Manage the telephone calls of your business and make the Virtual PBX the main Technology in your Telecommunications.

The Cloud Technology

The virtual pbx’s work through the voip protocol (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This, and as we have already explained in other posts, does not mean any more that the “voice” travels through the Internet.

PBXs offer a wide variety of features to their users that are not possible with physical PBXs. One of the qualities that Neotel has seen that most attracts our customers is the professional voice-over service. From 7,50 € our clients can obtain for their company a voice-over, which they can then configure in ivr mode or welcome message for example, which has been recorded in a studio without noise, by professional voice-over artists, and with different characteristics always according to the client’s needs. If you want more information about Neotel’s professional voice-over service you can visit the following link:

However, locutions are not the only characteristic of the pbx’s in the Neotel cloud. We would like to point out that all our switchboards offer the following features:

  • You only need Internet to run your virtual pbx
  • You choose the number of extensions
  • 1 numbering included assigned or cover page
  • Flat rate to fixed rate included
  • Mobile Minutes Bonus

It also includes no additional cost:

  • Telemarketing Surveys
  • Monitoring, spying and whispering
  • Statistics of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Fixed or dynamic signalling
  • Configuration and self-management of the ivr
  • WebRTC for Internet calls. Audio and video calls

You can also add it to your virtual switchboard if you wish:


Send massive SMS to mobile mass SMS for companies SMS sending platform

The Neotel switchboard integrates the ACD system (“Automatic Call Distributor”) which is nothing more than a queue to monitor incoming calls. This queue is intelligent and connects automatically with the person responsible and specific to answer that call.

Neotel’s virtual switchboard allows any worker to work with the same regardless of where they are.



premium Neotel virtual call recorder

Neotel’s virtual switchboard opens a new door to the future of telecommunications.

2 outstanding features of Neotel’s Software Call Center that shorten time

Earlier in this blog we have already shown how call center software helps to reduce task times and be more productive to companies that use it.

2 ways in which Neotel’s call center helps lighten times in business tasks

IVR (Interactive Voice Response System)

A robust ivr contributes greatly to increasing agent productivity.

Instead of transmitting the call to an agent immediately, the ivr is able to segment them, attending to the first queries from the customer and before transferring the call to the agent and even in some situations resolving them by itself without the need to transfer that call.

The interactive voice response system is the first interaction that customers receive when they call a call center.


Call recording

Call recordings tell call center managers what customers are really looking for.

It also helps call centers better understand their customers.

With call recording, call center managers can monitor when an agent is losing a customer, for example. The recording of a call has a main function in the formation of the agents.

With the right call center software agents can perform the following actions:


  1. Analyze prerecorded calls.
  2. Listen to calls in real time.

If the call center managers want to improve the quality of the attention in the calls they must listen to the recordings of these.


call center software

Neotel offers free of charge for all its clients the module of call recording with duration of 2 months. For customers who want to store their call recordings indefinitely, Neotel offers the premium module of the virtual recorder. More information about this module here:

With these two qualities of call center software companies can more intelligently optimize their times without hindering the customer experience.



premium virtual call recorder

Optimizing the time in the company means reducing it and at the same time that our agents are more productive in less time.



It is important to understand that in any call center, more important than considering how long agents need to be talking, would be to analyze whether that time is really as productive as possible or not.

Advantages of a wireless control unit

Advantages of having a wireless switchboard in the company

It’s all in the cloud

Neotel is always at the forefront of the latest technologies in switchboards.


virtual pbx

The sale of equipment from the old switchboards means an unnecessary outlay with the switchboard in the Neotel cloud.

Today we are all more than used to working ‘in the cloud’. We save from our contacts, photos, notes, videos, etc.. Everything passes through the cloud on the Internet. Why not migrate the switchboard too?

The virtual pbx means: calls without interruptions, with high quality and being able to be anywhere.


Better sound quality

Today’s connections allow for maximum call sound quality.

Stability and security

The Neotel Cloud Switchboard is the most stable and secure on the market today. If you are in doubt whether to hire Neotel or not, we invite you to contact us, and try our switchboard completely free and without any future commitment.

Among the main qualities that have the switchboards in the cloud always stands out that the cables disappear.


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Attract and retain customers through call centers and virtual switchboards

The adaptation of the already obsolete physical switchboards to the cloud has meant a next evolutionary step in the communications and relations of the companies for/with their clients.

When talking about call centers and virtual pbx’s it is necessary to mention Google’s webrtc technology. Neotel bets on the integration of webrtc lines for companies. With a webrtc line, in the end what you get is the possibility of making and receiving calls from any device connected to the Internet, as if it were a physical phone, only without the need to buy any terminal.

webrtc line

Contact us and ask a question about Neotel’s webrtc technology

Contact us and ask a question about Neotel’s webrtc technology

What is a predictive dialer and how it can help my business

Predictive Dialers: A Vital Tool in Any Contact Center Arsenal

Predictive dialers exponentially increase the productivity of contact center agents.

Modern predictive dialers are an essential tool for contact center administrators.

Avoid tiredness among your agents, as the day progresses, tiredness that accumulates from manual dialing with Neotel’s predictive dialer.

Working manually dialing all the digits of the phone numbers in the hope that someone will answer the other side of the line is a thing of the past.


predictive dialer

A contact center that still works with manual dialing, is working as 50 years ago

Thanks to the predictive dialer, when an agent ends his conversation with a client, he can automatically connect to the next client. No waiting. No time wasted.

They help optimize times by connecting agents only with people who have already answered on the other side of the line, thus avoiding calls that lead to voicemail or simply do not answer.


VoIP Business Phone System: Everything You Need to Know

A voip phone system can bring many benefits, most notably:

Conference calls: the ability to generate videoconference calls can speed up the flow of your equipment and / or your commercials.

– Real-time control panel: allows you to monitor the activities of your call center in real time no matter how large your equipment.

– Contact history: a history with all the information regarding all your contacts will always be available, so it will not be necessary to make use of several independent systems. This is where the integration of Neotel’s CRM with the PBX works.

– Personalized music and greetings: Would you like a personalized greeting for your business? With Neotel this is not a problem. You can set up your own personalized greeting whenever you want and in a very easy way.

Call recording: you get all your calls automatically and you can access them at any time and from anywhere in the world.



ivr interactive voice response

What more can you get from a business phone system?

Neotel provides its users with high level features for its corporate voip system: conference calls, ivr, etc.

Voip protocols transform voice into data to transmit it over the Internet.



video conferencing and video call in the cloud

The voip phone system brings more advantages to companies than we might initially imagine. If you need to clarify doubts about voip telephony and how to integrate it with Neotel in your business do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you without any compromise.

What are the advantages of automatic dialling and what does it mean?

Both progressive and predictive dialing offer a number of advantages to businesses. These are just a few of them:

– Greater success in sales: Thanks to the predictive dialer is easier to reach customers more likely to purchase the service or product and therefore increase our sales.

– Optimization of human resources: Thanks to the predictive dialer the company ensures that agents will be talking more time with customers. It eliminates the time previously spent on manual dialing and waiting.

– Effectiveness of calls: First of all because we can remove from the database customers that we know beforehand are not interested in our products and / or receive commercial calls.

There are many advantages of automatic dialling

Progressive Dialing: Less aggressive than predictive dialing and ideal for companies with 20 agents or less. Here, too, the agent does not dial numbers manually and the system detects and discards unanswered and busy phones. So in the end the agents only receive calls when the customer is on the other side of the line.

– Predictive Dialing: This type of dialing generates an algorithm that calculates the volume of calls needed to increase productivity. It is advisable for companies that have more than 20 agents in their call center, since the larger the human team, the more productive this system will be. If it is used in small campaigns, with few employees, we run the risk that the customer picks up the phone and there is no one on the other side of the line. So we’ll miss the call.



call center software

Call dialing software allows companies to be more productive.


predictive dialer

Thanks to automatic launcher systems, call center costs are lowered. And it is obvious that by increasing the productivity of our company we are at the same time lowering the costs in it.

The sending of calls in a company is a task that involves a large investment not only in time but also human resources and money.


Private cloud storage now available for call recording

Private cloud storage

Neotel offers users the ability to play and search through all their recordings. All this via an intuitive web panel that the client accesses with his user name and password that he uses for the Neotel application.

Hiring the premium service of Neotel’s virtual call recorder we go from the 2 months of duration that are standard and included in all Neotel plans and for all users, to a service without expiration in the permanence of the recordings.

If your company makes numerous calls and it is important for you to know that you have access to the recordings of the same FOREVER, no doubt you need to hire the premium service of the virtual call recorder.

Now Neotel simply offers more options.


The Complete Guide to Understanding Autodial Software

It has been shown that a call launcher is the most efficient for any call center that wants to enhance its work.

Importance of auto dialer software

Having a call launcher for our call center, together with the premium call recorder, is the ultimate kit that every call center wants to have.

Real-time reporting and monitoring


premium virtual call recorder

The automatic call launcher helps us to improve our ‘numbers’ in general.

Best Lead Conversion Percentage

Progressive and predictive dialers dramatically improve the talk time of calling agents.

Increased agent talk time

Both progressive and predictive scoreboards save time.


call center software

Neotel offers its customers three different types of automatic launchers: robot call, progressive dialer and predictive dialer. For a better understanding of the differences between our call launchers we invite you to contact us now and our customer service department. After the call you will know which of our three solutions is best suited to your needs and those of your company.

Make sure you get the highest level of efficiency possible for your business.

Reduce waiting times with your customers with our dialing solutions.