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Benefits, features and definition of IVR (interactive voice response technology)

The failure or success of any call center is the responsibility of the agent manager. However, this role does not cease to be played by a real person and, like everyone else, it is feasible to make mistakes. With the entry of the ivr, the agent manager of the call center (and therefore the agents themselves) get a very powerful weapon for their daily work.

Overview of ivr

  • The ivr system can direct the caller to the most appropriate department.
  • This technology can collect information about the caller next to the reason for the call.

Main characteristics of ivr

1. Automated call routing

An ivr system can automatically route a call to the appropriate department or agent. The system is intelligent and is able to, from the answer it hears from the other side of the line, know which department is the most effective to resolve the issue and which agents are busy and which are available.

2. Collecting Call Information

The ivr system can collect information about the caller. It is also able to understand the reasons why this person made the call in the first place.

3. Creating personalized greetings / messages



When using the ivr system the company can record personalized messages to help with the image it wants to give to the outside.

Benefits of using the ivr system

1. Economical service

It reduces the expenses of a company without harming the quality of it. The ivr system saves us personnel. In the end it is a “virtual secretary” for our company, only that we do not need to hire a real person.

These characteristics can reduce the overall personnel expense of a company.


2. First call resolution and intelligent routing: better growth and brighter brand image

If a client is able to resolve their query in a first call, it will always improve the image that this client has about our company. When a potential client is able to resolve their issues quickly and easily, without any headaches, this potential client becomes a client. When the same thing happens with an already real client, he becomes a loyal client.

With the ivr system, no time is wasted on calls.

It is possible to make a personal message or greeting before the customer is transferred to the person you need to talk to. This can enhance our brand image as a customer-facing company.


3. Higher call volume in less time

With an ivr system the company that uses it is more productive. Its agents avoid having to answer calls that do not lead to anything since this is handled by the ivr system.


With an ivr system companies can save a lot of money on new staff. It also helps us to build loyalty with those customers who are in doubt about whether or not to continue with the service. Convert potential customers into real customers. And real customers into loyal customers. Give a better image about our company. To offer a 24×7 service abroad.

The VoIP switchboard as a solution within the reach of SMEs

The important thing is to be there. Whenever customers need us. IP voice PBX’s are a solution to achieve this and are within the reach of any SME. Here’s how.

For an SME any call is a sales opportunity and should not be missed. This is how our SME can grow progressively. The IP voice switchboard is the best weapon for any SME interested in seeing real growth.


centralitas voz ip

The installation of a virtual ip PBX voice means saving time and money for any SME. In any business, telephone customer service reduces the productivity of employees if it is not well implemented. Working with a PBX ip voice is the smartest way for our SMEs to know for sure that we are offering the best quality of customer service possible without harming the productivity of our employees.

To give a good image is something fundamental for any company.


Essential features for any inbound call center software solution

It is essential for optimal performance that the following features are included in your call center software.

1. Real-time reporting

This feature allows agents to know data such as customer waiting time and more.

2. Monitoring

The Monitoring module allows the call center administrator to spy on the real time conversations that agents are having with clients. This functionality is very useful to apply improvement techniques a posteriori. In addition, it serves as training for our employees. On the other hand and thanks to the spy and whisper module included in the Monitoring, since the administrator is able to listen to a conversation that is happening at this moment, he can also whisper what he thinks convenient at a given moment to his agent, without the customer on the other side of the line is aware of anything.

The call recording function can record all live calls.


3. Built-in CRM


ivr interactive voice response

The Neotel PBX comes integrated with a powerful CRM that helps us identify the person calling us. When a call is received in the call center, the agent knows a lot of relevant information about the caller before answering it. This information can include personal data of the client, together with notes of past calls, promos that this client has applied, etc. All this information appears through a pop-up window on the computer screen of the agent receiving the call.

4. IVR


virtual pb

The Neotel ivr is 100% customizable and you can add as many levels as you want.

The ivr system allows you to direct the caller to the right department, without wasting their time, being transferred from department to department.


Neotel Virtual Recorder Premium Prices

If you are interested in Neotel call recording but your company still has an old phone system please contact us.

The recordings are all stored within the client panel and the client can search and filter according to their needs. All conversations are securely recorded in the Neotel cloud.

Price of call recording (with Neotel switchboard):


premium recorder Neotel

With the Neotel premium recorder there are no surprises or hidden costs for the customer. If you are still in doubt about whether our recorder is what your company needs or not we invite you to contact Neotel now and we will solve whatever your doubt, without obligation.

Neotel offers the easiest way to record all your calls.

The most important reasons why companies use the Neotel premium recorder are: training, quality and improvement.


Reasons why you should choose Neotel

Choose your IP Telephony company wisely

Why should I choose Neotel?

1. Higher productivity. Neotel increases agent productivity by eliminating manual dialing.

2. Guaranteed safety. All of Neotel’s ‘brain’ including its personal data is stored in the most secure servers possible, located in Spain and with backup servers. So that you, our client, will never have to suffer insufferable cuts in your company’s communications.




3. Advanced features at your fingertips. Functionalities such as tail CDR, IVR, etc. All, previously exclusive features for just a few. Now with Neotel, within reach of any pocket.

4. Excellent call quality. You don’t have to worry about the quality of your calls when you are a Neotel customer.

5. Affordable prices. Neotel is the most affordable Telephony solution for companies in the whole sector. We have no competition. You can check our prices on our website and if you want you can contact our customer service and we advise you free of charge and without obligation.

Many competing solutions may look similar to ours at first glance. However Neotel is the only solution that adapts to the needs of each client in question so if your business grows or shrinks, your phone system can grow or shrink as well.


Advantages of implementing VoIP in your SME

Today the possibilities in the world of telecommunications are endless thanks to the virtual pbx.

– Services that are incorporated in the virtual pbx:


  • Caller identification.
  • Call transfer service.
  • Call waiting service.
  • Call forwarding.
  • Answering machine.
  • Call queues.
  • Etc.

– Improve customer service: queues can be configured so that no customer is left unattended.

– Calls from anywhere: Enhance teleworking. With the voip it is possible to work from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. This mainly favors companies that promote telework.



virtual pbx

– Control of communications: You will have an exhaustive control on the company, the received calls, etc.

– Easy installation: With the virtual pbx it is not necessary to wire the office so the installation of this service is done very quickly and easily.

The acronym voip stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and this in turn means that communications are transmitted, rather than through copper cables as happens with traditional telephony, through the Internet.


Numbers 900

Advantages of using a 900 number

– Increase the number of contacts: With this type of service the number of contacts can increase by approximately 30% and the possibility of generating new sales with it.

– Easy to set up: The contracting of a 900 line is a very fast process. Before you know it, you are already enjoying your 900 line. Neotel can also offer you virtual pbx services for your 900 number if you need them.

– Quality customer service: Offering a free call service for the customer offers an image of professionalism before all things.

– National company image: With a 900 number the company regardless of whether it is a large or small size, gives an image of a ‘national’ company. This is much better than using a provincial prefix, which can result in a loss of sales for those customers who prefer to hire services locally.

– Follow up of the received calls: With the 900 lines the companies can find out and monitor where the calls come from since they can contract a different one for the web, another one for the social networks and another one for example for the advertising campaigns. In this way companies are able to analyze which of their campaigns are the most effective that otherwise would not be possible.

For all these reasons if the company makes available to its users a 900 number will be giving added value.

The customer service is the most important of all for any company as it depends on him directly, not only to get new customers but to keep the current ones.



virtual pbx

Did you know that the law obliges companies without exception to give a toll-free option for incoming calls?

The 902 and 901 premium rate numbers are illegal as the only option for customer service. This law was passed by the European Court of Justice in March 2017.



hire line 900

Provincial phone numbers are not optimal for all situations. By hiring a 900 line we are giving great added value to our customers while making sure that obtaining contact is as much as possible.

The telephone remains the primary means of customer service for any company.



Why should small businesses use an advanced IVR system?

With an advanced ivr system for our company we are getting a powerful tool that helps us work more on customer satisfaction. The ivr is a system that works 24/7.

1. Affordability

The cost of implementing an ivr system is approximately 1/10 that of hiring a receptionist.

2. Increased sales with remarketing

Companies can use an ivr system to advertise their own products and services and thus remarket with the intention of generating sales in a passive way.

3. Reduction in the abandonment rate

The latest ivr systems reduce the abandonment rate of our customers in our company. Logically, it is more likely that a client will not leave if, even though all our agents are busy with other conversations, the client is able to carry out all their formalities only via the ivr.

4. Stellar Reputation and 24×7 Availability


ivr interactive voice response

Regardless of its size, the ivr system makes our company look professional. When customers are served by an advanced ivr system they feel that they are contacting a company of a certain ‘size’ and the level of importance is understood.

ivr systems save companies money. How can your company save money with an ivr system? The ivr is a way for our company to remain operational even during the holidays without having to hire extra employees to service the company during the holidays.

5. Improving the quality of first contact

An ivr system is capable of solving simple tasks such as answering simple questions. For tasks that require the intervention of a human person, the system automatically transfers the conversation to an agent.