best thing is that these do not generate a feeling of discomfort in the user, understanding that they form that continue a conversation that has been initiated by himself.

Everything is automated by operator voice and the module allows any question to be configured openly. The company only configures the question and the answer options. The customer simply listens and answers using the numbers on the keypad of his smartphone or landline phone. In this way, the data is easily quantified and then analyzed through graphs.

It is not necessary to contact a social network and spy on users to know their preferences. With the realization of surveys you can have a lot of information without generating reservations in the users. Undoubtedly, a solution that will be useful in the times to come.


Click to call me back and mass business communication

Being available is a business virtue for today’s consumers and customers. Problems, delays and failures in the services offered are always feasible. However, what the customer does not forgive is that companies are not there to offer fast, expeditious and easy to reach attention. Precisely, click to call me back is a tool that allows greater communication with beneficiaries.


click to call me back

Being accessible in today’s world is synonymous with higher probabilities of closing new sales or business. That is why companies open websites, social networks, contact centers and as many communication channels as possible. The greater the presence, the better the chances that a new customer will be interested in the service.

Websites and click to call me back

The official website is a priority for companies even now that everything is focused on social networks and online stores. But there is a very repetitive problem with this type of digital space: The lack of ways for interaction. Some sites have at most a section with phone numbers or an email address. Unfortunately, these data are often outdated.

Click to call me back is a module that allows customers to contact the company effectively. This system consists of a button that is installed on the corporate website. When the customer presses it, it automatically opens a box where he will leave his telephone number. In this way, the data will reach an operator who will be in charge of returning the call instantly.

With this system, customers will have another way of accessing the company’s operators. It is possible to have a call center and within it a small department in charge of reviewing the contacts that come in through the web page. Its installation is very simple as well as the review of the contacts that come in through this module.

Click to call me back: a sales ally

Click to call me back is ideal to attend to those customers who do not enter through traditional contact.  In this sense, it should be considered as an ally of the call center software and the customer service department. In a way, it generates a small flow of calls that will not come in through the call center. However, this module is not only used to manage user problems regarding a service.

The click to call me back is ideal for attracting potential customers through the company’s website. If an Internet user explores the site and is interested in the services or products offered by the company, he will be able to contact it through the button. In this way, a telesales operator will be able to complete the offer and capture one more customer.

Companies like Neotel offer the click to call me back module along with their virtual pbx’s services. Undoubtedly, this is an alternative to further leverage the company’s website. Keeping users happy or even gaining new customers will be easy with this add-on.


IVR: A central resource in customer self-management

Until the first decade of the 21st century, customer service was characterized by telephone conversations. Today’s customer service management is based on automation. Technological progress has led companies to offer tools so that their public can perform self-management tasks. To this end, the IVR has been a key tool that has been given little credit.



Every business relationship is an exchange, and in the case of services the issue is always complicated. A sale implies a faster interaction between the parties, but banks, telephone services, health care and the like imply a more permanent association. It is precisely interactive voice response systems that have facilitated this relationship between the company and its customers.

IVR: interactive voice response

Interactive voice response (IVR) is the voice we hear when we call customer service. This operator leads users through different options and asks questions to the customer to advance the management in an automated way. To make this possible, a system is designed with questions, channels and options through which customers try to find the right solution for their problem.

The system compiles the information provided by the user that is useful to speed up the service. The objective of this module is to be able to route the management from the moment a person calls. In this way, customers feel attended to even before a call center operator.

One of the problems of call center service is the disorderly flow of calls. This is basically about people who call and enter through channels or departments that have nothing to do with their management. Precisely the IVR is an essential tool to prevent this from happening.

Easy-to-install system

When you hear how an IVR works, you might think that its installation is complicated. The truth is that this is an autonomous module, which does not require complicated software nor does it generate compatibility problems.  The company simply has to hire a company expert in this technology and will not even have to change its call center software.

The IVR is a module is a menu that is presented to the customer in an interactive way. Of course, the most innovative versions guarantee a more complete interaction that gathers information from the user so that the operator can get ahead in his work. From this point of view, this system streamlines the service, allowing faster responses and better management times.

There are companies such as Neotel that offer this service in addition to their innovative virtual pbx. The important thing is to know how to adapt the parliaments to the work and service departments that each company has. Of course, the good communications companies that provide this module guide the contracting party in the preparation of the messages. The objective is to achieve a fresh, accurate, easy to understand and friendly first interaction.


Video call in the cloud: the new business meeting format

Everything that is happening in today’s world indicates that video calling in the cloud will be the new dominant communication format. A large part of recent business operations also involves adapting to this type of interaction. Video calls shorten distances, reduce budgets and make it easier to close deals.


video call in the cloud

Video calls for companies allow business activities to continue even in global circumstances of inoperability. Today, many platforms and websites have popularized this service. The problem is that traditional social networks are not the ideal place for this type of contact either.

Video calls for companies can be used for everything

Face-to-face meetings have taken a back seat so far in the 21st century. Today, there is no need to be present to conduct business, education or customer service activities. Nearly every relationship that is a matter of exchange can be conducted seamlessly via video conferencing in the cloud.

Many business meetings are now being conducted via video conferencing. The most prestigious companies in the world have been adapting to this dynamic for a long time. To tell the truth, implementing video calls for companies in the processes has generated multiple advantages for them.

Today there are entire universities that maintain their operations and expand their impact through videoconferencing. There are companies that train their employees in this way and sales that are closed from afar. Everything is possible and even more so if the services of a virtual switchboard are contracted. Of course, the right thing to do in this case is to look for companies with trajectory and innovation such as Neotel, to mention a few.

Call center software and video calls

Hiring a virtual switchboard is very useful even for companies that do not have a call center. The best companies operate from internal communication systems managed and stored on the Internet. One of the services provided by these systems is precisely that of videoconferencing for companies.

There are certainly social networks that offer this type of service. However, the most renowned platforms are quite limited compared to what a business communication company offers. The difference with obtaining a virtual PBX service is that the system is seamless, unlimited and ultimately controlled by the contracting company.

The latest virtual switchboard services usually offer an application for videoconferencing in the cloud. The entire system works through an Internet connection, both communication and data storage. All employees, coordinators and managers need is a profile that they can access from any device.

Traditional calls and text messages will continue to serve some business functions. However, the present and future of entrepreneurship lies in video calling for business. Adapting to this will soon be more of a necessity than an innovation or a luxury. It is important to internalize the impact of new technologies on business.


Remote customer service: a benefit of the mobile PBX

Having a call center no longer implies maintaining an office, with strict schedules and the like. Technological progress makes it possible to have teleoperators anywhere in the world with all the advantages that this implies. For this, you only need to count on an essential and even economical ally: the mobile pbx.


mobile virtual pbx

Today’s telemarketers can attend from the comfort of their home using their Smartphone. Today’s cell phones have everything needed for not only efficient but also controlled management. From these devices it is possible to put customers on hold, transfer them and use softphone functions.

Remote teleoperators: What do they need?

The virtual PBX is the most advanced communications technology and is possible thanks to the WebRTC Line and cloud services. We are talking about a softphone that no longer requires internal networks or large processors. Everything you need to operate is in one program with a user-friendly interface.

The great advantage of virtual call center software is that it can be operated from any location. The important thing is to have a device that allows us to establish communication and Internet access. In this sense, the mobile PBX is simply one that adapts and works on cell phones.

Instead of having a computer with programs, devices and headsets with microphones, everything works from the Smartphone. This makes it possible to hire people who work from home, regardless of their location. The advantage of this is in making payrolls cheaper in multiple ways.  One of the leading companies in the provision of the mobile switchboard service in Neotel.

Advantages of having remote teleoperators

Serving customers through remote telemarketers allows you to hire at a low cost. The simple fact of not having to maintain a department with physical equipment is a considerable saving. There are companies that have dismantled their physical call centers and have assigned this work to remote, part-time or freelance employees.

This dynamic makes it possible to get the right people almost anywhere in the world. Employment arrangements are now more flexible and advantageous for both the employees and the employer. Work continues even in the midst of difficult junctures because calls can be made from home, or even on the road.

Even board meetings no longer depend on every decision-maker being present at the company’s headquarters. Everything can be resolved via videoconference, providing continuity in the processes. This and much more can be guaranteed by contracting a mobile switchboard service.

Of course, when contracting this type of service we must opt for successful and innovative companies in the field of communication. Not all softphones are the same and the efficiency of this system will also depend on the company’s expertise.  The objective is that the communication is fluid and the new tools at our disposal, optimal.


Premium Virtual Call Recorder: a legal coverage

Today’s companies must comply with an increasingly stringent set of legal regulations. The two legal instruments that generate the most work are those related to data protection and consumer laws. Having a Premium virtual call recorder service is useful for companies to cover themselves against the law.


call recorder software for companies

The Premium virtual call recorder allows backing up all calls from the customer service department. However, beyond this, which is very positive, hiring the virtual PBX has another enormous legal and technical advantage.

Physical PBX: the company is responsible

Companies with physical PBXs have always reported multiple technical problems and considerable economic losses. To all this technological effort must be added the adaptation of the work to the legal changes that occur over time. For example, when a new Data Protection Law comes into force, directives and templates must be changed.

Even when the laws contemplate a period for legal adaptation, the process can be difficult. In fact, this happened not long ago in Spain and many companies still pay heavy fines that in some cases lead to bankruptcy. The issue of data protection is now central and the costs for a small error are substantial.

The advantage of acquiring a virtual PBX service and its recorder is that all data is safeguarded by the company that rents its software. In other words, the contracting companies take a load off their shoulders and also have a team of experts in this type of subject matter. Of course, companies such as Neotel – to name but one – are fully adapted to the legal change.

Virtual Premium Call Recorder and the consumer

The Virtual Premium Call Recorder also allows you to comply with the requirements of consumer protection laws. If, for example, a customer complains that he received bad service, the calls are always saved to verify if it is true. If it is true, the company can simply make the necessary corrections to compensate the user.

The Premium virtual call recorder is always a backup and also allows for better service. Unfortunately, not all communications companies offer full call recording services. That is why you should always check the complementary services that are attached to this type of contract.

Many companies that offer their call center software service guarantee a few months of recordings. By hiring a high performance recorder you are guaranteed to have an extensive backup of calls that although it may not seem very useful. The best thing is that if it is a virtual PBX everything is stored in the cloud.

The most advanced telecommunications companies have really amazing services. However, many times managers do not take the time to choose the best option. If you have a company, always remember this: information is power.


The WebRTC line: Remote work now possible

The world of the future means that companies need to look to remote work as a solution. It’s not just the present circumstances that make it so difficult to develop a traditional work life. Everything points to the fact that today’s and tomorrow’s workers will not have to leave their homes to do their jobs. In this reality, the WebRTC line is central from any point of view.


webrtc line

Since the advent of the WebRTC line, human communications has reached its peak of development. This technology has left traditional telephone lines and the SIP protocol behind. Many are still unaware of its benefits and that is why migration has not happened in some companies.

WebRTC line: Why are they so efficient?

WebRTC Line is an open source technology developed by Google in the last decade. Basically, it allowed several media companies to build Internet-based media. All that is needed to communicate with others is an installed softphone and the authorization to use it.

The softphone is nothing more than the call center software used to make calls, video calls and record them. In the past, companies had to control a telephone line service and pay a lot of money to telecommunication companies to maintain communication. In fact, WebRTC line-supported services are much more convenient, sophisticated and cost-effective.

This is quite logical because communication via the Internet is cheaper than that supported by telephone lines. It is much more expensive to pay for a phone call abroad, than to simply make contact via Internet and even with video included. The best thing is that everything works and is supported over the Internet.

Why is WebRTC Line ideal for remote work?

WebRTC Line is also much better than the virtual PBX based on SIP protocol. Although the latter works with a data network, it requires a very expensive infrastructure to maintain. Many companies in the past two decades have invested in servers, equipment, maintenance and employees to support their communications.

With the WebRTC line, all of this is stored virtually in the cloud. In addition, the service is simply outsourced to an expert company such as Neotel and everything is handled by their engineers. The only thing that the employees of the contracting company must do is to have a profile and log in to the softphone.

This is why it is only with the WebRTC virtual PBX that remote or remote work can be done successfully. Any management can be done as long as there is internet, but with this system the work is also controlled. A company can perfectly realize that its employees are keeping their schedule even if they do it in the comfort of their home.

Remember that all data, management and connections are recorded in the cloud. A customer service department can operate at full capacity with its entire payroll active in different areas of a country, or abroad. For all these reasons, it is important that companies make the leap to this technology, which is not very difficult either.


Virtual PBX: the pleasure of managing your business without hardware

The virtual PBX is the latest trend in business communication and this will continue for a long time to come. Companies no longer need to invest in large physical facilities to communicate, connect and store information. Every change and the events of the last few years have only pushed for a much faster adaptation.


virtual pbx

Many still do not understand the concept, but it is very simple, as is its application. Soon the telephone lines, servers and all the physical communication equipment will become obsolete. Now everything is simpler, more orderly and entrepreneurs are saving a lot of money and space in their offices.

The virtual switchboard has surpassed the physical one

Until recently, running a business meant spending a fortune on physical hardware. Servers tend to be large, spacious and their maintenance requires a space to be set up. Of course, installing this hardware was not optional and companies had to deal with all that it entailed.

The famous system failures are nothing more than failures in a company’s servers. This is what breaks down when we call a bank and are told that the line is “down”. This kind of juncture happens all the time when all digital management mechanisms are supported by physical hardware. That’s why companies have to spend money to add IT engineers to their payroll.

All these dynamics are now alien to companies that have migrated their systems to the virtual PBX. Today’s managers know that it is much better to hire expert communications companies to provide the service. They only install their software and assign users to call, open the call center software and store the information.

The advantages of the virtual PBX are many

The virtual PBX is equivalent to simply hiring the hardware that supports the management systems. Instead of installing servers, you pay for the service and get an interface that allows both internal and external communication. All those functions that, for example, have a secretary’s telephone or a call center, are also contracted.

The communications system works through an interface that does not require large installations or devices. It is difficult to talk about the advantages of the virtual PBX because they are innumerable. To tell the truth, this will depend on the contracted service and how innovative the contracted company is. One of the market leaders is Neotel and this can be seen in the plans and modules they offer to their customers.

All functions are used through the virtual PBX and therefore on any computer or device authorized by the company. Employees simply have a profile and log into the interface and can make calls, access data and other tasks. Entire call center teams can operate in this way, even using their own smartphones.

From the virtual PBX, calls can be put on hold or transferred, but this is only the beginning. Fax services, sms scheduling, call launchers, statistics, call recording are some of the best features.  The list of advantages of this technology is really long and the migration of companies to it is simple.