Choose the best virtual switchboard

You have chosen the virtual PBX as the communications service option for your company.

If so, when choosing your service you should consider several details that go beyond the experience and reputation of the company providing the service. What are these details?

Desired features in your virtual switchboard

Clearly when choosing your service it is essential that you have clear the needs of your company and according to them choose your service. But, in a general way, we can tell you that there are certain traits that you should not fail to consider:

– Make it a virtual switchboard service that does not require you to invest large amounts of money and you can hire only the time you need. That is, it really is a virtual service, does not require expensive facilities, and that allows you to give up the service when it is pertinent.
– Likewise, you should opt for a switchboard that provides remote assistance, but also allows you to manage it online.
– Clearly, if you want to choose the best switchboard you should opt for the one that presents advanced features without requiring you to perform any installation.
– For example, within the desired functionalities are the call me back service that allows you to request information immediately by means of connection. You can also find the virtual fax or the famous telemarketing survey tools.
– Other well-known tools for conducting advanced telemarketing surveys that are very attractive features and of great benefit to the company are the statistics of the incoming calls as well as the recording of the same ones.

Spy & Whisper Neotel

In reality, the functionalities to choose are many (SPY & Whisper, mobile integration, signaling extensions, verification, queuing positioning, meeting room, etc) and therefore before becoming a virtual switchboard service it will be necessary to be clear what That you need and want to get from the service.


Benefits of VoIP PBX

When opting for the service of the voip switchboard should be clear that this is one of the best investments since it has a service with excellent functionalities, similar to those of the advanced virtual switchboards, but without having to use large amounts of money for that.

Now, depending on the company that provides the service you will be able to find options that require you to comply with periods of permanence, but if the service is really good, you will probably not be required to do so.

Points in favor of the voip switchboard

Considering the above you will surely want to know more about the advantages that this service presents. Among them the most outstanding are the following:

– The VOIP service represented for all the companies a great saving when making use of a switchboard and is that it is not required to spend the money on hardware.
– On the other hand, the services or functionalities are totally controlled by means of control panels very simple to handle. In addition, the advances in this service have allowed to integrate these panels to the smart phones.
– It is important to emphasize that when choosing a voip switchboard with a company of maximum quality you will be able to put together your service with what you really need. Thus, if you require a fax you can access the virtual fax for sending via the internet. If you do not need it simply do not request it.
– On the other hand, common functions such as international numbers are also presented. CMR, automatic redial as well as corporate agenda management.

Finally, it is essential to clarify that the most advanced and requested functions of this service include voicemail, call queuing, call diverting, self-attendance as well as the conference call option.


Improve communication systems with IP Telephony

With the Neotel virtual PBX the voice is transmitted through the Internet. This is called VoIP (Voice over IP). Afterwards, the cloud call center in this same company allows large savings of money, with all the power of a system hosted in the virtual cloud. The virtual switchboards are a service for companies, so that they have the same characteristics of a conventional telephone exchange, only saving large amounts of money.

At Neotel we offer support for all types of communications over the Internet, being specialized in Ip Telephony and Voice over IP (VoIP). Many companies around the world use Neotel’s virtual switchboard and call center software, and save money every day thanks to this.

IP Telephony services typically include features such as repeat and return calls, call transfer service, call waiting services and caller ID.

Through IP Telephony a user can make calls from any point with an Internet connection. Because this communication system transmits the voice through the Network, it is the ISP (Internet Service Provider) service itself that is in charge of the management of the whole system. Which means less headaches for the user.

Economically, a call through IP Telephony is always cheaper than a traditional call. This is because it uses the same Network for voice and data transmission.

Telefonía IP

Today the vast majority of companies use IP Telephony for their communications. And also for internal communications within the company. Now these two worlds, the one of the transmission of voice and the transmission of data, are unified.

Potential Advantages of an IP Telephony System

Integrating voice and data in a unified way through an IP protocol, IP Voice, is without a doubt the way to go and where to look.


Save on your international calls with Secure VoIP Telephony

In a short time the use of voip telephony will eliminate the need for booths and physical telephone exchanges.

As far as the cost of voip telephony is concerned, operators offer different options. Operators like Neotel offer great rates but also offer phones from multiple countries.

At the same time the advance of telephony has given voip telephony with greater security. Communications are now more secure thanks to secure encryption systems.

Calls are safer

In times of crisis this system of telephony allows great savings compared to the old conventional telephone systems in terms of local and international calls. Technological development has favored the adoption of VoIP telephony. Broadband connections have helped to significantly improve call quality. In fact many companies use VoIP telephony to contact their customers.

Telefonía VoIP

Costs are reduced with VoIP telephony

With VoIP telephony you can get international calls at very low cost through the necessary software and via the Internet.


The ip telephony is a method of Internet voice transmission that supposes great savings of money to those who use it. Our system will be able to transform our voice into data and transmit this through the Internet to the target person.


The Benefits of the Virtual PBX for Your Business

Benefits of the virtual switchboard for your company

PBX offer a number of advantages and savings over old physical PBXs.


A virtual switchboard represents a saving in front of the physical telephone switchboards because there is no investment in hardware hardware.

Solutions for SMEs

PBXs provide small and medium-sized businesses with options such as: click to call me back, virtual fax, telemarketing surveys, incoming call statistics, dynamic signaling, meeting room, queuing, selective signaling, third party verification, Spy & whisper, call recording, etc. In addition, the switchboards adapt to the needs of all types of businesses.

Remote Work

Access to the office is possible from anywhere in the world.

The virtual switchboard is a great impact for companies helping to improve communications with their customers and internally among employees.

If you want to know more about virtual PBXs, contact Neotel now.

PBX switchboard

Our virtual switchboard works through the Internet. Therefore the access of the personnel is possible from anywhere in the world.

A virtual PBX is, therefore, a PBX that runs through the Internet and is hosted in the cloud, allowing workers to access and connect with it from anywhere in the world, and entails considerable economic savings for the company that works With this advanced system of Telephony.


WebRTC is transforming the call center

WebRTC basically allows us to get rid of headaches, achieve greater accessibility and more ease of use. And these are the things customers and agents want. Why not invest in WebRTC for your call center today?

WebRTC is a JavaScript API developed for the purpose of establishing communication functionality directly in your Web browser without the need to download plugins or clients. Thousands of Web browsers already support WebRTC; And also works on the most popular mobile devices.

Now customers can choose to interact with call center agents through social networks, email, web chat, phone, … No need to install additional add-ons, now agents are a click away from customers if These decide to connect through WebRTC.

WebRTC is known for making life easier and in a lot of situations. With WebRTC thousands of people every day in the world have meetings without having to install anything, and simply using their Web browser. Therefore, it should not surprise us that WebRTC is becoming more and more popular in the call center.


Sales and marketing tools for your SME: the virtual PBX

Quality and speed of care; This is the magic formula to increase the user experience and improve sales.

Not having a physical location but having a virtual pbx can be the image change your business needs. The customer who feels served by a company that has many extensions thinks that it is something important and great and this produces security.

No doubt the improvement in the user experience is the main advantage of a virtual PBX.

Improve the user experience with the virtual PBX

Thanks to the virtual switchboard we take care of Computer Technicians forever and ever. The virtual switchboard is extensively configurable according to our needs so it becomes a powerful tool.

With the virtual switchboard in your company, the number of unanswered calls is reduced considerably.

Effective and controlled

Providing good telephone assistance helps to promote a more professional image about our customers.

Improve your personal image thanks to the Neotel virtual switchboard

The switchboards help the entrepreneur and his company to grow. Expanding and reducing the number of extensions is very easy. You can configure your virtual PBX with as many extensions as you need.

Flexible growth

With the virtual switchboard we save on both time and money. Gaining productivity and mobility thanks to the virtual switchboard is possible, with Neotel.

The virtual PBX is cheaper than the PBX.

It’s easy to understand why more and more companies are moving to the virtual switchboard.

Save costs and time with the virtual switchboard

Multiple advantages for SMEs

The utilities of virtual PBXs in SMEs are many. The service they offer allows them to offer the best telephone service to the customer. Highlights of advanced virtual PBXs:

– Fax in your email
– Multi-Conference
– Call queue
– Call diverting via the VoIP PBXs
– Voicemail
– Autoatention, you can configure it personally from our panel

Multitude of configurable options

Neotel is responsible not only for the programming and commissioning of the service, but also for the resolution of possible incidents, security and maintenance.

The Neotel virtual switchboard is the most advanced system of telephone communication between the company and customers, and also among employees. The entire system is housed in the Neotel cloud.

Functional PBX PBX

Today in this article Neotel wants its followers to understand the advantages of the virtual switchboard against the traditional and obsolete physical telephone switchboards.

The virtual switchboard has been established as the best system to have in all types of companies, whether large corporate or small and medium enterprises.

It is a market like today so highly competitive for your company, it is necessary to stand out over others. And with Neotel and its switchboard is now possible.