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Characteristics of the automatic dialer:

Scheduled calls

The Neotel dialer will look for the best time to make calls. Our software automatically predicts when is the best time for this.

Call recording

Our call center software also allows us to record all calls for later consultation.

dialer automarcador

Contact list management

The administration of contacts loaded to the Neotel dialer is enhanced and managed through a truly intuitive process for customers who use it.

Answering machine detection

The software has an answering machine detection capability so you can help agents and make their time productive. Don’t miss it.

Benefits of the automatic dialer:

Increase agent talk time

The auto dialer software will reduce the waiting time of the agents and thus increase their talk time.

The longer the agents are in real conversation, the greater the increase in sales for the company.


Reduces downtime

With manual dialing agents spend too much time in inactivity, waiting for someone to answer the phone, calls that are hung up, facing voicemail, etc.



4 reasons why predictive dialing is important for sales

A predictive dialer is the ideal tool to provide the best ROI and increase sales.

A predictive dialer can increase sales and customer satisfaction. With competition at the market level becoming stronger and stronger it is important to have the most powerful tools to optimize our telemarketing campaigns to the maximum.

Why is predictive dialing important in sales?

Let’s look at the reasons for using predictive dialer to increase sales in an organization.

1. Connect with a large number of customers in less time

A predictive dialer allows you to connect to a large customer database through:

  • Respond to high-priority leads faster and build relationships with customers.
  • Take advantage of the right opportunities by dialing only those numbers that are potential for the business.
  • Take advantage of the right opportunities by dialing only those numbers that are potential for the business.

The predictive dialer allows you to dial several numbers at the same time.

Increase the productivity of your call center agents with Neotel’s predictive dialer.

The effective predictive intelligent dialing system allows you to reach a large customer base.


2. Increase agent productivity


predictive dialer

Predictive dialer increases agent productivity.

Predictive dialing at a call center level improves the life of the agents who feel more fulfilled and better taken advantage of.


  • Reduce agent downtime or waiting time to increase productivity.
  • Enable call queues.
  • Determine the optimal time to call and predict how long a call will last.
  • Eliminate the need to manually dial customer numbers.

3. Reduce operating costs

Un marcador predictivo puede aumentar los ROI de la empresa y por tanto sustancialmente las ganancias de la misma.

Además el marcador predictivo asegura que se reduzcan las tasas de abandono de llamadas.

4. Asignar llamadas a agentes disponibles

This method ensures that:

  • Agents get information about calls and the best time to make them.
  • No downtime.

The predictive dialer works the way the system starts dialing the next phone number before the agent has finished the previous call.

A predictive dialer will filter anomalies such as disconnected calls, busy network, answering machines, etc.

The algorithms used by our predictive dialer are “intelligent algorithms” as they are able to understand when is the best time to make a call.

Gone are the days when agents had to manually dial phone numbers. Purchasing the best call launcher software is critical to increasing our productivity in our business.



How to reduce a customer’s call hold time using Neotel’s call center software

Neotel’s call center software features can be used to reduce customer waiting time. Today we are going to explain a very practical method to achieve this.

In some contact centers, waiting times for customers are too high. This can lead to a loss of customers.

When increasing the number of calls in a company this needs an advanced call center software like the one that Neotel offers.


Use a solution of ivr

There are quite a few companies with call center software that are not using their ivr system correctly. In many occasions these are limited to configure it so that it returns the same locution of the type “Your call is very important for us; keep waiting” time and time again. This can cause our customer’s level of frustration to increase all the time. Instead, at Neotel we recommend configuring the ivr in a much more effective way: You can program a series of questions for the ivr to launch to the caller and, according to the answers it gives, the ivr would continue to channel the customer until it is finally transferred to the necessary department if it really needs the intervention of a person to manage their query. Or in many other cases ivr itself is able to manage the entire call itself.


100% Scalable Cloud Contact Center Solutions

These are some of the reasons that our customers tell us why they chose Neotel over other alternatives:

  • Access to a wide range of valuable features.
  • Neotel solutions are suitable for companies with 1,000 employees as well as companies with only 5 employees.
  • All rates are transparent.
  • Be able to stop using the service at any time and without having to justify the reason.
  • There are no obligations of any kind.

Neotel’s call center tools are the only ones that the client is the one who decides at all times the use he wants to give them. This means that our tools are 100% scalable to the particular needs of each client. Why pay more for things we don’t need later? With Neotel’s cloud contact center software, you choose how much you need and what you are going to pay for. We, as your business telecommunications operator, offer you our full range of products. But you choose only what you need.


call center cloud contact center software

A scalable call center system will handle any possible situation.


Neotel Distributor Program – Increase Your Profits

Advantages of the distribution channel:

As part of the Distributor channel you receive commercial signage, corporate tools and training. All from the hand of the Neotel team:

  • Advice
  • Commercial and Technical Training
  • First level technical support

Expand your catalogue with more services

Increase your income



Neotel distributors

If you want to generate income with the resplado of the leading company in the sector, contact us and we inform you so that you can become part of our Neotel’s Distributors channel.


How to reduce costs in the company with the CRM and the virtual pbx

Having the Neotel crm integrated into your PBX is very useful when segmenting leads for future campaigns for example.

Neotel’s crm gives us a lot of information to carry out our campaigns.

The virtual pbx has as one of its goals to promote telework in the company. How? Because it turns out that when we work with this type of systems is not necessary that our employees are physically located in our office and can work from home. In this way the workers gain time (and quality of life) and the employer can cut costs in for example the rental of the office for the company. This is just one of the many ways in which a virtual switchboard helps us to save costs.

To start working with the Neotel crm or pbx no separate software needs to be installed. We would only need to log in with our user that Neotel provides us through its intuitive interface via web.

Neotel creates a perfect synergy between your crm and your virtual pbx, integrating the crm into it. This union creates the perfect tool for creating and managing marketing campaigns.


Switchboard + crm the perfect combination

The Neotel switchboard also offers, among others, the functionality of the virtual fax and the recording of calls that are never deleted and with its own search panel to locate them when necessary.

Best of all, with Neotel’s virtual switchboard you don’t even need a physical phone anymore, so here you’ll also be saving money. If you have a device connected to the Internet, you already have the Neotel switchboard – it’s that simple!


If you have a device you have a switchboard

Reducing the cost of the telephone bill is now possible


call recorder application for pbx

You can consult our rates of crm and switchboard visiting these pages:

CRM + PBX Virtual PBX



virtual pbx rates

Virtual pbx

Relocation has been a reality for many years. This means that a company can work with its employees located in different countries of the world and can also offer its services by telephone to any destination.



Neotel wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2020!


Get to know the functionalities of your company’s virtual pbx

When correctly configuring your switchboard you will first need to know the needs of your company so that you can choose the best option. If you have doubts about this point we recommend that you contact Neotel by any of our available means so that our customer service department, without any commitment to you, can develop the best solution for your particular situation.

Call recording

It is important that you activate the premium recorder service if you need to keep the recordings after two months which is the default time that applies to all our customers for free. If you contract the premium call recorder, this time limitation does not exist. And you will have a search engine as a manager to locate all the recordings of calls.




Save yourself hiring a receptionist for your business thanks to Neotel’s IVR

The initial use of all ivr is to identify the needs of the caller at the same time you receive, making a series of consultations where it is the client himself who will give us the information so we know how we can help.

The ivr are usually applied in companies with a significant volume of calls. With the ivr system we make sure we are operational 24/7.

How is it possible that our ivr understands our client’s needs? Very simple, through DTMF dial tones. Here it is the client himself who, by pressing different options on his numeric pad, would be giving the ivr detailed information about what he needs.

In practice we have all interacted with this system at some time. This is when we are asked a few questions to transfer our call to the correct department and we are asked by means of a voice-over to press numbers on our keyboard.

Practically any professional service if it does not need human intervention can be attended in its entirety thanks to the ivr system.




The volume of calls in companies and according to which sectors can become very high. Here, thanks to the ivr, it is possible to route or guide the calling customer until he ends up in the appropriate department to resolve his query.