Definition IVR and benefits

With this article in our blog, at the time of writing, our idea has been to try not only to discuss what are the benefits and what is the ivr, but also to give our readers some tips when working with your ivr system. We trust that they will be of some use to you. Among the advice that Neotel always offers when a customer calls us and asks about the use of ivr, without a doubt one of the most important is: keep it simple. This means, try not to cover excessive levels or very complex configurations. And to understand that the final idea of having an ivr is not to save us completely the need of the operating agent. Rather, it is an aid. But in the end even when we use an ivr system, it will be necessary for the customer to be referred to a real person to speak. However, this does not mean that ivr is not a great help to us. And yes, it is.

Tip: Keep a simple ivr menu above everything else

Thanks to the ivr we reduce costs in the area of telephone customer service.

A well-configured ivr works almost as well as an agent. Our ivr allows you to offer products, promos, services, etc. to customers as if you were a real person.

Automated self-service

The response times achieved by ivr’s systems satisfy customers.

With the ivr we also get an efficient call routing system.

With an ivr in our call center we improve the customer experience.

You will improve the experience with your customers through our ivr


ivr interactive voice response

With the ivr, we decongest the receptionist’s own function in our company.

With the ivr system, your company will attend to a large volume of calls, instead of being left unattended. Even when the receptionist is saturated at times of high call volume, having an ivr, our customers are always attended and we reduce the long waits that, without an ivr system like Neotel, this would not be possible.

Since the ivr will work 24 hours a day, even in hours of high call volume, our company never remains closed.

The ivr is of course not intended to supplant the receptionist’s function. It is more of an addition. Working without an ivr and only with a receptionist in our company will probably stop us from growing in sales for all the reasons we are discussing.

The ivr for small companies helps them to improve their business image. Facing larger companies in size, brings a coherent image to the organization that represents this company, something that always pleases the customer who calls as it is always served.

You can even record a personalized greeting within your ivr system.

With the help of an ivr system customers now have unlimited access to your company.

The ivr systems are always at the disposal of the customer.

Are you thinking about how to improve customer service within your company? Then the solution is the IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system technology that interacts with callers, collects required information and routes calls to the appropriate recipient in particular.

The best contact center software on the market

It is important to have the best contact center software in your company. Neotel is the leading brand for many years in contact center software globally and at the best price. And if you want to see for yourself is as easy as getting in touch with us and in 5 minutes you will be getting all the information to resolve your doubts. Our customer service team is waiting for your call. No tickets with computer systems. 100% real people. This is the difference between Neotel and the rest.

Go ahead. Go ahead.

A contact center software for companies must be intuitive and cover all customer needs.

The best contact center software is the one that increases the sales opportunity for your business.

Neotel presents its contact center software at the best price in the market and full of qualities. For many years we have listened in Neotel to you, our customers, and learned about what is expected of the best contact center software for companies. Among our features we highlight in our contact center software the following:

Not all contact center software companies have a solution that adapts to all types of companies of any size. Neotel’s call center software solution is designed to be used by both large corporations and small businesses.

At first glance it may seem that there are many companies on the internet offering contact center software. You have to be careful not to look for the cheapest or the most expensive. In Neotel we are characterized because our tools for customers are neither the most expensive nor the cheapest. Simply the most complete.

Take advantage of all the advantages of Neotel’s contact center software

Using Neotel’s contact center software will boost your business productivity while giving you a better professional image.

mobile pbx

Also, did you know that with the Neotel switchboard you can always carry it with you wherever you are, simply if you have a mobile device? We recommend that you ask us about our professional Mobile PBX solution. It won’t let you down!


integrate virtual pbx with third party software

Customers don’t always know beforehand what they want to look for in their business. From Neotel we can advise you without any commitment and recommend the best solution. What do you have to lose?


webrtc line

Neotel’s contact center software is born from the need to offer a solution that works to entrepreneurs who need to sell more.

IVR benefits large and small businesses alike

The benefits of ivr in business will vary depending on how it is implemented. However, there are a number of them that are always common to everyone:

Manage high call volume with ease: Neotel’s ivr allows customers when they call to never know if your company is going through a very high call volume at the same time. With ivr your company is able to handle a high volume of calls. Without this, in order to be able to manage such a high volume, it would be necessary to incorporate too many workers with the consequent increase in cost.

Comfort for the client: With the ivr customers will get to deal with the right person to carry out their particular management on the same call.

Customers are also able to contact your company regardless of whether it is a holiday or not.


ivr interactive voice response

Professional image: For small businesses the ivr system works to allow them to mask the actual size of the company. When a customer calls us, they will have no way of imagining how small or big we really are.

Cost reduction: One of the reasons why companies adopt the ivr system for the first time is the expectation of cost reduction.

  • Companies can entrust the system for routine tasks and leave the Technicians and Specialists for the most important tasks.

IVR is an interactive voice response system with which this same system is capable in an “intelligent” way of dealing with customers’ own tasks, without the need for the intervention of a human person, with the corresponding cost savings that this means.

What are the advantages of the Virtual PBX for companies?

Advantages of the virtual switchboard for companies

There are many advantages to using a virtual switchboard in the company. From greater efficiency to savings. We will tell you the main ones below.

Greater control

The company has greater control by offering call recording and statistics.


Features such as the welcome message help improve your company’s image.

It helps you project a better professional image as there will be no unanswered calls. None.

A more economical solution

The supplier can configure and maintain the switchboard remotely which means significant savings for the company (customer).

As it is not a physical device and therefore does not require a physical space, it is a cheaper solution than the physical switchboard.

Mobility and flexibility


virtual pbx

You can make and receive calls wherever you are.


Calls are automatically routed to the right person. This makes this system more functional.

To this day there are still many companies that debate between traditional switchboard or virtual pbx. Here are just some of the main features of the virtual pbx on the physical switchboard to try to resolve all doubts about it.

Unfortunately there are still many companies that do not enjoy the advantages of the virtual switchboard.

The advantages of the virtual switchboard over the physical switchboard are many

As you can see there are many advantages when contracting a virtual switchboard over a physical switchboard. However, we recommend that you contact us so that we can analyze the situation of your business and advise you for free with the best solution specific to you.

Find the right call center management software

Today we want to present you the characteristics (some of them; not all of them are mentioned but the main ones) that every call center manager should look at when looking for a management software for his call center.



What should a good call center management system have?

Call center systems are the best solution that exists for companies, especially for those in constant need of communication with their customers. But it is important to pay close attention before contracting with any company lightly, or what in principle was supposed to be an excellent working tool, in the end could end up harming us more than it helps us.

Call recording: Call recording is an excellent way to have a record for internal control with all transcriptions of outgoing and incoming calls in the company. Thanks to this module, the call center administrator is able to analyze and search for faults that are commented within his business in order to improve them, correcting them through the training of call center operators. On the other hand, with the recording of calls our business has a record of recordings, if necessary to resort to them in the future, whether necessary for security reasons, etc..

sistema call center

Monitoring: Monitoring can be one of the most important features of the call center. With so many workers and so many customers you need a useful tool to control the monitoring of calls. With monitoring, the features of Spy & Whisper come into play. Through it the manager can contact in real time with their agents while they are talking to a customer. This is very useful when you need to explain something to the agent, transmit information, train him in real time, tell him to say something specific to the client he is talking to, … All this, while the operator of the call center is in the conversation on the phone with the person who has called us.

What are you supposed to do?

As you can see, all these features that Neotel attaches to the availability of its call center customers are very useful. Neotel also offers many other qualities not described in this article. From here we invite you to browse our website and learn more about our solutions for businesses and call centers. What are you waiting for?

4 Ways Call Center Technology Improves Any Office

When companies start to worry about collecting all the software necessary for the day to day, they usually remember the crm, the program for managing the company’s accounting, etc.. However, there are other types of tools that any office that pretends to grow really needs to incorporate to its day to day, or if not, this is not going to happen.

Here we’ll show you 4 ways call center technology helps your office:

1. Text Messages

SMS text messaging is the most effective way to be in constant communication with your customers. Whether you need to send an appointment reminder, a promotion or an offer.

2. IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

The ivr make the life of the agents much easier. On the contrary, thanks to the ivr, the client, by pressing keys on his terminal, can move forward on what he needs, to finally be transferred and attended by the right person. There is no need to stumble from one department to another and with the loss of time it entails.

3. Dialer

dialer automarcador

Of the dialers used by Neotel that are 3: progressive dialer, predictive dialer and Robot call, we recommend that you watch the following video where Neotel informs about the differences between the three types of dialing.

4. Call recording



The call recording module may seem strange to some people. Why do you need and need to record both incoming and outgoing calls in your company? Well, it’s just a matter of improving the quality of your staff. The only way to improve as an operating agent is with a training that corrects the mistakes that are made. With Neotel’s call recording system this is possible. “What else can I use besides listening to the conversations of my agents?” For security reasons. Surely this is not the first time you have seen yourself in a situation in which a customer claims that he has been given information over the phone that the agent who attended denied. Good. Now with the Neotel call recorder this is not going to be a problem anymore.

Every day companies migrate more and more of their business technology to Neotel’s call center system. But if you are still in doubt about whether or not our telephony tools can be beneficial for your business, here are 4 great reasons to finish deciding.

How do I optimize my Call Center?

With Neotel’s call center solutions the company gains in effectiveness.

In Neotel we have the most advanced professional computer tool for call centers around the world developed in-house.

Another of the main advantages of Neotel besides its call center software is its switchboard. With the Neotel switchboard companies save maintenance and installation costs and, without having to invest absolutely anything in the beginning, customers can enjoy the virtual pbx from the beginning.

Our company is based on three distinct pillars: the virtual pbx, the call center software and the crm.

Customers will be well taken care of. And we achieve the pre-defined objectives.


call center software

With Neotel’s call center software system, your company saves money every month and you don’t need to worry about installations or breakdowns. Put your trust in the leading brand since 2001. Leave your business phone system in the hands of Neotel.

Revolutionize your company’s Telephony with the Virtual Switchboard

The services offered by the virtual pbx are very varied.

The advantages of the virtual switchboard over the traditional ones

Scalable: The services contracted in a virtual pbx can be reduced or increased according to needs.

Easy to use: Managing a virtual switchboard is very simple because it can be used from any device. You only need to have an Internet connection in our device.

Saves costs: Whether to SMEs or large companies, with the virtual switchboard there are always savings. With virtual switchboards, unlike as with physical switchboards, there are no costs of any kind of maintenance or initial investment costs or installation costs.


virtual pbx

Improves the image of the company: The facilities granted by the virtual switchboard make the image of the company vis-à-vis the outside notoriously improve. Reduced waiting times get customers to get a better impression of our company.

Phone number portability: Allows you to transfer the phone number from one company to another. This was impossible before with the physical switchboard.

With the virtual switchboard you get great advantages that would otherwise be unfeasible

The virtual switchboard is an advanced telephony system for businesses and which is accessed simply through a web.

Virtual switchboards offer more advantages than physical switchboards.

What are the essential elements in Call Center Technology?

Let’s discuss a little more about technologies in call centers:

Call Center Technology – Where is your business?

Call center technology evolves day by day. Whether you are starting from 0 or on the contrary you already have your call center constituted, but with shortcomings at the level of professional software and what you need is to fill these gaps by adapting their tools and software, when looking for a company that offers call center systems and software for call centers is very important to make a preliminary study, in this case the client who wants to hire, and ask yourself questions such as “where do I want to get”, “what are my goals?

Reports and Analysis in real time:

Not all software for call centers in the market give real time information to the user who manages it, with truthful data and / or graphics. Neotel call center tools integrate all this and much more. Because in Neotel we know that for a call center it is not enough just not to have the best software to work with, no matter how effective it is in terms of performing the task for which it has been designed. In addition, at Neotel we know that call center software users want access to detailed reports where they can analyze everything about their work.



Inteligencia Artificial:

AI can be used to improve the customer’s user experience.


Today’s customers don’t seek help for their problems. They themselves want to solve them without external dependence. With systems like ivr, customers can solve their doubts by clarifying them without having to depend on anyone else.

People don’t like to wait. With the ivr option, pressing a button the client can clarify his query quickly.


call center software

Predictive dialer:

A predictive dialer system is used to automate the action of making outgoing calls to a list of numbers previously loaded into the system. The predictive dialing system is capable of calculating which agent is going to be available to answer the call once it is able to connect to one of the recipient telephones.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

sistema call center

With a call center your staff will come into contact with a large number of people. Managing them effectively with a contact management program is a very effective way to do this. Every day it will be necessary to access customer data and with a crm program we would be using the most advanced customer management technology available today.



Should I use WhatsApp or SMS for communications in my business?

We’re going to give you the most important reasons to opt for our massive sms sending system:

  • Absolute Availability and Reliability: Our Bulk SMS module is capable of supporting large amounts of data. In addition, the information contained in the message travels securely from the sender to the recipient. With sms we have the certainty that messages will always be sent.
  • Sms messages are secure: If you want to send sms to your customers to authenticate them, sending sms is the safest way there is.
  • The sms works on any device and without wi-fi: It is very difficult to find an app that does not need the internet to use it. Applications like WhatsApp require an internet connection. The sms don’t. All mobile phones have the ability to receive sms. Regardless of the age of the terminal. However, not all mobile phones have the capacity to support applications.



Here we have shown you just some of the main reasons to use sms instead of whatsapp for communications in your company

Whatsapp VS sms: The sms is the best option

Companies today have an infinite number of applications to communicate information to their customers. However, SMS are the ones that guarantee greater security with their use. Therefore SMS stands out as a means of communication for companies.