VoIP services: when costs are no longer your biggest concern

VoIP services are one of the best investments of companies specializing in telemarketing and customer service, as it mainly represents a significant cost saving for the finances of these companies, since it is an indispensable tool to achieve that the internal and external communications of the company, are optimal and effective, adding then a particular quality and worthy of standing out before the other companies whose operation is similar.

The advantages of having a VoIP service, is that you have total control of operation management through control panels that are very easy to manage, in addition to the fact that you can have an integration of these panels to smartphones, with which control can be more effective and be within your reach in any circumstance.


With respect to the reduction of costs for my company, does it represent a significant change?

Servicios voip


The VoIP service will really mean a significant reduction of costs especially for the implementation of a system completely unrelated to specific hardware that limits its operation, and that requires specific assistance with respect to its installation and maintenance.

You can also, with the VoIP service options that Neotel brings you, have a complete service that does not require an investment cost, nor a specific permanence clause, adding the advantage that you can have a completely free sample, where you will have access to a complete consultancy with a very reduced cost, facilitating the understanding of which are the options that best adapt to your needs and those of your company, avoiding that extra and unnecessary costs are generated in case you do not need to have a service specific within the multiple options with which you will count.


Implementation of IP voice system, the best and most economical option?

Day by day, it becomes completely necessary to acquire a complete service for our contact center, telemarketing company or specialized in customer service. And we should be grateful for the fact that every day there are more options that are presented to us thanks to the implementation of new and striking technologies that not only add various management features, but at no time harm the quality of these functions and, on the contrary, they support them completely, allowing the optimum fulfillment of each requirement of our users and / or clients.

The features of the IP voice service at your fingertips

Generally, there is a tendency to put a completely marked barrier with respect to new technologies and it is constantly thought that these will bring about exaggerated costs, which we can not trust, since this is a very wrong predisposition and, in the case of the IP voice service provided by the Neotel provider, you will have total access to a world of almost unlimited possibilities framed in the low cost that they imply.

This is thanks to the fact that the Neotel IP voice system does not imply an initial investment, added to the fact that it does not have a permanence clause and that it offers you the option of enjoying a first impression without any specific cost for it.

The great advantage of this important and very useful IP voice interface is that it develops state-of-the-art technology transmitted through internet data connectivity, enabling its management and functionality without involving a specific hardware or equipment that also implies a cost of maintenance or installation.

Its easy access allows it to become not only a useful system, but at the same time, very economical.


Improve the efficiency of your company’s communications through the IP call service that Neotel has for you

There are various options and operators that you will find, to cover the needs of your telecommunications company, customer service or contact center. That’s why you should always do a review of what service will be useful depending on the size of your company, the number of workers at your command and the number of customers, users and products that are immersed in your functional activities.

Llamadas por IP


Therefore, Neotel presents its IP call service, a tool that is easy to access and manage, in which you will have full control of each and every call that is necessary to meet your users’ requirements and customers. This without generating any initial charge, cost of installation or maintenance or established permanence clause, but incorporating within your company, a software completely anchored to a data network, capable of dissipating any geographical limitation or specific establishment.


Why is this IP call service my best option?

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Once you have understood that this system of IP calls will allow you to optimize and improve the quality of your communications, you must take into account that Neotel will guarantee complete advice taking into account the context for which this service will be incorporated, propending to achieve a correct strategic function in favor of the continuous improvement of this important dimension: communication.


Therefore, if your strategy is focused on the improvement and implementation of an efficient software and related to the various demands presented by your users and / or customers, greatly reducing overall costs and having the advantage of a connectivity much more stable, decide to opt for the option of IP calls from Neotel.