Progressive dialer: ideal for telephone sales


Companies with call center departments can control their productivity through automation. To do this, they can implement call launchers with various types of dialers. One of the most useful is precisely the progressive dialer.

Progressive dialers allow the management of the work of the tele-operators to be programmed. However, before choosing a type of marker, it is necessary to know what kind of work it will be used for.

What is a progressive marker?

Automatic call launchers allow you to control the calls received or sent between telemarketers and customers. For this to happen, the launcher has operating modes and the progressive dialer is one of them.

With the progressive dialer the system launches calls as its name indicates, in a progressive way. Therefore, communication with customers will be carried out leaving longer waiting times between each call. This is usually necessary in some businesses according to their activity.

With progressive dialers, no room for error is left and the quality of the call is usually prioritized. In this case, the system makes the dialing ensuring that there is always an operator available online for the customer.

Advantages of having a progressive dialer

The progressive dialer is ideal for call center departments with low call volume. If you want to give a specialized type of attention to VIP customers, this is the right system.

When there are long periods between calls the operator feels less stress and offers a more cordial attention. This system is also ideal for online sales and other types of outbound call campaigns.

In progressive dialing everything revolves around quality and efficiency. The contact lists for the realization of the campaigns are spent less quickly. This way, the process is oriented towards the order and use of the databases.

Progressive marker: quality over quantity

There are tasks for which it is better to select another type of marker. For example, call centers that have a high call flow should work with the predictive dialer. In this one, the attention of a greater amount of calls is prioritized.

The best call launchers incorporate several operating modes. Those of Neotel for example they have two markers and robot call. The system is managed through an intuitive interface is hosted in the cloud.

The call launchers allow for better customer service management and increased productivity. The important thing is to analyze what kind of tasks the company does and start enjoying these technological solutions.



WebRTC line: The best communication option for companies


Many companies use expensive and hard-to-install communication systems. However, nowadays there are innovative, efficient and low-cost technological solutions. One of the most advanced is the webRTC line.

With the arrival of the virtual pbx, internal and external communications were simplified. However, even this technology has constantly evolved over the past few years. WEBrtc-based PBXs seem to have arrived to change everything.

What is the WEBrtc line?

Web Real-Time Communication (WEBrtc), is a system that allows audio and video communications between people from web pages. This ambitious project launched by Google in 2011 completely changed the way we interact with others.  Its greatest contribution was to allow fluid communications via the Internet without the need to install special plugins.

In the last few years, the first virtual pbx’s have been created based on this technology. Certainly, the advantages that this type of system offers are many.

Most companies continue to use less profitable virtual switchboards. Both systems that work with SIP and cell phone systems are difficult to configure and involve considerable expense. None of this happens with the WEBrtc line.

Advantages of the WEBrtc line applied to business communication

The WEBrtc line is much simpler to install than other communication systems. Its configuration is uncomplicated and does not require the acquisition of physical infrastructure.

In order to use it, it is also not necessary to acquire telephone lines for employees as is the case with mobile telephone switchboards. Of course, this implies an important money saving for the company.

With this system you can transfer and manage calls, as well as make conferences with several people at once. The only thing necessary is that the employees have a device and an Internet connection. From there, communication will be unlimited and of high quality.

Companies that are adopting this technological solution are getting a lot out of it. Neotel’s WEBrtc line is easy to install, configure and use. Without a doubt, it is an upgrade that will bring improvements to business communication and customer service.



What is a call center software?


Successful businesses are those that offer quality care to their customers. There are many requirements that they may have as users: failure reports, billing, security problems, doubts about a certain function, among others. Therefore, to serve them in the best way, it is essential to have a good call center software available.

One of the most recurrent problems is the lack of knowledge about this type of system. The important thing is to know what a call center software or a virtual pbx is and to know which products are positioned in the market.

What is a call center software and how does it work?

A call center software allows managing all the calls that occur between the customer service department and the customers. This program is connected to all the terminals that operate in the room with a switchboard. Its functions are varied, from silencing calls, transferring them or even monitoring them to improve the productivity of the unit.

There are programs oriented to the reception, sending of calls and also mixed. The software to be chosen will always depend on the type of customer service the company needs to cover.

The software can facilitate access to the office data center. In this way, calls are recorded or the quality of the attention offered by the employees is verified. The entire service can be controlled and management is simplified thanks to this type of technological solution.

What are the benefits of a call center software?

The call center software allows monitoring and facilitating customer service management. Its main objective is to facilitate the work performance of the operators in each call, improving the response and their times.

Choosing the right program is key to improving the user experience. On the one hand, the operator can make the call better conducted and have a good rhythm and outcome. On the other hand, the system allows for the evaluation of management performance by reviewing the calls.

Virtual pbx: The future of business communication

The virtual switchboard allows to replace the physical installations in the call center. This is an advantage because companies save on equipment maintenance costs and reduce the cost per call. In addition, companies can make better use of their space by dispensing with large installations.

Generally, the hardware is housed in the offices of the company offering the virtual switchboard service. Another great advantage is that the system usually works through cloud storage services. This means that the information is hosted directly on the Internet.

Of course, this type of software represents an innovation within the field of business communication. These are more intuitive systems that facilitate even the internal interaction between various sites and departments. Everything is housed in the same storage space that is hosted and shared on the Internet, including the user database.

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