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Video Tutorial Transfer calls with Yealink


The actions of this video tutorial can be applied from model Yealink T21 E2 onwards.

With this video you will learn how to transfer a call to another phone number or extension, so that you can continue the conversation without interrupting the call.

When a call is received on the phone, it is answered.


As soon as the call is answered, the “Transfer” option appears on the screen.

Press the “Transfer” option.

At that moment, the current call is put on hold and the phone provides a line to make another call. The number you want to call is dialed either


Extension, fixed or mobile and you press the “Send” button.

The second call is made either to an internal extension or to a landline or mobile number.


Once the second call is established, press “Transfer” when appropriate.

The transfer takes place, establishing communication between the initial call and the second call.

Once the call is transferred, you can hang up the phone.


Video Tutorial Reception PBX mode with Yealink

The actions of this video tutorial can be applied from model Yealink T21 E2 onwards.

With this video you will learn how to manage concurrent calls over the phone, using the channels configured by the client.

When a call is received, when you pick up, the first free channel of the phone turns green fixed.


This indicates that you are talking to the user who made the call.

If more calls come in, they will be displayed on the phone screen.

The agent can change the current call by clicking on the buttons associated with the channels and the active call will have a steady green light.


Channel buttons associated with call waiting will have the green light flashing


And users of those calls will hear background music.

To end the calls, you must click on the channel you want to hang up and then click the “End” button.


5 telephony tools that every company should know

The following tools will be used in both large and small companies. They are the tools that we consider “a must”.

With these tools we are going to be more productive, improve the general satisfaction of our customers and increase our sales.

Below we comment on what each of these tools consists of:


1. Predictive Dialer

The predictive dialer eliminates waiting and connects agents directly to customers.

There are many users who never respond when we try to contact them. The predictive dialer is the tool that has been designed to increase the productivity of our call center agents to the maximum.

It basically connects the call, when a customer answers the phone, with the first agent available.

The good thing about the predictive dialer is its price, since it is a 100% affordable product for companies of all sizes,

The predictive dialer increases calls, in the sense that it increases agents’ talk time, and therefore sales volume.


2. Whisper

The predictive dialer eliminates waiting and connects agents directly to customers.


telemarketing surveys

It allows us to give information to the agent without the client at the other end of the line being aware of anything, to make sure that the conversation is taking the right course and to guarantee the professionalism of our agents.

The monitoring module is perfect for intervening and training agents, both in real time during an ongoing call and afterwards, once the call has ended.


3. Click to call

Provide your customers with the “click to call me back” button on your website. By simply entering a number and clicking it, your customer will be called back. Fast and immediate communication. Improvement and reinforcement of your company’s image. Optimization of telephone attention, being more direct. All this translates into: more sales, more economic benefits and better ratings. For only 25 euros/month.

mobile pbx

4. Mobile phones integrated in the switchboard

No additional cost.

Answer your virtual pbx calls from your mobile. Freedom, comfort and simplicity with Neotel’s TANDEM function. Answer calls, put on hold, mute, transfer, retrieve and reject. No additional software or need for portability.


virtual pbx

5. Automatic satisfaction surveys

No additional cost.


click to call me back

All the information is collected by the switchboard.


virtual pbx monitoring

With the satisfaction surveys, the system calls the client again to answer by marking from 1 to 9 their satisfaction with the attention received.




How Neotel’s call center software has evolved in recent years

What functionality should we look at when contracting a software call center – crm service for our company?

Monitor the activity

Monitor all the activity that happens inside your call center with our tools. Analyze and study the productivity of your agents.

Manage tasks automatically

Because your time is important, Neotel offers you the possibility to hire the crm tool for the total management of your leads. Our crm integrated within our pbx will help you use your time in the most productive way possible.

Using Neotel’s call center software and crm gives us countless advantages


call center software

For a call centre to be able to optimise its resources to the maximum, it is necessary to contract a crm that works, so that it helps us with the management and control of our business.


crm integrated in virtual pbx

All current call centers will use one type of software for this function. This is clear. In Neotel we develop our applications to measure and always thinking about the customer. We listen to their needs and adapt our tools to them. If you are looking for a software that will help you manage your call center or, if you already have one but realize that it does not cover all your expectations, we would very much like to help you. Our call center software does not have permanence so you can be sure that you can try it and if it does not convince you for whatever reason, you can leave without any obligation. What other company offers you this type of security?