2 Neotel Software Call Center features you won’t miss

Here are the two qualities that any call center software should have and that Neotel customers demand more when using their tool:

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

The ivr is very comfortable to show pre-recorded locutions to customers when calling them. Thanks to the ivr, customers are automatically transferred when they call with the appropriate agent to deal with their issue.

Call recording function



This function is very necessary to increase the level of quality as far as customer service is concerned. Call recording is also very useful when you need to communicate some kind of information to a customer so that he accepts or not, and that everything is recorded and recorded, including both the communication and the acceptance or denial by the customer.

SMS for specific audiences

One of the main characteristics of SMS marketing is that it enters through the screen of the most consulted device at present: our smartphone.

We are entering a circle where mass SMS campaigns must be targeted at their specific audience or target, knowing how to differentiate between the different existing generations.

Importance of establishing appropriate campaigns for everyone

Do not forget that when it comes to a massive sms campaign is essential to know how to reach the heart of the recipient. The one who is going to receive our short text message. Don’t forget that ours isn’t the only sms you’re going to receive that same day.

When segmenting the database of customers who will receive our sms, it is not a bad idea to have this previously built according to criteria such as the frequency of use of our services, their methods of payment, their musical tastes, segmented groups with their styles, … And not only by age. In order to collect this information, one way is to make use of telemarketing surveys.

Among the advantages of implementing a mass marketing campaign via SMS are the following:

  • We position our website in the main search engines indirectly.
  • We become a constant companion in the lives of our users.
  • We attract new consumers.
  • We turn our leads into high fidelity customers.



Who are Generation Z and how should the strategy be?

To be effective with our SMS campaigns, let’s use these tips:

  • Our campaign should include the use of hashtags, invitations to digital meetings, surveys, etc.
  • It’s never a bad idea to include a direct link to our social networks in our sms campaign. Generation Z is more than used to it and feels very comfortable when it moves through the world of Social Media. You have to give them what they ask of us.

Generation Z are digital natives, who can’t be even 5 minutes without consulting their smartphone.

According to several studies, Generation Z is postmodern, enterprising and interactive.

Who the millennials are and what the strategy should look like

When we plan our SMS marketing campaign for leads entering this group, let’s write:

  • To build trust.
  • In a casual way.
  • The young people’s reading mode is scan mode and their periods of concentration are getting shorter and shorter. An excess of information that comes mainly from the Internet is to blame for this. We must be entertaining, concise and brief with sms.

Remember that the greatest ally of younger consumers is the mobile phone. We must be smart enough to know how to make a niche for ourselves in their lives. Millennials use the smartphone to buy, share and communicate absolutely everything around them.

Attempting to reach this group of users using conventional marketing techniques and strategies is, to say the least, a waste of time.

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4 Ways Dialer Can Improve Your Contact Strategies

The benefits that companies can take advantage of by using an automatic dialer are really many. Below we want to inform you about 4 ways in which the automatic scoreboard improves your contact strategies.

Companies must ensure that the dialer they have chosen not only gives them the best call rates, but also allows them to generate reports from their own software and has an easy-to-use interface. After all, data analysis is what will allow you to improve and correct your mistakes. The call center supervisors must determine the result of each call, the number of calls, the average time of calls and how the Agents perform.

dialer automarcador

The automatic dialer will be in constant learning mode and using algorithms will learn about the entire flow of calls, so as to be able to analyze and predict on them. By using an automatic call dialer what we are looking for is to optimize the productivity of the agents in the campaign.

4 ways in which the automatic dialer manages to improve your contact strategies:

Strategy based on predictive analytics

In this way contact centers not only connect better with their customers but also achieve a significant reduction in annoying calls to important customers.

Ease of operations

An automatic dialer not only optimizes the way calls are made, but also provides a series of reports so that the call center administrator is always aware of the real situation of the call center and its agents. When we talk about a software with the ability to analyze and generate this type of reports and data, users demand a simple interface to use.

Maximizes customer connections

A proactive marker should help reduce costs in the company’s telecommunications and have a direct impact on sales to increase them. The smarter the algorithm, the more connections and the more potential sales. The intelligent dial-up solution ensures that your agents reach the highest number of potential customers on the list without wasting time on their work hours.

Optimize agent productivity

The automatic dialer assures the agent that he is going to be talking to a potential client, and not the one that is going to be manually dialing a contact number from an endless list. When agents are already talking with real potential clients, agents have less excuses not to improve their numbers, unlike what would happen if we put them to dial phone numbers.

Neotel CRM

If we take into account the strategic point of view of the crm we can see the success factors involved in its use

  1. Customer orientation factors: Place it at the heart of all company activities.
  2. Technological factors: crm systems allow companies greater control over general information.

The real success for a company lies in truly knowing the customer.

  1. What consumption habits do you have?
  2. How did you get here?
  3. How do you communicate?
  4. How is the customer informed?
  5. What does the client want?
  6. Who’s the client?
  7. Etc.

What are the benefits of SMS Marketing campaigns?


In these competitive times for companies, they find it increasingly difficult to give visibility to their products. It is necessary to attack by all possible means. You never know which one will work for you.

Next we are going to show you the benefits of the SMS channel as a medium for our advertising and marketing campaigns for the company:

  • SMS marketing campaigns allow the company to take a further step in the path of technological innovation.
  • Because it is not necessary to use paper for these campaigns, you will be collaborating to protect the environment and your company will be valued more from outside.
  • Get real-time reports to know the percentage of successful shipments. Everything from the customer interface.
  • Make our customers loyal.
  • Save money. This is because sms have a very low cost. Therefore to carry out your advertising campaigns using this medium saves you a lot of money.

Como puedes ver, las campañas de envío de sms reportan grandes beneficios a los que las usan

For all these reasons, along with the use of mobile phones in today’s society, we believe that those companies with fewer resources will see in mass SMS campaigns a very necessary tool to get their product to the public and with the least investment.

20% of the population say they prefer to see advertising in this way rather than on a website and 30% say they do not feel uncomfortable when they send a message to their mobile.

Does your VoIP service provider provide hardware support?


When a customer buys a terminal, gateway or accessory in the Neotel Online Store, they are paying not only for the physical product, but also for receiving the best possible assistance and support from Neotel that will be at your disposal to help you configure your product. This is not obtained in other places, where other selling companies, as soon as they obtain their money, already want to forget about you, and it is then when the customer realizes that he has disbursed his money in a product that now does not work and what is even worse, is completely abandoned. With Neotel on the other hand, the customer who buys in the store knows that it has multiple ways of support, mail, telephone and whatsapp among others, and that the Neotel Support team will always be “there” to attend. It doesn’t matter what it is. Neotel has put and continues to put a lot of effort into differentiating itself from its competitors, and firmly believes in the business model of End Customer Support, no matter what customer it is.

Maybe you are already a customer of ours. Or else you may already be working with another operator. It doesn’t matter! Our range of yealink terminals, grandstream gateways and accessories is available for sale to everyone.

Buying with Neotel you forget about having to go anywhere else. The whole flow starts and ends (or continues) with us. You’ll never need a third party to set up any terminal you’ve purchased in our store.

Don’t spend more money than necessary when buying your voip telephony products: Investing in Neotel is the cheapest way.

There are many situations in which a person calls us to tell us that he has bought a terminal or a grandstream gateway with another company and that it does not work or simply does not know how to configure it. Now he has tried to contact the selling company and it does not respond. (Something similar has happened to all of us). For these reasons are why Neotel continues to remain high on the podium as an unbeatable solution in the sector of voip.

When someone buys a telephone product that they need in their company and then sees that it doesn’t work as it should and that they don’t receive any technical assistance from the selling company, the feeling of frustration is immense. If this is a familiar situation, now you are in luck, because with Neotel you will never see this kind of situation again.

Telephony remains vital for businesses

Both technology and advances have managed to adjust telephony to our current needs. This is why telephony is still used by all companies.


For SMEs in particular VoIP has become something fundamental. Being able to make calls and be in constant communication with customers without them knowing whether we are on the beach sunbathing, in a cafe or sitting in an office gives workers freedom like never before.


It has a set of important features for optimal call handling.

The flexibility provided by voip technology to companies make this an essential tool.


You do not have to spend large amounts of money on hardware so the investment cost is minimal. On the other hand, if a company needs to be in telephone communication with different countries, either because their customers are located that way or if not the workers themselves, working with voip providers is unbeatable for companies that want to save on the phone bill and currently there is no tariff plan or mobile or fixed that resembles the savings is obtained with the voip.

Already left behind the old physical switchboards stored in cabinets, all full of leds and cables and took up a large space. VoIP on the other hand provides an effective and efficient communication service for companies that recognize that telephony is still the best way to be communicated.