Operation and concept of Virtual Fax

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You still don’t have a virtual fax in your company? The image you transmit to your company is important. And the fact that your customers see that you are respectable with the environment and you care about it as well as being aware, helps you to further improve the image they have about you. By implementing a virtual fax system in your company you become more environmentally friendly. In addition, the savings on paper at the end of the year are not exactly small.


Virtual fax: improve your corporate image and reduce costs

Another advantage of the virtual fax in your company is that the documents are computerized so you are protecting yourself from possible losses.

Advantages of implementing virtual fax

Uno de los puntos más a destacar en el proceso de la digitalización de las empresas es el correcto control y la gestión de los documentos. Con el fax virtual de Neotel esto resulta más fácil.

Simplemente adjunta el archivo en formato pdf y olvídate de nada más. Mucho más rápido que con las antiguas máquinas de fax.

¿Sabías que con la herramienta de fax virtual que ofrece Neotel puedes enviar faxes desde cualquier parte del mundo? No importa dónde estés. Tan solo se necesita un dispositivo cualquier conectado a internet.

Además con el fax virtual de Neotel no tenemos que preocuparnos por comprar una máquina de fax con el consiguiente ahorro de dinero que esto nos supondrá. Además de ahorro en espacio físico.

El fax no está muerto para nada. Aunque el fax tradicional cada vez está más obsoleto en las empresas. Y es por esto que Neotel piensa en la solución de fax virtual para sus clientes.


Best Call Recorder Price

When looking for a call recording system in our company, we know that there are several alternatives, although not all are the same. In Neotel and unlike all our competitors we do not like our customers to feel tied hands with our company and this is why there are no permanences. Never. This means that without any problem our customers can try our services and, if finally they are not convinced they can go somewhere else. With this, it is easier to choose our services if you are interested in hiring a call recorder in your business.

We work with companies of all sizes, SMEs and large companies. Our services are targeted and have been developed having in mind both very small businesses in size of workers and large companies. the rates of the virtual pbx will depend on what your needs, for a Neotel call center, the price will depend on their needs.


How much does the Premium Virtual Call Recorder cost?

Neotel offers for free and to all its customers 2 months of recording. What does this mean? That after two months the recordings are automatically deleted. For customers who require a recorder without limitations Neotel has its premium virtual recorder service with a cost of 45 € + V.A.T. What does this service include?


  • You’ll never lose your recordings.
  • Server with 1 TB space for all your recordings.
  • Intuitive application for searching recordings with different search filters.

With our application clients just have to enter the Virtual Recorder module and from here filter as they want to perform searches.

If we activate the virtual call recorder, all our calls will be recorded and stored in the Neotel cloud for later listening by the customer. Neotel has a complete virtual pbx that allows all kinds of functionalities from its web application switchboard. We highlight among the features most used by our customers Click to call me back, Virtual Fax, Telemarketing Surveys, Monitoring, Inbound Call Statistics and Signaling. If you need to clarify information about any of these features of the Neotel switchboard please contact us right now and we will assist you without fail.


Neotel the best solution to record all your calls

When it comes to call recording, Neotel stands out from the competition in terms of price and quality of service. The Neotel recorder cannot be compared to other call recording solutions on the market.


Call recording systems: which is the best?


virtual pbx

Your company may make contracts over the phone. If this is the case, you will already know that in order to contract by telephone, you will need to record the call.

Make telephone contracts with the Verification by third parties

If it is important for you in your daily life to be able to review the telephone conversations made with customers, what better way than with Neotel’s virtual premium call recorder?

The virtual recorder of premium calls will be very useful to you when analyzing the information.


premium virtual call recording software

As you know when it comes to telephone conversations sometimes misunderstandings occur. Use a professional solution for the recording of all the calls in your business and don’t risk it.


Cloud-based Call Center Software for Your Business

Benefits of Cloud-based Call Center Software

Call center data in the cloud is hosted virtually in Neotel data centers. The customer does not need to invest anything in physical hardware machinery or maintenance or upgrades. All this is done by Neotel itself.

Your SME isn’t in the cloud yet? You have a more serious problem than you can imagine

The cloud facilitates business management and operations and also offers the following benefits:

  • Instantly updated data to be always up to date.
  • Automatic backups and updates.
  • Easy to implement.
  • More value for money.
  • Adapted to its growth and flexible.

Real-time collaboration

Who doesn’t like to save money? The Neotel Cloud Switchboard is the most effective way to save money every month.

Migrating your business to the Neotel cloud is saving money

Imagine now if your computer equipment is facing some kind of natural disaster: flood, fire, … If you have a business hosted in a secure cloud, there is no problem and no loss of information. If, on the other hand, the business is not adapted to the cloud, it is a business that will be lost.

The cloud protects your business also in case of disaster

Scalability: systems grow as our company grows

If you’re still using hardware platforms you may be missing out on all the benefits the cloud can bring to your business.

What are the 4 main advantages of the Neotel virtual switchboard?

Here are some of the main advantages of the virtual pbx:

1. The lowest investment

Hiring a virtual pbx is the best possible investment for your business, with Neotel and its pbx there is no initial investment for the client. There are no maintenance or repair costs. All these are things that Neotel is going to take care of so that the customer does not have to do it himself. Therefore hiring a virtual switchboard is the cheapest way that exists if we want to have an advanced telephone control system for our company, the main feature of the virtual switchboards is that for the client he will only see a website where he logs in and nothing else. All the hardware of the switchboard is not in their dependencies. The Neotel switchboard is 100% Cloud, if you can be connected to all workers and customers within the company, and all without having to have servers within the company itself, this is already a saving, a saving of space.


2. Easy to use


virtual pbx

The Neotel switchboard operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and only requires a device with an internet connection to operate. With the virtual switchboard you will always be connected to all your customers.

3. System Installation

Once the client has a numbering this is all he needs to start using the Neotel virtual switchboard. If you already have a numbering or on the contrary you need one, we recommend you contact us and we will get to work so that you are working as soon as possible with the Neotel switchboard.

4. Ubiquity

The whole system is virtually located on the internet so you as a customer do not have to worry about space or anything. the virtual service means that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The Neotel virtual switchboard has been designed to improve all communications between workers, suppliers, customers, etc. within the same company.


Improve the call center service of any company

If call center agents are able to apply the techniques described below, it is possible to improve productivity and at the same time reduce future customer complaints.


call center software

No false hope

Never under any exception give false hope to a customer. If at first we are not able to give an answer to our client, it is even better to move the conversation to another time. To resume it later. But not because we want to give a quick answer and in the moment we must never give a false answer.

Every second counts

When we call a client we have to understand that we are taking time out of their life at that moment. The best thing to do when calling a client is to ask them if they have the time to process our call. If not all we are doing is wasting the client’s time and ourselves as an agent.

Generate interest in the client or listen attentively

When talking to our customers, it is important to always address them by name. what is more complex when using a software call center is the first time we call. There are more ways to improve our call center and from the inside. Motivating employees is a way to have staff with a proactive attitude. Employees strive harder and come to see the business more as their own when they know that there are certain goals as incentives to achieve. When offered incentives, call center employees strive harder to achieve these.


Turning your company’s communications into a strategic tool

Many companies request and contract the premium call recorder service with Neotel. Knowing that they have up to 1TB of storage in the Neotel cloud to store all their calls both outgoing and incoming and without expiration date of the same is, without doubt, a great advantage. In the same way, in Neotel we offer without any cost for our clients and that comes already active by default our functionality of recording of the calls that will keep these during two months and from that moment we will no longer have access to the history of the recordings.


virtual premium call recorder Neotel

The recording of communications is a guarantee

With our call center application the supervisor can monitor all conversations in real time.

Neotel: When improving customer service is a priority

Integrating ourrm into your company, you can give a better professional image to your customers while facilitating and professionalizing even more the lives of your employees because, when they receive a call, a pop-up window will appear on screen showing in real time all the most relevant contact information. all these are some of the strategies that our customers apply to their day-to-day business. If you need more information about any of our services please do not hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to attend your request.


Are you still not using WebRTC in your company to call over the Internet?

Neotel is the leading telecommunications provider since 2001 and its services are basically focused on 3: the software for call center, the integrated crm within the pbx and the virtual pbx itself. In addition, over the years we have strived to listen to our customers and learn about the requirements that today’s companies most need and do not have. Now, today, Neotel has the widest range of solutions for telecommunications within companies.

Some of these are as follows:


webrtc line

And more. Today we’re going to tell you a little more about our webrtc lines for companies.


How to get a webrtc internet calling service

Of all the utilities of the webrtc, mobility is noteworthy. And what do we mean when we talk about mobility? Imagine that our company has offices in Malaga, Madrid and Auckland, for example. Without the technology provided by webrtc, we have no choice but to open physical headquarters for each of these locations. On the contrary and thanks to Neotel’s webrtc lines this is no longer necessary, and we can simply count on workers in each of these destinations who, working from home and only with a device (a computer for example) with a network connection, are able to make calls without needing any other resource.


video conferencing and video call in the cloud

Thanks to the webrtc lines this whole process is more accessible and simpler.

Benefit from webrtc calls on the internet for your business


premium virtual call recorder

As we said before: the only thing you will need if you want to start using a webrtc line with Neotel is a device that has Internet access. And nothing else.


mobile pbx

Did you know that Google is responsible for the webrtc technology?


ivr interactive voice response

Nowadays practically everyone has an internet connection. This is what gives webrtc calls an advantage over other solutions.

Finding the right call center management software

Neotel’s call center management software is much more than you might first think.

Neotel call center software gives you complete call metrics in real time

Neotel also offers as a complement to the call center management software the premium recordings with which customers have an exclusive service of call recordings with a capacity of up to 1 TB and without erasing the information.

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With the Monitoring functionality included in our virtual pbx, the administrators or managers of the call center can spy in real time the open calls with clients in order to whisper any information that is important to the agent during the call he is making.

Interested in Neotel Spy and Whisper Monitoring? Call us now and we will inform you of prices without any obligation.


call center software

Call monitoring is very useful within a call center. Neotel offers you a very complete list of tools, all of them integrated within our app-ecosystem, for the monitoring of calls within your call center, these are just some of the features that a call center administrator should look for for his professional call center software.


virtual pbx


Not having the best call center software is going to affect the quality of the work that is done every day in the call center.

Neotel highlights the 3 main advantages of the Virtual Switchboard

If you hire a virtual switchboard:

  1. You’ll enjoy mobility and remote work.
  2. You will have at your disposal an infinity of functionalities and characteristics to give a better attention to the client in your company.
  3. You won’t have to worry about updates as the service provider is the only company responsible for all the configuration of the switchboard.
  4. You don’t need to invest anything in initial installation.
  5. You don’t have to invest in physical machines; unlike physical switchboards.

Conclusion: 3 most important advantages of the virtual switchboard

1. Work in remote and delocalization of the company

Forget about installing phone systems in each of your locations. It doesn’t matter if your workers are not located in the same city or country.

2. A tailor-made solution for medium and small businesses


virtual pbx

The virtual pbx is considered as the most complete solution: click to call me back, virtual fax, telemarketing surveys, monitoring, incoming call statistics, signaling, etc.. All this makes Neotel’s virtual pbx the most complete solution for both small and medium businesses. In addition, in terms of saving money, with the virtual pbx the savings are always the maximum possible when compared with any other type of existing telephony system.

3. Savings


The virtual pbx is a savings system in the sense that requires neither maintenance nor investment in physical machines. our switchboard allows you to have all the advantages of a complete ip voice system, but without the need to buy anything physical machinery. the virtual switchboard could be the solution for your business. If you are interested in receiving more information or want to start saving money in your company we advise you without any commitment. All you have to do is get in touch with our advisors.