Monitoring: the only guarantee of quality care

The customer service departments have coordinators and strategies to control the quality of their operators. This monitoring work is done in different ways in each company, which will define its success or failure. Just as telephone technologies improve, so does the way performance is evaluated.

The advanced modules for monitoring calls and the operators’ participation in them take care of the company’s image. We must remember that customer service is the face of every business. Therefore, it is a priority to review the work done in call centers.

Monitoring modules: controlling every aspect

Traditional devices have functions to monitor and even guide the operator. Today’s call center software also incorporates them and is much more effective. Today’s interfaces are much more user-friendly and records can be kept in full.

Previously, the task of monitoring was possible but a little more limited. Coordinators or evaluators depended on more limited data and the process could be cumbersome. With the virtual switchboard everything is hosted in the cloud, in an organized way and just a click away.

monitoring virtual pbx


A monitoring module easily integrates the functions that allow quality control. The possibilities offered by current technology are quite complete. Those companies that have a complete call back up have a universe of possibilities in front of them.

Get an updated monitoring module

Only a few companies can provide an advanced and well integrated monitoring module. For example, Neotel offers call recording, third party verification and the “spy and whisper” system. The first of these services allows you to review calls and guide operators to improve them in front of the phone.

The third party verification service is very useful to validate sales made via telephone. Through a registration, operators can make a new call to the user to make the confirmation.

On the other hand, the spy and whisper system allows to listen to the calls of the teleoperators. Even the call center coordinators can intervene during the conversation without the customer listening. All these complements are installed in the switchboard without software or other devices.

Training the operators

The monitoring module is ideal for training operators in the midst of their work. All these elements can be used to correct faults and qualify the performance and attitudes of workers. Undoubtedly, this module will contribute to the growth of any company.



Telemarketing surveys allow companies to improve

Customer services usually focus on marketing campaigns and support. However, there are alternative communication tools that can be of high value to companies. Telemarketing surveys are precisely one of these.


telemarketing surveys

One premise of today’s world is that information is power. That is why communication with users is so fundamental today. Today’s managers and advertisers understand that any interaction can be key to business adaptation and improvement.

Telemarketing surveys: listening to the customer

Effective contacts with the customer always give an idea of what they think about the service. However, operators cannot systematize these opinions and convert them into data. Therefore, many of the users’ impressions cannot be used to make a quality leap in what is offered.

Telemarketing surveys allow customers to be consulted and to obtain this data in order to convert it into statistics. In this way, it is known what the impression of many users is with respect to the company.

The module allows you to program the questions you want to ask the public. Then the system launches calls where people will listen to the question asked and customers will answer by pressing the buttons on the phone. For example, it is possible to ask for the evaluation of a certain service, plan or call center attention.

What are the benefits of telemarketing surveys?

The following is that the system collects all the answers that will later be counted and analyzed. Telemarketing surveys reveal much about the perception of customers, their needs and that is synonymous with opportunities.

It is not only a matter of validating whether the customer is happy with the service. In fact, an entire commercial strategy can be designed based on user opinions. It is feasible to verify which services are more accepted and use the information to generate profits.

At present, knowing what customers want is a priority issue for companies. Social networks are often used, but not all customers make use of them. The opportunities are truly exponential.

Telemarketing surveys are easy to program. Communication companies like Neotel add this module among the services they offer. All this allows the company to generate its own data and get ahead of the competition.


Click to call me back: Immediate attention

With the advent of the Internet the options for communicating with the public multiplied. Until recently, the call center was the only means of contact between companies and their users. Today, there are several automated methods that facilitate customer service and that is the case of the click to call me back.


click to call me back

Most of the companies that have been established have websites that they use to have a presence on the web. These pages implement self-management services, as is the case with online banking, for example. However, it is also possible to create spaces for the client to contact a member of the company through the digital portal.

What is click to call me back?

Click to call me back is a special button that is placed on business websites. This module allows the client to request to communicate with an operator or member of the company. Users will have a module in which they can leave their telephone number recorded.

After this, an operator in charge will be able to obtain that number and communicate directly with the client. In this way, it is easier to meet the company’s demand for personalized attention. In the case of smaller companies this is a solution that can mean new business opportunities.

This module allows immediacy and an alternative for those who want to communicate with a business. The benefits of greater communication with users are multiple.

One more tool at our service

The click to call me back button can be used in many ways and it all depends on each business. For example, there are those who use it as a means to get new sales or to get a potential buyer to ask questions. From there, the operator can have a double task of attention and marketing.

In other cases, this module can be placed to attend to requests from regular customers. In any case, the image of the company always grows because it is available to meet the demands of people. It is a tool that complements the regular communication channels.

Best of all, this button can also be installed in e-mails, blogs and company videos. Everything depends on the platform and the use you want to give to this module. The main thing: to expand the channels with which a company can meet its potential customers.


IVR: automatic customer service remains in place

The telephone attention at present necessarily requires the resource of the IVR to offer quality. It seems like a lie, but having an automated assistant to guide customers when they contact the company has many advantages. Those who do not have this alternative should think about incorporating it into their customer service system.



The acronym IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. This is a well known complement to many customer services. In fact, almost everyone interacts with this assistant with relative recurrence.

What is IVR?

When a person calls a bank’s customer service department, they often come across the IVR. If an automated operator appears when calling, facilitating the menu and interacting with the customer, we are in the presence of the interactive voice response.

The IVR has different levels of attention depending on the configuration made by each company. In some cases the menu of options is facilitated, but some modules are much more complex. There are quite automated systems that ask questions to customers and even allow them to do the management on their own.

Basically, messages are recorded that follow a route and allow for guidance and information to be given to the customer in an automated way. Having this system offers many advantages to the call center of any business.

What are the advantages of using IVR in customer service?

The work of interacting and driving the IVR yields many benefits. In principle, the interactive voice response is ahead of the operator giving information that the customer requires. Its work of guiding saves users time and unnecessary call transfer. In this way, it is much more feasible for people to successfully contact the right department.

This type of management avoids customer inconvenience and reduces the number of missed calls. Some modules allow the customer to manage their inconvenience, simplifying operations within the call center.

Another of the great advantages of the IVR is that some customer service management can be carried out 24 hours a day. All those operations that can be automated and self-managed by users will always be available.

An easy service to obtain

The best thing about the IVR is that it is quite economical and does not require complicated installations. Companies like Neotel offer it for free with the purchase of the virtual switchboard. No special software is required either: the service consists of simple recordings that are configured quite easily.




Video call and video conference in the cloud: communicating the present

Videocalling is no longer the future of communications but the present. The technological advance and the world situation have increased the number of contacts that are made with audio and video. Using video call and video conference systems in the cloud will soon be the norm in terms of customer service and service sales.


video call videoconference companies

El común denominador de los usuarios ya contaba con herramientas tecnológicas que favorecen una comunicación completa en tiempo real. Ahora no solo tienen los recursos a disposición, sino que han aprendido a utilizarlos sin importar la edad. Todo apunta a que este hecho cambiará para siempre la forma de las empresas para llegar a sus clientes.

Videollamada en la nube: un recurso didáctico

Hasta hace poco la atención al cliente se concentraba en las llamadas telefónicas. Mediante este recurso limitado, se daban indicaciones complejas que muchas personas simplemente no podían entender. Trabajar con videollamada en la nube permite educar y conducir a los usuarios por los procesos de una forma más didáctica.

La asistencia virtual es mucho más completa cuando tenemos un vídeo explicativo en tiempo real. Hoy en día incluso se ofrecen servicios pagos a través de aplicativos especializados en videollamada y videoconferencia en la nube. Clases de idiomas, cursos universitarios, coaching, consultas de psicólogos: todo se hace vía remota.

Las videollamadas son hoy una fuente de ingreso rentable y en auge. Los call centers más innovadores están adaptando su gestión a esta modalidad de comunicación. Hoy en día pueden hacerse campañas de marketing de mayor calidad mediante el uso de la videoconferencia en la nube. En ellas se pueden conectar amplios grupos de personas ubicados en distintos sitios con una conexión a Internet.

Centralita con video llamada y videoconferencia en la nube

La videollamada y videoconferencia en la nube son herramientas utilizadas en el mundo empresarial de forma constante. Lo mejor es que estas modalidades pueden conectarse a una centralita virtual y ser utilizadas por todo un departamento de call center.

Algunas empresas de comunicaciones ofrecen este servicio como parte de sus paquetes. Por ejemplo, Neotel incorpora de forma gratuita estos sistemas a las empresas que contratan su software para call center. Lo mejor es que todo funciona sin instalaciones complicadas y forma parte de la centralita virtual.

Las videollamadas también pueden ser grabadas y ser sometidas a monitoreo. Básicamente, toda la gestión es similar a lo que ocurre con las llamadas telefónicas, solo que ahora el cliente puede vernos en su pantalla. Lo único que necesitan los operadores y directivos de la empresa es un dispositivo con cámara. El futuro de las empresas del futuro depende de su adaptabilidad a las nuevas tecnologías de comunicación.




Mobile pbx: attention inside and outside the call center

One of the biggest advantages of the webrtc line and cloud hosted software is mobility. The new technologies used in customer service allow connections at all times. Regardless of the circumstances, an operator can always be available at any time and without major complications.

In traditional call centers, it is common to seek control over schedules, call rates or sales. The goal is to get the most out of operators during the working day.  However, the way of working is changing which also implies a change in strategy and technology.

What is the mobile pbx?

As its name suggests, the mobile switchboard allows you to have all the functions of the softphone on a Smartphone. From it, you can attend and control all calls falling into the call center from a personal computer.

It is basically a matter of integrating the virtual switchboard into the cell phone of the tele-operators. In the case of some companies, it could be considered as a complementary service to the call center software.

If it is necessary to mute a call, make a transfer or put the customer on hold, this configuration will make it possible. Each action can be performed by dialing a short and simple code on the cell phone keypad. The only thing that is done is to link the operator’s mobile equipment to the working extension.

Mobile switchboard: the call center is now remote



mobile pbx Neotel

The labor present is changing for both companies and their workers. New trends and global realities invite employers to consider remote work as an option. Considering this, the mobile switchboard is a competitive solution.

The complication of schedules is being replaced by productivity. With this type of service, tele-operators can respond to customers or make sales at any place or time of day. All data is stored in the same way in the call center software records.

Night shifts can be simplified and even coordinators and company leaders can have their cell phone associated with the terminal. The important thing in any case is to look for a communication company capable of integrating all services.

Analyzing the market options

Not all companies offering call center software have mastered this new service yet. In this case, the right thing to do is to look for companies with experience. The ideal would be to set up the virtual switchboard of the business with a company that also offers the mobile one, as it happens for example with Neotel.

A fully integrated service will allow to carry out all operations with the same phone company. Planning allows for savings and a modern call center department that will be operational 24 hours a day.



Why contract a service with Virtual Call Recorder Premium?

Having a virtual premium call recorder is essential for some companies. This back up may be a legal requirement for some businesses. Therefore, when contracting a virtual switchboard service it is important to analyze all the benefits offered in the package.

A call center software hosted in the cloud is much more than the possibility of automating the work. The difference lies in the small details, hence the relevance of studying well all the proposals offered by the communications market.

What is a virtual call recorder?

The virtual call recorder has the function of recording and storing all the contacts that occur in a call center. This occurs in an automated way and is usually stored in a physical storage space or the Internet.

Today’s virtual PBXs implement cloud services to store all software data, users, etc. Of course, this storage also includes the record of recorded calls that can be accessed by the contracting call center.

The problem is that not all companies offering the virtual switchboard have the same storage capacity. For many, this is irrelevant, but there are companies that require extensive recording. Among them are banks, insurance companies and telephone services.

Search for a Virtual Premium Call Recorder

premium virtual call recorder


Having a comprehensive or even total record of calls allows companies to cover themselves legally. In some cases, it is possible to detect fraud or suspicious activity. The usefulness of this record will depend largely on the type of business or call center.

Added to this, having the record of calls allows monitoring tasks for the training of operators. The use of this data is fundamental to correct failures in service and improve productivity.

The basic services of recorders are usually limited even in the best service providers. Some don’t even fry it and charge an additional fee for short call storage.

Looking for the best options

The companies that offer the virtual switchboard have different costs and storage capacities. One of the most complete services is that of Neotel with its Premium Virtual Call Recorder. They offer a total record of recordings for the desired time.

The storage capacity provided by this company is one terabyte, equivalent to 27 years of recordings. In any case, the advice is to check out everything that the providers of this type of service offer.



Webrtc line: stop depending on software and equipment

Traditional call centers have special software and interconnected telephone equipment. Until a few years ago that was the most viable way. However, since the arrival of the webrtc line everything has changed.

Many call center company managers will think that the traditional way is the right one. In reality, this working model is very limiting and hardly adapts to the realities of the present. It could be said that maintaining this type of office is even more expensive.

The webrtc line overcomes limitations at low cost

The arrival of the webrtc line allows to establish audio and video communications from few resources. Now the only thing needed to establish conversations is an internet connection and a microphone. This is in case the device used is a computer.

If the communication is done with a Smartphone the matter is simpler because this device comes with everything you need. With webrtc line technology classic call center implements are unnecessary. The best thing is that this system is already being applied to customer service through virtual switchboards.

Operators today can attend and make calls without large telephone installations or the typical call center software.  Switching to this technology is very cheap and does not involve maintenance costs: everything is in the cloud.

How does a webrtc call center service work?


webrtc line Neotel


Working with a webtc virtual switchboard is similar to being on Gmail or a social network. The operator has a username and password with which he enters the system. This data is entered while connected to the Internet.

When entering, the employee has an extension, lists of numbers and even guidelines to follow. At the same time, all the management can be controlled by automated tools. For example, through these systems, call launchers can be implemented.

Under this mechanism, several tele-operators can work from the same extension. Everything is centralized, organized and can be monitored without the need for complex configurations.

Towards unlimited customer service

The webrtc technology extends the range of companies to serve their customers. To begin with, the operator does not have to be in the office. By logging in your user, having a Smartphone and internet connection you can do your job.

In addition, with these systems you can make conferences. This function is ideal for meetings with clients and internal communication tasks.

One of the companies with more experience in providing this service is Neotel. The interface is very simple and the system has been tested by several companies. In any case, the important thing is not to stay in the past and to optimize the systems.



Robot call: reach your customers without moving a finger

When you talk about telephone assistance you immediately think of a call center with many operators. However, companies have other alternatives to provide attention to their customers. One of these solutions is robot call, totally automated and very effective.

Call launchers allow managing the sending or receiving of calls to tele-operators by means of dialers. However, the call robot makes it possible to carry advertising, billing or any type of attention without occupying the staff.

What is the call robot?

The call robot is a modality that allows to launch calls with a recorded message for the clients. The system is basically programmed to communicate the information that the company wants, even to large lists of numbers. In this way, it is possible to dispense with human operators for certain tasks.

The call robot emits these messages in a massive and simultaneous way without major human efforts. This technology is one of the most advanced and automated in telephone communication.

In this way, the call center can be oriented in the attention of calls and tasks of specialized marketing. Meanwhile, the less complex information tasks can fall to the call robot.

How to choose the call robot service?

It is important that the company studies well the characteristics of robot call that it requires in function of the tasks that it tries to assign. The automated services can be very diverse as for what they allow to do. The functions change in each product as well as its price.

The basic robot call simply they reproduce messages pregrabados when a client attends the call. Nevertheless, some allow that the client accedes to a menu of options by pulsation. In these cases, the objective is that people can communicate with a specific department.

All it said indicates that the robot call can be much more that a repeater of announcements. This tool can generate interaction in the clients and to motivate in them the affiliation or payment of a service.

Increases productivity and sales

The call robot is the perfect complement to the customer service department. In the case of Neotel, this modality is incorporated with the call center software. Companies can have it without installations and with a system hosted 100% in the cloud. The important thing is to research and find optimal business solutions.



Predictive Dialer: increase the productivity of your Call Center


Today’s call center software is intelligent and allows for the automation of the service. Nowadays, it is possible to control the real work that tele-operators do during the working day. This is very easy to do when adopting the predictive dialer.

Call launchers allow you to manage how an operator receives or makes calls. These in turn have different modes of operation and that is where the dialers come in. Basically, they make calculations, predict the number of connections made and their time to improve productivity.

How does the predictive dialer work?

A predictive dialer collects data on incoming and outgoing calls to organize the work of the phone operators. In this way, a statistic is raised that allows predicting, for example, how often the call center has free operators to answer.

All this management is done in an automated way. The dialer works through algorithms to reduce the waiting time of customers. Its aim is to avoid missed calls, dissatisfied customers and downtime.

This is the only way to guarantee that the clientele can be attended to without major setbacks. This tool is very effective and is the best secret of the best rated call centers worldwide.

Predictive Dialer: ideal for large call centers

The predictive dialer is an ideal modality for call centers with a high volume of calls. Companies with massive call centers get a lot out of them.

This is a perfect system for phone company operators and also busy banking agencies. In this type of institution, calls tend to accumulate and many of them fall through without being answered. Predictive dialers allow you to organize the workflow and distribute it.

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This type of dialer also works well for operators handling outbound and inbound calls. Some busy sales departments also support customer calls and in those cases predictive dialers are best.

Today’s call launchers are hosted in the cloud and work over the Internet. This is how Neotel products work, for example, which have user-friendly interfaces and do not require any installation. The main thing: get advice to improve customer service performance.