Which solution is best adapted as a Telephony system in my company?

Among the advantages of virtual pbx over traditional ones stand out:

  • Savings

In every sense: time and cost savings.

  • Mobility

Something increasingly necessary for companies: virtual pbx offer the highest possible degree of mobility being able to make calls from any device connected to the Internet.

Virtual PBX VS Traditional PBX

Virtual pbx routes calls over the internet.

With virtual pbx, investments in expensive devices and configurations are no longer necessary. That’s where the savings lie.



virtual pbx

Virtual switchboards have come to make life easier for entrepreneurs.

Unlike traditional pbx, virtual pbx does not require complicated configurations or physical hardware machinery that occupies our space within our company.


How Neotel CRM can help you delight your customers

The integratedrm with the virtual switchboard is only one of the fundamental pillars that Neotel develops and offers to its customers today. Our crm is a reality right now.

If you are also interested in a reliable and robust contact center software Neotel is the solution.


How to choose the best crm tool


call center software

By working with a crm tool in our business customers gain in the following way: our company is able to collect in the crm all relevant data and information from past calls. That way, callers don’t need to repeat the whole story again and we as a company will have access to all the most important information about their case. It may not look like it, but this way you work much more productively and save a lot of time.

Agents have all customer data at their fingertips. Having this information is very useful to carry out a work of the highest quality.


Neotel’s crm integrated with the switchboard brings countless advantages to contact centers

The crm has advantages for both clients and agents.

Why is Neotel’s crm the answer?

The truth is that Neotel’s crm is not only good for companies. It’s also good for customers.

The Neotel crm has one card for each customer. With each call that is made with this, the crm collects all the data given by the agents for future references.

For customers, it is important that they experience the best possible experience. Several studies support this information. If a customer is satisfied with their customer experience when they contact us this will undoubtedly bring advantages. Thanks to the crm integrated in the Neotel switchboard our company will improve the customer experience at the highest level.



What future for SMEs?

The digital resources of the future 1. Tailor-made management programmes   A management software allows us to have a greater flow and control over all aspects of our company. 2. Virtual switchboards In a few years this technology will displace the current ones as telecommunication systems in companies. With virtual PBX’s companies will save a […]


Make quality calls over the Internet. Save on the cost of Telecommunications and pay just what you need.

Neotel wants you to see all that IP telephony can offer your SME. Leave us your contact details and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Neotel offers free telephone support 365 days a year to all its customers.

Great facilities for recharging salgo. If you have questions contact us now

telefonía ip

With Neotel’s webrtc lines you don’t need to buy any third party softphone application of dubious quality. Call for free, yes, FREE, with the Neotel webrtc line. All you need is an internet connection.

If you already have a number of your own, we will bring it to you without any problem. And if we don’t get you a new numbering

Local, national and international numbers
No surprises on the phone bill

Call at 0 cost between your extensions

It doesn’t matter how many extensions you need for your business. We can support as many as you need.

A scalable and flexible solution

A scalable and flexible solution

IP telephony provider in Spain (and worldwide)

Tips for choosing a good ip telephony provider:

– Check that it is a simple platform to manage, easy to use and intuitive.

– Check that there are no problems when it comes to calls such as cuts in communications.


A convenient and simple solution

This type of telephony allows you to make calls over the Internet and save a lot of money on your bills.

To make voice calls on ip you only need an ip adapter or ip phone, an internet connection and an ip telephony operator.

While ip telephony has been with us for many years has been in the last era when it has given a boost at the business level to highlight.



Solutions for Call Centers around the world

Neotel’s call center is the most advanced that exists today in the market and includes many features that have beenfician day-to-day work in companies. Some of these main qualities are:

1. Calls via Internet / Web

Whether you use our webrtc lines or if you prefer customers to ask you to call them by integrating the click to call button, now Neotel makes it easier than ever to be able to connect businesses and customers.

2. Add an international or local number

Thanks to Neotel’s global service you can have a local or international number for your company. Whatever you want.

Neotel has the entire call center system with the following qualities:


· Agents always available


call center software

With the webrtc line it is possible to make calls over the Internet thanks to the web browser. With the computer’s microphone and camera it is possible thanks to webrtc technology to talk and see each other just like with a normal telephone conversation, only better. A traditional phone would not allow us for example video call option. With webrtc lines this is possible.

And much more.


· Advanced software for easy configuration


webrtc line

Neotel will offer you a login with your username and password so that you can access our entire system from a web page.

· Global Accessibility

With Neotel’s call center software your company can be located from any country. We have international numbers available to all our customers. Contact us and ask for our international numbers.

sistema para call center

With Neotel’s call center software your company can be located from any country. We have international numbers available to all our customers. Contact us and ask for our international numbers.