Data Center Products: Reliable Solutions

Neotel’s solutions for data center products will transform your company thanks to reliable and expert products developed to help keep the activity minute by minute, we offer you a small but deep service review


data center products

What are data center products for?

Basically it offers a dedicated server that allows handling large volumes of information, application and website hosting, machine learnig information backup, infrastructure virtualization, business applications (CRM, ERP) and you can host online games.

Neotel offers a wide range of these dedicated servers tailored to the specific needs of each client with help, commercial and technical advice for each particular project.

What is a dedicated server for?

Firstly, the gross performance is higher the dedicated server has no resource-consuming virtualization layer installed.

Second, server management allows total control including: configuration of the machine up to hosted, including security.

That is why a dedicated server allows a more advanced installation, unique and indispensable applications allowing total use, main advantage of dedicated servers.

Dedicated server configurations the advantage of data center products

Neotel offers in its data center products a variety of configurations that make up the dedicated hosting offerings that fit professional needs.

From larger RAM, total storage space or a processor with more capacity

Neotel’s dedicated server ranges stand out for their performance in terms of bandwidth and associated services.

Just choose a dedicated hosting offer, the one that best suits your needs.

Which data center products to choose?

For data center products we offer a dedicated server, computer equipment whose use is entirely intended for a single client.

The client enjoys all the physical resources of the machine:

  • RAM memory
  • Storage
  • Processor

In contrast to virtual instances, where the customer only gets a part of the resources to the operation of its virtualization technology.

Additionally, on a dedicated server there is no layer above that consumes machine resources.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a purchased or leased computer used to provide dedicated services, usually related to web hosting and other network services.

Unlike shared hosting, where the machine resources are shared among an indeterminate number of clients, in dedicated servers it is usually a single client that has all the machine resources for the purposes for which it has contracted the service.

If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact Neotel and they will be happy to answer all your questions.

Choose the mode of dedicated

Hire Neotel!

Hire their quality data center product service and start enjoying exclusive resources for your projects: higher performance, more power and greater speed.

Your company that contains confidential information in its databases must invest in a more controlled and private environment as offered by data center products.


SMS sending platform: send bulk SMS to mobiles and bulk SMS for companies

Despite the technological advances, one of the most effective ways of communication is sending SMS, whether you are an individual or a company using a platform to send SMS can benefit you to send mass SMS to mobile phones and make an offer through mass SMS for business and take your business to the next level.

Why use an SMS sending platform?

SMS sending platforms put the human part of a business in touch with customers.

It is very important that you take into account that SMS are very pleasant because your customers feel that you are talking directly to them.

By sending mass SMS to mobiles you are not only selling, you are not saturated with advertising either, but you are trying to make friends.

Advantages of Mass SMS for companies

Sending mass SMS for companies allows you to contact your customers and offers a lot of advantages against other dissemination channels.

These advantages include

  • Open Rate close to 100%.
  • Average opening time about 3 minutes
  • High Acceptance
  • Greater speed and efficiency
  • Communications Analysis
  • SMS control sent
  • Customized templates
  • Adding discount links or landing pages
  • Linked to external Api

How to send bulk SMS to mobiles?

Neotel offers a new tool for sending mass or unit SMS from the control panel of your virtual switchboard as well as from the agents.

Improve the speed and efficiency with which you communicate with your customers, while your corporate identity is reinforced.

Moreover, within the SMS you can add links to external websites or add discount codes.

Why should you choose Neotel as your Mobile and Business SMS Bulk SMS Platform provider?

Firstly because of Neotel’s extensive experience in working with virtualitas and web-based communications.

You can create customized campaigns for mass SMS sending through our Script, which will allow you to treat your customers with a high degree of exclusivity and personalization.

Integration of massive SMS for business to your call center software


At Neotel we have integrated this module with our Call Center Software, allowing you to contact your customers either by phone or by SMS.

Significantly increase the efficiency with which your audience receives the information they want.

Schedule the sending of massive SMS to mobiles with total ease from the CRM for call center telemarketing.

Integrated to the virtualita

Make available to agents or the advertising department a powerful tool integrated into your virtualita.

By having all your services integrated in a single website, you will make every minute worked by each of your employees more productive.

Neotel offers the most advanced products in terms of productivity, efficiency and economy.

This service is also available for your mobile switchboard, allowing massive sending through our online platform.


Professional voiceover service: Your text transformed into voice

Every day is more important the professional communication of your company, that’s why from Neotel we offer you the possibility of the professional voice over service so that all the audios, answering machines and communication you do stand out for their quality, professionalism and ease of diction.


How is the professional voice-over service processed?

Write the script that you require to be taken to voice-over (your text) and you will receive a quote without obligation.

Once the budget has been approved, you cannot make any changes to the script. You must write the instructions you want to give to the interlocutor.

Clearly indicate: the pronunciation and accentuation of trademarks or infrequent words, acronyms, etc. Free modifications are not allowed.


Additional professional voiceover services

Once the needs of the professional voiceover service have been agreed upon, you can obtain the following voiceover extras:

Female voice / a la carte


You can indicate a preference for a woman’s voice or a voice other than the standard corporate voice. Just indicate in the “Script” field what type of voice you want.

We will make the choice of the voice that best suits what you are looking for. If you want to know in advance which voice will make your order you can contact us.


Cutting out files for the PBX

If you want to receive each of the options of the switchboard in a separate file, you have to indicate that you want this option when you place your order.

In the text box, separate each of the options with a bar like this / so that we know where to cut and avoid possible errors or omissions


Multiple takes

By selecting this option, the speaker will take several shots of your sentences, with different interpretative nuances.

Each take will be separated in the file by a tone, so that you can easily edit it


Infinite modifications

All our voiceovers are guaranteed to be modified if we make a mistake. For example, if the voiceover is poor, there is background noise, etc.

But you may ask us to make changes on things that only you as a customer will be able to perceive.

The nuance, the cadence. Completely subjective issues. We advise you to hire this option if your work has these characteristics


Review or translation of your text

If you are not completely sure that your text is correct, we can make a revision of it.

We will do a grammatical study of what you send us, we will check the concordance between you and us, and we will give a style review.

We may not change anything, if everything is correct.

As for translation, please indicate instructions in the target language. If you want it translated into several languages, paste as many times as the languages of the text to rate correctly.


Number of foreign voices

Select how many languages other than Spanish require voice-overs. In the instructions, indicate languages, genres and accents for each professional voiceover.

Professional voice-over services are available in the following languages:

  • URDU


You can hear samples of the service by writing to us first. We also translate and proofread your text. Simply send us an email and we will prepare a personalized quote.


Mobile Rates: All your services unified

Nowadays it is important to have your communications connected to avoid ordering any call, message or mail that is important for your company, that is why Neotel offers the best unification with its mobile rates that adapts to the needs of your company allowing you to have the virtual pbx in any of your devices.

Why use Neotel mobile rates?


mobile rates

Among the great advantages that Neotel offers that allow to have flat rates with great benefits, all the plans offer unlimited calls, we tell you about the plans:

  • 9GB of monthly navigation for a fixed fee of 10 Euros per month
  • 20 Gb to browse for 15 euros
  • And 25 Gb for 20 Euros per month

The plans do not require permanence, and if you are already a Neotel client, internal calls between fixed and cell phones are included without additional charge.

Advantages of using these mobile rates

There are many advantages to contracting this service, but without a doubt the most important is that you can use the functions of the virtual pbx on your cell phone.

There are plenty of advantages when contracting this service, but without a doubt the most important is that you can transfer, mute or put on hold incoming calls.

Neotel’s Mobile Rates present the best offers in voice and data rates and at the lowest price. No permanence. And with unlimited calls you can use the virtual switchboard functions on your mobile.

How to save on your mobile rate or choose the best voice and data rate for your Smartphone?

By contracting Neotel’s services you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of mobile telephony together with all the benefits offered by Neotel, which with an internet connection you will be able to access

We advise you on which voice + data plan to hire

We have highly trained personnel that will offer you the best plan that adapts to your needs and that the investment is adequate to the necessary consumption.

No permanence

If you come with any of our Neotel mobile tariffs you will not have permanence.

Cheaper calls

With our mobile rates, choose the data you want to spend, you have rates for 9GB, 20GB and 25GB smartphones.

Choose the gigs you want, calls are included.

Our mobile rates are the cheapest for talking and browsing

Take advantage of our promotions

The rates for calling and browsing are the most competitive on the market, discover the new mobile offers.

In addition you can take advantage of all our offers and promotions, if you hire now any of our rates, or if you are already a customer.

Virtual Switchboard included

Enjoy Neotel’s virtual switchboard, which guarantees greater communication without the need for hardware and included in the mobile call rate plans.

Functions of the advanced virtual switchboards

Among the functions of the virtual switchboards that you will get when acquiring the mobile tariff plan are

  • Self-service, you can configure it personally from our panel
  • Voice mail
  • Call forwarding through voip switchboards
  • Call Queue
  • Multi-Conference
  • Fax in your email

Take advantage of this promotion and enjoy these and more exclusive services offered by Neotel, always thinking of the best for you and your company.


Customer Relationship Management


The Customer Relationship Management or CRM database platform focused on collecting companies’ relationships with their customers, this database will be an important source of information for the company, the more customers are known, the easier it is to plan, adapt and structure marketing strategies.

What is Neotel’s Customer Relationship Management application?

Neotel’s CRM application is a powerful customer management tool for your company, with this web application you will be able to

  • Unify your customer databases
  • Customer file including invoices – Estimates – Incident tickets – Important documents, (contracts, authorizations, etc.)
  • Record calls held with customers
  • The history of notes written by customer service, knowing the person and the day of the note


Usefulness of CRM

Having this application installed allows to have unified information for the moment that an employee or tele-operator who attends to a client, either by commercial contact, or call will find information about the subject to be dealt with even if it is a subject that has not been dealt with by that agent in the first person.

Neotel CRM Use Case Studies


virtual pbx

We will present several case studies on the use of CRM

Case Study #1: Customer calls to place an order.

The agent has access to the budgets sent to the client, to know purchase prices or purchased products. You can give a professional image without consulting anyone about that information, knowing that talking to the customer.

Case Study #2: Customer calls to inquire about the status of a request.

The agent sees the history of notes to know the request, and see who attended the case being able to respond quickly to the client on the subject.

Business opportunity features

This module is a business opportunity, to evolve in several stages knowing how the agent advances the sale, being able to consult all the information and documents exchanged with the client.


crm Neotel crm virtual pbx call center software

Examples of business opportunities

Here are some examples

Example #1:

A real estate company will require its CRM tool to connect directly to real estate portals in order to manage the properties offered for sale.

As well as a specific module to add the properties in portfolio.

The objective of the CRM tool is to make communication between departments in your company fast and efficient.

Example #2:

A company of sale of sports footwear carries out a sale of some slippers through its web. The system will create a shipping request to the logistics department so that they can automatically prepare the shipment. When the logistics department has sent the package, the final customer can receive a notice that the package has already left and is going to the shipping company.

Integration with the telephone switchboard. (CRM + PBX)

In addition to all the administrative and commercial management, the application can be connected to Neotel’s virtual pbx, thus linking incoming calls to the customer’s file that has the phone added.




Communication is becoming more important every day, and investments in telephony are expensive, which is why many companies are not using fax, despite its versatility for sending documents, Neotel with its virtual pbx makes available the ease of sending virtual fax with the comfort of your system and without expensive installations.

What is a Fax?

It is a system that transmits data, written or graphic through telephone technology, also known as facsimile to the technological device that allows you to transmit documents, texts and other data generating a telecopy.

What is a virtual fax?

The term virtual fax or internet fax is used to refer to the service that allows you to send and receive faxes using different means (email, web or office automation and internet connection), which allows you to send and receive faxes without having a fax machine, consumable or telephone line.

How to receive and send internet faxes?

The Virtual Fax server integrated in the Neotel Virtual pbx simplifies the data transmission system. Turn your computer, cell phone or any other device into a Fax machine.

You will only need this application and a terminal connected to the Internet, simplifying the use of this procedure, saving time and getting more out of your company’s instant communications.

As easy as entering the recipient’s number from your email or customer area, the documents will reach the recipient as a Fax. It works the other way around as well.

Fax by Voip. Send a fax by internet: mail2fax

To send an Internet fax thanks to the virtual voip fax, we only need to send an email attaching the file in PDF format.

With Neotel’s online fax device this PDF file will be automatically sent to the phone number provided in the email’s subject.

Receiving an Internet fax: fax2mail

As with sending a virtual fax, receiving an Internet fax is much simpler and more accessible than using the old machine.

You will need to have a telephone number assigned to you to receive the faxes, and the PDF documents will be sent to this terminal.

If they are images, the device will convert them into PDF format and they will be sent immediately to the designated e-mail address.

Possible numbers


virtual pbx

You can request both national and international numbers (over 200 countries), so if you need a fax in Madrid, Moscow or New York is only a matter of minutes to have it operational.


Signaling: Selective and Dynamic

Having a friendly and close relationship with your customers can be the difference between being successful or being part of the service or product companies, as users see you allow to improve your sales, to improve sales Neotel offers you the signaling module that allows you to adjust the phone number you call from.

What is signaling?

It is a module integrated into the virtual pbx that allows you to modify the telephone number displayed on outgoing calls



call center software

Using a simple code you can access to the use of the same outgoing call number that the customer has for a single extension and for all the extensions of the switchboard

If you wish you can make the use for outgoing calls permanent


It is possible to program from the system so that calls to certain destinations are shown one or another of the numbers.

Advantages of signaling

The appreciation and confidence of the client for being called from a prefix they know, reinforcing the value of the brand and image to the public.


virtual pbx

Possibility of using different prefixes according to the need of each call.

Used with call center software is the best combination to help both agents and customers.