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Virtual PBX

In Neotel we put at your disposal our Virtual Switchboard VOIP service. The most efficient way to optimize the internal communication of your business, and to maintain an effective relationship with your customers. No permanence, no installation and no initial investment. It saves the expenses of an obsolete technology: maintenance of lines, cost of physical switchboard, space, electricity, etc. With the Virtual Switchboard all the hardware is in our facilities as we work through the cloud. The only thing you will need to make it work all over the world is to be connected to the Internet. Communicate between all your sites at zero cost.

Call Center Software

Neotel's call center software is designed to improve the productivity of your business thanks to its easy handling. It does not require installation nor initial cost. Only one cost per position is applied. Including flat rate calls. Just as there is no contract of permanence. It is a simple software for the user. Agent and coordinator access the system with their login and password through an intuitive Web Panel. We offer three types of dialers: progressive, predictive and robot call. And different modules for the management of your call center. Increase the conversation time of your agents with our software. Installed and maintained by Neotel.


Some companies have the data of their clients without relation between them: on the one hand the card of the client, on the other hand the sent budgets, on the other hand the signed documents or contracts, the recordings of the calls are difficult to locate, etc. With the Netoel CRM application you will have a place where you can order all these things, unified everything in a single Web Site, giving a greater sense and relationship to the data you have. In addition to all this administrative and commercial management, the application is synchronized with the Neotel switchboard, being able to record, make and receive calls in an easy and intuitive way.

Move to the cloud

All the advantages of an advanced virtual switchboard, without investment or permanence. Neotel's Virtual Switchboard voip represents a great saving for any company since it is not necessary to invest anything in Hardware. All services are controlled through a simple Control Panel and easily integrated with mobile phones. Among the services that count our voip switchboards you can find: Sending virtual fax over the Internet, automatic redial, international numbers, call me back, CRM or corporate agenda among others. Manage and customize your calls with the flexibility to modify any service instantly: extensions, time filters, voicemail, e-mail, warnings, welcome message with the VoIP PBX.

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