100% Scalable Cloud Contact Center Solutions

These are some of the reasons that our customers tell us why they chose Neotel over other alternatives:

  • Access to a wide range of valuable features.
  • Neotel solutions are suitable for companies with 1,000 employees as well as companies with only 5 employees.
  • All rates are transparent.
  • Be able to stop using the service at any time and without having to justify the reason.
  • There are no obligations of any kind.

Neotel’s call center tools are the only ones that the client is the one who decides at all times the use he wants to give them. This means that our tools are 100% scalable to the particular needs of each client. Why pay more for things we don’t need later? With Neotel’s cloud contact center software, you choose how much you need and what you are going to pay for. We, as your business telecommunications operator, offer you our full range of products. But you choose only what you need.


call center cloud contact center software

A scalable call center system will handle any possible situation.


Neotel Distributor Program – Increase Your Profits

Advantages of the distribution channel:

As part of the Distributor channel you receive commercial signage, corporate tools and training. All from the hand of the Neotel team:

  • Advice
  • Commercial and Technical Training
  • First level technical support

Expand your catalogue with more services

Increase your income



Neotel distributors

If you want to generate income with the resplado of the leading company in the sector, contact us and we inform you so that you can become part of our Neotel’s Distributors channel.


How to reduce costs in the company with the CRM and the virtual pbx

Having the Neotel crm integrated into your PBX is very useful when segmenting leads for future campaigns for example.

Neotel’s crm gives us a lot of information to carry out our campaigns.

The virtual pbx has as one of its goals to promote telework in the company. How? Because it turns out that when we work with this type of systems is not necessary that our employees are physically located in our office and can work from home. In this way the workers gain time (and quality of life) and the employer can cut costs in for example the rental of the office for the company. This is just one of the many ways in which a virtual switchboard helps us to save costs.

To start working with the Neotel crm or pbx no separate software needs to be installed. We would only need to log in with our user that Neotel provides us through its intuitive interface via web.

Neotel creates a perfect synergy between your crm and your virtual pbx, integrating the crm into it. This union creates the perfect tool for creating and managing marketing campaigns.


Switchboard + crm the perfect combination

The Neotel switchboard also offers, among others, the functionality of the virtual fax and the recording of calls that are never deleted and with its own search panel to locate them when necessary.

Best of all, with Neotel’s virtual switchboard you don’t even need a physical phone anymore, so here you’ll also be saving money. If you have a device connected to the Internet, you already have the Neotel switchboard – it’s that simple!


If you have a device you have a switchboard

Reducing the cost of the telephone bill is now possible


call recorder application for pbx

You can consult our rates of crm and switchboard visiting these pages:

CRM + PBX Virtual PBX



virtual pbx rates

Virtual pbx

Relocation has been a reality for many years. This means that a company can work with its employees located in different countries of the world and can also offer its services by telephone to any destination.



Neotel wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2020!


Get to know the functionalities of your company’s virtual pbx

When correctly configuring your switchboard you will first need to know the needs of your company so that you can choose the best option. If you have doubts about this point we recommend that you contact Neotel by any of our available means so that our customer service department, without any commitment to you, can develop the best solution for your particular situation.

Call recording

It is important that you activate the premium recorder service if you need to keep the recordings after two months which is the default time that applies to all our customers for free. If you contract the premium call recorder, this time limitation does not exist. And you will have a search engine as a manager to locate all the recordings of calls.




Save yourself hiring a receptionist for your business thanks to Neotel’s IVR

The initial use of all ivr is to identify the needs of the caller at the same time you receive, making a series of consultations where it is the client himself who will give us the information so we know how we can help.

The ivr are usually applied in companies with a significant volume of calls. With the ivr system we make sure we are operational 24/7.

How is it possible that our ivr understands our client’s needs? Very simple, through DTMF dial tones. Here it is the client himself who, by pressing different options on his numeric pad, would be giving the ivr detailed information about what he needs.

In practice we have all interacted with this system at some time. This is when we are asked a few questions to transfer our call to the correct department and we are asked by means of a voice-over to press numbers on our keyboard.

Practically any professional service if it does not need human intervention can be attended in its entirety thanks to the ivr system.




The volume of calls in companies and according to which sectors can become very high. Here, thanks to the ivr, it is possible to route or guide the calling customer until he ends up in the appropriate department to resolve his query.


Voice over IP in the Real Estate sector: a ladder to success

5 reasons why ip voice is the best choice for Real Estate Agents

Ease of management and use

Are you a real estate business? Try voice over IP for your company’s communications now!

The voice ip includes, among many others, these qualities that benefit real estate agents:

  • Call in queue
  • Call transfer
  • Conference Options
  • Reports and Monitoring
  • Call analytics
  • Call recording

In addition, voip telephony allows you to use free numbers for your customers (900 numbers).

The voice on ip is very easy to use and customize. You will be able to configure your voip telephony system according to your needs.


2. Scalability and Money Savings

The ip voice is always cheaper than using conventional telephone systems.



Another advantage of voice over IP is that since it is easier to maintain and the customer doesn’t have to take care of anything here, you save on IT staff.

The ip voice is also very scalable. You can add or remove extensions and phone numbers as you like.


3. Maximum quality

Communication is vital in the real estate sector. Imagine what a mistake it would be if we had coverage or connection problems when dealing with customers on the phone. The voice over IP provides the best possible quality at the moment.

4. Music on hold

Your customers probably won’t be too happy if they have to wait on the other side. With music on hold, it becomes less horrible. The ip voice provides the option to set different music on hold for when customers are waiting on the other side of the line.

5. IVR


900 line

An ivr makes your business sound more professional.

An ivr keeps your customers first and routes them to the corresponding department. If in addition to this we add the option that we have commented previously of Music on hold, the experience of communication between client and company benefits.

To make use of the voice on ip you only need a device connected to a network (Internet network).

A voip system is one that works over the Internet. It does not require any advanced configuration.


premium virtual call recorder

Telephony and voice over IP helps real estate agents as you can see

Every day real estate agents have more tools for their work. From social networks to portals to advertise. The ip voice is the final solution to all the communications of the Real Estate business.

Conventional telephone systems are no longer adapted to the volume of business of the real estate sectors. Not to take advantage of all the advantages that IP voice can offer to your business would be a serious mistake in this case.

Competition is tougher every day and therefore it is important to understand that without initial investment in our business, we will not be able to get very far.



Functionalities and definition of IP Telephony

IP telephony helps companies spend less money on telephony.

IP telephony is a major advance in business communications

Both conventional telephony and ip telephony offer high quality calls. Traditional telephony depends on the state of the wiring and IP telephony of the Internet connection.

A ip phone is all it will take to work on the virtual pbx. Although this is not exclusive in this way. You can for example contract our virtual pbx and you do not need to invest in the purchase of a physical ip terminal. Simply making use of our webrtc line, through your computer’s web browser you can make and receive telephone calls through the virtual pbx system.


virtual pbx

To use IP telephony is necessary:

  • Have a device with which to make calls.
  • Internet connection.
  • Hire the services of an ip telephony operator.


Benefits of ip telephony for companies

telefonía ip empresas

  • Mobility can be extended: the phone system is no longer just adjusted to being physically inside the office. Now the Neotel mobile switchboard accompanies you wherever you go.
  • Substantial bill savings.
  • Save on calls and fees.
  • Have multiple phones.
  • Call transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions about the virtual pbx

What is the best virtual switchboard offer at the moment?

The best pbx we believe is the one that offers you the greatest mobility. The Neotel pbx includes for all its customers the so-called Mobile pbx with which you can take your switchboard with you wherever you are and wherever you go, with all the same features as with the virtual pbx only in your mobile device.

You should also be aware when looking for a switchboard provider, one that does not contemplate permanence or economic sanctions of any kind at the time of making the contract. The Neotel switchboard is the only one that does not oblige its clients to do anything. They can enjoy our services and, if for some reason one day they decide to leave, without questions, they are 100% free to do so.

The best switchboard is the one that gives you the best scalability. Neotel’s virtual switchboard is 100% scalable meaning that, say your company consists of 5 employees and therefore you need 5 extensions right now, OK, great, we can offer you this service. But what happens tomorrow when your business continues to grow and you need to hire more jobs? With the Neotel switchboard there is no problem because the number of extensions is modifiable at any time this may be smaller or larger. Whatever the client needs. In business you have to have at least a minimum of foresight and the image we have now of him may vary over time. And the number of workers is the same.

The best cetralite is also the one that is easier for the client to configure. The same configuration could be that it is not going to serve us all the time. Then it is better for the client to contract a virtual telephone switchboard that is intuitive at the configuration level. In addition, when you contract the switchboard with Neotel you already have the technical support and customer service of the company from minute 0.

Because virtual voip pbx do not need to buy anything a priori, this type of telecommunications system for businesses is the most profitable especially when we refer to SMEs.



call recorder

The best switchboard we are convinced is also the one that never fails you, right?. Neotel’s virtual switchboard is available 24/7 and from anywhere in the world. The management panel is used through a simple web page.

In short, a telephone switchboard aims to connect calls from outside with a company or internal extensions to each other.

The switchboard has given way to an improved concept: the virtual switchboard.

The delivery of calls in the ip virtual switchboard is done over the Internet.

In the end the virtual switchboard retains all the features of the traditional switchboard:


  • Call forwarding, call delivery through queues, music on hold, ivr menu, etc.
  • Transfers of calls between the different extensions of the virtual switchboard.
  • Voicemail.
  • Identification of calls received in the virtual switchboard.
  • Call recording.
  • Locutions like “secretary virtual” that goes channeling to the client that calls us.

The virtual switchboard is currently the best working tools for companies.



Among the main features of the Neotel virtual switchboard are the following: Click to call me back, Virtual Fax, Telemarketing Surveys, Monitoring, Inbound Call Statistics and Signaling.

How much does a telephone switchboard cost?

When hiring a switchboard do not go to the most expensive as this does not always mean that it is the best. It’s worth doing a little research and searching the internet for the opinions of other users who use or have used this switchboard. Neotel’s virtual switchboard is currently the best price-quality ratio and you can find out more about its price by visiting the following link.

What is a virtual switchboard?

The virtual switchboard is designed with SMEs and the self-employed in mind.

centralita voip voz ip

The virtual switchboard is a communications system without comparison to anything else. SMEs and freelancers save a lot of money by talking in their business through a virtual switchboard, unlike what happens with a physical switchboard.

The virtual switchboard is no longer a secret that saves us both personnel costs and maintenance of hardware equipment in addition to saving physical space.



mobile virtual pbx

Neotel as a brand and company has been growing exponentially since its foundation in 2001, implementing more and better services and products for its customers. Neotel solutions are the most complete.

With virtual switchboards, companies can manage all their communications.



virtual pbx

All these managements the client realizes them from his panel web of user and they are not necessary of previous knowledge for it.

The virtual switchboards are used to manage calls from companies of all sizes.



How my business could benefit from IP Telephony

IP communication for companies

Advantages of ip communication:

  • The advantage of ip communication is that it does not require cable rooms or any kind of physical machinery that takes up space and also costs the customer money. IP communication makes the client invest less money for this.
  • IP communication involves voice, text and video. Any media the client wants to use.

IP communications “transform” the voice into “digital” and transmits it through the Internet.