Communicate your company with Neotel’s SMS solution

You don’t need any technical knowledge to start using the Neotel SMS module. Our online Web tool offers a very intuitive way for all our customers and for free the module for mass SMS campaigns integrated into the Customer Panel. You will only pay for the SMS sent at a very reduced cost. Contact us and consult the rates for sending SMS.


You don’t need any technical knowledge to start using the Neotel SMS module. Our online Web tool offers a very intuitive way for all our customers and for free the module for mass SMS campaigns integrated into the Customer Panel. You will only pay for the SMS sent at a very reduced cost. Contact us and consult the rates for sending SMS.

Use sms as a communication channel for your company

Advantages of SMS as a communication channel in the company

  • Simplicity of management: The sms sending platform allows everything you need to run a massive sms sending campaign through the tool itself. No technical knowledge is required nor is it necessary to install anything extra. Only using Neotel’s online website.
  • Reduced cost: The cost of SMS has been reduced over the years. Right now it is the best existing communication channel.
  • Better than email or Whatsapp: Email is a media with a very bad reputation. Due to the amount of spam we all receive, email is not the ideal communication channel for our marketing campaigns. The whatsapp is designed for 1 to 1 communication. This tool does not allow massive sending of messages. And users do not like to receive advertising from companies through this medium.
  • Immediacy and acceptance: People know that sms cost money and are brief so when they receive one they open it.
  • Compatibility and universality: All mobile phones can receive sms. However not all mobile phone users have a smartphone with an Internet connection. Even for these cases, SMS is still functional.

SMS is consolidated as the definitive channel for providing information to users and marketing campaigns at the business level. Neotel’s solution is the cheapest and easiest way to configure everything necessary for our first SMS marketing campaign.

Reasons to invest in a Virtual PBX for your company

These are the questions that from Neotel they formulate to the people in charge of the companies with doubts about the suitability of integrating the virtual pbx in your company or not to do it:

  1. Would you like to work from home?
  2. Does your company have more than one employee and would you like to transfer calls?
  3. Do you need to know which calls have been lost in your company and would you like to be able to retrieve them?
  4. Does your company have a work schedule and another on holidays or outside of hours?
  5. Does more than one call come into your company at a time?
  6. Do you need to offer a professional image to your clients?


If 80% of the answers are in the affirmative, Neotel recommends companies to make the leap to the cloud with their virtual pbx.

With this test from Neotel we try to help those responsible for companies to make the final decision on whether to migrate their current switchboard system to the virtual pbx Neotel.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2019!

Massive Email VS Massive SMS

The mailing’s saturated. And users send almost everything they receive to spam without even giving it a first glimpse.

Sms have a higher opening ratio than email. While people today no longer read advertising emails coming from companies, every person in the world has a mobile phone and it is estimated that it takes less than 5 minutes to open a sms on the mobile when you receive one.

Benefits of a mass SMS strategy

We must never forget our objectives or what niche our mass SMS campaign is aimed at.

In order to achieve our objectives with a massive SMS campaign we will apply the following strategies:

  • Timing: It is important to be timely, but also not to saturate the recipient with messages. Working a correct balance of this will make us be effective and take advantage of opportunities without overwhelming the customer.
  • Utility: Users seek solutions to the problems of their daily lives and not to receive stuffing content. Taking advantage of the characters in the sms format is vital to inform our customers about promotions, contests and offers.
  • Adequate language: Depending on the profile of our clients, we use a more or less formal volume.
  • Be precise: Our messages must be short and precise. Go to target.



Words like “cheap” or “offer” always sound attractive to customers. Take advantage of our offers and discounts and promotions thanks to sms information reach our customers and therefore create loyalty is something important to us.

The massive sms allows us to have a closer relationship with our customer and that this does not think is just one more person.

Why you should opt for a mass SMS strategy

It’s not about demonizing email marketing. On the contrary, we understand that both strategies complement each other and one is capable of reaching where the other does not.

Customer loyalty is something that is being built progressively. It doesn’t happen overnight. Combining our existing email marketing campaign now with a massive sms campaign we achieve impossible goals in another way.

Also an advantage of SMS campaigns is that if our information content is really good for the recipient there are many possibilities that they themselves decide to share our information with their circles in social networks with what we are getting advertising indirectly and for free.

It is very comfortable to carry a mobile with us on the street. That’s why we should take advantage of this medium with mass sms campaigns.

The latest marketing studies inform us that mobile device users are able to consult their phones an average of 2,600 times a day: to buy a product, view their social networks or review their messages. Are you really not going to use this wonderful communication channel to distribute your products?

What is IVR?

The ivr systems were already designed in the 1980s, although it was not until the year 2000 that they made the definitive leap in the companies. Nowadays it is very rare to find a company that does not use this system in its business. However, when it comes to an ivr there are a number of issues that are important to know and deal with and these are the ones that we are going to make known in this article.

Interactive Voice Response or IVR is a system of options menus from which a virtual secretary, which in reality is a locution, directs the caller through a panel of options consisting of pressing numeric keys on the phone, in order to finally connect the caller to the corresponding department or agent.

How to ensure that people do not hate your ivr experience

When creating an ivr menu it is imperative (if not advisable) to follow the guidelines below.

When someone calls, what they are definitely looking for is a solution. They don’t want to get lost in a maze of options.

The new ivr systems allow the inclusion of nested menus. However we must be careful when configuring multiple levels. If we fall into the error of creating too many options within too many levels and sub-levels we risk making the person calling us dizzy and abandoning the communication by hanging up the phone.

Waiting music



  1. Think of the music that best represents your company. When a person is relaxed their heart beats at approximately 80 beats per minute so a well-chosen music will take that same calming effect on the person on the other side of the line.
  2. Start with a welcome message that guides the caller, for example: “Your call is on hold and will be answered…” with background music.
  3. It has been proven that waiting music can make the person waiting more patient. Choosing the right waiting music helps the person on the other side of the line make their experience more enjoyable.

Flow of ivr

For the caller, you may need to contact an agent as soon as possible. It is important that within our ivr we give customers the option of being able to leave it to be transferred to a real person as soon as possible:

  1. Maintain existing commands. If you return to the previous menu, it should be the same for all levels.
  2. If the caller is entering an invalid entry, make a couple of attempts before putting him or her with a live person.
  3. For the first level use 4 or fewer options. For the second and third levels use 3 or less. Less time at each level followed by an intuitive menu indicates to the caller that the company cares about them and their problem.

A greeting message

  1. Avoid the use of jargon.
  2. Try to avoid too long greetings. They do not help the person waiting. Don’t forget that at the end of the day they call with the intention of talking to a real person and not a machine.
  3. Short, clear messages.

The menus of ivr systems generally reproduce a sweeper along with a menu of options. The idea is basically, through the options dialed by the caller, to route you to the appropriate department or person to solve your problem or address your situation.

(Infography) How an automatic software improves my Call Center


(Infography) How an automatic software improves my Call Center

In the previous infographics we showed you some data to know how an automatic software improves our call center.

Currently there are different forms of automatic dialing that improve the performance and productivity of agents, their talk time, and therefore help to increase sales.

Unfortunately for many call centers, they still use manual dialing, which consists of agents investing their time in making calls manually, dialing the different numbers themselves, and where in many cases they only manage to connect to voicemail in the best of cases. Or if not, they are calls that simply communicate. For call center companies that still use this obsolete system, Neotel’s call center tools are focused directly on them.

Review the Neotel FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you want to become an expert in everything related to the software call center and virtual pbx sector? Then you need to visit the FAQ section (or frequently asked questions) that we have available on the Neotel website for all users.

This guide is divided into “Software Call Center” and “Virtual PBX“. It answers questions such as: What is a telephone switchboard?…. How much does it cost to set up a call center?…. Which is the best virtual switchboard?…. What is IP telephony? What is the software call center and the virtual switchboard of Neotel?…. Etc.

Neotel has built this extensive guide with the purpose of, both to its clients and to those who do not yet belong to our company, everyone understands what we do in Neotel and what our professional software for call centers consists of.