WebRTC line and remote work for companies

Until recently, video calls and video conferences were thought to be a thing of the future. In fact, all high-level companies have been working with this technology on a regular basis for some time now.  As of the decade beginning in 2020, global developments have made the WebRTC Line even more indispensable for everyone.

webrtc line

Until a few years ago it would have been inconceivable to think of seeing our grandparents or parents making a video call. The passing of time has made most people use this technology, implemented since 2011, out of necessity. Virtual classes, video conferences, virtual meetings: all this is now the norm. Companies must prepare for change There are still companies whose operations depend on a call center room full of employees on a schedule. Realities such as remote work seemed to be the preserve of small groups of young professionals, but now it is the norm. In fact, working from the WebRTC line has multiple advantages for companies. People are getting used to working from home, and as a result, companies’ operating expenses are going down. Some are incurring in international recruitments to lower the cost of personnel. Of course, being able to access these benefits involves adapting communication to the WebRTC line. This type of service is not too costly and everything is left in the hands of a communications company. What is done is that a softphone interface is contracted and workers are assigned users. From there, any employee can work even from the comfort of his home, with his own device. WebRTC line and Virtual PBX: Controlled remote work The fact that people work outside an office does not mean that their work cannot be controlled or measured. For example, if you have a staff of tele-operators working remotely, all calls are recorded in the virtual PBX. In fact, they are also recorded and can be monitored, as well as generating productivity statistics. Similarly, operators can have a softphone that allows transfers and other call center functions. Everything can be done from a device with an internet connection from any place where the employee is located. This type of technology is useful for both customer service and internal company communication. Call costs are also lower because everything is done over the Internet (IP Telephony). An important step: look for the right company Currently there is a certain offer of communications services based on WebRTC and call center software. In order to make the most of the technological migration, it is necessary to carefully analyze what each company offers. Aspects such as prices, connectivity and complementary services should be analyzed. It is also important to have a company that has experience and technological knowledge in the area. For example, one of the companies that stand out in prices and updating is Neotel. The next step is to seek advice from this type of company.


Choosing a good call center software is important

It is possible that at some point in the past there would not have been so many call center software options. Most call centers operated more or less the same until well into the last decade. Now that technology is advancing and management is service oriented, it is important for companies to keep up to date.


call center software

Communication is everything and users become customers based on their experience. A little bit of slowness in customer service can generate opinion matrixes that indicate a bad performance on the part of the company. Another priority aspect is the marketing strategies as well as the management of customer requests. All this makes it necessary to choose a good, advanced and multifunctional call center software.

Virtual PBX: the ultimate in business communication

There are still many customer service departments with physical PBXs. What these companies do not know is that the virtual PBX is much more economical, organized and efficient from multiple perspectives. Therefore, the first thing when choosing a good call center software is that it is hosted in the cloud.

Having the entire communications system supported, stored and developed on the Internet reduces operating costs. Soon, managers will not need large databases or IT teams. To tell the truth, this type of service is contracted with expert companies in the telecommunications area.

There are several companies that offer this service with the software included, as well as other add-ons. For sure, it is important to analyze even these add-on services because they say a lot about the base program.

Many add-ons and connectivity

The best call center software is fully customizable. To begin with, the right thing is that they should be easy to install, without overly complex procedures or too many physical add-ons. Precisely what IP telephony technology is looking for is to make things easier.

It is essential to look for software that allows easy interaction with other apps used in the contact center. For example, Neotel works with technology that allows its software to integrate with third-party apps so that the operator can have everything at hand.

A great virtue of call center software that works with virtual PBX is data management. The idea of working with Internet calls and cloud storage is that each call becomes a statistic. In this way, the management can analyze the results and the coordinators can plan service strategies.

Call Center Software: prices and quality plans

When the company adapts to the virtual PBX what it is looking for is better prices or lower costs. Therefore, it is also necessary to analyze the costs of telephone plans, add-ons and other services offered by the contracted company.

It is necessary to know how much is charged for each telephone agent, call recording services and telephone plans. In fact, there are many aspects that must be studied before making a decision. It is essential to analyze each cost and service offered by the communications company. The most advisable thing to do is to dedicate some time to verify the plans of each company, because there is a lot to be gained.


Private label PBX: selling IP telephony services

The private label PBX is one of the most attractive business plans around IP telephony. Internet communication is becoming a profitable business for many. Being a novelty, the business opportunities are considerable.


private label pbx Neotel

Recent developments call for upgrading communication technology. The ability to make affordable calls and video calls over the Internet is at the top of the list of human needs. Whether it’s a student, a worker or an entire company, being able to communicate is vital.

Creating a VoID telephony franchise

New communication technologies are inexpensive and easy to sell. The best thing is that some prestigious companies are offering their services for those who want to create franchises. For example, Neotel offers its white label PBX for wholesalers.

Being able to market a system that allows the installation of IP telephony and virtual PBX is a profitable business. In this win-win situation, both the parent company and the wholesaler and even freelancer intermediaries can also generate passive income. All parties can report interesting economic gains with a fairly reasonable investment.

The service providers can sell the service in their own name and create their own brand. In fact, it is like having your own virtual PBX system and offering it as your own. In fact, it would be a bit more open logic compared to what happens with traditional franchises.

Virtual PBX: a simple technology

One of the advantages of working with today’s call center software is that its technology is simple. There are no large processors to operate and no complicated IT processes to learn. In general, everything is handled by the base company, which also usually provides on-the-job training.

The important thing is to hire a company that provides storage services. Experience and prestige in technological ventures are also vital. In this way, the wholesaler ensures the distribution of a high-performance service.

The real work consists of selling and perhaps learning a few simple configurations. Installing a virtual PBX service is quite simple, expeditious and does not require much technical knowledge. It is a commercial activity that is supported by the previous experience of another company.

Creating a company that offers IP telephony and virtual PBX services is not very complicated. You only need an investment and a small space to operate. Profits are profitable because an important resource for present and future companies is traded.


IP telephony resellers: A growing business

IP telephony resellers are part of today’s entrepreneurial chains. In the midst of the boom in remote and freelancer jobs, selling calling services over IP networks can be a source of passive income. Some communication companies work with individuals to expand their business network.


become a Neotel distributor

VoIP distribution is the future for many companies and the business opportunity is great. Many companies still use old forms of communication and data storage. Even many call center departments still have communications that rely on physical devices.

The great advantage of IP telephony

Many companies are not aware that Internet-based telephone communication systems exist. Of course, this means that they are unaware of the advantages of adopting today’s Internet telephony technologies. Having virtual PBX and IP telephony services generates considerable reductions in the operating costs of companies.

The costs of IT personnel, telephone equipment, physical storage and maintenance practically disappear. IP telephony lowers many expenses because the virtual systems are managed by the company providing the service. For companies with customer service departments, the benefits are even greater.

When communication is done via the Internet, all call data is stored in the cloud. This allows the creation of a database that in turn allows to understand what is being done right or wrong. What the VoIP distributor does is simply to sell this technological option to companies that do not know it. In short, they make money by being intermediaries.

Become a distributor of IP Telephony

Those people with a website, a blog or who have the ability to sell can generate good income being distributors. Computer scientists, consultants and related professionals who work with several companies can earn an additional income.

There are prestigious communication companies that work with independent distributors. One of the most emblematic cases is Neotel, which allows the sale of its IP telephony services and call center software. Basically, the idea is to make a profit as an intermediary of a service.

Those seeking to generate passive income have in this type of business an excellent alternative. Opportunities are everywhere: it is just a matter of knowing them.


Integrate virtual switchboard with third party software

The ability to integrate virtual pbx with third party software is still unknown in many call centers. Most departments handle different applications totally disconnected from each other. Currently, some communications companies offer mechanisms for software integration, which makes things easier.


integrate virtual pbx with 3rd party software

This capacity involves developing digital work tools that are easier and faster to use. In the contact centers of the past everything used to be very disconnected. Having a single space in which calls are made, claims are processed and business is now possible.

The web socket: a solution that few exploit

Using a web socket allows you to create a space where the applications you use to work are integrated. For example, a small company can have a management tool, an accounting tool and also one for making calls. With the integration, what is achieved is to be able to use the functions of all from a common space.

One of the biggest problems that many call centers have is that their applications are not integrated. This can be a problem when the company moves from physical applications to virtual switchboard. For this reason, many companies do not make the leap to this technology that allows everything to be stored on the Internet safely and without complicated installations.

The web stocket is a connector for virtual switchboard. From its use, the customer service department can advance technologically without stopping using their usual applications. Neither the workers nor the work undergoes major changes and the company can open up to the facilities offered by storage and services hosted in the cloud.

Integrating virtual pbx with third-party software is vital

Adapting companies to the arrival of the virtual switchboard is necessary. Thanks to this system, data can be stored in the cloud, instead of using physical servers. The latter, constitutes a great monetary saving for the companies.

On the other hand, this type of call center software allows business communication that exceeds the limits of the service department. Today, company tele-operators can attend from the comfort of their home and with their own devices. So, being essential the update from the virtual switchboard, the important thing is to make the process as less traumatic as possible.

Precisely, integrating virtual switchboard with third party software allows a migration that does not affect the service. Many communication companies offer the virtual switchboard, but not all of them allow integration with the programs regularly used by each company. For example, one of the companies that do guarantee application integration is Neotel.

Therefore, it is essential to migrate to a virtual switchboard with a company that knows how to integrate applications. The modernization of the call center and customer service is guaranteed when it is well thought out.


The benefits of hiring a 900 line

The 900 lines have multiple benefits for companies despite being free for the user. To tell the truth, certain types of businesses manage to grow exponentially around this type of service. Paying for incoming calls generated by customers can be a masterstroke.

900 toll-free lines

Lines such as 806 and 803 generate money but only serve to offer occasional trades during the call. On the other hand, 900 lines work to capitalize on massive campaigns in offering services. Of course, you always have to evaluate the size of the company and what it offers to users. What is the 900 line like? Lines with a 900 prefix are those that have zero cost for the caller. That is, customers who call companies that have this type of line do not pay for the calls they make. On the contrary, in this case the company that receives the contact pays for it in front of the telephone company. 900 lines are also considered commercially used because those who contract them are usually companies. Their basic intention is to facilitate the communication of clients and users through the use of a single number. All calls are attended by several terminals in the call center managed through the same virtual switchboard. However, behind a 900 line there is not only a faster or more expeditious customer service. In fact, this can be the key to truly successful marketing campaigns that multiply revenue. 900 lines: a lower cost for an exponential gain 900 lines allow you to unify all the call flow in a single number. The first advantage of this is that both customers and users can easily memorize the unique number that connects them to the company. The public’s knowledge of this access key should only be reinforced through television and network advertising. In time, this communication mechanism will remain in the collective unconscious. The 900 number of a company becomes a fundamental part of its image. Being free, it is giving added value to the customer from the moment he initiates the call. This ends up becoming a test of quality service for an entire audience. Having 900 lines also allows you to manage new contracts or customers through it. With the right campaign it will be very easy to attract people to contract the service offered. In addition, as all calls are handled through the call center software, an interesting database is generated. Without a doubt, paying for calls made by customers generates incalculable profits. Telephony services, cable television, insurance companies and clinics have reported excellent results. Companies like Neotel offer this service and incorporate it to the virtual pbx.


Data center products: present and future of the companies

The new data center products have simplified many things within the offices. Until recently, companies invested large sums of money in the purchase of physical equipment for data storage. Nowadays, the most profitable thing is to contract the services of companies in telecommunications to carry out this management.


data center products

It is no longer necessary to have a data processing center. These machine rooms with huge processors and storage units have been replaced by virtual server technology. The advantages of hiring this type of service are countless.

The problem of physical servers

The main problem with physical servers is that they are expensive. Their installation already implies a planned design of the spaces that makes the companies’ remodeling works more expensive. In fact, just having to buy them implies a considerable investment and the expenses do not end there.

Having physical servers implies maintenance costs and specialized personnel. Maintaining this equipment implies changing parts, disks, installing antivirus, fixing breakdowns, etc. Furthermore, being machines, they are prone to damage over the years. In the past, companies had no choice but to face these costs due to the technology available.

Nowadays, all information and systems can be hosted by virtual servers. This is the advantage that cloud hosting technology offers. Now all data is treated and safeguarded in a secure way, by companies that offer their data center products.

Data center and virtual pbx products

The arrival of the virtual switchboard was made possible by virtual storage and Internet techniques. Previously, data was kept on internal servers, which were accessed by managers and computers. The most advanced companies leave this work to contracted companies and everything is done without the acquisition of machines that occupy an entire room.

The virtual switchboard implies having the hosting of the service software and the management data stored in the cloud. Companies like Neotel offer their data center products precisely under this dynamic. Everything is hosted on the Internet and data is handled by qualified IT experts.

The best part of this dynamic is that the contracted company assumes full responsibility for the storage. Basically, this is what having a company that offers data center products is all about. The maintenance costs are paid by the communications company. Meanwhile, the contracting company simply uses the call center software to do its usual work.

Contracting data center products is very economical for companies. In this way, workers are in charge of offering their primary services and leave the rest in the hands of specialized personnel.

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Sending mass SMS to mobiles still ensures successful campaigns

Sending mass sms to clients’ mobiles is still on the top of the most successful marketing strategies. Users continue to be attentive to the messages sent by their companies through this format. Trust, habit and a good margin of acceptance are some of the advantages provided by campaigns via text messages.


send sms massively

It doesn’t matter that there are new technological options and ways to get the messages of the companies and promotions across. The SMS remains valid and allows the reception of information even when the device does not have an Internet connection. This type of message has people’s attention and that is why the most successful companies do not stop using them.

Mass SMS for companies: easy, fast and effective

To carry out this type of campaign you only need a platform to send sms. Generally, this module is installed inside the virtual pbx, as is the case with the Neotel service, for example. The messages are programmed and sent to all the data of registered users in an automated way.

However, there may be some differences between the modules offered in the communications market. The most complete proposals offer easy API integration with any third party software and programs. It is also necessary to have a built-in module to analyze the effectiveness of communications and campaigns.

Another very useful tool is the customizable templates with predefined but editable texts. The most advanced services even allow you to send web links via text messages. This is a necessary and very effective feature to get the customer to go to the digital portal. There is also the possibility of buying packs with a certain amount of SMS.

Advantages of sending mass SMS to mobiles

The biggest advantage in the automation of mass sms for companies is in its effectiveness. The open rate of this type of campaign is around 97%. This data indicates the percentage of users who have actually seen the message sent by the company. The comparison between this strategy and email notifications is abysmal in favor of text messaging.

Having statistics on the campaigns can improve the sending of text messages. In other words, this is a tool that allows companies to improve communication with the public. From the call center software, even messages with personalized user data can be made. These are usually very effective and allow the automation of some functions and services offered to customers.

Sending massive sms to mobiles is one of the bases of mobile marketing. Reaching customers is still easy with this tool that does not lose validity. Of course, it is essential to contract the service with an expert, cutting-edge communications company.


Professional voice-over service: personalize your messages

The professional voiceover service is becoming more and more popular in call center services. Many companies have depersonalized services, which impacts the image of their customers. In reality, the possibilities in the recording and automation of messages can be infinite.

There are communication companies that offer packages and generic messages. However, expert firms in virtual pbx and related services have no limits. It is impressive what can be done with the trinomial of the locutions, the call robot and its integration to the pbx.

Recording professional voiceovers: forging a business image

Professional voiceovers are a vital part of the image formed by the users of their companies. Therefore, it is essential that companies have total control over their production. The messages, voice and everything recorded must be thought of with great care.

It can be said that the voices heard in the customer service are part of the company’s marketing. Their characteristics and the way the message is presented are the living expression of the brand. Of course, these must be well thought out in terms of the structure of the service and the division of departments.

Once the structure of the call robot has been designed, the professional voiceover service will simply humanize it. Both elements can make a company separate from its competitors. It is impressive what can be achieved alone when thinking well this configuration.

It looks for experts in service of professional locution

The professional voiceover that users will hear is as important as the capabilities of the virtual switchboard. Therefore, it must be worked with an expert communications company with experience in the field. The possibilities are endless if you work with the most advanced of these technologies.

When contracting professional voiceover services, we must claim the right over parliaments and recordings. In this way, we ensure the authenticity of the content and that no other business uses it. The best communication companies can make translations of the messages or pass them on to another language.

It is essential to design scripts well in order to improve the business image and avoid system errors. One of the companies that offers this service is Neotel, as a way to complement their call center software. Undoubtedly, this is a task that should not be omitted if you want to feed the customer service.


Mobile rates: looking for the most profitable service

Currently there are multiple offers in mobile rates within the market. In the past there were days when only a few phone companies offered phone service plans. Now there are many options and taking the time to analyze each one carefully has its benefits.

Companies with call center departments also need to hire special data and telephony services. This is in addition to the virtual pbx and is necessary for outbound and inbound call services. It is important to consider not going with the first company that comes to mind. To tell the truth, every day more proposals appear and plans are usually updated.


mobile rates

What are the best proposals in mobile rates?

The best business mobile rates offer some benefits at low cost or even for free. For example, they could include internal calls within the contracting company. This is beyond the fact that it is important to compare the prices and benefits of each plan in relation to those of competing companies.

Rates with unlimited calls are also quite advantageous. Another quite desirable aspect is the non permanence. Some telephone companies offer cheap services but with the guarantee that the customer must stay for a period of time. Much better is to get low rates, with good services and without this requirement.

Some companies like Neotel offer advantageous rates without the condition of permanence. This offers a lot of freedom to companies in case they want to migrate to another service. Added to this is the incorporation of the virtual switchboard, necessary to manage the company’s communication network or call center.

Mobile rates: the ideal is to have alternatives

Companies with a wide range of mobile tariffs are usually recommended. In fact, they offer different plans to suit the needs and resources of their customers. Generally, there is a basic plan, an intermediate plan and a more unlimited plan.

Finally, it is still of vital importance to look for the cheapest call cost. Every benefit that has a mobile rate implies a money saving for companies. That is why it is so important to select the best option and if it offers call center software, so much the better.