Robot Call: The ideal tool for mass campaigns

Within the great marketing strategies are the massive campaigns, whether by email, landing pages, messages or calls, and despite the technology calls are still one of the best ways to achieve it, if your campaign will be with the same messages the most recommended is to use a robot call to carry it out.

What is a robot call?

Robot call are automatic calls that are made using software to transmit a recorded message when the phone is picked up.

In short, they are phone calls that use a predictive or progressive dialer to distribute a pre-recorded message, using the robot call to do so.

How robotic calls are used for commercial purposes

Among the advantages of robotic calls are the reduction of costs when making repetitive campaigns (same message to different customers).

A well used robot call is the best ally in corporate marketing strategies, it is one of the tools that takes maximum advantage of customer service.

A specific message for a new product campaign, surveys or thanks for their loyalty are just some of the uses of the robot call.

Why use Neotel’s robot call?

The Neotel Robot Call allows you to distribute messages to a list of clients in an economic, efficient and agile way.

The way the robot call task is executed is

  • Make mass calls and simultaneously play the recorded voice message.
  • Sometimes it gives the customer the option of being transferred to a commercial agent or answering a survey.
  • No agent required during the call

It allows a very valuable objective to be achieved: customer feedback on the brand, products and services can also provide valuable information in commercial prospecting campaigns.

Using the Neotel Robot Call

The Neotel Robot Call allows you to send a specific message to a list of clients, using a database, a recorded message so that the system starts calling all clients simultaneously.

As commented in previous paragraphs, sometimes it may require the interaction of the agent, for which the customer must use his numeric keyboard.


predictive dialer

Advantages of the Robot Call

Neotel con este robot call te ofrece:

  • Easy campaign management
  • No software installation required
  • No initial cost
  • No permanence contract required
  • Easy to use for agents


progressive dialer

You can create survey systems, execute campaigns and obtain customer satisfaction with a product or service, with that data you can focus on new successful campaigns.

The Robot call is part of Neotel’s call center software that includes WebRTC Line, Progressive Dialer and Predictive Dialer.


Predictive Dialer: More calls, more productivity, more success

Neotel’s predictive dialer allows redirecting the answered call to an available agent, making your call center much more productive, because the answered calls are the ones the agent works on, instead of the agent dialing several numbers until answering.


What is a predictive dialer?


It is the most efficient performance tool for a Call Center through a significant increase in live connections. This Predictive Dialer ensures real connection between agents and real customers, translating into higher productivity.

By using the right tools for your call center you can double the productivity of the operators in outbound telemarketing.


Differences between a predictive dialer and an automatic dialer


The difference between an automatic dialer and a predictive dialer, is that the predictive dialer keeps a strict control of all calls, predicting statistically when an operator will be free, when to make the call and how many calls must be made.

As the campaign progresses, it establishes data on the calls, modifying criteria to adjust the duration of the call and increase the probability of success.

Advantages of using predictive dialers


Predictive dialers are used for several simultaneous sales and marketing campaigns.

With predictive dialers, agent availability and call response time are algorithmically predicted.

With this process agents get more real connections that increase productivity significantly.

Predictive Dialing is one of the most widely used dialing options and Neotel offers you the most complete set of predictive dialing capabilities on the market.

More advantages offered by Neotel

When purchasing a product you should focus on the competitive advantages, we show you some of them below:

Why choose this predictive dialer?


A great advantage is being able to manage one of our most important assets available: the weather. Neotel’s predictive dialer prioritizes this assertion.

The agent on the call already has a potential customer on the other end of the line, spending campaign records faster.

Included in our services

In the section of our CRM agents will not have to waste time looking for the next record to call, nor should they dial manually.



For the proper functioning the coordinator will load the database so that the system will make the call automatically and when it is answered it will be transferred to the tele-operator, thus gaining a lot of efficiency in the working time.

In the Neotel CRM you will get:

  • Campaigns can be managed from anywhere with the Internet.
  • Available form to write down important points of the call (Interest, call back, wrong number)


call statistics module

Contact us and request a demonstration of all our excellent products.



Progressive dialer: The evolution of call center software

If you have a telephone exchange with many agents you will know that there is a lot of time lost by the search of telephone numbers in each campaign, even human error can lead to dialing wrong numbers, skipping clients or calling two (or more times the same number) so the progressive dialer is the solution to your problems.

What is Neotel’s progressive dialer?
The progressive dialer is an automatic sequential caller; that is, it performs dialing and routing directly to the agent.
It is an automated system that first allows you to associate all the phone numbers to be called in a phone campaign and then the ability to call the assigned number when an agent is available.

virtual pbx
Advantages of the progressive dialer
This system is perfect for familiarizing yourself with call center software because it allows easy use by the agent.
The time between calls is shorter, as the system identifies when the agent is on hold.
An ideal system for call centers with small to moderate volumes of customers making management more effective.
The system detects events during calls and assigns the available and suitable client to be communicated with the agent.
More effective calls
In the progressive call mode, the agent does not intervene to make calls, these are made automatically, the difference is that the consumer answers, the agent to this online.
When the system is well planned and programmed it is very productive, efficient and direct with excellent results, discriminating the call response (faxes, voice mails and numbers that do not exist)
Agents’ stress levels are reduced, making calls more productive, efficient and effective
The progressive mode is ideal for sales campaigns.
Why choose the progressive dialer?

call center software
The progressive dialer is part of Neotel’s call center software system that includes the best virtual pbx available on the market.
In addition to including progressive dialing they include other benefits such as call recording, script and statistics module.
Best of all, Neotel does not require permanence contracts, initial investment, software installation, flat rates per call and only pays per agent.
Neotel’s progressive launcher provides telemarketers with a great tool to streamline their tasks, also facilitates record loading and control of call times.

progressive dialer
Operators can use the current call environment and when connected can write log notes, schedule a redial or dial the result of this call. (No answer, don’t want the service, wrong number).
Progressive call scheduling: The competitive advantage
To use the Progressive Launcher we can select
– Automatic mode consists in that every time there is an agent available the system launches the call automatically, and when the tele-operator picks up the card of the called client is opened.
– Manual mode It only makes the call when the operator gives the order, at this moment it visualizes the client’s card.


WebRTC line: Business line without SIP terminals

Point-to-point calls using the Internet have had an increase in recent years, making the technology to carry them out is constantly evolving and WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) technology is one of them. At NEOTEL we use WebRTC line for communication using audio and video in real time.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is a free, open project developed by Google that provides mobile applications and browsers with real-time communication capabilities (RTC) through simple APIs.

Why do we use WebRTC Line at Neotel?

Among the great features offered by the use of WebRTC line is the ability to use any browser without the need for installation of systems, programs or complicated plugins.

With this system of softphones you can enjoy great features where they stand out:

  • Call transfer capability
  • Make use of conference calls
  • Connection where you have internet access and connection to a browser.

In this way you save on complicated, complex and technically demanding installations or configurations.

Advantages we offer at Neotel


webrtc line

First our softphone is configured, installed and ready to use with just two clicks.

You can enjoy the convenience of calling from any device that has an internet connection, simply by installing our software that is included in our CRM and PBX, at no additional cost to our customers.

Mobility of WebRTC lines

Because it is a system that does not require software installations your business moves with you, the softphone is your browser.

Your business line will be ready to use anywhere in the world that you have internet access.

Communication with WebRTC lines

Communications over WebRTC lines do not require IP terminals or SIP trunks making communications much easier.

This brings economic benefits by making management easier, while opening up a wide range of possibilities by facilitating the implementation of new services.

Why choose Neotel as a service provider?

Neotel, uses its cloud services to cover the main communication needs of your company, to bring great benefits that include mobility, flexibility and savings.

Using VoIP technology that allows voice calls, audio and data transcription using an Internet channel for transmission of digitized voice in packages and sent over the Internet using the IP protocol.

While at the other end the operator will receive the digital data packets and reconstruct the call to the recipient.

Virtual Switchboard

This is a revolutionary concept from Neotel offering a telephone exchange with mobility, teleworking and cost reduction capabilities through the IP protocol.

Among the advantages of the virtual switchboard is the possibility without additional costs to activate the switchboard to your mobile phone and use all the benefits no matter where you are.

You can turn your mobile phone into a switchboard to retain, transfer or make conference calls easily, practically and at the same costs.


Secure hiring of the best call center software on the market

Nowadays the communication between clients, companies and job candidates is done by phone, despite several updates nothing has been able to surpass the point to point communication, so for your company to be successful you must have the best call center software available and today we offer you the best available in the market.

What is call center software?


call center software / virtual pbx

The call center software is a customer service management service that allows to have control of outgoing calls and incoming calls in a virtual way.

The call center software as a web application is integrated to an Asterisk telephone switchboard to offer services in order to facilitate the integration and management of voice and data.

Neotel is the best pbx in the market for Software Call Centers, with different modules to create digital marketing campaigns.

Why choose Neotel’s call center software?

The competitive advantages with this call center software are unbeatable, you will improve your business procedures in the blink of an eye.

Neotel with this call center software offers you:

  • Easy to use
  • No software installation required
  • No initial cost
  • Costs are per number of agents
  • Flat rates for calls
  • No permanence contract required
  • Easy to use for the user


call center software rates

More advantages of this call center software

For users and coordinators, individual users with passwords are offered in an intuitive web panel with web launchers where they stand out:

  1. Progressive launchers:

Streamlines tasks by facilitating the loading of records and call control, offers the ability to make notes and schedule a subsequent call

  1. Predictive Launchers

Allows to speed up the time at the time of calls, the operator should not waste time looking for to make manual dialing

  1. Robot Call

Allows to speed up the time at the time of calls, the operator should not waste time looking for to make manual dialing

Call center software plans

Neotel offers 3 different packages where the differences between them are found in the types of server, agents and agent licenses, call channels, third party verifier, call recordings among others.

Each Neotel call center software package includes the following for free:

  • WebRTC
  • Video calls
  • Progressive and predictive dialer
  • Lead sheet
  • Call recording
  • Customizable scripts
  • Statistics module
  • Synchronization with Google Calendar
  • SMS Campaign
  • Spy and Whisper Monitoring

Secrets of this call center software

The global software solution that allows maximum performance, a customer service that can be adapted to your needs and immediate access to your business information.

This CRM – Software Call Center by Neotel allows you to increase productivity, improve service and obtain better results from your call center.

Call-Center services start with telephony. We use VoIP technology based on Internet lines with very competitive prices.