How to benefit from the WebRTC for my telephone marketing?

With the WebRTC line we obtain a system to make calls directly from our computer, without the need for additional devices.

WebRTC is an open source system created by Google and with which you can make incoming and outgoing calls.

A WebRTC line of work for a functional job


Telephone marketing is one of the most important tools in the world of marketing. It is a channel of utmost importance for companies.


What type of companies need to use IP Telephony?

Here in this post we gather some reasons why companies decide to migrate to VoIP (Voice over IP).

Companies that need IP Telephony

The first of all for a company to use IP Telephony is that it has an Internet connection.

1.- They answer the calls from the mobile

Between self-employed and commercial people, it is very normal to be outside the office. And thanks to IP Telephony they can now continue to receive incoming calls on their mobile devices in the same way as if they were inside the office.

2.- They have several locations

telefonía ip

A company that uses IP Telephony can make all its calls internally as if working from a single location, even if this is not the case, and each worker is in a different country.

3.- They have teleworkers

IP Telephony is very common in companies that have teleworkers. In this way, teleworkers can set up an extension of the company line and work from home, as if they were inside the office.

4.- They want to use the company’s phone from other locations

Since IP telephony is not linked to any specific physical location, you can use the company telephone from anywhere.

5.- They want to use numbers from other countries or provinces

As simple as contracting a numbering with the prefix of the country or province where your customers are located.

6.- They use a traditional switchboard

By replacing a traditional physical switchboard with a virtual switchboard, companies are reluctant to costly hardware maintenance.

7.- They use more than one telephone simultaneously

IP telephony allows you to have as many simultaneous calls and extensions as you need and at a ridiculous price. If your company is in this situation of need, you need to use IP Telephony.

To summarize: IP Telephony gives us maximum freedom by not having to be limited to a specific geographical area and has great savings and benefits to the companies that use it.

You can now learn more about IP Telephony here.

If your company is not yet a user of IP Telephony or if it is but you think you are paying more than necessary, we recommend that you contact Neotel now and you will be surprised.


How does predictive dialing help boost my brand?

Predictive dialing is a great tool to boost agent productivity, contact leads and satisfy our customers. If you are looking to install a predictive dialing software solution for your call center, contact Neotel, a global call center software specialist with a long history.

With a predictive dialer the call centers work better. Calls are made more efficiently. And another advantage is that being integrated with the CRM of Neotel, we have on screen access to all the information referring to the client that is called, including data as important as the current and past promotions that were offered, plans or modalities that would be paying Currently, and ultimately any need that the client let us know, everything can be properly indicated within the CRM with Neotel’s integrated switchboard.

Install a predictive dialer for greater customer satisfaction

Predictive markers are tailored to companies of all sizes, from large corporate multisite to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In addition, at Neotel we carry out tailor-made developments, so whatever the need you request for your call center software, we can do it.

The predictive dialer that fits all call centers

Did you know that the costs of having a predictive dialer such as Neotel are minimal? This has a reason to be very easy to understand. The software for call center, to be hosted entirely in the cloud of Neotel, that is, virtually on our servers, you do not have to pay for any type of device or hardware.

Reduce costs in your call center company with the predictive dialer

Increase sales thanks to the Neotel predictive dialer

Thanks to the integration of the predictive dialer with the CRM, you get a platform 100% integrated in your systems, where you will find all the important and relevant information for your company.

With the predictive dialer what we get in short accounts is to try to increase the talk time between agents and clients. Being an intelligent software, the predictive dialer knows the perfect time to make a call to an X client, and is also able to predict when it is going to end, to call the next contact.


Increased agent productivity


In a call center, the time factor is absolutely everything. Every second wasted is a lost sales opportunity. With the predictive dialer and the Neotel software call center tools, you can solve these failures and the performance of your call center is the highest.


Explanation of the Virtual Switchboard

A virtual switchboard is a system that manages incoming calls in the company and offers different customization options in terms of voice mailboxes, options menus, welcome locutions, etc. it means.

Discover all the features offered by our virtual switchboard

If you have a small or medium business, Neotel’s virtual switchboard is without a doubt the best solution for you.

Functionality of the virtual switchboard


Outgoing calls

One of the features of our switchboard is that it allows us to spread the same phone number on the screen when we make calls, that is, if we call from a landline or mobile phone that is linked to the same extension, it does not matter which device it is, the call Outgoing will be produced from the same telephone number, which is what the customer will see on the screen when he receives it.

Call identification

As we have said, our switchboard is oriented to small and medium companies, so we like that the cost on the part of the client is the minimum. We work with any operator when making detours.

Call statistics

We will give you a username and password with which to access your Client portal, and from which you can see all the information relevant to your statistics of incoming calls, outgoing calls, minutes spoken, etc.

Call transference

Once the call enters any of your lines, you can easily transfer it to any other extension of your PBX, dialing a short combination of keys on your dial.


You can configure different options according to schedule types, so that as calls come in during business hours or outside, your customers are never left unattended.

Waiting lines

Set up a waiting queue with music for when your customers call, and until they are served.

Option menu

With this option you can distribute incoming calls from your customers between the departments of your company. The caller only needs to press the corresponding key (a number) on his dial and it will be automatically transferred to the department. suitable for your attention.


You can configure all kinds of locutions for your business, and to inform your customers, from changes in schedule, closings for vacations, changes in the regulations, to anything you can think of.

Unlimited detours

Unlimited reception to as many mobile or fixed lines as you wish, without limit of internal deviations.

If you are looking for a switchboard for your company, or already have a physical and you want to hire one in the cloud for all its advantages with respect to physics, we invite you to call us and we will advise you for free.

The Telecommunications and Telephony market is moving very fast. At Neotel we are very proud of our solutions for SMEs. If you are looking at switchboard rates for your company, you should contact us now.

In fact, many of our current customers were former customers of other Telephony operators (Vodafone, Orange, Movistar, Jazztel, …). After testing the switchboard with these operators, they are dissatisfied with the quality of the service received, so they contact Neotel to improve their situation.

The Neotel switchboard allows us to have extensions at the regional (provincial) or international level.

The range of possibilities with the switchboard is very wide: telemarketing surveys, virtual fax, spy and whisper, call recorder, click to call me back, and a very long etc.

Another of the main differences of our switchboard with respect to others, is that with the Neotel virtual switchboard there is no initial investment by the customer. Being a system hosted in our cloud, you do not need to spend anything on hardware devices to use your virtual switchboard. With this, we also benefit from the fact that if tomorrow our virtual switchboard is damaged, Neotel’s own technical specialists are in charge of fixing it, with no need for you to disburse any money.

The advantages offered by virtual switchboards over physical ones are many.

In case you need a new phone number, at Neotel we provide you one. And if you already have a number, we’ll take it so you do not lose it or have to change it for a new one.

To use a virtual switchboard you need to link the landlines and / or mobiles to your switchboard, so that it can make the detours to your devices.

If you thought that working with a virtual switchboard would be more expensive than working with a physical switchboard, it is just the opposite.

Communication plays a fundamental role in companies. The one that works perfectly is vital for the company to maintain itself over time. For this, from Neotel we offer you the virtual switchboard.

Advantages of a virtual switchboard: self-employed and companies


If you need to resolve any questions regarding the Neotel switchboard, you can write us at or call us at (+34) 952641034.

I configured a menu of options to transfer the call of the client with the department. suitable. Even if there are only 5 employees in your company, you will be giving a much more professional image and the people who contact your company will have the feeling of working with a larger company.

If you want to give the image of a national company, at Neotel we provide you with a phone number. with provincial prefix, to give that feeling.

Entrepreneurs can benefit, and much, from the virtual switchboard.

There are many advantages of the virtual switchboard for SMEs and entrepreneurs. Take advantage of and hire the Neotel switchboard now

Another peculiarity offered by the PBX is that of transferring a call to carry out what is known as a transferred transfer, which consists of contacting the agent with whom it is going to be transferred to notify them of the call or client who asks or needs it, and then, the call is transferred.

It is the advantage of the virtual switchboard: customers always call the same number, and the call is transferred to a landline or mobile phone.

With the call locution, the caller knows at all times that he is contacting the right company.

The options are (almost) infinite with Neotel.

The switchboards have evolved and a lot. Take advantage of the quality and versatility of Neotel’s PBX and hire it for your business.


Tutorial to start using Neotel call center software

About the software for call center there are many details that you should know and then we show you the main ones:

  • A pack of basic call center tools should include at least the following features: scripting, dialer, reports, call recording, incoming and outgoing calls, etc.
  • The Neotel call center software integrates very easily with the switchboard.
  • Our software is compatible with all Operating Systems.

Get all the details of the call center software

Designing in principle for call center companies that need to be in constant communication with their customers, the tools that Neotel makes available to everyone are compatible and adaptable to all types of companies, and of all sizes.

The Neotel call center tools that help us is to better manage our services and the relevant information of our Telemarketing campaigns, together with the clients of our company.

What happens when you make a call using the Neotel call center software

When hiring a software call center company do not run. Investigate beforehand if you can about the trajectory of the company, clients with whom it works and if there are positive references on the Internet of the users of its services. And is that not all companies give the same level of quality. If you want to go to a fixed shot, do not be stumbling from one company to another, and you feel that your money has been very well invested, call us now and you will not regret it.

Increase your sales Expand the time your agents spend in conversation with clients. All this thanks to the Neotel call center software.

The advantages of working with the virtual switchboard compared to doing it with a physical switchboard are unlimited: there are no permanences, there is no initial investment by the client in physical machinery, and all the information is stored in the secure Neotel Cloud.

The Neotel virtual switchboard together with the call center tools work together to be the most advanced telephony solution worldwide. If you also need a CRM to organize all the information of the clients, Neotel has designed one that integrates with the PBX for the use and enjoyment of our clients.


What advantages would the autodriver bring to my Call Center?

A virtual switchboard is a system that allows receiving and making calls over the Internet.

The possibilities in terms of types of configuration provided by the virtual switchboard are many.

All the power of the Internet and the Cloud

Not all companies that offer switchboards can ensure the level of quality that Neotel offers its users. Since 2001, Neotel has been the leader in the virtual switchboard sector.

The Neotel switchboards have the best possible audio quality, so if you are already a user or come to use a physical switchboard, with the virtual switchboard you will not notice any reduction in the quality of the service.


High quality virtual switchboards

The virtual switchboards are very easy to configure, unlike the physical telephone switchboards.

Our solutions in Telephony are tailored to each customer’s needs.

From the time of hiring the switchboard with Neotel you can enjoy the best and most advanced Telephony system.

The virtual switchboard is very easy to configure

A physical switchboard involves a high investment in hardware.

The Neotel virtual switchboard is scalable.

In this way you can always have a Telephony system to measure.

If you expand or reduce staff is as simple as expand or reduce the number of extensions in your switchboard.

The Neotel control unit is 100% scalable

A virtual switchboard does not require any type of hardware from the client for its use. This does not happen with a physical telephone switchboard.

No initial investment in maintenance or hardware, with the Neotel virtual switchboard you save money from the beginning.

We do not have permanence so you can always call and try our services without risks for you.

If you need to know more about Neotel’s virtual switchboard, contact us now.

Without permanences. Try Neotel’s virtual switchboard and if you are not satisfied with the quality of service, Neotel is never tied

What are the benefits of dialer ?:

  • The auto-changer integrates different options that help in carrying out the campaigns.
  • It is the most effective system when carrying out mass sales campaigns by telephone (Telemarketing).

Although the dialer can be used in all types of companies that need telephone communication with their customers, they are the ones that carry out mass telemarketing and telephone promotion campaigns that take advantage of this type of systems.

Keep in mind that with a dialer you are helping your business achieve its goals more easily.

The automarcador presents itself as an indispensable tool for companies that need massive sales campaigns and / or Telemarketing.

Benefit from the use of the autorack

Do you want to know more about the use of the dialer? Call Neotel and we inform you without obligation.

Whether doing advertising or marketing campaigns, agents benefit from the use of the dialer.


Sales and Marketing Tools for your SME

Speed and quality in the attention. These are the keys that a good Marketing and Sales campaign needs.

Just the fact of having a virtual switchboard in our SME already makes us look bigger in front of our customers. A virtual switchboard gives us a professional image.

SMEs know very well that all the details must be taken care of if they want to maintain their client base.

The virtual switchboard improves the user experience

In addition, one of the main advantages of the virtual switchboard is that with it we never require more than the presence of a Technician for its management since we ourselves will be able to use it without needing help from third parties or specialists.

Having a switchboard in the cloud reduces the number of unanswered calls from customers.

Efficiency and control

Receiving a good telephone service helps us to show a modern and serious image to our customers.

Improve your corporate image with the virtual switchboard

You can configure your switchboard with as many extensions as you wish.

Grows more with the virtual switchboard

With the virtual switchboard we save money and we are more productive.

The virtual switchboard is also cheaper than the telephone physical switchboard, since with this last one the maintenance and its cost comes from the supplier company and, this cost could shoot up at any moment.

Every day there are more SMEs that move to Neotel’s virtual switchboard.

Save on costs and time with the virtual switchboard

The utilities of the virtual switchboard are many. Within your management panel you can configure this customized, depending on your needs.

When you hire Neotel’s virtual switchboard, you really do not care, because Neotel is responsible for the maintenance of your switchboard. And if tomorrow something happens, Neotel is responsible for repairing it. We care about your PBX so you do not have to.

With all that has been said so far, we have already explained to you why the advantages of migrating to a virtual switchboard and getting rid of a physical switchboard for your SME.

In a market like the one where competition is so strong, it is essential to differentiate yourself from the rest. And this is where the virtual switchboard helps us.

The virtual switchboard is your best option always

As you can see, the physical telephone exchange is obsolete. Migrating to the virtual switchboard with Neotel is the best you can always do for your business.

Here we show a series of cases in which using the virtual switchboard is the best option:

  • The virtual switchboard has a wide range of possibilities, much more than those provided by the physical telephone switchboard.
  • The virtual switchboard allows us to receive calls on our mobile lines as well as on fixed lines, so no matter where we are with the virtual PBX we are always connected to our employees and customers.
  • The virtual switchboard when housed in the cloud means that your number is hosted in the cloud as well. The advantage that this brings us is that if tomorrow we need to move to another office, with the virtual PBX our number we make sure to keep it the same, unlike Cable Telephony.
  • One of the goals of every company is to grow. And with a virtual switchboard, having the possibility of expanding extensions as desired, this is now easier.

The physical telephone exchanges are becoming increasingly obsolete. And companies are realizing this.

What are the advantages of having an integrated CRM within our virtual switchboard?


Neotel has the best virtual switchboard in the market today. In addition, it has its own CRM that is integrated into the PBX. With the CRM integrated in the virtual switchboard of Neotel we get the most powerful telephony tool and information management.

The integration of CRM + Neotel’s virtual switchboard is of great importance to users.

A CRM is a tool for managing information related to customers.

The virtual switchboard is often used by call center companies and anyone who needs constant communication with customers. Some advantages of the switchboard are: call recording, Spy and Whisper, integrated phones, third party verification, selective signaling, queuing, click to call me back, virtual fax, telemarketing surveys, incoming call statistics, dynamic signaling, meeting room, etc.

The switchboard in the cloud (virtual switchboard) is the logical evolution of Telephony

If you need more information about the virtual switchboards, contact Neotel now and we will answer your questions.

The switchboard in the cloud allows you to grow as your company grows.


Do not worry about high telephone bills, complicated configurations, connectivity failures, and much more with Neotel’s PBX.

The virtual switchboard will mean a before and after in your agents. It does not matter if your operators are working from different points.

With old telephony, errors are common. With the virtual switchboard no.

Am I interested in the integration between the switchboard and the Neotel CRM?

Yes. This is the short answer.

With the Neotel CRM, being integrated into the switchboard, when we receive a call, we jump a popup window with all the data and information of that client.

It is difficult to imagine a call center performing its tasks without a CRM integrated into the switchboard.

Ask Neotel for its CRM integrated in the PBX

It could be said that with the integration of the PBX and the CRM, each call becomes a new client.

We trust that this article has been a little better explained the advantages of using CRM in the call center.


Why would no company work without IP Telephony?

At Neotel we have been working with IP Telephony since 2001. It is not a few years, and in these, we have learned, improved and advanced a lot. Always all for the sake of our customers.

Did you know that you do not need to change your phone number when you switch to IP Telephony?

The main advantages of IP telephony are:

  • A reduction in the telephone bill.
  • Maximum voice quality through the Internet and with geographical mobility.
  • You will be using the most advanced technology in Telephony.

tellefonía IP

“More advantages and services but without paying more” – this is the theme of IP Telephony.

We use the Internet as a highway for the transmission of the voice, converted to data.

IP Telephony includes 2 main points:

  1. The transmission of data.
  2. The voice transmission.

How to change my physical telephone switchboard to a virtual switchboard?

Do you have an Internet connection? Great! Since this is only what you will need to be able to use Neotel’s virtual switchboard.

Your company is faster and more productive with Neotel software.

Aware of the need that arises to the company to have a software for its call center that is hosted in the cloud, Neotel brings you its switchboard that is integrated in turn into our CRM, all hosted virtually in the secure servers of Neotel.

What advantages does Neotel software bring to your call center?


Your office will always be with you with the Neotel cloud software. It does not matter where we are. Being hosted in the cloud you only need an Internet connection and you are ready to use it.

With Neotel’s virtual switchboard, our company gains professional image quality for its clients.

Thanks to Neotel you do not have to worry about anything anymore. Neotel is the solution to all your Telephony problems.

What are you waiting for to contact us? Let us help your call center to achieve all the goals you set for yourself.

What are the differences between a virtual switchboard and a physical switchboard?

Main differences between the Neotel virtual switchboard and the physical telephone switchboard:

  • Thanks to VoIP technology, companies can make use of their entire system only through an Internet connection.
  • You should also consider that the virtual switchboard does not generate maintenance costs.
  • Significant reduction in your telephone bill when you hire the Neotel virtual switchboard. And there is no initial investment in hardware. Since the entire system of the switchboard is hosted on the Neotel cloud servers.
  • With a physical switchboard the company has to buy hardware machinery necessary to use it. With the PBX our not.

Do not hesitate and migrate your old physical switchboard with the Neotel PBX. They are all advantages and no disadvantages as you have already seen.

The Neotel virtual switchboard is far superior to the physical telephone switchboards

If you have doubts about this comparison that we write here in our blog, you can call Neotel without any commitment and we will inform you more in detail. We are here to answer your questions. At the beginning and normally due to ignorance, it is normal that unknowns arise.

What are the reasons for hiring an IP PBX?

Keep in mind that with the virtual switchboard you can offer the best service to your customers. There is no comparison with the physical switchboard in terms of options, configurations and limitations.

And it’s not just a matter of saving money, (which of course also):

  • Possibility of adding more or less lines to your switchboard. Integration of modules that adapt to your needs.
  • It is used through an interface (web screen) that has been designed precisely with the idea that any person without having advanced knowledge in Telephony is able to configure and use only its virtual switchboard.
  • The management is also very simple.

It is mainly true that one of the reasons why call center companies migrate to the switchboard with Neotel is because of the savings on the telephone bill.

Opt now for the Neotel IP PBX

And what happens if you still do not have any physical switchboard in your company? No problem. Call us and we inform you equally so that you can install a virtual switchboard in your company.

The Neotel PBX control unit includes the widest range of options for call centers

With Neotel the advantage that you have as our client is that you do not have to worry about permanences because they do not exist. Never.

Another one of the main points along with the saving of money is the one that we have already mentioned before: the complete suppression of investing in physical hardware.

Today the competition in any sector is very high. And at Neotel we know this. Call us right now and we will study your needs in order to offer you the best tailored solution for your company.


Your call center or business is crying out for Neotel’s virtual telephone exchange

With the virtual telephone exchange we improve the work productivity of the call center agents.


A single Web platform: this is what you will find with our software

When not having stays with Neotel, there is no risk.

The virtual switchboard has many advantages and its operation could not be easier

If your business is a call center, telephone sales or telemarketing, Neotel’s virtual telephone exchange is the solution to your problems.


Now more than ever your call center needs the Neotel call center software

Call center program to make calls

With this article in the Neotel Blog we hope that, if you are not working with our tools for call centers, do not go on like this and this 2018 your Customer Service center stands out even more than for 2017.

When hiring a call center tool solution it is good to be informed of all available options. Calling our department. of Customer Service at Neotel or by sending a message through the CONTACT section on this website, our advisors will be happy to answer all your questions.

Do you need a program for call center? At Neotel we will help your business

How will the call center program help me to achieve my goal and what measures can I take to improve productivity?

Every manager or manager of the call center wants the hours of conversation that the operators spend each day to be as productive as possible. After all, it is about generating the highest sales possible. Well, with the call center software that Neotel has, the agents see this conversation time increased substantially.

The demands on the part of the clients, their requirements and needs are increasing.

Productivity is one of the most important issues of any call center agent worth his salt.