Our tools for call center are one of the star products of Neotel

Call Center Tools


  1. Calls with automated dialing based on a database.
  2. Different levels of administration: Agent and supervisor.
  3. Real-time listening and recording of calls from any of the agents.
  4. Powerful call finder
  5. Supervisor access to updated reports and statistics to measure efficiency, productivity and effectiveness.
  6. Call queue monitoring in real time. Viewing the status of telemarketers. Possibility of actions in real time on calls both in text mode on the screen and in direct communication with the agent.
  7. Delivery of answered calls. It transfers quickly to the free agents called previously connected to avoid losses of time.
  8. Collaborative campaigns Strategic planning of marketing campaigns with several agents on a database and call register.
  9. Campaigns with interactive IVR. Launching of answered calls with a voice response in order that the potential client interacts in different ways. Possibility later to transfer the call to an agent.


There are differences between the predictive dialer, the progressive dialer and the robot call.

Neotel offers the solution of combining a software for Call Centers in the cloud with the best switchboard in the market. They are powerful tools for Telemarketing with customized packages.

The client can choose two modules: Progressive or Predictive Marker.

Predictive dialer

Predictive dialing software that can determine how many agents will be available to pick up calls made at a given time.

It is a tool that supports efficient performance in the Call Center through a substantial increase in live connections. Our Predictive dialer ensures that Agents connect with real people, which translates into more productive time.

Predictive dialing is often used in call centers. Tool designed to automatically make calls progressively and / or predictively, which maximizes the cost through an increase in the efficiency of use of the agents’ time.

With good tools, a call center can double the productivity of outgoing telemarketing operators.

A predictive dialer is a very powerful tool used by Call Centers. Basically it is an application that allows the automatic and massive dialing of a list of telephone numbers using algorithms to reduce the time that agents spend on hold and at the same time minimize the number of calls that are answered and can not be answered by an agent.

The difference between one predictive dialer and another is how far the operators’ productivity can go up.

A Predictive Marker increases the number of contacts of your agents, increasing their productivity. It reduces waiting times between calls and minimizes the number of calls that are not answered.

The difference between an automatic dialer and a predictive dialer, is that the latter keeps track of all calls and statistically predicts when a free operator is going to remain, and when to make the call and how many calls to make. As the campaign progresses, it collects data from the calls that are being made and modifies its statistical criteria to suit the duration of the call, the probability of success, etc.

Predictive dialing is one of the most widely used automatic dialing options, and Neotel offers the most complete set of predictive dialing capabilities in the market.

In the telemarketing campaigns, from a database, we try to contact by telephone with as many people as possible, to carry out a survey, call for a seminar, teleshopping, etc.

Predictive dialers allow call centers to algorithmically predict when agents will be available and how long it takes to answer calls. This process allows agents to obtain more live connections, significantly increasing their productivity.

Predictive markers can be used to support multiple simultaneous sales and marketing campaigns. Applications for predictive dialing vary widely.

Progressive marker

The progressive dialer is an automatic call launcher sequentially; that is, it performs the marking and is directly addressed to the agent.

System that automatically performs outgoing calls and transfers the attended calls to the agents, without approval to it.

In the progressive mode, the agent does not intervene in the dialing of the calls since they are automatically made, but the difference is that when the consumer answers, the agent will always be online. If the system is well programmed and planned, it can be very productive and efficient, achieving good results, because it allows to discriminate the types of response of the call, for example faxes, voice mailboxes, numbers that do not exist, etc. In addition, the conversation time of each operator is less so that the level of stress is also lower, making the procedures more effective. The progressive mode is ideal for telephone sales campaigns, so it is the most used in these cases. Like the Predictive Markers, the Progressive Markers are able to detect all types of events during calls, until getting to find a client available and apt to be communicated with our Agent.

This type of dialing calls when there is an agent available, being less aggressive than a predictor with its contacts but at the same time it has all the advantages of the detection of busy lines.

Progressive markers are usually very appropriate for Centers with low or moderate volume of calls, where they would not be able to gather enough information to reach reliable statistics.

Robot call

A practical case of using the Neotel Robot Call is when a company needs to give a specific message to a list of clients, so it passes the database with them to the Robot Call, records the corresponding message, and the system starts to call all customers simultaneously. As explained before, if necessary, there is an option for interaction with the client, in the sense that the client is asked something where a response is required via his telephone keypad (press a key), and the Robot Call system connects the call with an available agent that will deal directly with the client.

The Robot Call executes its task in the following way: it makes a number of massive calls and simultaneously so that they reproduce a voice message that has been previously recorded and even giving the option to the client that is called to press any option of your telephone keypad, for example, to be transferred (or not) with a commercial agent. The Neotel Robot Call has a main functionality which consists of distributing messages to a list of clients in an agile, economic and effective way.



What is Neotel’s advanced virtual PBX?

The virtual PBX is built with the Customer Service and Telemarketing services in mind.

By contracting the Neotel virtual switchboard we guarantee a substantial improvement in the performance of our call center company and the sales campaigns / Telemarketing

With Neotel the permanences disappear. When you hire us one of our services, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the service you can leave without any inconvenience for you. Similarly, from Neotel we are sure that once you try our solutions you will not want to change operator again.


click to call me back

With the virtual switchboard we can make calls between our offices in a much cheaper way. Besides, it does not matter where in the world your employees are. With the virtual switchboard are all savings.

Neotel’s advanced switchboard encourages call centers to achieve their goals in less time.

Save on your bill; never in the quality of service

Remember that, with the virtual switchboard, your agents may be working from their homes and as if they did from the office.

Through a username and password, Neotel gives you access to its complete telephony solutions ecosystem.

From your client panel you can perform actions such as setting up waiting calls, queues, waiting music, and a very long etcetera.

grabador de llamadas

The Neotel virtual switchboard is the only one that is updated with new improvements for customers

fax virtual

The Neotel virtual switchboard presents different modules such as:

It is for all the above that the Neotel virtual switchboard does not need investment in installation by the customer.

A company is always interested in saving on the bill. This, however, does not mean losing quality of service.


What is the difference between IP Telephony and conventional Telephony?

Basically, with IP Telephony, what we do is optimize our line of business in a better way.

With IP Telephony we improve communications and productivity of the company

If you still do not have IP telephony in your company, you should rethink things.

IP Telephony is more powerful than you think.

IP telephony is linked to the virtual PBX hosted in the cloud. With the switchboard in the cloud our company grows faster.

click to call me back

Thanks to IP Telephony and the Dialer, we save costs, we are more productive and in general we work better

The Voice IP is the enclave concept of the IP Telephony. If you are looking for an IP Telephony provider, you do not need to look for anything else. With Neotel you have the greatest coverage guaranteed.

No advanced knowledge is needed to use IP Telephony

If you still do not know how to install IP telephony in your company, call Neotel and we’ll get to work.

  • We verify your bandwidth to ensure that the quality of the calls will be ideal.
  • We advise you on whether to use our own Neotel softphone or if you prefer an IP terminal.

Whether you need to buy an IP phone or prefer to download a softphone application, we will advise you.

dialer o automarcador

Imagine your company working with IP Voice Telephony

Another peculiarity of IP telephony is the use of virtual fax. Without the need for physical fax machines, virtual faxing allows you to send and receive faxes in the same way.

Contract the Neotel virtual fax with the PBX. Call us and ask for prices

As simple as using an email account and an Internet connection. This is all you need to be able to use our virtual fax service for companies.

There are many reasons to use virtual fax:

  • Its reduced price for switchboard customers.
  • Mobility. No matter where you are, it is always available.

Never before has it been so easy to save money!

As soon as you request us you want to activate the virtual fax service, and you will be using it. This fast

If you are thinking of moving out of the office, the hassles of having to move your phone system with you disappear with the Neotel virtual switchboard.

Through the Network, the voice becomes data, and it reaches from a point of origin to a destination.

Fill in the contact form that appears on the web, or call us or if you prefer, send us an email. We will get your case as soon as possible.

IP telephony is based on voice over IP, which consists of transmitting the voice over the Internet.

Nowadays, IP telephony plans and virtual switchboards are the order of the day in companies. Neotel can offer everything you need.

Hire extra modules for your switchboard at your whim. Ask us about the modules for the Neotel PBX and you will be amazed.

If you need a Telecommunications company that specializes in switchboard services, call center software and CRM, Neotel is covered.

Ask for more information about our virtual switchboards

Either for a comfort or savings issue, do not continue postponing the migration to the virtual switchboard. Get rid of your obsolete physical switchboard once and for all and now hire the Cloud PBX with Neotel.

Give a more professional image.

The virtual switchboard is intelligent. It is designed in such a way that you will increase the talk time of your agents.

Set up a welcome message and music on hold for your customers.

Configure a menu of options so that users are transferred to the correct department within your company.

Important points of the Neotel switchboards:

  • Personalized welcome message
  • Queue waiting.
  • Redirection of calls.
  • Redirection according to schedules.

The virtual switchboards are presented as very useful services for companies of all sectors.

From Neotel we invite you to know more about our integral Telephony services.

SIP phones are affordable products for everyone.

Whether they are SIP phones, IP phones or softphones, they all transmit the voice over the Internet.

If you wish we can inform you about our IP phones at the best price

Contact us and we inform you without obligation.

PBX for companies

Once you try to make calls with the dialer, there is no turning back.

The guarantees of Neotel 2000

  • Professional installation of the click2call button on your website
  • 1 mes de prueba gratis sin ningún compromiso
  • Freedom: there are no permanency contracts
  • High quality IP telephony since 2000
  • Request a quote without any commitment


Whether you’re interested in predictive or progressive dialing, at Neotel we can help you

Give the best Customer Service possible.

Greater availability for your customers

fax virtual

For better customer service

Take advantage of Neotel’s call center tools.


In Neotel we have no competition

telefonía ip

With our software your call center can get everything. From massive sales campaigns, Telemarketing to Customer Service.


Is there a reliable virtual PBX company today?

The advantages of the cloud-hosted switchboards, or virtual switchboards, are endless. There is no doubt about that. But now we are faced with the problem of: And which company am I going to ask? Between so much competition it is not easy sometimes.

The call center administrators want to work under a system that is consistent with the times they run. This is clear.

It also requires working with a scalable system. Because not all call centers are the same. Each one will need specific tools.

centralitas pbx

Do not skimp on quality for your business. Highlight about your competition. Wide number of leads

But being up to date is not synonymous with wasting money. What’s more, just the opposite. With the PBX and VoIP by IP, companies save money from the first day of use. It is necessary to understand that in front of the physical telephone exchanges, the virtual switchboards always suppose a saving.

línea webrtc softphone web gratis

Neotel is a specialist in the sale of VoIP telephony and virtual switchboards

Are you tired of having that physical telephone switchboard, occupying space, within your company? And of having to pay expensive repairs to the computer when it breaks down? And the problems inherent in the management of the switchboard?

Neotel is the solution to all these problems.

Neotel is the best company of virtual switchboards. Based in Malaga, it offers global service

What you need is a powerful, reliable, scalable, intuitive to use switchboard that does not impose limitations, saving you money on the bill. And this is what Neotel offers you.

The cheap is expensive. And the most expensive is not the same as the best. We at Neotel never apply permanence to our hiring. And because? Very easy. We have long understood that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. When a great job is done, you do not need to create any permanence.

Is your company a big one? Or rather an SME? We do not care. In Neotel there is no client that we can not take. What are you waiting for to be part of our family?

centralitas pbx

Without commitments. Request a free custom quote now

There are many occasions where we find ourselves with users of virtual switchboards frustrated with their operators, and who come to Neotel with the hope that we can solve their situation.

Trust the virtual switchboard for Neotel companies

VoIP telephony means Voice over IP.

Move to the Voice VoIP (VoIP)

It does not matter the size of your company, nor the number of agent positions. We have an exclusive solution for you!

Neotel wants to be your Telecommunications Provider.

Do not skimp on the quality of your business. And work only with the best. Come to Neotel and you will not regret it.

The advantages of working with a 100% system in the cloud are endless

You do not have to keep paying such extremely high phone bills. It is in your hand only to change this. Everything starts by contacting us.

Help improve the image that your customers have about your business, break the geographical barriers and save money on your bill.

The switchboard does not have to be complicated.

Since 2001 we are installing virtual switchboards to customers all over the world

Doubts? We are here to help you solve them all. Send us an email or call us if you prefer.

At Neotel we look to the future, to implement solutions today

Your competitors have probably already migrated to the virtual switchboard. What do you expect to be next? Do not stay out of the market.

Neotel is synonymous with professionalism.

There is a new way to communicate. It’s called WebRTC. And Neotel has implanted it free for its clients

No need to install plg-ins allows you to make calls over the Internet.

WebRTC is a technology that allows you to make calls over the Internet and easily.

  • Maximum reliability and security.
  • Maximum audio quality
  • Maximum level of compatibility.

What is WebRTC? Web Real-Time Communication

Enable the web softphone (WebRTC) directly from your PBX panel

Make calls between employees faster and cheaper.

Do you still need more reasons to migrate to the virtual switchboard?

Any questions that you have in Neotel we solve them all.

Call Neotel. We are happy to answer your questions.

You no longer have an excuse to go to the Neotel switchboard

Save money internally within the venues.

With the Neotel control unit, the concept of geographical mobility comes into play.

Migrating to the PBX in the Neotel cloud we end up with barriers.

Never before has it been so easy for the virtual switchboard to reach the whole world. Take advantage of the advantages that are not few.


PBX for companies: call launcher, call center, Voice over IP, IP telephony and VoIP PBXs

Did you know that with Neotel there are no permanences? Never. So is!

With other Telephony providers, stays are imposed on customers. We at Neotel do not believe in the concept of permanence. We believe in satisfied and loyal customers. And is that when a company gives only the best service customers do not leave.

Do you already know what VoIP Telephony is?

Do not have a phone number yet? No problem. Neotel offers you line + phone number.

As IP Telephony makes use of the IP Voice you can use our system both in mobile and fixed:

  • Use of softphone By installing a softphone application we would already have everything we need to make calls over IP.
  • IP adapter linked to the conventional telephone.
  • VoIP phone It is a special phone for IP calls.

As you see there are different solutions. Surely one adapts to your company.

Are you in doubt about whether your Internet connection is compatible with IP Telephony? At Neotel we solve all of them. What if you call us now?

In any case, think that any type of connection to the Network is valid.

If you already have an Internet connection, you can start using VoIP Telephony.

Formerly with traditional telephony the calls were made through cable. Now with VoIP telephony, calls are made via the Internet.

Now you know something more about the requirements and what advantages IP Telephony brings:

  • You need to hire Neotel as your VoIP Telephony operator.
  • IP / Softphone / IP Phone adapter.
  • Internet connection.

Migrating to IP telephony has never been easier than it is today.

Neotel call center

Installing a call center is the best way to serve your customers in your business. Neotel develops customized tools designed for contact centers and call centers.

Customized solutions for companies

Call Centers and Contact Centers

With our tools you have the possibility to monitor real-time data that are of great interest to your call center.

With our software for call centers you will have:

Call center in the cloud

Our call center tools are hosted in the Neotel cloud and have been designed for SMEs and large companies, allowing:

  • Queue management in real time.
  • Progressive and predictive marking.
  • Call recording.
  • Reports and statistics.

An IP Telephony system saves large amounts of money to companies. Your agents do not need to be physically in the same place. It does not matter where in the world each one is. Our tools are still working.

Applications aimed at call centers

Our call center software is scalable and adapts to the needs of any company.

Neotel also offers media services for those who are interested. We highlight:

  • Custom applications.
  • Integration with third-party tools
  • Data center.

Neotel – your Telecommunications provider

In Neotel we offer services of PBX, call center software and CRM. Trust a company with more than 15 years of experience.

Learn more about call centers

The goal and the raison d’être of any call center is to get the maximum possible number of minutes in conversation with clients.

There are no limits with Neotel’s call center tools

From Customer Service, Telemarketing to mass sale campaigns. With our software your call center can get everything.

Do not be wrong or repent. Contract now the call center tools with Neotel

Thanks to the tools we offer call centers improve day by day, they learn from their weaknesses and overcome them.

For a better Customer Service

Greater availability for your customers

With our tools you ensure reliable customer service 365 days a year.

automarcador dialer

Do you need a progressive / predictive dialer?

We have no competition in Neotel. More than 15 years of experience in the sector endorse us. And since there is no permanence with us … Do you have something to lose? If you still have doubts after all this, we recommend that you do a Google search and look at reviews about our company and services.

Functionality and efficiency are fundamental aspects when hiring a VoIP exchange.

centralita voip

We have several solutions that adapt to all types of companies. We invite you to call us or send us an email if you prefer. He explains his personal situation and without any commitment he will receive a quote and all the necessary information. If you still have questions after receiving the information that we are going to send you, of course you just have to call us again. At Neotel we are more than happy to meet your needs.

Among our solutions, the most famous are:

  • The dialer
  • The virtual switchboard.
  • The tools for call center.
  • And the CRM.

Having a dialer in your call center company makes life happier. Guaranteed!


Control for your business with Neotel CRM

With Neotel CRM you are taking a comprehensive solution to control your business.

At Neotel we are very specialized in Telecommunication systems in general. However, companies with their communications are nothing if you do not have software that is able to manage all this information, compile it on the same platform, and that is easy to use, affordable and 100% functional. And it is right here where our CRM integrated with the PBX comes into play.

At Neotel we work very hard every day to be able to give you this CRM today without comparison. We have listened to our clients, annotated their requirements and needs, and analyzed the general CRM sector, to now know that our call center tools with CRM are unique.

Companies that need to be in constant communication day and night with their customers and that have an extensive client portfolio, are the most suitable for the use of Neotel CRM. However, this does not mean that CRM is a tool created for large companies. SMEs benefit in the same way with the use of this tool.

A call center company that is considered serious and respectable, surely uses Neotel’s CRM to manage its entire business.

Our call center tools platform works through modules that, as extensions or addons, are configured as the best virtual switchboard currently available.

We are convinced that with our software your company is going to take off in style

If you wish, request a budget now without any commitment. We will inform you about the Neotel CRM. You can see a free demonstration of how it integrates with our virtual switchboard. It is a 100% system hosted in our cloud so you do not have to worry about anything.

Reduce times, save money, … Is not this what we are all looking for? Well, Neotel is the answer to all your questions. You just have to request a free demo. Honestly, you have nothing to lose. And we are sure that you will be delighted.

The star tool of Neotel is its CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Integrating our switchboard with the CRM has been the best of the successes.

Under the same platform. All the power of unified CRM and hosted in the cloud

Contact us Before you can imagine you can be taking advantage of our tools.


Compare virtual PBX

When migrating from a physical PBX to a virtual PBX it is necessary to know a series of details.

IP PBX, that rare concept

With the IP PBX the voice is sent converted to data through the Internet.

It is a 100% scalable system.

If you already have a phone number. you do not need to lose it. As easy as making a portability. And nothing more.

The IP VoIP switches are all advantages and disadvantages for the company

Beyond your price you need to know the characteristics of the IP Voice and what this technology can do for your company.

At Neotel, if we know anything, it’s IP Voice Telephony. What are you waiting for to call us?

By contracting a PBX what is intended is to gain in comfort and efficiency.

Being in a hurry to hire a switchboard company does not usually work out well. It is better to take time to research online user references about each of the services of the different IP Voice operators that currently exist.

Neotel puts at your service the best virtual switchboard

The virtual PBX is composed or operated by modules. These can be deleted or added at the customer’s whim. Each module provides extra functionality to the system that makes it more powerful.

Companies that sell switchboards there are many, many. There are more affordable prices and others less. Some are more reliable, others not so much. Ensures that you are hiring a professional company with extensive experience in virtual switchboards.

At Neotel we are capable of facing any situation. No matter the size of your company, where you are or the number of agents. We have the capacity to spare you to give you the best coverage.

Search, compare, and at the end is Neotel

As you can see there are several aspects to consider when hiring a virtual switchboard.

Some other aspects to consider

More things you need to know

Trust the Neotel cloud exchange

There is no reason to think that this is an unstable technology.

More and more call centers choose to migrate to the PBX

Do you need a VoIP PBX?

Neotel is your Telecommunications Provider par excellence. We understand the needs that call centers have to face every day. We are specialized in providing solutions to these problems.

If you still do not work with a virtual switchboard hosted in the cloud with Neotel, you need to call us today. We want only the best for your call center company, just like you.

Cloud Virtual PBX – The Neotel virtual switchboard in the cloud

Nothing more than the reduction in costs and it is worthwhile to migrate with Neotel.

Surveys of Telemarketing, Spy & Whisper, Call recording, Click 2 Call Me Back, Virtual Fax, etc.

  • Without installation or maintenance.
  • There are no geographical limitations.
  • Give a more professional image to your customers.
  • Scalability
  • Easy to use.

We are the # 1 provider in virtual switchboards

Have you already looked for references in Google to see what our customers say?

We are the best provider of VoIP PBXs in the market.

If you have any questions please contact our advisors.

We are ahead of the future, to offer you the best technologies in Telecommunications today

You will not want your competitors ahead of you, right? Call Neotel, we will inform you without any commitment. You have nothing to lose.

Not all virtual switchboard companies are the same. Our quality is the reason for being for Neotel.

WebRTC line

Have you ever dreamed of making real-time communications, from the web browser itself, and without the need to install any kind of plug-in? This is possible with the WebRTC lines that Neotel offers.

No need to install anything, just using an Internet connection. This is what you need to start making calls through WebRTC,

WebRTC is a reality. And you should be interested

  • Rated as reliable and safe by users.
  • Maximum audio quality
  • Open source technology

Are you willing to make your life easier? Do you want to hire Neotel’s virtual switchboard?

Be in direct communication with your employees and customers.

Do you need more reasons?


Send an email to and ask for the options in switchboards and how we can help you.

You call us We will solve all your doubts

Start saving money with internal calls!

Thanks to the PBX you can forget the problems of whether your headquarters and delegations or workers are not located in the same geographical area.

centralita voip

With the PBX we break all these limitations.

Do you need a softphone? We propose something even better: hire a WebRTC line now.

grabación de llamadas

Move to the Neotel switchboard. And take your business off the ground.


Call Center CRM for your company

Our information management software (CRM) is affordable for all audiences. With the integration of the switchboard + the CRM Neotel presents the definitive solution to take the most absolute control of all the information of your company. Among our call center tools we highlight:

Progressive marker
Predictive dialer
Robot Call

Our call center software is the dream of every SME. Get to increase your sales and maximize productivity in your business with the Neotel call center software, a powerful tool for all types of businesses that stands out for its possibilities and ease of use.

Because all the software is hosted in the Neotel cloud, you do not have to worry about any maintenance. In addition, you will be working with a 100% secure and supervised platform in real time.

Do you want to maximize the productivity of your company with the CRM Call Center?

If you still have doubts about whether our CRM is for your business or not, we invite you to contact us and our team of professionals will be more than willing to answer your questions.

With the Neotel CRM call center the possibilities are endless

With the CRM call center you can have all the information related to your customers in an organized way.

The operators of the call center will have an easy, simple and intuitive tool to work their day to day.

Technology advances fast, and at Neotel we work very hard every day to move forward with it.

PBX + CRM for Call Center Telemarketing. Call Center Software

Trust Neotel professionals for your call center and you will not regret it. You just have to go to Google and look for references on Neotel. Hundreds of satisfied customers can not be wrong, right?

Whatever you need: VoIP PBX, IP Telephony, PBX, etc., at Neotel we can help you securely.

Neotel is the leading provider of IP Telephony since 2001. Located in Malaga, they offer their Telecommunications services globally.

Aimed at companies that need to optimize productivity and organize the information of their customers or Leads, the Neotel software is the definitive solution.

If your call center is serious for you, you need to hire our tools now.

The virtual switchboard is formed by modules that have been developed to measure always taking into account the needs of our customers, which makes it the most powerful switchboard solution in the market today.

Enhance your company with Neotel call center software

Request a quote now without obligation.

When Neotel developed our application kit in its day, it took the idea in mind to help companies save money.

Neotel offers the best possible integration between the switchboard and CRM. With data and voice transmission services with incomparable quality.

Call center tools

Neotel links all the power of the PBX with mobile devices.

Integrating our CRM to your current virtual switchboard is very easy with Neotel.

Software for Telemarketing

All the power of the CRM integrated with its virtual switchboard and working under the same Web platform

Applications aimed at contact centers

Contact us now and start enjoying the advantages of Neotel for your call center business

Integrate all your customer data with CRM

Would you like to see a free demonstration of how our tools work? Call us and request a test.

Surely you have ever needed to call all your customers to transmit the same message. It is not like this? Well now with the Neotel Robot Call this task has been simplified a lot. Robot Call loads a list of clients that we have previously entered through a database and is responsible for making calls in a fully automated way and play a voice you want. In addition, if necessary, this same software will connect a client with an agent that is available.

Carrying out automated campaigns is now possible with the Robot Call.

Robot Call for call centers

Increase your agents’ time in conversation with our software tools.

Take advantage of the power of our call launchers.

Call center tools

Call launchers that integrate easily within your virtual switchboard


Contact Neotel and hire our call center solutions now.

Learn more about our call center tools

Hire a pack to suit you.

Software for Telemarketing. Progressive, predictive and Robot Call dialer

The best applications to manage a call center

The software is intelligent. Maximize the time your agents are in real conversation with your clients. Only when a customer picks up the call, the software that is intelligent automatically connects with an available agent.

Call Launcher Robot Call

More automated campaigns with Neotel.

Every day more call centers call Neotel to modernize their company. Now you could be the next.

Get a complete organization of the information in your company

To hire Neotel is to hire professionalism

No matter the size of your call center or contact center. We have tailored solutions for all

Use a single Web platform to manage your call center. It ended up managing thousands of different tools!

We have been studying the Telemarketing sector since 2001 and, we are very proud of what we have achieved

Companies from all over the world communicate with their customers using the Neotel IP Telephony system.

Help us improve your company

With dozens of modules, your telephone exchange takes a leap like never before imagined.

Growing companies use our tools.

Saving resources is possible. We assure you. You just need to contact us.

Installing a call center is the best way for your company to be able to serve its customers.

Una solución para cada empresa

Call Center and Contact Center

You can also monitor real-time data that are of great interest.

Call center virtual

telefonía ip

Our call center tools are adapted to SMEs and allow:

  • Queue management in real time.
  • Automatic call launcher.
  • Recording of calls.
  • Reports and statistics.

With our call center tools comes mobility. This means that it is not necessary anymore that their agents are physically located in the same place.

Software call center

In Neotel we also offer a series of customized services:

  • Custom software
  • Software integration with 3rd.
  • Data center services.

Discovering the concept of IP Telephony

We at Neotel have been offering IP telephony services since 2001

IP Telephony is based on Voice over IP which consists in transmitting the voice transformed into data through the Internet.

Simply put: IP Telephony is ‘Internet Telephony’.

Advantages of SIP VoIP Telephony

In Neotel our department. Customer Service will be happy to answer your questions about this technology. Just need to call us, send us an email or fill out the contact form.

IP Telephony works by connecting an ORIGIN point with a DESTINATION point, transmitting the voice over the Internet.

One of the main advantages offered by VoIP Telephony is mobility. If tomorrow we need to move from office, our internal telephone will move with us.

If you still do not work with Neotel’s Virtual Fax, keep reading

The main advantages of this service that Neotel offers to all its customers are: its reduced price and ease of use.

Why should you install a virtual fax in your office and get rid of your traditional fax machine ?:

The Virtual Fax system is 100% mobile. It accompanies you wherever you go.
Via the Neotel virtual pbx, we can get the Virtual Fax service at a very low price.
To work with Virtual Fax you only need an Internet connection and an email account. And nothing more. Yes, it is that simple!

We saved having a physical fax machine in our company.

Having the Virtual Fax tool for our company will be a great help and will facilitate the day to day. And is it not just about getting this?

The Virtual Fax is very easy to use

To know in more detail how Neotel’s Virtual Fax works, we recommend that you contact us through any of the aforementioned ways, as this way our team of professionals will be able to explain more clearly all the functionality and peculiarities of this magnificent tool.

If in your company you are looking to save money and not have to invest now in a fax machine, the Neotel Virtual Fax is without a doubt what you need.

What do I need to start using VoIP services?

Keep in mind that without an Internet connection it will not be possible to use VoIP or VoIP technology. You can also buy one of the terminals that we offer from Neotel and that comply with all the advanced advantages so that your company can take advantage of Voice over IP to the maximum. However if you do not want this you can simply download a computer application (softphone).

If you have doubts about whether your company meets the necessary requirements to use Voice over IP you can call us right now and from here we can verify that this is so.

  • You need to hire a VoIP operator. Neotel is your solution.
  • IP Phone or Softphone.
  • The speed of the connection to the network also influences. Ensures enough bandwidth to ensure that the quality of the calls is the best.

Centralita Virtual IP

Starting to use Voice over IP is easier than you think

Today we hope that this article has been a little clearer what are the requirements to enjoy the VoIP service.

Get to know the launcher Automatcador

By hiring an IP virtual pbx for our company we are getting a number of advantages. With an IP virtual switchboard we can customize the incoming and outgoing calls of our company.

The virtual IP switchboard is more powerful than you still think.

fax virtual

If even in your company you do not have a VoIP virtual switchboard system, you are undoubtedly losing productivity.

telefonía ip

The virtual IP switchboard improves productivity and communications in the company

Use the virtual switchboard to optimize your business.


VoIP service: between which options to choose?

The VoIP service is mainly characterized by the multiple functions it offers to the companies that acquire it, becoming the strategic ally of the functioning of the communications of every company, and focusing its efforts in providing the best support service to telemarketers and workers in general.

Nowadays, it is necessary to have many options that not only provide us the ability to communicate, but that communication must be effective and optimal and, added to this, provide diverse options to go further with the client and forge ties indispensable for the quality of proportion of a specific service.


There are many options to choose from, but keep in mind that with the Neotel VoIP service, you are going to play it safe


servicio voip

International numbers, the option of CRM, automatic redial, corporate calendar, multi-conference and virtual fax, are the incredible options that the VoIP service has for you. What you should always keep in mind for the choice of these options, is undoubtedly the needs of your company with the main reference of its size or the total of customers or users, workers, agents, telemarketers and others, with which account.

This is important because only then will you know which are the functionalities that best suit it. If your company is powerful, you can choose to involve all your options within your service, since all of them work very well at the same time if you have to cover a large part of your company’s communications thanks to these.

fax virtual


On the other hand, you can choose to involve within the VoIP service that you acquire, in case your company is medium-range, the options of CRM, automatic redial and even, virtual fax (the international number will depend on whether it is useful or not). ). These options will be comfortable to provide important support in communication and provide optimal service in it.