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Learn more here about the free video calling and video conferencing module in the cloud for all Neotel customers.


Reasons why call recording is essential for businesses

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why a company should record all its outgoing and incoming calls

1. Keep employees and agents motivated

With Neotel’s call recording module, call center managers can monitor the tasks of their employees and agents to improve the quality of service being provided.

In addition to recording the call, Neotel’s software stores the recording in its own cloud.

Call recording can serve the manager as a way to keep his employees (the agents in this case) motivated.


2. Resolving customer disputes

With the call recording software you could even avoid possible customer complaints to our company. By having all recorded conversations available, both the customer and the company can be reassured about possible misunderstandings.


call recorder software

By playing back the recorded conversations, a customer can clarify with the company in question about a particular issue.

3. Improving the quality of products and services

The knowledge acquired by the agents on the opinions expressed by the customers will help the company to improve its products and services to meet the existing demand.

When reviewing calls, managers should focus on reviewing what customers like and dislike about our services and products.


4. Understand customer expectations and needs

By reviewing recorded conversations, managers can quickly understand what customers need and expect.

5. Never miss out on crucial information

Call recording software allows managers and agents to retain all crucial information, without the risk of losing anything if something is not taken note of, for example.

It is not always easy for agents to take notes and get a real-time assessment while talking to customers. This is solved with the Neotel call recording module.

It is not always feasible for employees to record important data themselves and at the same time pretend to be active during the call.


6. Converting leads into customers

By listening to saved conversations with customers, sales agents can hear their needs and what exactly they are asking for.

7. Provide training

Call recording tools like Neotel’s provide a great way to collect data for future training of our employees.

They can enable employees to provide superior customer service by listening to conversations with them and making improvements.

Managers can regularly review customers’ strengths and weaknesses by listening to recorded conversations.


8. Making employees strive and do their best

Knowing employees that their conversations are being recorded makes them take customer calls more seriously.

9. Increase the customer service experience

You can further enhance your customers’ experience by listening to recorded conversations and making changes as necessary.

Call recording helps companies to get many benefits as we have been seeing so far.

Most companies lack the resources to monitor the quality of their customer service. With Neotel’s call recording software this is no longer a problem.

For companies to be able to evaluate and improve the quality of their customer service, it is essential to have an automatic recording system for all calls.

In business, word of mouth is very important. If we don’t want to get caught up in an endless spiral of negative reviews, Neotel’s call recording software can help us get better and better every day to get only the best reviews.



We show you all the advantages of the virtual pbx in the cloud

With this article we intend to ensure that you have the most appropriate virtual pbx for your profession and that you are already teleworking with your team at full performance. That no pandemic is a reason to close your business.

If you are already a Neotel client, you are in luck. You don’t need to do anything else. You already enjoy the best and most advanced cloud-based pbx available. We have no competition. If you are not a customer yet, or maybe you are already a switchboard user, either physical or in the cloud, but you are with some other operator.. Don’t go away! This article is for you and it interests you!

If you are looking for a cloud pbx for your company to telework as recommended by the WHO, Neotel offers you just what you need.

(Note: By the way, did you know that Neotel’s virtual switchboard is the only one that already has Neotel’s crm incorporated to control all your business, customers and all kind of information relevant to them? Have you tried it yet? Do you want to try it today?)

A virtual switchboard offers companies a series of advantages over a physical switchboard. In addition, it has all the features of the latter as well. Only the virtual switchboard in the cloud is cheaper. Doesn’t it sound bad? Here are some of these features:


  • Our pbx with integrated crm can be adapted to the needs of many sectors such as hospitals, travel agencies, rental cars, hotels, medical clinics, telemarketing companies, etc.
  • Virtual fax.
  • Call statistics with graphs.
  • Record calls.
  • Generate call reports.
  • Set a welcome message.
  • ivr configuration for incoming calls
  • Numbering.
  • Make calls to anywhere in the world.
  • Monitor calls in real time.
  • Manage the service through a web interface
  • Make videoconferences.
  • Divert calls to other extensions.
  • Performing chat communications.
  • Customize the music on hold.
  • Define the call queues.
  • Give directions to the agents.
  • Integration with third party systems.
  • High quality sound.
  • Voice mail.
  • Availability of call saving packs.
  • Catalogue of terminals.
  • Integration with crm.
  • Geographic numbering.
  • It allows you to keep your number.
  • It requires neither investment nor permanence.
  • Technical support to solve any fault that may arise.
  • Flexibility in the number of agents.
  • Encourage the realization of teleworking.
  • Better customer service.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Improves our professional image.
  • Quickly. As everything is managed in the cloud, any changes or modifications that are applied happen instantly.
  • Mobile and fixed extensions.
  • Free location. Being in the cloud you can work from anywhere in the world.
  • Save on calls and switchboard costs
  • Savings in maintenance. Support costs are reduced (indeed, completely eliminated) here. Neotel has its own in-house Support department that is available 24/7 at no extra cost to our customers.

In addition, our virtual switchboard is complemented by the integration of our crm.

Now, given the current situation of the coronavirus, more and more companies are adapting to teleworking.

If you are still not getting all the opportunities that Neotel offers with its virtual switchboard, call us and we will advise you without obligation. Many of our customers have already seen their sales increase with the coronavirus thanks to teleworking. Not being able to go out normally does not mean having to stop the activity.



Why are virtual call centers the future?

By working remotely, companies can save money and office space, and today working remotely is easier than ever.

Managing a virtual call centre is the first step towards a more sustainable business.


Virtual call centers are good for the environment

There are numerous studies that claim that remote workers are more productive than those working from the office.


incoming call statistics

A home working environment is healthier for the worker. When workers perform their tasks from home, they can also manage their time better.

When you manage a virtual call centre you can hire people from all over the world or you can also hire workers who are comfortable working outside the “normal” hours. This can be a big money saver for the employer.


Virtual call centers offer more flexibility

In the past, running a virtual call center could perhaps be more problematic. But today, with all the tools that exist such as video conferencing, chat, email, calling, remote assistance, etc., managing a remote call center is truly easy.

With a virtual call center you can have employees from anywhere in the world which also means becoming more international by being able to work directly with employees from the 5 continents and in different languages. Our company will become more international and we will access more and better customers.

Why throw money away on office or building rentals when your employees can work from home? Save that money and invest it in a better way. There are already many more companies than you probably think working from home is a problem.


monitor you call center for free

Virtual call centers save on office space

Some of the benefits to highlight for a virtual call center are:

With the number of tools currently available in virtual call centers, monitoring and measuring results is not a problem when working from home.

Neotel’s cloud-based software enables easier management

Allowing your employees to work remotely allows them to improve their performance.

videoconference and videocall free for business employers workers

Remote workers are more productive

Virtual call centers are the future.

We are increasingly moving towards a future in which virtual remote call centers will be the norm.



Are you ready for the Telework?

Because now it’s time to take care of the important things Neotel helps you to make teleworking not a problem anymore.

Neotel provides a number of tools for anyone interested. So that your workers can stay at home confined and respecting the rules imposed by the government. Rules that affect us globally due to the current pandemic. Without having to go to the office, your workers can do the same work from their homes:


  • Video calls and video meetings: Because teleworking doesn’t mean we can’t communicate like we used to. Now with Neotel’s free video call for all your customers, staying connected is easier than ever.
  • Telephony: Without the need for a physical phone, simply through a browser with microphone and speakers, calls in the company are made as before and without risk of contagion when going outside.

Neotel and its essential tools for teleworking

All these tools, integrated within your Neotel user panel, without the need to invest or buy anything, or pay any special added fee. All the tools for teleworking in the safest way.


videoconferencing at work

If you didn’t know yet about working from home, teleworking, Neotel wants you to start using it now. It’s very easy. Contact us for more information.


Hire for your company the virtual IP telephone PBX with Neotel

Neotel virtual pbx prices


virtual pbx price

Before hiring a physical switchboard for your business, find out if you haven’t already done so about the advantages and bill savings of hiring a virtual pbx with Neotel as opposed to traditional ones.

Advantages over our cloud-based switchboard

  • No strings attached. Hiring the pbx with Neotel does not entail any kind of permanence. If you don’t like it for whatever reason, you can go to another provider whenever you want.
  • Fax To Email. If you need to see a communication from a customer who sends it to you via fax and you don’t have the machine, that’s fine. Neotel offers the Fax To Email service so you can receive faxes directly to your email. Save on hardware and paper. If you need to, you can also send a fax yourself, without having to have the machine again, from our software. You simply send the fax but as if it were a message, indicating the recipient of the fax. The other person will receive it in their fax machine.

Features of our virtual switchboard

  • Web statistics. You will be able to see from the Internet the calls that have been made. The ones that have not been answered, all the recordings, statistics, queues, recordings, etc.

Save money and be more productive with Neotel’s virtual pbx.


How to Save Money with the Business VoIP Phone System

Here is a list of reasons why voip telephony helps you save on your business:


Traditional telephone or desktop systems force workers to be physically in the offices. This takes away a lot of their freedom. Voip phone systems allow you to take all your calls no matter where you are. This, in a way, ensures that we can take all calls even if we are not in the office and therefore helps us improve our sales numbers.

No technical cost

With voip phone systems there is no need to hire technicians. It is very easy to operate and no advanced knowledge is required.

Easy configuration and adjustments

Switching to a voip phone system will not affect communications or company operations during the change.

The biggest advantage when talking about a voip phone system is that the customer does not pay for any of the upgrades. The service provider, in this case Neotel, will constantly update its software, adding improvements, at no extra cost to your pocket. During the adaptation process, none of your phone systems will be affected.

No additional maintenance is required.


Low call charges

Voip phone systems allow us to make all calls between the company’s own employees at zero cost. In the long run, this can save a lot of money. In addition, outgoing calls with voip telephony are much cheaper.

sistema telefónico voip

Software & Hardware

With voip telephony we save money everywhere. When a new employee joins our work team, voip telephony allows us to assign him/her a line of their own in no time. If he later decides to leave, it is also very easy to remove or withdraw that line. All this is handled very easily over the internet from your user panel and without having to pay a technician to set it up.

Any company can establish a communication in a matter of seconds with voip telephony. It will only be necessary to have an internet connection.



Improve your company’s call center with the Caller Dialer

progressive dialer


predictive dialer


robot call Neotel


With the previous infographics we show you how to improve the operations of a call center by integrating an automatic call dialer. We also recommend that you watch this video where the difference between each dialer is explained in detail.

Neotel offers three types of automatic dialers: the progressive dialer, the predictive dialer and the Robot call. Each one of our dialers differs according to the needs of the client. If you call us now and explain what type of company you are, we will advise you on which dialer works best for you.

Optimize your agents’ work time with Neotel’s automatic call launcher or dialer.

No more unanswered calls.

Make the leap from manual to automatic dialing with Neotel call center software.



How to differentiate yourself by using customer service software

If you think customer service is important to your business, you are looking for ways to differentiate yourself from the competition, you want to work better and be more productive, perhaps what you are missing is the right customer service software. Let’s try to go a little deeper into what all this is about customer care software and why your company most likely needs it.

OK. You as a manager of your company know that customer care is everything. Your reputation is based on it. It’s important how we treat our customers. They will value among other things our level of attention, kindness, response, etc.

But, are you really controlling all this well? A company can receive an important volume of calls every day. Here without a correct management software we run the risk that the calls will remain unanswered, among others.

Your company’s customer service must adapt to the times as well.


The contact center as a strategy for customer loyalty

Some of the benefits of hiring the right software for customer management are

Higher sales

“A customer who’s happy will buy back into your business.”


A client gets a lot of offers every time he looks for something on the Internet. Having our company with good software for customer management means that customers can contact our company if they have any questions.

More efficiency and speed

With a more direct communication, everything will be faster between the company and the customers.

Customer service improves the quality of service

With the above points we have already seen how having a good customer management software can give us a number of advantages over our competitors.

The Internet is a window of sales opportunities, that’s for sure. However the “disadvantage” that we can still see to this is the coldness at the time of communication between seller and buyer that not being something physical or can be seen, there are still moments in which some sales simply remain in “a project of sale” but without ever being completely realized.

This is where Neotel’s call center customer management software comes in. It provides us with an absolute tool to control the information related to our customers in our company.



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