What is Voice over IP Communication?

Do you already know what Voice over IP Communication is? Well if you still have doubts, this article will interest you and much. We start!

First of all, say that if we have to simplify the answer to the question What is Voice over IP Communication? In the simplest form, we would say that the main difference with respect to other more traditional communication systems is the simplicity that is presented when installing, configuring and using the service.

With a VoIP system at the end what we are getting is a Premium communications system at very low cost. One of the reasons why the IP Voice is becoming more and more interesting to companies is that VoIP encourages Teleworking. And it does not matter where the employees are, even in different countries. Calls are always billed as if they were calls within the same office.

A virtual switchboard is an advanced communications system that allows you to have as many extensions of mobile or fixed lines as you wish and increase or reduce on demand without having to bear the costs of classic telephone switchboards. Solving the typical problems of communication quality, queued call management, etc.

The Telephony in the cloud gives freedom. With IP Telephony we lower costs and we are achieving a 100% scalable system to the needs of our company.

Neotel helps businesses simplify their communication systems thanks to CRM, PBX and call center software.

Saving on the telephone bill is really possible with Neotel.

The technologies are advancing very fast. The connections are getting faster. And the telephony in the cloud is something of the future, but of this very moment.

IP Telephony is not something new anymore. And it is true that more and more companies are making the leap to the cloud for their telephone communication systems.

pbx virtual

Directed to both small and giant companies.


Neotel is a leader in the global Cloud / IP Telephony sector

Our company, Neotel, based in Malaga (Spain) has been offering virtual switchboard, call center software and CRM services since 2001. To these products we add their programs for distributors and the White Label Switchboard. In addition, it is worth highlighting Neotel’s customized solutions, which include:

Neotel has a global presence and has clients throughout the five continents.

telefonía ip

More than 15 years of experience together with the daily work of a professional team, make Neotel has established itself as the provider par excellence in terms of IP communications and this is something that is reflected in the opinions of its own users.

Neotel: Communication Solutions and Services


But this is not all that our company can offer to yours. At Neotel we continue to develop new communication tools via VoIP. Soon we will show many new features that we are currently building and that are already in their final stages of development. Features and features that will revolutionize the IP Telephony landscape like never before.

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New PBX version

Neotel in its continuous expansion in the updating and improvement of its products presents for all its customers the new renewed interface of the PBX.

It is a cleaner, more intuitive interface with a 100% Responsive design (with compatibility for mobile devices). In addition, the translations into English of the application have also been updated and bugs have been corrected. Below are some screenshots of the new Neotel PBX interface:


Dashboard with its new drop-down panels:

And its mobile version:

Queue CDR Charts:

And its mobile version:

Agent statistics:

And its mobile version:

Configuring launcher call flows:

And its mobile version:

Panoramic mobile view:

View of calendars:

And its mobile version:

What do you think of the new interface of the PBX?

Tell us what you think about the new interface of Neotel for the PBX, if you have suggestions, you have found a fault or if you throw some functionality at fault. From Neotel we work every day to meet the needs of each and every one of our clients. That’s why we already appreciate your comments.

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Thank you very much for continuing to trust Neotel


What IVR means and 7 benefits of using it

In Neotel we offer only the best services in Telephony for companies. And one for which our clients ask us the most is the IVR service.

Benefits of IVR:

  1. Customer service 24 x 7: Use automated support and eliminate the need to have agents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Save time: Reduce the waiting time of the customer’s call and transfer with the appropriate agent.
  3. Increase professionalism: Pre-write your messages and greetings using IVR to reflect a great first impression, consistency and professionalism.
  4. Increase the resolution of the first contact: Increase the resolution of the first contact by automatically directing callers to the agent who is most capable of meeting their needs.
  5. Improve business efficiency and agent performance: Connect to the right agents to attend each call and make use of the advantages of integrated CRM to improve agent productivity.
  6. Lower cost per call: reduce the volume of calls per agent, labor costs and the general cost per call by automating the processes and outgoing and incoming calls.
  7. Increase the efficiency of customer service and customer satisfaction: Provide customers with an easy way to serve customers.


An IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a Telephony-oriented technology that interacts with callers, understands the reason for the call and collects their information, and directs them to the most appropriate agent. Allows call centers to reduce costs, improve customer service and increase business efficiency in a simple way.

Today, companies and call contact centers take advantage of Neotel’s IVR to automate tasks and increase agent productivity and profitability.

If you have a secure call center that is already aware of the advantages of IVR. If you are not yet working with an IVR, from here we recommend you contact our team so that we can advise you and without any commitment.


Do you already work in a 100% scalable Contact Center?

A contact center in the cloud allows us, among many other features, to save recordings, have total control over calls and agents, obtain advanced statistics and reports in real time, control waiting queues, conduct inbound and outbound campaigns. calls, etc.

Another advantage is that being a 100% work system in the cloud, we can hire the best agents regardless of where they are, thus promoting teleworking.

Contact centers that are scalable offer maximum flexibility to their administrators. A company could be that it needs to expand or decrease, according to the needs. When working in a call center in the cloud the peace of mind is that we are aware that we have this possibility to reduce and increase our customer service center at our whim and in a much easier way than if it were a contact center traditional.

Neotel has been providing services to companies that want to install their own call center in the cloud for more than 15 years. With the Neotel cloud call center, the entire infrastructure is hosted within Neotel (cloud). So expanding or reducing our number of agents does not mean a great economic investment.

On the other hand, companies that still refuse to migrate their business to the cloud are tied to the limitations of the company that provides the service, so changing the size of their call center may result very expensive.

The on premise solutions (physically hosted where the client is) are usually much more expensive, limited and for any change that needs to be made, we will have to depend on the specialized technicians who logically have to pay as well.

The contact center or call center is one of the most important assets for any business since it is the communication channel for / with its clients. Neotel is the leading company in the Telecommunications sector and has the most extensive experience in installing a contact center in the cloud. If you wish you can contact Neotel now and we are happy to answer your questions.

Las 5 diferencias principales entre una centralita física y una virtual

Son muchas las empresas que ante la voluntad de mejorar la gestión de las llamadas y la atención al cliente, ven la necesidad de contar con una nueva centralita telefónica, y dudan entre la opción de invertir en una centralita física o bien contratar un servicio de centralita virtual.

1.- Prestaciones y funcionalidades únicas

A día de hoy, los avances tecnológicos del cloud han provocado que las centralitas virtuales (o centralitas en la nube) cuenten con prestaciones que las centralitas físicas, por sus características técnicas, no pueden ofrecer. Un muy buen ejemplo lo encontramos en la integración de la telefonía fija y móvil que ofrece Neotel en su servicio de centralita virtual, con la posibilidad de integrar la telefonía de la empresa en el móvil del usuario, de manera que los empleados pueden atender las llamadas que recibe su extensión fija desde el teléfono móvil en cualquier momento y lugar, así como realizar llamadas utilizando la tarifa plana de la centralita, y acceder al panel de control de las funcionalidades de su extensión fija desde el móvil o smartphone. Servicios de centralita virtual como los de Neotel, aportan a la empresa beneficios adicionales a los ofrecidos por las centralitas físicas, como el de mayor eficacia y productividad para los usuarios en movilidad, así como otros beneficios personales derivados de la integración fijo-móvil muy valorados por los empleados.

2.- Escalabilidad

Por otro lado, en el caso de empresas que crezcan a nivel de sedes si se decide optar por la centralita física, cada sede debe tener su propio equipo e infraestructura, multiplicándose así los gastos de compra, mantenimiento y actualización por el número de sedes que tenga la compañía. Sin embargo, contratando un servicio de centralita virtual, añadir o eliminar una sede es fácil, rápido y económico, y la empresa multisede tendría una sola centralita para todas las sedes, consiguiendo una unificación de las comunicaciones, una optimización de la infraestructura y obteniendo importantes ahorros en la factura telefónica.

Al comprar una centralita física, uno de los parámetros a elegir es su capacidad, es decir, el número máximo de líneas y extensiones que puede abarcar. Así pues, empresas que adquirieron una centralita física cuando contaban con 50 empleados y que, 1 año más tarde se ven obligadas a disminuir la plantilla a 25, se encuentran pagando y amortizando una centralita con una capacidad mayor a sus necesidades. Lo mismo pasa al contrario, si al comprar la centralita tu empresa cuenta con 5 trabajadores, y al cabo de un tiempo sois 10, necesitarás adquirir una centralita de capacidad superior, cuando aún no habrás terminado de pagar y amortizar la anterior. Con las centralitas virtuales esto no pasa. Las empresas pueden incrementar o disminuir el número de puestos contratados simplemente mediante una llamada telefónica al servicio de atención al cliente de la compañía proveedora del servicio. De esta manera la cuota mensual se ajusta siempre al 100% a las necesidades y dimensiones de la empresa y nunca pagarás más por algo que no utilizas.

3.- Solución parcial o solución integral

Las compañías proveedoras de comunicaciones en la nube especialmente enfocadas al segmento profesional, ofrecen soluciones integrales mediante las cuales, a través del pago de una única cuota mensual, las empresas contratan el conjunto de servicios que necesitan a un único proveedor. De esta manera la empresa proveedora del servicio en la nube realiza una gestión eficaz e inteligente de las comunicaciones, y el cliente puede despreocuparse por completo y centrarse únicamente en disfrutar de ellas.

4.- Puesta en marcha y mantenimiento

En el caso de las centralitas físicas, tanto la puesta en marcha como el mantenimiento del equipo requiere de personal muy especializado, de manera que, a parte de la inversión inicial que suele incluir la compra e instalación del equipo, se debe pagar una cuota mensual en concepto de mantenimiento a una empresa externa para la gestión de dicha infraestructura, para realizar cambios y modificaciones de la configuración necesarios para el cliente, la actualización del equipamiento con nuevas versiones del software cuando el fabricante lo requiere, la ampliación de prestaciones solicitadas por el cliente, la resolución de averías e incidencias etc … y esto también implica costes anuales considerables y muchas veces impredecibles. Las centralitas virtuales en cambio, al ser un servicio gestionado, carecen de todos los gastos antes mencionados, ya que es la empresa proveedora del servicio la encargada de instalar, mantener y actualizar la plataforma.

5.- ¿Comprar una centralita física o contratar una centralita virtual?

Las compañías que se declinan por adquirir una centralita física, deben realizar un desembolso económico importante ya que una centralita física implica la compra de un hardware, y por lo tanto, la amortización de la inversión. Contratando un servicio de centralita virtual, no es necesario comprar ningún tipo de equipamiento, ya que la centralita se encuentra alojada en las instalaciones del proveedor del servicio y habitualmente los terminales de usuario están incluidos en la cuota mensual.


What benefits does an international virtual number bring to my business and how to get one?

The subscription price of a virtual international number depends on the VoIP operator with whom it is under contract and the country. It does not cost a virtual international number of one country as much as another.

If you want to know the price to rent a virtual international number for a specific country, contact us now

Benefits of Using Virtual International Numbers

Virtual international numbers bring many benefits to businesses, the most important of which is to increase sales in countries where you want to open a market.

número internacional virtual

1. Reduce call costs for the company

Companies that typically make calls to other countries generally save a lot of money when they switch to IP telephony. IP telephony operators generally have much lower rates.

Virtual international numbers operate over VoIP (VoIP) and serve both to make and broadcast calls.

2. Reduce costs for the customer

The cost of calling another country means that companies do not want to open their markets abroad. With a virtual international number, it is no longer a problem. You can make and receive calls with any country at a much cheaper price.

3. Increase phone contacts

If phone calls play an important role in your business, entering other international markets can be the big push you are looking for. Hiring a virtual international number will help that.

Customers are much more likely to call a local number than a number from another country for one simple reason: calling another country can be very expensive!

4. Inspire confidence

By using a country phone number, you trust your potential customers. Customers are more likely to contact a local business.

5. Propose a local image

When a customer is considering hiring a product or service, seeing that there is a local phone number in many situations gives them peace of mind. Thinking that you are dealing with a local business always inspires more confidence.

6. Increase sales

The increase in sales in this country is the most important benefit of all this list.

Normally these virtual international numbers are usually used by a softphone or IP phone.

With Neotel you and your company can operate, physically from Spain, but with numbers from any country.

Virtual international numbers operate over the Internet instead of cables.

If you want to enter a virtual international number, contact Neotel now and we will set up your international international number

Build trust in customers outside of Spain, get a local image, sell more, etc. These are just a few of the goals that are achieved by contracting a virtual international number with Neotel.