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Neotel is the best provider of voip numbering and are leaders in their sector. Since 2001 Neotel offers complete voip solutions for businesses of all sizes and from anywhere in the world, at the best price.

The acronym voip stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Voip is considered the most advanced telephony. Trust Neotel as your voip telephony provider for your company. You will be in the best hands. Try our voip solutions now without any compromise and if for any reason you are not satisfied you can migrate with any other company you want. In Neotel there are no permanences. We don’t need them. Our customers once test the quality of our solutions and with our rates no longer want to look anywhere else.


What are the advantages of IP Telephony today?

IP telephony saves us a lot of money on both national and international calls.

IP telephony, unlike conventional telephony, entails much lower implementation costs and, for this reason, costs less money to the end customer.

Conventional telephony allows to use only the telephone as a device for communication while ip telephony allows to be used in many devices: smartphones, tablets, computers, and so on.

Traditional telephony will always be limited to a physical place as wiring is its own limitation in this case.


telefonía ip

IP telephony allows you to use a telephone line from anywhere in the world as long as there is an Internet connection so it gives a very wide freedom to workers who use it.

Conventional telephony requires more time and execution by technicians for mainly the installation of all the wiring.

IP telephony allows for instant highs. This will never happen with traditional telephony.

IP telephony will give users the ability to move and move freely, unlike the conventional telephony that ties them to a physical workplace.

IP telephony allows things such as diversion to our smartphone so that no matter what happens, we are never disconnected.

IP telephony does not mean at any time a worse quality of calls compared to traditional telephony.

IP telephony is possible thanks to voip (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which transforms voice into data.

IP telephony allows different offices and workers to be integrated under a single telephony system.

IP telephony has existed for many years. However, it is in the last years when a greater acquisition of this technology is appreciated in the companies. It must also be said that, being dependent on Internet connections, the Internet system we have today is not the same as the one we had a few years ago.



What use would you give to sending bulk SMS to your customers?

Mass SMS is a cheap communication tool for the entrepreneur and very versatile for the client.

Any phone can receive a sms. No special devices are needed to receive short text messages. It is not necessary to have specific connections for the use of the service.

Its usefulness has made that more and more companies are based on the use of sms to send direct and fast information to customers.

97% of sms that are sent are opened because users think that sms are a means of communication that transmits some kind of information of great relevance to the client. Unlike other forms of communication and marketing such as email.



Send massive SMS to mobile mass SMS for companies SMS sending platform

Unlike a newsletter, by sending sms we are sure that our message will not end up in a spam folder.

Several studies certify the functionality of sending sms. The expectations of our client visiting a link, or clicking to buy a product or service, through a link within a text message are very high.

Practically any country in the world has mobile phones. So the advantage of using this service over other means of communication. People in the world have our mobile device with us 24/7 this is so, therefore the chances of reading that sms are high.


The advantages of mass sms

Companies use sms to, among others, transmit important news, mobile marketing, transmit communications, etc..


Neotel for large and medium enterprises

At Neotel we never tire of saying it: what do you want to save money with telephony in your company? Then you will have to contract a virtual pbx. Neotel’s virtual pbx means saving money on technical specialists and maintenance. Here, all that runs on our side. What does that sound like?

More benefits, less costs

If your company already has a physical switchboard, please contact us and we will advise you without obligation. Migrating the physical switchboard of your company to Neotel is much simpler than you might think in principle.

Scalability and flexibility

Always up to date. Your office goes with you!


virtual pbx

The Neotel pbx will allow you to be in contact with your employees always and regardless of where they are in the world. The Neotel virtual switchboard offers exactly the same features as a traditional physical switchboard. With Neotel you can: promote employee mobility, save costs, professionalize the image of the brand and enhance communication between departments.



Call Center Software CRM Virtual PBX

Globalization has become a challenge for companies today. That’s why with the Neotel switchboard your workers can be physically in cities or countries other than their own. And this will not be a problem for the proper functioning of the business.


Neotel CRM to improve the relationship with your customers

This service is linked to our virtual pbx since, when receiving a call, a pop-up window will appear with the client’s file and all their data.

If you didn’t know it yet, now you can try our crm tool integrated in the Neotel pbx. Access your customer database and integrate the functionality of the virtual pbx with the customer database.


How to improve the connection with your customers thanks to ip voice and Virtual PBX

If you are looking for a provider in the sector of virtual pbx and voice ip do not hesitate to contact Neotel.

Benefits that assure me of having a virtual pbx with ip voice:

  1. Unlimited access to all the functionalities of a telephone switchboard.
  2. Technical support at all times that instantly resolves all possible incidents.

With Neotel’s virtual pbx you will have a whole team of real people (no talking to machines) at your disposal.

What can my company do when hiring a virtual switchboard ip voice?

  1. You will have access to call statistics, so you will know the performance of your company.
  2. Ability to record all calls in your company in order to improve your customer service.
  3. When you put your customers on hold, they have the option of listening to a background music chosen by you. So that this wait becomes something more pleasant.
  4. You’ll be able to tell who’s calling you with caller ID.

If at the time of contracting your virtual switchboard you do not have a telephone number, you can be assigned one geolocated in the region or country you need, and by purchasing Neotel services you can count on the advice of the leading company in virtual switchboards for companies and telecommunications.


Advantages of a virtual ip voice switchboard

  1. You will have a low-cost switchboard.
  2. Your workers can use it from anywhere in the world.
  3. You can connect to the virtual PBX ip voice from any device that has an Internet connection: tablets, mobile phones, computers, …
  4. Their benefit/price/quality ratio is much better than that of the traditional switchboard.
  5. Nor does it require large connections for it to work.
  6. No need for specialized personnel to use or maintain it.
  7. You don’t need to buy an expensive physical switchboard.

centralitas voz ip

Neotel is the first telephone company to bring out Neotel’s webrtc line. With Neotel’s webrtc line customers can have telephone conversations only through the Internet, completely free of charge, and only using a device connected to the network.


webrtc line

With the ip PBX voice communication is transmitted over the internet.


Voiceovers for PBX IVR operator, try them!

Whether you are a medium, small or large company, Neotel’s Professional Voiceovers service is what you need.

Are you looking for a locution for your switchboard with several foreign voices? Would you like the Neotel team to revise or translate your locution script? Do you want infinite modifications for your locution? Maybe multiple takes? Or does your company prefer a more modern locution, using background music, or do you prefer a more relaxing music on the contrary? Male, female voice, … In Neotel we have them all! Fill out this form now and send us your script with the locution you want. We deliver the voice-overs in a very short period of time. Insured! And from only 7,50 €.


Why your company needs a virtual call center software like Neotel’s

The most basic rule for companies to be interested in setting up a virtual call center: increase productivity within it. Neotel’s virtual call center software allows, among other advantages, to generate multiple statistics and reports to obtain the information that will help you to improve the management of your company and record calls. Neotel’s virtual call center will allow that, when receiving a call in your company, what is known as IVR or interactive voice response will be activated, so that then the call will be put in a waiting queue and finally an available agent will attend it.


Neotel’s Virtual call center is intelligent



A virtual call center also offers other benefits in addition to those already mentioned:

  • Improved productivity and business efficiency.
  • Reduction of costs since the virtual call center does not require any initial costs.
  • Cloud systems are accessible at any time and allow all resources to be hosted in one place.
  • Facilitates the improvement of workers’ quality of life.
  • The company can be part of the innovation of the current technological era.

Hiring a virtual call center with Neotel are all benefits

Being able to do all call management and work from the cloud provides great benefits.


call center software

In addition to that, and as we have already mentioned, thanks to the use of a virtual call center, the company will not need new offices, new equipment, extra software or any installation of hardware; the flexibility of working allows workers to feel safer within their working environment and not think about looking for other options; the cloud contact center or virtual call center means that workers no longer have to be physically in the same place, which brings very attractive advantages.


call center virtual

Thanks to Neotel’s virtual call center, agents feel freer, less tied down, the company saves large amounts of money and improves the quality of the work that is done on a daily basis.

The virtual call center represents a great change to the traditional model

Advances in technology offer great advantages to communications and telephony systems in companies.

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Improve your own brand image

He’ll never be alone. From the beginning we have always been committed to improving the quality of our services by adapting our software tools to the needs of our customers.


telefonía ip

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IP Telephony Distributors VOIP DISTRIBUTION Become a distributor

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