Call center software: solutions, alternatives and everything you need for your customer service company

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As is well known, companies that are responsible for providing support or customer service will always need technological aids. With the passage of time, these technological aids have evolved in such a way that they are established as potential reinforcements to the work carried out by callcenter operators and agents.



The call center software that Neotel brings to you will guarantee that you, your telemarketers and / or agents, can perform their work even with advanced technology from anywhere in the world, decentralizing and blurring the idea of a unique place of work.


Can I have my agents connected regardless of the geographical location where they are located?


If possible. Thanks to the call center software that Neotel has for you, you can make and receive calls through a data network with which the only thing you will need is a stable Internet connection and a computer or any electronic device.


You can for example predict the time of each call for each of your agents by using the predictive dialer option, or answer as many calls as possible to your team of professionals, and / or use the robot call to send messages from welcome, unfold options menu, or transfer the respective calls to the operators that will attend the case in greater depth.

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IP PBX: A whole world of possibilities without access restriction

We already know many of the advantages of acquiring an IP switchboard service, since it consists of a wide service, of numerous functionalities and, what is even more striking, is the capacity that has, by its simple interface, to adapt to all types of companies and demands specific to the services that they must provide to users.


From this it also derives that, since the IP PBX is a versatile and comfortable service, it works much more efficiently and does not represent a major problem that requires some kind of maintenance or repair, since everything is stored on the web and it has a very beneficial access through the use of a user and established password.


Is it true that an IP PBX offers professional features under an easily accessible platform?

As mentioned above, the IP PBX has easy access, where the service provider, which in this case is Neotel, provides its customers with a username and password so that they have access to the full operation of the same, allowing both you as its agents, manage the information pertinent to the information and database of the clients, in this way, to be able to carry out the advice, follow-up, control and resolution of the specific case.


Being able to access the IP switchboard through a user and password facilitates the agents’ development in the various functionalities that this potential tool grants to all users.

Also eliminating aspects such as hardware, cabling and other physical devices, we will have a much more comfortable, affordable and effective system, where what is prime is the productivity of teleworkers, and the timely and quality attention that we can provide to customers or users.

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Telephone switchboard: when the validity expires

The telephone exchange consists mainly of a system characteristic of the operation of the companies in charge of communication. It can be said that this is one of the oldest systems and has some essential requirements for its operation.


Many companies that have acquired this system over the years, realize the multiple requirements that it has, since they have denoted excessive costs of installation and maintenance of complex equipment that, compared to the virtual switchboards, are less optimal, effective and of recommended quality.


The telephone exchanges then, being the traditional ones, will need physical connections and accesses by a certain provider, which generates a series of costs and permanence clauses that this time specifically provider, and which are usually uncomfortable for users and / or customers and, therefore, for the owners of these companies responsible for customer service and telemarketing, which are the main users of these services.


Do the physical requirements and the wiring in general denote a higher quality within the system of the telephone switchboard?


The use of hardware, specialized equipment and a large amount of wiring, requires extensive facilities that in turn involve the costs of a group specialized in the management, operation and maintenance of each of these components.


Many of the functionalities that a software team or a virtual switchboard can offer, do not offer them easily and in the same way a telephone switchboard, since their functions are much more limited due to the complexity of each of the devices required for its operation .


This makes a telephone exchange lose little by little the validity it had until a few years ago, as the technology gradually adds functions that are much more complete, efficient, optimal and that require less time, less space and a saving in significant costs.

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How to choose the software for call center that best suits the needs of my company?

In a previous article, we mentioned what are the different options of software for call center that Neotel gives you with the possibility of a safe and comfortable access through the use of username and password.


As mentioned before, the types of software for call centers that you will find in Neotel are: progressive dialer, robot call and predictive dialer. All of them bring with them call handling and management options for the main needs of the agents, the call center coordinator and their respective clients or users.


The robot call focuses on providing or receiving basic information in a call transferred in the future to an agent that is responsible for taking on a specific problem or issue. The progressive dialer is responsible, in turn, for assigning calls to telemarketers that are free, as a means of optimizing agents’ time and the possibility of covering a greater number of calls.

And the next of the types of call center software that corresponds to our list, is the predictive dialer, which is in the ability to predict through the use of statistics, the duration of calls and the time it will take teleoperators attending the different cases.


The types are clear, now, how to choose the most appropriate one?


It can be said that everything depends on the number of workers who are inside your company and the corresponding number and respective customers or users to whom these agents can provide timely and correct attention.


Being a company of moderate magnitude, you can make use of a robot call, since the progressive and / or predictive marker, they serve for companies with more robust wingspan and, in case that the company is very big, you can make use of the three software options for call center.

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What is the dialer and how can it be used optimally?

The dialer, better known as a telephone dialer, unleashes a series of concerns for those who are thinking of acquiring this service as a key element for the operation of their company.



The conception of the dialer service for your company, will make your coverage faster and more effective to provide the best service to your contacts, users and customers regardless of the amount they represent.


How to reach my clients through the use of the dialer?


The delivery of specific information about a service or product to our customers or users, is the main goal we want to reach with the use of the dialer. We are in the right place, because, with this system, we can properly elaborate the message we want to transmit, counting on the best tool to achieve its distribution.


Using the dialer, it will become a clear commitment of your company to achieve the optimization in time, money and quality, of the campaigns you have in your possession, as well as the concept of reaching a greater number of people in order to raise the success rate for calls made.


In conclusion, the use of the dialer will become a vital instrument for your company and the image of professionalism that you wish to project.

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And if you change to the VoIP Switchboard, let yourself be surprised!

The VoIP PBX is a tool that brings millions of opportunities to make your customer service or telemarketing company improve their telephone service and with that, position their image.


Do not worry if your company is small, medium or large, or if the consumption that you make of calls is high or low, since with VoIP switchboard, you will have access to a bunch of possibilities and functionalities that we will expand next.


Characteristics and functionalities that the VoIP exchange gives me


Many of the advantages incorporated in the new communication technologies point to the decentralization of work in a specific place, such as the office. The Neotel VoIP switchboard incorporates this developed advantage, allowing agents or telemarketers that belong to your company and are traveling or at home, to work from there, without implying that the quality of the development of the activities with which they must comply and the quality standards to which they must comply must be broken at some point.

Presenting then as an evolution of the mobile office, the VoIP exchange will allow the entry and exit of completely free calls, allowing in the same way, the transfer of said calls, the option to put them on hold, etc. All thanks to the management of an entire system through its Internet connection.


Being able to have a system that allows to work in a flexible and optimal way, significantly saving the costs of systems or devices that would fulfill similar functions, is another of the subsidies that the VoIP exchange brings, since it revolutionizes the way of working in customer service or telemarketing, consolidating the quality of connectivity and the reduction of problems such as noise, echo, among other problems typical of conventional systems.

Call center CRM: customer management in one easy-to-use place

Many are the options that are presented to us when deciding what tools are necessary and indispensable to achieve an optimal management of everything that involves our company’s call center or customer service.


The CRM call center application that Neotel offers for you, is positioned as a primary aid to provide relevant, efficient and real-time management of customers or users of your company.


What improvements does the Neotel call center CRM application offer to my company and what does it contribute to the optimization of my employees’ working time?


The unification in a website of all the databases of your customers, the creation of customer files to be able to store absolutely the relationship of your company with them and vice versa, the power to manage information such as invoices, budgets, important documents that they involve authorizations, contracts, among others; and the recordings of calls that it holds with each one of its clients, are some of the multiple contributions with which the CRM call center tool of Neotel arrives. All this so that your company is positioned as one of the best both for the quality in the service, and for the speed and efficiency of it.

By having all this information stored in a single panel, all agents will have access to it and will be able to meet the explicit requirements of all calls, since by attending a respective client, you can display the file to know exactly what issues to address, what concerns to take into account and what options you can offer to that user.

In this sense, the CRM call center application will give professionalism to your company and staff, leaving your clients with a high level of satisfaction when solving the concerns or needs to be weighed by a product or service.

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Virtual call center: another way to manage the quality of your customer service company

The call center has evolved along with the new communication systems that unite humanity from different latitudes and that motivate and encourage them to always stay in touch. That is why, in order to develop a work that accounts for this technological development, you can find diverse and comfortable options that encompass the complex and complete virtual call center system.


The incorporation of this virtual call center application, which rests on the comfort and magnificence of the virtual world under storage in a specific web space, provides the team and the coordinator of a telemarketing and / or customer service company with the opportunity of carrying out multiple tasks around a database that facilitates the ordering of the factors present in said company, according to its corporate name, and the respective information of the users or clients.


If my company focuses mainly on conducting campaigns and offers of products or services per season, how does Neotel’s virtual call center help us?


When the main idea of a company is to work for specific campaigns, the virtual call center system will help you to optimize the time of your calls and, therefore, the productivity of your agents, allowing them to make more and more communications, contributing to a significantly higher percentage of the population covered by the campaign.

This, as a consequence, will bring the success of your campaign, since it also provides respective information to the sale that is being consolidated through the predetermined statutes in the database for the realization of said offer of services or products.

Being able to store information pertinent to the consolidation of the sale is also one of the options of this virtual call center system.

Call center virtual

Call center software: less complex, more affordable and better quality system

Tools to be able to carry out a correct performance of the own and recurrent activities in a call center, there are many, but without any doubt with the quality and solvency that the call center software of Neotel offers.


In this system of call center software, you can not only provide timely support to your teleoperators or agents so that they dedicate an optimal and quality service to users and / or clients, but you will be able to count on the technical support that you provides a team of people who are behind, in the design of this wonderful software to provide you with the support and facilitate your experience in the use of this great tool.


Users through a pleasant and intuitive interface will be able to easily find help for what they require, and regardless of whether their knowledge is advanced in this universe of technology or not. With the call center software, the contact between users and agents will be more friendly, in such a way that the communication is correct, accurate and optimal, in pursuit of the productivity of the employees, and of the quality provided to each person that requires our services.


Now, how effective is the Neotel call center software?


The three callcenter software options that Neotel brings you are those of: predictive dialer, progressive dialer and robot call. With these three extraordinary tools you can have an optimal performance within the call to your users or customers in order to offer the correct and optimal service. This will not only increase the quality offered by your company, but it will provide you with a more economical, agile and efficient support to achieve the objectives that your business proposes regardless of its corporate name.

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IP switchboard: beyond a switchboard

The IP PBX offers multiple benefits to its users, among which are speed, savings, flexibility and scalability.

Logically all these benefits are seen at the time of acquiring an IP PBX however it is important to name some of the features that this switchboard has for you.

Among those functionalities you can choose and adapt it in a way that suits your needs, those of your company, and those of your workers to, in that way, provide an optimal service as one of the best companies.


With what functionalities will I find myself when purchasing an IP PBX?


Each provider has a switchboard capable of fulfilling various functions, however, we will highlight those that are usually integrated in this system.

Call forwarding in case you can not answer because the line is busy, is one of the features that the IP PBX has. In the same way, you can acquire the highly recommended voicemail.


With the IP PBX, you have the capacity to manage the limits of calls, the maximum time of duration and some limits and restrictions designed specifically for simultaneous calls and depending on their origin.


Another feature offered by the IP PBX is the ability to record calls and their reproduction online. With this function, you can have all kinds of support, at the time you require it, to address the concerns and other aspects that users and / or customers demand.


Equally important, you can count within the IP PBX system, with call routing, with which you can distribute them according to specific variables of day, date, time, origin, percentage, etc.

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Telephone switchboard: essential aspects

The telephone exchange is one of the main tools to carry out any process in relation to customer service and / or telemarketing.


In this order of ideas, the telephone switchboard entails certain extra costs to be able to install, operate and support all those physical devices at the moment they require it. The costs of these devices almost always depend on the capacity they have, generating some kind of limitations for any rearrangement or restructuring of the operation of the companies.


What other aspects should I take into account regarding the telephone switchboard?


It is essential to consider that the entire physical structure of a telephone switchboard requires ample space, where voice dispatchers can connect to the internal network, so it has a telephone connection through cables that only support voice.


Another of the considerable characteristics, and that is generally considered as a limitation, is the permanence that is required with the operator that provides the specific service, since it is also assigned to costs that are usually excessive and greatly condition the user.


The telephone exchange will then be one of the most conventional forms of communication, which was very desirable in its time, but now has a series of technological contributions that have been relegated to a less favorable condition.

This does not mean that it is completely obsolete, but, in terms of technology, it has been left behind and, despite having sophisticated equipment of good quality, the little versatility it has and the requirements it demands are costly and less viable at the moment of thinking about the development of a company as such.

centralita Telefónica

IP voice switchboard: advantages of the technology applied to the current telephony of the customer service centers and / or telemarketing

IP voice switchboard, offers multiple benefits to its users, since it is offered with an effective and fast activation and its savings in terms of costs and flexibility in every sense of the word, make it a useful tool that must be yes or yes , in the operational system of any company focused mainly on telemarketing.


The IP voice switch includes call diversions if they are not answered by adding the voice mailbox at the end of those calls.

The recording of calls and the possibility of listening online, are very important tools that adhere to this interesting product.


Access the menu through the automatic management of calls, is another of the subsidies that you will find within the service of IP voice PBX, this management takes into account the destinations, speech recognition of keyword and natural language, allowing you to do even when you finish the call, automatic surveys.


If not for the virtual fax, and the direct, indirect and internal call transfer functionality, this IP voice PBX would not be the same, since these options position it without a doubt as one of the best call center tools you can find. in the market.


Do not stay without experiencing the multiple functions that IP voice PBX has for you.

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PBX control units: stable connectivity within reach, wherever you are

It is known that you need to be always in contact, that communications from long distances are increasingly common and that, thanks to technology and advances in science, various methods have been developed that, as PBX control units, actually improve The conditions of these communications are significant, making them transcend geographical borders, and allowing more and more the incorporation into a system that needs (if or if) connectivity at all times.


In the case of companies and businesses that have to establish constant communications with customers and users, it is very necessary to implement tools that allow them to make these communications, optimal, efficient and stable.


How to get all these benefits that I must implement for my company?


It is about obtaining PBX control units, a Neotel application that allows you to have a completely optimal voice and video telephone service, through the use of IP data.

This, undoubtedly, will allow you to have a more stable connection with your customers and users, and will guarantee a very high quality in terms of sound, since you will not have the main problems that usually arise with connections that require more complex installations and little simple.

This addition of PBX PBXs, in addition to being simple and efficient, will greatly allow access to a world of possibilities in the call, either incorporating welcome messages for their customers, a menu of options and a waiting audio system .


The PBX switchboards will have as added value, the solvency of guaranteeing for you and your company, the highest professionalism, capable even of providing your clients with an image of professionalism and quality regarding the internal functioning of your business and, consecutively, guarantee the quality of your product or service offered.

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Virtual switchboards for companies: professionalism at another level

It can be said that communications are a vital aspect within any social relationship. Therefore, companies have had to make an important investment so that the most common aspects of communications within it, are directly and concretely supported with various technological contributions.


That is why the virtual switchboards for companies have become essential, which have become an important foundation that solves a large part of the telecommunications processes, offering itself as a service with cutting-edge technology, which facilitates, compared to telephones traditional, their use, access, and maintenance.


Virtual switchboards for companies: multiple advantages without a permanence clause


The virtual switchboards for companies, will bring a significant number of functionalities, which will generate a greater coverage and support on the support, information and other concerns or needs presented by our customers and / or users.

At the moment you want to acquire the services of virtual switchboards for companies, you can have them installed in a couple of hours, quickly managing their various functions without needing a specific or technical knowledge in this regard.

centralitas virtuales para empresas

Virtual switchboards and the multiple benefits they have for you

The virtual switchboards that Neotel offers especially, are a crucial tool for the correct operation and operation of our customer service center, because, thanks to these, we can provide much more accurate solutions to our customers by accessing information pertinent to the existing relationship with them, denoting a specific knowledge of each situation that is presented to us.


Incorporating Neotel’s virtual switchboard system is therefore the first recommendation to follow, since you can have, through a simple and affordable application through a username and password, thousands of possibilities to perform a correct management of your customers’ information, use professional software that supports the work of your teleoperators by providing quality and efficiency to the performance of their work.

Likewise, each agent can link the call to the specific file of the client to know the reasons why he has previously called and who has attended and thus provide timely assistance to their requests.

centralitas virtuales

Comparison of virtual switchboards: many options on which to decide

Many wonder how to make a comparison of virtual switchboards, and, in fact, there are several features that must be taken into account to be able to do an adequate process, taking into account that you must mainly handle a table that allows you to make a specific assessment and deep of each of the options presented to you.


What features are important to make a correct comparison of virtual switchboards?


One of the aspects that should not be missing when making a comparison of virtual switchboards, is to consider how many extensions it offers, how many simultaneous calls it can support, if it presents functions such as: divert calls, routing, digital receptionist, voicemail , recorder and recording management, central phone book, call transfer, intercom or call queues.


Another important aspect to take into account to execute a comparison of virtual switchboards, is the way in which, from the administration console based on a web, you can have provisioning of devices automatically. A clear example of this will be the real-time status report of the system, with which both you and your agents will have access to important customer and / or user call data, and provide adequate support for your requests.


In the same way, it is important that in the comparison of virtual switchboards, elements of necessary use are analyzed, among which are the extension of Click2Call, virtual fax, conference calls, reception of voice messages via email, among others.

comparativa de centralitas virtuales

CRM Telemarketing: more than a database

For many it is known that the CRM telemarketing tool that Neotel brings, becomes an optimal interface for the proper functioning of a telemarketing or customer service company.

The CRM telemarketing of Neotel has the facility to operate within a web through a stable data connection, which will allow you to have at all times and place the complete control of your company. In the same way, it will be a support for the correct fulfillment of each one of the work activities that its agents or telemarketer must execute considering that they will also have complete access to this database with the ability to read in real time the files of each user or client to be able to provide correct and optimal information regarding the needs that are present.

In the same way they will be able to know who was the person that previously attended the calls and they will be able to have a complete history of the company client relationship.


What other options do I have with CRM for telemarketing?


In the databases mentioned above, where the technical file of each client is located, you will have access to all the most important information.

In case you or your client require it, and depending on the privacy policies of your company, you can access the recordings of the calls that are kept with him, as well as the notes written by customer service knowing the person and the day that said note was made.

By incorporating the CRM telemarketing system you will provide your client with a professional image, since everything you deal with will be done in the first person with the information provided above.


Send and receive Virtual Fax: explanation of the operation

Within the Virtual Fax service that Neotel has for you, we present you the ways you have to give it an appropriate use and that adapts to the needs that you and your company demand.


Options to send and receive Virtual Fax with Neotel


With the virtual fax service that Neotel brings, you can have different possible numbers, be they national or international. This service is available in more than two hundred countries, transcending any geographical barrier, so you can receive the fax you need quickly and efficiently.


If all these options are not indifferent to you, do not forget to contact Neotel, who gives you optimal guarantees so that you decide to use the Virtual Fax service, providing you with a free trial month and budget without commitment, professional installation, freedom thanks to the absence of a permanence clause, and many more possibilities.

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Technology available to everyone: know the Virtual Call Center

The virtual call center, every time takes more force due to the important support that offers the use of new technologies, the power to own specific programs to fulfill the functions of service to the client, without this generates excessive costs or that involves the acquisition of equipment that over time can become obsolete and lower performance for the company.


How does the Virtual Call Center help in Customer Service?

Call center virtual


The virtual call center becomes a strategic ally to develop the work demanded by a telemarketing or customer service company, since it is coupled with the work of telemarketers to produce much better results, optimizing the time of the calls so that the Agent’s time is productive.

Beyond even the productivity in time of the workers, it is also important not to make it lose to our customers, so that it fully expresses the commitment and responsibility that you assume with your users and, with them, you can show a greater professionalism before them, being those who rate your service and position it. This is a benefit that undoubtedly brings you the virtual call center.


Being thus in this way, it is necessary that you always think about how your company is growing to incorporate these virtual call center systems, in such a way that they allow you to make an optimal management of customer information, make more calls of better quality and in less time than if you had conventional call center elements and that they may err on the expiry date and restrict the various options that a technological aid can provide.



IP Telephony: Reinventing telephony, creating a universe of possibilities

Many wonder what are the advantages of having IP telephony, and the truth is that these benefits are increasingly large, while providing a specific service that adapts to the needs and requirements of each of the companies responsible for working in the field of telemarketing or customer service.


One of the many advantages offered by IP telephony is that it does not need cables or specific hardware, so it works from a data network in order to reduce the costs of installation, operation and maintenance of these devices.

IP telephony is here to stay for a long time, standing out from traditional telephony thanks to the multiple functions it offers that have generated, without a doubt, a great revolution in the world of telecommunications.



Which companies and what services can IP telephony cover?


The truth of IP telephony is that it has great versatility, which provides various services that serve different sectors and aspects. Everything will always depend on what the person in charge of the company requires, knowing perfectly its internal functioning.


IP telephony is mainly characterized by having a virtual number, which is similar to the traditional one, except that it is not associated with fixed lines, and which has as a fundamental advantage the ability to divert calls that come from all types of lines independently. if they are mobile, fixed or IP.


From the multiple benefits of the use of IP telephony, we can rescue its functionalities ascribed to intelligent management and that, in addition, gives the possibility of generating various statistical reports, with which you can create important data about the calls you have received or accomplished.


Types of dialer dialing: solutions in your hands

The dialer has become an important tool for companies or companies that want to make a large number of calls or messages, referring to a specific campaign in order to negotiate with a product or service, or simply provide information regarding these.


Here we bring you some of the options that the dialer brings and that Neotel has designed for you, which will surely serve to incorporate them as your right hand within the company. It is necessary to clarify, that you must choose them according to the basic needs of your company, so that they acquire a useful and adequate use, optimal to provide any service.


What types of autodialer or dialer exist in Neotel?


The options of dialer with which you can find in Neotel, are the automatic dialing, the progressive dialing, the predictive dialing and the preview.


The option of automatic dialing, on the other hand, consists of sending constant calls by configuring a specific broadcast frequency that you can control as manager of the operation of your company.

The progressive dialing (another of the options of the dialer system), is activated according to the availability of the agents and allows the system is pending which telemarketer is free to transmit the corresponding call.

Predictive dialing, on the other hand, optimizes the contact ratio, through the release of statistical data during the call, which allows to statistically predict the moment in which an operator will be free, and even, with the results that it throws, will be able to know how much Success will have such a call.


As you can tell, the dialer is very complete and will allow at all times to provide efficiency and success to the tasks performed by its teleoperators, positioning your company within the market.


A help that never goes beyond: Progressive dialer, an easy, convenient, accessible and optimal solution for your telemarketing company

We know the multiple ways in which the different technological contributions, contribute in a forceful and representative way to the operation of the companies mainly responsible for fulfilling the functions of customer service in general.


The progressive dialer that Neotel offers us, on the other hand, is a convenient tool that is very easy to access and whose cost is reduced significantly if we take into account that all the information in databases that we provide, is found virtually.

Added to this, the progressive dialer system is characterized by being a “turnkey” service, which you can coordinate from any point, monitoring one by one and in real time, the work of your teleoperators.


What functions does the progressive dialer have for my telemarketing company?


The Neotel progressive dialer helps to optimize the time of your telemarketers in the calls they must make or answer, since it consists mainly of a dialing system that detects immediately the moment in which an agent is available, and transfers a call without prior authorization, which is intended to reach a significant number of calls in the day to cover the high demand that is generated.

In turn, the progressive marker allows the results to be optimal in terms of time efficiency, thanks to the discrimination of types of call response such as: numbers that do not exist, voicemail, or faxes. Allowing then that the calls that arrive are really important and the requirements of the clients are fulfilled in a prudent time.


That is why it is necessary to use the Neotel progressive marker, an optimal resource at your fingertips.


Software call center: know a little more

There has already been talk about the call center software, and the important contribution it means to the improvement in performance and optimization of the time of any company dedicated to telemarketing or customer service.


Among its main contributions, offered mainly by Neotel, we find the robot call, the progressive dialer and the predictive dialer. Three important automated call launchers developed with versatility in mind as a special requirement for the attention to the different cases that arise with potential clients and users, the optimization of the agents’ time and their occupation in deep and relevant aspects at the moment of the call, and the general and complete understanding of each of the specific aspects of the clients, seeking the professionalization of your company and the clear commitment to an optimal and quality service.


Is the software call center the best option for my customer service company?


The answer will always be yes, not only because of the benefits that your company has, but also because it is easy and economical for your pocket. With the call center software that Neotel offers, your company will position itself as one of the best and its quality standards will be primarily due to professionalization in terms of managing the information of its users and / or customers, and optimizing the work of its employees who, supported by a better quality software, will undoubtedly develop a more effective work.

Aplicaciones para call centers

Added to this, do not forget that the most important thing regarding the objectives of companies in charge of telemarketing, are focused on communicating with potential clients and users of a service, to whom the best quality must be provided so that they are the ones who They are in charge of positioning the name of your company, due to the human, logistic and technological quality of it.