Digitize your business with the Virtual PBX

What functionality can our virtual switchboards provide in your company?

From Neotel we offer a safe and optimal service. Our virtual pbx is constantly updated and receives improvements frequently so that each day that passes is more adaptable to the needs of all our customers.

5 benefits of virtual switchboards

This type of solution implies:

1. It is customizable and scalable

It is possible to decrease or increase the functionalities of the switchboard according to our needs.

2. Efficient communication

This type of telephone system improves not only the communications with our clients but also the internal ones at company level.

3. Greater availability

The hiring of this equipment provides the company with 24/7 coverage.

4. Avoid additional overhead

By not having a person in charge of a physical reception, additional costs are also avoided.

5. Saving money and time

It is a profitable and effective technology. In reality it is like having a worker 24 hours a day pending the telephone communication of our company. With the virtual pbx they improve internal and external communications of the company.


virtual pbx

The need to digitize

In a time of so much competition, digitizing our company is an important advance to try to stand out. Hiring the virtual switchboard for your business could boost sales. From Neotel our solutions are focused precisely on this, that companies get to sell more and better.

The companies are integrating the CRM with the Virtual PBX and you should also

Surely if you read this news until the end you will make a very good decision: call Neotel and ask how you can integrate the CRM with your virtual PBX system.

Do you want to integrate the crm into your telephone system in your company?

Once you are a customer of Neotel’s virtual pbx, it is very easy to integrate our CRM into your switchboard. You just need to make a call and tell us what you want to do.

How is a CRM integrated into your company’s telephony?

CRM maximizes your employees’ productivity, which means working fewer hours and getting more.

What benefits does the company have with an integrated CRM?

How about the idea that when a client calls you, it automatically displays on the screen information related to that client, such as the contact information that has made the call, its number and any other information about other conversations that have been held. with this person?

By integrating the crm with your company’s telephony you get absolute control over incoming and outgoing calls and with respect to customers.

Registering both received and completed calls is one of the main advantages when integrating the crm into the switchboard

CRM is the easiest way to create new contacts

As long as you have the active application, when you receive a call from one of your clients, a pop-up window will appear on the screen with absolutely all the information about the client. The fact that when a customer calls us, we get a pop-up in screen with all the relevant information about it, is a way to be prepared before answering the call. Integrating the crm with the virtual switchboard will allow us to always know who is calling us.


crm with virtual pbx

To identify all incoming and outgoing calls in the company, CRM is the best solution in the market

A virtual pbx allows to have many lines, in the way of extensions.

CRM functions:


virtual pbx

  • Take control of interactions with potential customers.
  • Save the data of possible clients to continue contacting them later.
  • Help to obtain clients from business opportunities and current customers.

A CRM also helps us with the loyalty of our customers. It is undoubtedly the most effective way to keep all the information of our customers in an organized way. In addition, thanks to the CRM, our marketing campaigns will be much more productive by having greater control over our information. If you have been reading this far, it is more than likely that you now understand better why more companies are asking for integrated CRM every day. of the switchboard. If you need us to resolve any possible doubts about our integration between Neotel’s virtual switchboard and our CRM, just call us.

How to improve the quality in your Call Center

Call us today if what you are interested in improving the quality of your call center. If the experience that customers who call your company live every day is important for you and your business, from Neotel we have different solutions with which we can help insurance.


premium virtual call recorder

He wonders how to improve the quality of his call center. Do it with Neotel!

Here we will give some indications so that you can improve your call center and the quality of it. So that when your customers call they feel served as they expect. Are you satisfied with the overall quality of your call center?

How to improve quality in the call center – Step 1:

Some of the features you may want to search for your call center include:

  • Scalability options; including the option of agents working from home.
  • Better call routing
  • More efficient information gathering technology.
  • Better solutions for waiting times.
  • A solid recording solution.

How to improve the quality in the call center – Step 2:

The customer experience starts from the first moment when he calls us. From there, and according to how everything happens, the final satisfaction can be more or less positive. In addition, the role played by our operators is paramount in the final result that each client is going to take over our company. It is very important for clients that their complaints are heard and addressed on the way, getting to solve any incident that we I presented.

How to improve the quality in the call center – Step 3:

Training. Training is the key to getting things right. And when we talk about training here we are logically referring to train our agents. An agent with the proper training will provide a higher quality customer experience than another agent who does not have the same training. Do not forget that your call center would be nothing without the staff of agents that make it up. .

Communication all over the world thanks to the voice IP

Being communicated correctly between client and company strengthens the position of your business. This is a fact. Having an ip voice system ensures us to be able to be connected with our workers, colleagues, friends, family …, and all that is needed is a device connected to the Internet and a web page.



virtual pbx

Neotel is the leading company in voice ip in the sector, offering secure, effective and fast communications, capable of offering you the quality service that you were waiting for, being ours a responsible company with the widest experience. The main advantage that we offers voice ip is the reduction of costs when making phone calls. Unlike conventional telephony, with IP telephony we use the Internet for communications. And this is exactly why the costs are reduced drastically.

Calling by voice ip is very easy

Three simple steps to communicate by voice ip:

  1. Hire the services that best suit your company: software call center, crm, virtual pbx.
  2. Carry your phone number or ask for a new one.
  3. You must contact a company that offers the service.

Below you can read the main advantages of using voip telephony in your communications:



call center software

  1. Cheap rates so you can communicate all the time you need, without being surprised by the costs at the end of the month.
  2. You do not need to make any changes in your company to enjoy voice calls ip.
  3. Being a voice based IP technology, you will be communicated with quality in the service, quickly and safely.
  4. Any device that has access to the Internet will serve to communicate with your workers.
  5. You can access your call center from any computer.
  6. It is not necessary to install programs that are difficult to understand.
  7. You do not need special phones. Your smartphone always works.

telefonía ip

Incredible advantages with the voice ip

Did you know that you can use the voice ip through your smartphone? It’s like having your office always with you no matter where you are. IP voice calls are widely used by entrepreneurs who are either in constant motion, or need to be permanently connected with customers and employees. Or both. Start using this type of telephony over the Internet with Neotel.

Complement your Marketing campaigns with bulk SMS sending

If companies do not want to be left behind in the war of online marketing, they need to incorporate massive SMS sending campaigns into their strategies. SMS marketing is more alive than ever.

Neotel has a free module for its customers to send bulk SMS messages to customers where they will only pay for sending these messages only at a very low price. With the Neotel sms sending module, you as a client will have a tool where, in addition to managing the sending of the sms, it also includes reports with satisfactory shipments for control. Neotel’s mass message platform works through the same web tool that clients use to manage the rest of the tools. With a sms template system, which is very easy to configure, customers now have a very simple and inexpensive way to start working with their massive SMS sending campaigns. The goals in massive SMS shipments are 2 mainly : Sell and notify. The sending of mass sms is one of the most functional communication channels for companies for several reasons:



  • Integration with the email marketing strategy: although the sms and the emails are independent means of communication, the companies usually use them jointly for, according to their needs. As a general rule, emails will be used for informational and more generic communications, while sms are used for communications that are more urgent to notify.
  • The mobile as support: the sms are the most effective way to reach consumers who use mobile phones for everything related to obtaining information.
  • Rapid retention: text messages are easy to memorize and are short.
  • Speed: an SMS does not need to be adapted to a complicated format, so it does not require a long time for its configuration.
  • Deliverability: when we send an SMS we can be sure that it will be delivered and there is a very high probability that the recipient will read our message. In the absence of a spam folder as it happens with emails, short text messages (SMS) are always received without any problem.

Take advantage of the marketing sms with Neotel

Seeing all this would be a pity that companies do not take advantage of the benefits of mass SMS shipments for their marketing campaigns. Data on the habits of mobile phone use and text messages support the use of sms for campaigns. Massive sms. Maintaining constant communication with customers is essential. Thanks to sms and mass mailing this is now easier.

Do you still think that your company can pass without a Call Center software?

To obtain information about the callers, the call center software systems work integrated via the crm.

How does the call center software benefit your business?

Cloud-based call center systems

With the Neotel call center software, the company (Neotel) is responsible for all the maintenance of the software so that the client does not have to worry about anything. The main purpose of the virtual pbx is to manage the calls, both incoming and the outgoing.

What is a virtual switchboard?

Various studies mark the experience in customer service as the differential factor at a competitive level. Clients require an infinite number of possible means of communication with companies: chats, telephone lines, whatsapp lines for instant messaging, email, etc.


call center software

Usually when a user visits our website, he ends up making a phone call for a responsible to explain all the final doubts that may have. The phone is still the main tool most used by customers. Software call center has established itself as an essential tool for companies and their telephone service with customers. Call center software is a tool to promote, help and improve customer assistance.


virtual pbx

The advances in voice telephony ip or voip have made it only necessary a phone, a browser and a computer to work from the first day with the call center software. Within the Neotel call center software we can find different types of launchers automatic calls : progressive marker, predictive dialer and robot call.

5 advantages of investing in call recording software

Neotel is the leading company in the development of call center software, crm and virtual pbx. Since 2001, we have continued offering the best services in telecommunications and at the best price. We do not believe in barriers and therefore we work globally, having clients all over the globe. If your company needs a telephone system adapted to modern times, but is not willing to spend a huge amount of money to achieve this, we recommend that you contact us urgently. We have the ideal solution for your business. Thousands of customers already trust Neotel as their telephony provider company for their company. You and your business may be next. We are more than happy to assist you.

Trust Neotel for communications in your business

You already know the importance of communications with your customers in your company. Today we want to tell you 5 advantages of investing in call recording software.

1. Simpler training

When you have a library full of real conversations and cases, you can review them and use these as the best training tool for your employees. By being able to review and listen to recorded conversations, you can identify the failures that your agents make, and then sit down with them to improve them.

2. Quality control

With all the incoming and outgoing calls you can perform a quality control of them.

3. Instant feedback


premium virtual call recorder

With the call recording software you have easier daily power, for example, to check all the calls that have been made within your call center, and that same day analyze the quality of the service your customers have received. In this way, this is easier than if we left this task pending in the long future. Having the possibility to listen to all your calls, it will be much easier for you to improve customer service even more in your company, something that is undoubtedly highly valued by any customer.

4. Better customer service

With the call recorder companies are able to improve their customer service to points previously unsuspected. The telephone service offered to your clients must be your best weapon. Do not forget that the competition is broad. Therefore, if we want to increase our customer base and build loyalty, it is necessary to offer the best possible telephone service.


virtual pbx

5. Saves all incoming and outgoing calls for life


call center software

Neotel offers 2 months of recording calls by default to all its customers at no cost. But what happens when we need more time? For clients that need a dedicated server to keep a complete history of all calls made, and that these are kept forever, there is a premium call recording service where the customer has 1TB of capacity to store all calls. This way it does not matter how much time has passed. Your calls will always be stored there 100% securely. In addition, premium call recording service puts into operation a search engine to make it very easy to locate your calls, with different configurable filters by the user. To use the virtual premium call recorder system you do not need anything. Only with an Internet connection. And if you need our operators to inform you with more details about the premium virtual recorder system, we recommend that you contact us and ask for it.

Do you already know the WebRTC lines oriented to Call Center?

Do you want a technology that saves you money on your phone bills? Sounds great. Well, Neotel offers its WebRTC lines available to all its customers interested in starting to save money now.

Can you imagine having a call center 100% managed from an intuitive Web page? Can you imagine a call center without the need to invest in equipment, IP phones or facilities?

The calls of your company with a WebRTC call center

Before choosing a software for call center it is important to analyze what type of company is required and what volume of calls is expected to be managed. Previously, only companies with large accounts could afford to set up their own call center. But now all that has changed with the solutions that Neotel offers to anyone who needs it, such as its WebRTC lines. With Neotel webrtc lines, your company does not need to be one of the most invoiced to have its own call center service. Call centers allow companies to manage large volumes of calls. In addition, they help with the organization of the tasks of customer service. A call center with webrtc allows us to manage a large volume of telephone calls that are all made through the Internet. Companies that contract webrtc lines with Neotel look for, among more things, gain efficiency, save efforts and save money. Access to an Internet connection is something that is becoming more accessible every day for any company around the world. To use a webrtc line and start saving money on your telephone bills, you only need an Internet connection and nothing else. It is not necessary to buy any special physical phone or even. Take advantage now of a technology that has all the sponsorship of Google for communications within your company.


webrtc line

Would you like to try a free demo of our webrtc lines? Call us right now and we’ll let you try it without any cost and without any commitment for you

Another advantage offered by the webrtc lines is the reduction in space. By not needing any type of physical device, our office space will be more liberated. Less is more, remember it.


call center software

Conventional telephone systems, while very functional, are expensive. Every day there are more businesses that bet on setting up their own call center and telephone service by hiring the webrtc line. For what are you going to pay more if you can not do it? Using a webrtc line increases productivity in the company as well as giving a more modern image in our communication system with the client.

Technology needed to set up a Call Center

With the following article of our blog we want to show some of the advantages of using call center or virtual pbx. The virtual pbx’s can be completed with various and different services.

Free calls between extensions

Communicate between different departments in your company for free with interextension calls.

Personalized music on hold

Prevent your customers from getting bored while waiting to get in touch with you.

IVR services in call center

Interactive Voice Response Service through which the caller navigates through different options until finally contacting the corresponding department.

With Neotel we can opt for a number with another location, port our number to the virtual pbx or use our usual number. ip telephony or virtual calls significantly reduce the cost of communications in our company.another great advantage is the price of calls made.

call center virtual

No installation or maintenance costs as the system is contracted in the cloud of the company that provides the service, these costs recur on behalf of the same. A virtual switchboard means a great saving to the company that wants to give a more professional image. The main advantage of a virtual call center is the savings it represents for the company.

You have already seen that there are many advantages offered by a call center or virtual switchboard

In order to use a virtual call center or switchboard you only need an Internet connection, since all services are stored in the cloud, this means savings for us as users of the virtual call center / switchboard.

telefonia ip

In addition, one of the main advantages of the call center is to answer calls from any device. you can use different extensions. also, the virtual switchboard Neotel is fully scalable being possible to increase or decrease the features and functionality of the same as our need. manages the calls of the company with the virtual switchboard Neotel.


virtual pbx

It is the best way of communication for a company, both with its customers and internally.



Virtual switchboards have become the best way to generate and retain customers.

How to choose the best VoIP PBX?

Not all providers offer the same services at the pbx voip level. That is why we must look at the companies that advertise this type of technology and study them well before contracting with any of them.


virtual pbx

Neotel offers to all its customers who contract with us the virtual pbx a series of modules among which stand out:

  • Click to call me back.
  • Virtual fax.
  • Telemarketing surveys.
  • Monitoring.
  • Incoming call statistics.
  • Signaling.

What a VoIP PBX provider should have

Voip pbx functionalities bring direct benefits to the productivity of the company. all people like to be attended to as quickly and efficiently as possible when they call. The pbx voip switchboard improves the quality of our customer service in our company. Given the competition that exists, companies must offer the best pbx voip service to the public if they expect to get the largest number of customers.

Voicemail, call forwarding and queuing

Voice mailboxes allow you to leave a message to the caller when their call could not be answered, with call forwarding agents can transfer them without them hanging up. For example, when a customer calls us, he accesses an operator who is not the right person to take care of his problem. Thanks to the possibility that agents have of transferring calls between themselves that call will never be lost. The waiting lines are a fantastic solution to when a person calls us and all operators are busy answering calls. In this case, the caller goes to what is called the queue, while listening to a music until some agent is available and can answer your call.

Options Menu

Before choosing which company we are going to choose to contract our future communications service through the pbx voip it would be good to review these details and see that the company in question complies with all of them.