Definitive Guide to Software Call Center

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The best call center management software: Neotel and its predictive dialer

Neotel’s call center software is very simple to use. With a management panel at your disposal the user has all the necessary tools to manage their call center. You just need to hire Neotel’s call center software.

Neotel offers agents around the world the best rates on calls. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to grow your business.

Do you have any questions about our call center tools? No problem. Contact Neotel and we will solve all your doubts.

Our software is intuitive and easy to use.

Our intelligent software predicts the best time to make calls and thanks to this we increase the productivity of agents by spending more time in conversation with customers.

When your agents use Neotel’s call center software, it’s just like giving them a super powerful tool with which to carry out mass marketing campaigns over the phone and that work.

Generate more sales in your SME with call center software.

How to choose the best call center software for your business

By hiring Neotel, call center representatives can monitor their agents and work remotely.

When it comes to hiring a software company call center, it is important to find one that is the best, looking and looking for online reviews to know the opinions of users about it. Rates are also important. Not always the most expensive means the best. As not always cheaper is stable over time.

Benefits of call center software

Today to masterfully operate a call center you need to hire a software dedicated specifically to this. Regardless of the type of business, all call centers in the world require the best management tools.

Thanks to the call center software with Neotel, administrators can see which of their agents stand out most for their value. And it is also useful when locating faults that always exist and so try to improve.

All these actions are carried out in real time. You will be able to know the ratio of incoming and outgoing calls. You will know when your agents are working or at rest along with all the information related to the active campaigns.

Those in charge can monitor calls in real time and even give instructions to the operator.

It makes the supervision of the agents very easy.

The call center supervisors know the importance of having a team of quality operators since a single broken link in the chain can lead to tragic situations the future of the company. Fortunately thanks to Neotel’s call center software, the call center manager can remotely even monitor everything going on wheels.

An advantage to take into account is the Telework, where thanks to this agents can perform their tasks without any inconvenience remotely from their homes. This has many advantages for our workers. And for those responsible for call centers. You know: a happy employee will generate more sales.

Moreover, thanks to telework, those responsible can hire operators from all over the world, thus choosing cheaper labor. And even if preferring to opt for local contracting, the responsible continues to save costs, not having to invest in computer equipment for operators who will work from their own homes.

Feel the flexibility to work with our call center software.

As a manager, having control of your call center from any point is a freedom.

Call center management software puts your business in the cloud so you can control it from anywhere. Seriously. You just need a computer and internet connection.

Robot call

Agents use call center management software to customize campaigns

The possibilities offered by hiring call center management software are unlimited for small and medium-sized businesses that want to make that leap in growth.

You can customize campaigns to your liking.

Businesses use cloud call center software to organize sales

Predictive dialing

Increases sales in the company with call center software

If you really want to scale your company and call center, with our software you can.

Ask us for predictive, progressive and Robot Call dialing.

Virtual call centers save businesses money.

Companies use virtual call center to save money

Reduce costly IT maintenance expenses with Neotel cloud software.


Virtual PBX and Telework

Virtual PBX + Telework:

– Allows transfers
– You can use the extension of work anywhere on the planet
– The calls will do them with the number of head of the company, or the one that you decide
– It is necessary that the teleworker has an IP telephone or a device with Internet connection
– Receiving calls is free
– The cost of the calls is the same as being in the office
– The virtual switchboard allows teleworkers to use the phone from anywhere in the world

Virtual PBX

Calls to the teleworker are exactly the same as the rest of the office employees.

Making calls has no extra cost for the teleworker, no matter where in the world you are. You just need an Internet connection to work.

The PBX is in the cloud.

Possibility of using any telephone that is linked to the work unit. All you need is an IP phone or softphone or if not a computer with a network connection. That’s as simple as that.

Virtual PBX

Motives such as mobility and flexibility make more and more companies around the world bet on Telework. This is possible thanks to the Internet and all professional tools. And one of them is the virtual switchboard.


What tools or functions does the virtual PBX provide to my business?

Let’s look at some of the options offered by a virtual PBX:

Call Recording

Fundamental to carry out an internal control over the calls and possible conflicts with clients. A virtual PBX can record all calls and store them for later retrieval.

Call management according to different schedules

Depending on the time when we receive a call, we can program the virtual PBX to act in one way or another.

Call transfer

We can transfer calls from one extension to another.


If a number is busy the PBX automatically redirects the call to another available line. We will never lose a call from a potential customer because of a busy line.

Virtual PBX

Option menu

Possibility to program different options according to the key that the client clicks on his terminal. This is very useful for transferring the call to one department or another.


A programmed locution allows to inform the client while waiting for what we want, being a promotion that we have active at that moment, or anything else.

And this is just a small sample of what a virtual PBX offers.

The virtual switchboard allows the customer to give a better service and more quality. With features such as call recording, call handling depending on different schedules, call transfer, redirections, options menu, voiceover, … our company will be able to maximize sales faster.

And it is that customer service is paramount for any company that considers itself professional.

When a customer wants to know more about our products and services, perhaps because he has already consulted us online on the Internet, it is very likely that his next step is to try to contact us in a telephone.


Is it important for my company to have a virtual PBX?

Call Neotel at 952 64 10 34 or 902 088 500 and ask for more information about our PBX.

At Neotel we think about your needs and we adapt a plan for you and your company in particular.

Still using an analogue switchboard? Surely after reading this article you will want to make the leap to Neotel’s virtual pbx.

Contact us and do not stay anitcuado!

Advantages of the virtual switchboard for businesses

Cost Savings

This service is managed from a single switch regardless of the number of venues you have distributed. In addition, it allows us to make free calls between employees of the company.

Control of the telephone attention
These tools provide us with a statistical system for analyzing different data. In addition they offer the recording of calls to be able to evaluate the quality of the service offered by the agent and to be able to solve incidents of a faster form.


Virtual PBXs allow the calls to be answered only by the appropriate agent for the same. How? It has a functionality where the call can be diverted to the desired agent.

Management by schedules

It does not matter anymore what work schedule we have. If the phone rings and no one is already active at the same time to answer the call, a locution will jump to give the image that we are still active.


It is possible to receive and make calls from any line of the company no matter where we are.

Currently there are systems of switchboards housed in the cloud with which allows a series of functionalities that until now were impossible.

Virtual pbx

Often for companies that receive a large volume of calls it is impossible to meet all of them.

And there is no doubt that communication over the telephone is still the main and most important today for customers.

The Internet has revolutionized the world of Telecommunications. This allows companies to access a large number of tools to facilitate the management of work.


Why you should care about cloud software for call center

By far, the cloud is more convenient for call center managers. It is flexible and scalable.

The cloud means convenience

Benefits of a Cloud Call Center


With the cloud, scalability is never a concern. In addition we will save in dptos. Of IT. This means that we are going to save very long waiting times which is what happens when you depend on these types of departments. With the cloud the infrastructure is already established in the cloud of Neotel. Adding or removing agents is really easy.

Hire more talented professionals

Because agents can work from anywhere, they can be hired all over the world. Do not just stick with the professionals in your area. Hire the best agents, no matter where you are.

Remote agents

Call center software

Cloud-based call center software makes it possible for agents to work remotely. Because it is accessed from an Internet connection, agents have all the software at your fingertips and from anywhere.

Continuous updates and new features

The applications are hosted in the cloud and updated by Neotel developers; And not by the computer personnel of your company. This means that when a new update is released this automatically arrives at all clients.

The cloud works differently. All applications are hosted outside the client’s business. The tools are housed in the Neotel data center.

The term cloud is used very frequently today. However there is still some confusion as to the meaning of it. Agents use Internet networks to access call center tools.

What does cloud for call centers mean?

If you are a call center manager, you should be concerned that he or she is staying with Neotel and in your cloud. They are all advantages.


Top 4 Reasons to Use Cloud Call Center Software

At Neotel we have a team specialized in call centers. We offer call center solutions hosted in the cloud. For more information, contact the best call center software provider today. We are waiting to help you and your company!

As you already know there are many benefits of having a 100% hosted call center in the cloud with Neotel and today we will explain the 4 main reasons why your call center company should not continue with your current system. Most customers are already moving to the cloud for their call centers. Moving to the cloud there are fewer concerns. You only need to hire the best Telecommunications and Software call center provider.

4 main reasons to migrate your call center to the cloud

Redundancy and security

Neotel has different levels of service and to achieve this they have had to make a previous investment in security and redundancy.

Continuous updates and new services

Tools for call centers

Each time the software is updated in the cloud, these updates are available to all customers immediately.

Customer service

Neotel is bound to offer only the best customer service. Our clients continue with Neotel due to the best customer service in the market, which is the one that is with us.

Forget investing in hardware ever again

With Neotel we forget about large economic outlays on hardware hardware.

Software call center

The majority of the problems that call centers were before were all solved with Neotel and its call center tools housed in our cloud. Our solutions are reliable and scalable. And in this article we highlight the 4 main ones.

Over the years call centers have evolved to exceed customer expectations and have adapted their business models. Along with the increased demand came also a need for more complex solutions.


Cloud call centers save your company money … And a lot

The call center owners already suffer enough problems with their day to day so it is obvious that the last thing they need is to also deal with technical aspect problems. Therefore have a apartment. Technical Support such as Neotel helps you get rid of these extra head problems. We take care of the operation of your call center so you do not have to.

If you want to save money when setting up a call center make sure you hire the best Telecommunication provider. Why? Because not all companies offer the same degree of customer service.

Saves on IT and hardware

Hiring Neotel’s call center software ensures that if you need to expand or reduce your call center tomorrow, you do not have to wait for days to get it resolved. Just tell us and before you can imagine it will be all solved. And it is that at Neotel we are really fast!

Having a call center in the cloud with us means that your company grows faster, access more customers and all this saving the most money possible. However SMEs do not always have to stay small and your company can grow and report more benefits thanks to our software call center.


Save on internal staff, supplies and physical machinery. With a call center in the cloud you can count on a virtual company where thanks to teleworking it is no longer necessary to hire employees who work physically from the same office, or rent from it. Working from home offers convenience for the virtual assistant while the company saves large amounts of money.


We saved supplies, internal staff and office rental

Call centers in the cloud make it easy to save money. Unlike traditional and old call centers, virtual call centers in the cloud transmit the voice through VoIP, ie the Internet. This is all you need.

We saved hardware costs
Now it is no longer necessary for businesses to continue to feel suffocated more time because of high phone bills that can not be paid. It’s easy to see why every day more companies are moving to the cloud for their call centers.

If you want to save yourself the maximum, hire Neotel that offers you the best rates in call center software in the sector. Your company and your bank account will thank you.

Software call center

Neotel’s call center tools are accessible to all audiences.

Affordable software and unlimited calling

Call now Neotel. We are happy to attend your questions and questions. Start saving money from YA.


Why small and medium companies benefit the most from the Cloud Call Center

In general the call center software allows you to scale your company. It also allows you to maximize the productivity of your agents and the time they spend on the conversation. You do not have to be a genius to realize why more and more companies are making the leap to the cloud as a solution for their call centers, right?

While there are many large companies using Neotel cloud-based call center software solutions, it is SMBs that can benefit most from this solution. And we explain why. Those who hire a call center in the cloud save large amounts of money while receiving other benefits:

– Remote management, supervision and coaching of telephone representatives.
– More freedom and mobility at work.
– Remote control of the call center.
– Organized lines.
– Custom Campaigns.
– etc.

Software call center

Faster dialing and more live answers driven by real-time call center data.

Cloud call centers get faster economic benefits

Neotel’s call center software features such as real-time queue management, predictive dialer, call recording, and statistics and reports.

A call center in the cloud saves you time, money and human resources.

Without Neotel’s call center tools operators spend more time marking numbers than talking to customers and potential customers. This is a huge waste of time, money and human resources for the call center manager.

The guarantee that you have to do in hiring a call center software in the cloud is to get greater benefits than you would get without it.


Software call center for your small business

All information pertaining to each client is stored securely in our cloud. Thanks to Neotel you can make calls from anywhere in the world provided you have a computer with Internet connection, headphones with microphone and the necessary software.

Our software call center are intelligent and able to collect data in real time to perform calculations such as the talk time per agent. It is the dream of any small company, having a software in the cloud 100% functional backed by the best professionals and that gives a series of advanced features to your SME giving more force to this, maximizing sales and resulting in an increase Of productivity.

software call center

Our call center software is affordable for all budgets. A cloud software for call centers is an application that helps agents and operators facilitate their daily communication tasks with customers, helping to simplify the campaigns of Telemarketing and support that is given to customers, along with a series of own advantages Of the platform: real-time queue management, predictive dialer, call recording and statistics and reports.


Increase the productivity of your Call Center agents and remain pleasant

More and more tools to help companies in their communications come up every day. Thanks to these utilities, entrepreneurs save on costs when they could not before.

With the right tools the call center manager can obtain data and information about their customers and in real time. In addition these tools are easily scalable to each company based on their needs and are very flexible.

Communication between call centers and clients is something that has to flow in the best way possible. Each client prefers a way of communicating with the company. We at Neotel recommend companies that have the main communication tools. Take advantage of Neotel’s advantages for your company and stand out about your competition.

With a virtual call center companies can have their employees in different geographical locations and without worries. This option is very advantageous especially for companies where the employees are dispersed by all the geography of the world. Working remotely is progress. Gone are the limitations of outdated entrepreneurs where they think workers should stay physically in the same geographic location. Thanks to Neotel’s call center tools there are no limits.

Thanks to the arrival of Internet calls can now be made via VoIP (Voice over IP) saving significant amounts of money to companies.

With traditional telephony systems this is not possible, mobilization, so costs skyrocket in terms of office floor expenses and employees who have to work all from the same physical site.

Neotel offers the best existing virtual call center support. We have been helping call center companies since 2001 to save on telephony costs. With this article of our blog we want you to know the advantages of hiring call center software with Neotel.

Neotel and the quality of its services speaks for itself. Just look at Google customer reviews to realize that at Neotel we are professionals and we know what we talk about when call center software is concerned. All our staff is highly qualified to attend any possible incidents.

Software call center

software call center

Whether your company is a multinational or SME you can benefit from the Telemarketing tools we offer at Neotel. If you want to integrate our advanced call center tools into your business model you can send us a message via web form, call 952 64 10 34 or 902 088 500, or if you prefer you can contact us directly via LiveChat or email info @ Still not following us in our Social Networks? Already are missing exclusive offers for our followers so before reading further from here we would recommend following us. We are on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. From our website you will be able to easily locate all of these access routes that we discussed.

Neotel believes in fluid communication! Let us help your company stand out about your competition. Today our consultants can inform you of all the solutions available for your call center.

VoIP switchboard. IP Telephony. IP voice switches. PBX switchboards

Get maximum productivity out of your agents. Worry about getting more customers and not dealing with expensive phone bills and infrastructure. We teach you to use our tools that are also very intuitive and if you have more doubts of course just need to get in touch with us and we will solve all your doubts.

Take advantage of the software in the cloud with Neotel. Compared to your current and obsolete technology, you will see for yourself that you should have called us a long time ago. No matter where your employees are, as with the virtual PBX extensions you will always be saving.

Lower infrastructure costs.

Learning how to use our call center software is really easy. No high computer skills are required, the platform is web-based and is really intuitive. The possibilities for the agents who use it are almost infinite.